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    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    That makes sense, so I guess I will find out if the latest update this week has changed it to between pairs. I always considered the average speed zone a tax on people who did not concentrate in their maths class at school; it amazes me seeing the people who slam on the brakes as they go past...
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    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    Do we even know what constitutes a speeding offence in the average speed zone; I always assumed that it was based on the average between any two cameras, not an average of all of it. On the M1 long roadworks it gives me an average for the first 14 miles or so and then says exiting the average...
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    Faulty Tyre Inflator

    I have had this with my first puncture. I was 300 miles from home and it was lashing down with rain so I did not fancy waiting for the breakdown service to shuttle me home. I took the canister out and cleaned the two contacts that let the pump know there is a canister installed. It came to life...
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    Car washing...

    I wash mine on a slope always using car wash mode and it remains firmly in place.
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    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    It took me a while to work out as well. If you keep a pressure on the wheel all the time (as I tend to do) then if the car requests the lane change all you have to do is touch the indicator in the appropriate direction and the car will change lane. If you initiate it just move the indicator...
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    Is this for real? Passport and driving license upload or you can drive your tesla!

    I purchased my MY last year and paid cash. I recall at the time I had to provide this information to Tesla before I took delivery of the car. I haver not received the email. However, in light of this, someone could be spoofing a legitimate email to get bank details.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    The new 10 stall V4 supercharger site at Annesley in Nottingham is an excellent substitution for Woodall. It is situated in a hotel with good food and coffee and a comfortable lounge. I stopped there yesterday and whilst I will miss crawling through the trucks to get to the bathroom in Woodall...
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    Unlock Charge Port - Idea

    I programmed the action button on the side of my iPhone to run an Apple shortcut. Mine is to open the boot but it could do anything one wanted. I also have Apple Watch for Tesla as a complication on my Apple Watch.
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    Disabling of speed camera warnings for driving in France

    Happy to accept that I was wrong, there must have been a keen cartographer her in the Gers.
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    Disabling of speed camera warnings for driving in France

    I am currently in France and the buzzer alarms me when in the speed check zone and there is a red exclamation mark on the road to signify the exact position of the camera. The manual suggests that these red exclamation marks are unique to France.
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    [UK] Spring Software Update

    I just drove 10 hours across France and it did tell me to stay on at every junction. On the plus side, the lane change was always in good time whereas in the UK it always leaves it too late and has to start decelerating. This time the car knew immediately that it was no longer in England...
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    Intelligent Octopus, charging, location and automation

    I tried to correct Google maps to position our pin actually on our house but I keep getting server error - try later from Google. Has anyone succeeded? Even though. the pin is a couple of hundred metres off Octopus seems to have no trouble setting up a schedule and keeping to it. Thanks
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    [UK] Spring Software Update

    Update installed, linked to Audible. Was the auto boot opener supposed to be in this release?
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    Cambridge to Manchester and return

    And for the Apple Watch there is no faceID as it does not have a camera. Just double tap on the side button and hold to contactless receiver.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Sorry, I go to Woodall quite often I could have sworn that I have to drive through a no entry sign that says except Tesla. I admit that photo does not look like Woodall as Woodall is not a cul-de-sac. Anyway, the recently opened Annesley means I can probably avoid Woodall on the way back south.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Is this is what you are referring to?
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I hope that I will still be able to clamber over the 60cm curb to cut through the lorries to go to the bathroom in the petrol station and use the lavatory with no locks on the door whilst charging at 60KW
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    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    I think that there is an expected delay after the meter is connected
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    Battery Preheat - Down side

    I had exactly the same situation. Normally if I leave home with 90% I can get up to Ferrybridge with 12%. So I charged to 97% and the expected percentage at ferry bridge started off at 19%. As we went up the temperature outside dropped to below freezing and the anticipated arrival percentage...
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    Windscreen replacement cost!

    Tesla Heathrow replaced my cracked MYP 2023 windscreen last week for just over £1000. They did not drive the car and said that they reused the sensors from the old one.
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    21” Uberturbines - Touch up paint in UK?

    I could direct you to the kerbs where I have left my paint if that helps
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    Rear seat cover for Labradors.

    It is obvious when you have done it but it is not a usual way of fitting something. The folded plastic must slide down right next to the glass, not just the flat bit but if you keep pushing the folded plastic goes into the gap next to the glass and acts as a spring to hold it in position. Once...
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    Tesla home charger

    Interestingly I am having the same issue although my max charging is 32A. Furthermore, for sessions controlled by Octopus they always seem to schedule the charge at 16A and when the session has been calculated in the afternoon I can see the charge rate change on the Tesla app. If I just ask the...
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    Octopus Energy Saving Sessions

    ACarneiro said: From a comfort perspective that makes sense. From a thermodynamic perspective, heat loss is an exponential process so keeping the house warm all the time just means you lose more heat all the time. Are you sure about this? I always thought that Newton's Law of Cooling states...
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    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    My experience of IO is the opposite in that Octopus itself reduces my charging current. I have it set to 32A in the Tesla Wall Connector but it always schedules 16A. I just let it do its thing. On New Year’s Eve it scheduled my charge to finish at 0730 the following morning, so it certainly...
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    Rear seat cover for Labradors.

    I have the Tesla rear seat cover, but for two beagles not labradors. I too thin k the door protection is invaluable. I also really appreciate how the cover and both door pieces all roll up into the included sleeve. With my Orris dog covers there is something the size of a duvet to have hanging...
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    [UK] 2023.44

    One could imagine that V12 FSD will adopt a more natural road positioning if the learning data set has those IAM lines dominant.
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    Tesla employing people to assist at Superchargers

    Well Washington always seems to be busy so I can imaging it will get a little exciting over Christmas, esp bearing in mind there are no other superchargers nearby. It does bring me on to something that I wonder about, how does queuing actually work. Washington is not too bad as it has long...
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    Supercharging Payment Question

    When I bought my MYP in June 2023 I used the Superchargers for over a month before they started charging. This was in addition the the credit relating to their requirement to deliver cars with lower charge. Now the charges show up immediately. Beforehand, even the charging sessions did not...
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    Lane change assist

    Just to provide a different perspective, I find Lane Change Assist both useful and safe. I have never ever been worried by any of its lane changes, I like the way it matches speed when merging into a left hand lane, it leaves a safe distance before moving back in lane. I have often wondered how...
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    Received 47kWh charged for 54kWh

    Thank you all; I am now much better informed. It was a cold night so it may well have been warming the battery and you are probably not far off with the 3 kWh for overnight sentry. As a final note, Jesmond Dene was full this weekend so I had to stay at a less nice hotel but it offered free EV...
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    Received 47kWh charged for 54kWh

    Perfect, now I fully understand. It certainly makes me appreciate those hotels that do not charge at all for charging.
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    Received 47kWh charged for 54kWh

    Thanks for your reply. It is a 2023 MYP and it was overnight so no heater but sentry mode was on. I guess this is normal, I am just learning.
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    Received 47kWh charged for 54kWh

    I was staying in Newcastle and I booked into Jesmond Dene House as they showed electric car charging. I was first a little shocked that they charged £1 per kWh but doubly so when the car reported that I received 47kWh but the charger reported 54. Is this normal? Am I being charged for the...
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    16A Restriction in Private Household? (Europe)

    I have a 2023 MYP and I installed a Tesla wall connector to my house in the UK and my house in France. In the UK it is on a 40A breaker and the car charges at 32A, 7KW (although the default I recall was 16A and you have to move the slider all the way to 32A). In France I have three phase and the...