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  1. selfbp

    Jebinc’s Plaid Vibration Experiment Results!!!

    I’ve got the links and confirm vibration is still there when dropped 1” on lowest setting Also still present on 1.5” drop. I had slight vibration prior to lowering, it hasn’t gotten worse in the past month since install I will say
  2. selfbp

    2nd run of camera switch that show a front image on the touch screen

    Has anyone since found a source for a 21’ Refresh S solution?
  3. selfbp

    Multiple Errors (third time) Model S LR

    Any updates on the pump replacement?
  4. selfbp

    Tesla Plaid throws multiple codes/errors at start up.. requires sleep reset..

    Did they ever replace the actuator pump?
  5. selfbp

    POLL: vibration felt when slightly accelerating refresh Mode S Plaid or LR

    2022 Vin, vibration still here.
  6. selfbp

    Help! I need to disassemble the driver seat!

    My lumbar support on my S has almost completely burnt out. I need to figure out how to remove the back panel of the front seat to gain access to the lumbar pressure motor and try and fix or replace it by installing an aftermarket motor. I have no clue on how to remove the seat backing without...
  7. selfbp

    Has anybody been able to rinse out or clean the tail light internally?

    My S has what seems to be dust in the outer passenger side tail light, where as there’s literal residue instead of condensation marks. I saw one write up of somebody here who disassembled the trunk tail light and removed the lens by ‘tapping on it lightly to release the CA glue, but I don’t...
  8. selfbp

    Lumbar support motor died

    http://www.fixyourtesla.com/s/Assembly-Lumbar-Support-Back-Rest-Drivers-Seat-Remove-and-Replace.html Yeah I just saw this. Disappointing news but I’m thinking it can be done in some way. Probably can’t order the motor from tesla so I’ll have to figure out the motor specs. From a video on YouTube...
  9. selfbp

    Lumbar support motor died

    Seems that my driver lumbar support has died at 76k miles. It’s got a little life in it where it can move back and forth but not enough to push the seat out unless I fiddle with it for 10min. Has anyone ever replaced the motor? I’d suspect I can find the service manual instructions but just...
  10. selfbp

    Seems like me seat has the issue of not adjusting the back rest full forward ~40% usable range of motion.

    Bump. If I ordered a replacement module on eBay will I need it to be flashed by a technician or can I plug n’ play?
  11. selfbp

    Seems like me seat has the issue of not adjusting the back rest full forward ~40% usable range of motion.

    It seems like it’s not mechanical related as it moves just fine otherwise. Is there a procedure to reset the seat control module? I’ve tried having them send a software update out to try that but no luck. Any advise? Car is out of warranty
  12. selfbp

    Can someone point me in the correct direction on getting decent quality A-Pillar tweeters for a standard sound system car?

    I've been looking around but most that I find are either out of stock or the style that are meant to be hole-sawed into your door panels. I just want a tweeter that is 1" and will work with my factory low wattage amp... my OEM tweeters keep blowing out on my car and I'm tired of warranty...
  13. selfbp

    ModelS P100D: Powertrain requires Service

    This just popped up on mine too. S75 with 55k miles
  14. selfbp

    External speaker retrofit to enable boombox on 2018 car?

    I have a feeling it’s really not that hard to do. If you’ve ever wired in speakers to a car radio, it shouldn’t be much different. This in theory would apply only if you’ve gotten MCU2 upgrade Buy the warning speaker Drill in a few holes in your undertray Cut the Tesla plug connector off and...
  15. selfbp

    Steering column harmonic vibration when telescoping

    Hey everyone. Since I’ve picked up the car 3 years ago I’ve had an issue causing my steering wheel horizontal motion (when it comes towards me during easy entry and exit) to vibrate rather loudly. You can even feel it in the back floorboard of the car it’s so prominent. Has anyone had an issue...
  16. selfbp

    Tesla Teases New Feature: Ticket Avoidance Mode

    Interesting to see that Tesla added this Easter egg in their latest video.. I recall a few years back where they talked about it in an April fools announcement... but according to this article and the latest video drop, it seems that there's refreshed possibility that we may actually get some...
  17. selfbp

    Just whacked the active grille on some road debris.

    Hey all. I just smacked my front bumper grille area on some junk and it destroyed my active grille shutter mechanism and the little black fin inserts circled in this area. Does anyone have the part numbers for the shutters and the fins? (Driver side) also where Is a decent place to find parts...
  18. selfbp

    Model S MCU1 to MCU2 changes question ?

    My audio settings are at a loss as well. I’ve almost considered changing speakers in the car now that the performance is so unimpressive
  19. selfbp

    Can someone point me to the correct retainer clips

    Hey guys I’m just hunting for the correct retainer clips for the door panels and kick panels. Mine are kinda shot from doing sound deadening and an audio install!
  20. selfbp

    MCU1 AP2 -> MCU 2 FSD chip, Question

    How the heck do these things slip by
  21. selfbp

    MCU1 AP2 -> MCU 2 FSD chip, Question

    Hey guys, I just got the conversion on my 17’ and I’m curious about one thing. Did any of you notice the backup camera become very dark at night time vs the old MCU? My new MCU2 displays the camera at night time as so dark with contrast that it’s almost unusable when backing up in the dark..
  22. selfbp

    Ah yes. Tesla service at it again in the East.

    Right now I’m not going to name the service center I’m dealing with in hopes they will clear their name, but this has got to stop. The company needs to heavily review internal processes of how parts are handled and appointments are scheduled. I made my original appointment on June 10, for the...
  23. selfbp

    Everlasting pursuit of a dashboard rattle

    Every bolt I could find was tight. I did put some vibration dampening on an surface I could find. Also put some on the control arms which I notice actually does make a general difference in quality by a smidgen. (no difference in rattle though)
  24. selfbp

    2020 Seats w/ Nonadjustable Headrests vs Older

    Yeah my ‘17 seats hurt my back and are too narrow. I’m 200lb and 6’1” But I love the look of the taller headrests
  25. selfbp

    MCU2 worth it?

    If I’m not mistaken you can purchase the AM/FM tuner module. Not sure about interfacing the software with it
  26. selfbp

    Everlasting pursuit of a dashboard rattle

    Took me 10min to get this deep so I’ll give it a glance. Sitting in the front right now
  27. selfbp

    Everlasting pursuit of a dashboard rattle

    Mine sounds like it’s coming from something mounted to the firewall. In theory it’s possible it could be related to a suspension issue and resonating though the car. I haven’t examined. I honestly would not let them charge you 4 hours though.
  28. selfbp

    Ultra White cleaning solution that works...

    I use steam occasionally for deep stuff and a white rag. Weekly I use simple green.
  29. selfbp

    Frimware 2020.12.10 MCU1/AP2.0

    Does absolutely zilch for the driving dynamics of AP. Still have that piece of junk HW2 limitation holding us back.
  30. selfbp

    FSD computer retrofit into HW2.0 Model S: Owner Survey

    I just was thinking that because of the Tesla detail notes? If thats not the case heck...
  31. selfbp

    FSD computer retrofit into HW2.0 Model S: Owner Survey

    I’m not convinced at all that MCU1 is compatible with HW3. I believe they’re scamming as many as possible like the old FSD full price “But you get early access to the new beta FSD features” bull crap. I may be wrong. But the evidence from there being no vehicles reported having an MCU1 and HW3...
  32. selfbp

    Developer API?

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a dev api kit released a while back?
  33. selfbp

    I think they're replacing our MCU1 in our 2015 S with a MCU2! [Update: Not MCU2]

    Lol I would’ve sold and installed my MCU1 to you for 2k. I’m ready for MCU2..
  34. selfbp

    FSD/AP3 for AP2.0 owners now MCU2 upgrade becoming available?

    RCCB cameras were a big improvement in the whole AP universe... So was the Conti radar- 30 feet is a really huge margin of enhanced visibility. Anyone who is denying the fact is flat out saying Tesla had no reason to switch to HW2.5... which they absolutely did for a ton of reasons. HW2 cars...
  35. selfbp

    Receiving and replying to text messages with 2020.8.1.1

    It would be nice for it to understand URL links and not read them out loud... 2 minutes of http://www.amazon.com/specificlinkhere-4305/&twenty+two+foot+tall+stack+of+letters:hdbaiinduudnksk-01/
  36. selfbp

    Brake Pedal wiggles/rattles? Pretty noticeable if AP hits the brakes.

    Half assed engineering wouldn’t exactly be the goal. Everything needs to be engineered at some point...
  37. selfbp

    Can Bioweapon Defense Mode Filter Out Coronavirus?

    What in the world?? I’ve had 7 headlights replaced and none required my frunk to be removed! What region is your Mobile Service tech servicing? Peaks my curiosity
  38. selfbp

    Everlasting pursuit of a dashboard rattle

    Glad you solved yours!! I’ve given up at this point. I took every removable component out of the car excluding the MCU, dash “Skeleton” and AC System. Mine seems to be coming from under the windshield/ on the firewall.
  39. selfbp

    MCU2 - Retrofit

    My mobile service tech just told me they aren’t planning on offering a solution as far as he knows. Seems like it’s going to be an out of warranty venture. @verygreen did it with success. He may be interested in a write up but that’s all up to him. Was rather pricey.
  40. selfbp

    7th Headlight went bad (Rant)

    Parody: Tesla releases new app feature for users that get screwed over with faulty headlights. 2020.6.30
  41. selfbp

    7th Headlight went bad (Rant)

    Yeah it’s the DRL (daytime running light) headlight bulbs are fine. If that was going out it’d be a different story because that’s consumable. Most LEDs are 50,000 hour lifespan rated. I have no clue what’s going on with the suppliers QC standards. They’re under the 50k mi warranty but each...
  42. selfbp

    7th Headlight went bad (Rant)

    “All headlights on hand are already spoken for we will just wait for the next shipment when it’s available.” At this point I do not understand why it wouldn’t be possible to order the part now from the factory and have it on hand when my appointment is scheduled a week from now. I don’t see...
  43. selfbp

    7th Headlight went bad (Rant)

    :mad:What kinda crap is this. I’m so fed up with this issue. They said this revision solved the problem. Well surprise surprise look what happened Then they canceled my appointment and said they don’t have the part and there’s no ETA for it. I let service know this was the 7th time and how I...
  44. selfbp

    Only earnings call disappointment- No info about HW1 equipped cars.

    Im talking about the 2.0 computers. Mobileye hardware wasn’t to be referred to. My bad. I’ve been having several autopilot related threads on different social platforms and I can see it’s getting to me. :rolleyes:
  45. selfbp

    Only earnings call disappointment- No info about HW1 equipped cars.

    Sorry I meant AP1/ HW2. Not MCU1 or Mobileye terms.
  46. selfbp

    Only earnings call disappointment- No info about HW1 equipped cars.

    Oh wow that’s awesome, care to stray off topic a little and elaborate?
  47. selfbp

    Only earnings call disappointment- No info about HW1 equipped cars.

    I find it very disappointing there was no useful insight about the issues we are slowly discovering about engineers not being able to swap HW1 cars with FSD equipment. Also it would have been good to hear more about the upcoming features of FSD. Not much fun news but a good earnings report in all.
  48. selfbp

    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    This should be question number 1 for technicalities of Tesla this call. Thousands of us are in the dark and at this point I just want an answer good or bad.
  49. selfbp

    Recommendations for Aftermarket Door panel ambient lighting

    Care to elaborate on the dashboard dimming?