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  1. RedSafari

    Cabin camera broken

    It was pretty easy to find actually
  2. RedSafari

    Cabin camera broken

    I had the same exact symptoms and also replaced the cabin camera with rev. G off of EBay. Last two weeks there were no more disengagements due to the cabin camera. It works 100%. Cost was less than 1/3 of Tesla’s estimate. Thanks @QuietbutDeadly for the post! Note the replaced camera didn’t...
  3. RedSafari

    Vancouver: FS Model 3 rear bottom diffuser panel

    Original Tesla rear diffuser panel that covers the bottom of your car. All attachment points and hardware are in good condition, no damage. Tesla part number 1100838-00-C Pick up in Vancouver or Squamish, British Columbia. $75.
  4. RedSafari

    Condo EV charger installed - Ontario

    One useful resource is Condo Charging – Plug'n Drive if you haven’t seen it already. The PDF linked there has good information targeted at condo boards. As for requesting, I also just wrote a letter to the board and enclosed a detailed proposal from the electrician I chose, including a plan...
  5. RedSafari

    Westin Trillium House Blue Mountain

    There are comments on PlugShare for that location, that also describe the same rules. It’s a very nice hotel. I was there in January, self parked at $20 a night and moved the car for one night to the valet area to charge (the valet area was nearly empty). The extra $10 I would have spent went...
  6. RedSafari

    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    Petro Canada held an augurarion event of their Trans Canada network:
  7. RedSafari

    Condo EV charger installed - Ontario

    Congrats on your install! 100 ft is not too bad as far as distances go, and the distance is the main driver of installation cost. How many amps were you able to get? @Stakis, the price you were quoted may be reasonable depending on the distance and how many levels down you are from the...
  8. RedSafari

    Tire change over to winter in Toronto area

    Downtown Toronto I use this local shop for mounting tires and for wheel swaps: Auto Service Plus Limited The owner is great and work is done quickly.
  9. RedSafari

    Has Tesla changed their minds on SCs in urban areas?

    It may be just a spending control measure to delay urban supercharger construction. It’s possible that Tesla saw healthy sales in urban areas despite limited in-town charging options, and decided to postpone building them. I agree that for people who have no designated parking it is a very good...
  10. RedSafari

    Supercharger - Brandon, MB

    This brings back memories... had them in Killeen, TX. They were rated “the second best donuts in Texas”. Can’t remember what were the top rated.
  11. RedSafari

    48V model Y?

    The V3 FSD computer has two power inputs for redundancy. Perhaps the second battery, whether 12V or 48V, will always be required for this reason.
  12. RedSafari

    Metering Charging in Condo Parking Garage

    I have installed a Tesla HPWC in a condo parking garage for my exclusive use. We agreed on installing a meter on the circuit that feeds my charger, and paying once a year for however much electricity I’ve used. That way, other residents don’t have a concern that I’m getting free electricity.
  13. RedSafari

    (Another) Request for an Electrician to install HPWC

    STS Electric did my install in a downtown condo: Home [email protected]
  14. RedSafari

    What should Tesla be known for

    Better crash safety due to all-electric design was important to me. That and Autopilot’s safety features make for an important advantage over other cars.
  15. RedSafari

    Aftermarket Hitch Installation for Model 3

    Heh, the interns that created the fart app would not be working on towing capability. ;) Best thing to do is let Tesla know your preferences and hope it happens.
  16. RedSafari

    Tesla donates chargers to Parks Canada

    No, there are Tesla HPWC units with a factory made J1772 connector. I’ve seen them in Toronto General Hospital parking, for example.
  17. RedSafari

    Tips needed for my Model 3 SR+

    The rims were $250 each plus tax. No aero cover or sensors. I got Autel 433 MHz programmable TPMS sensors from Amazon, they were around $150 for four.
  18. RedSafari

    Tips needed for my Model 3 SR+

    I bought Tesla 18” aero rims and separately got Continental winter tires and TPMS sensors. It was more hassle to go between different shops and to get TPMS programmed, but the total was $2100 tax in vs. $2400 plus tax. EDIT: also, RWD has been great driving on Toronto area winter roads.
  19. RedSafari

    Supercharger - Wawa, ON

    $1.29 per kWh, we have to assume?
  20. RedSafari

    Sponsoring a plug in St. Barbe, NL?

    What an amazing adventure trip! Thank you for sharing the destinations.
  21. RedSafari

    Tesla OEM Wheels

    Did you call the “parts” extension, where it immediately goes to voicemail? Last year I called the Mississauga SC reception, got the price for 18” rims and picked them up the same day. They were about $1200 for four rims.
  22. RedSafari

    Supercharger - Winnipeg, MB

    That was my experience on a day drive between Winnipeg and Regina last winter. When a 3-hour charge is the only option, pass the time chatting to local residents and seeing the local attractions. It’s a different way to road-trip and a nice one every once in a while. On the way back from Regina...
  23. RedSafari

    Why no convertible options?

    There’s one convertible being developed: Tofino - Electra Meccanica
  24. RedSafari

    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    In Windsor I’ve stayed at the Comfort Inn with a J1772 charger. The staff were nice and the charger worked well. Comfort Inn & Suites 2330 Huron Church Rd Windsor, ON N9E 3S6 PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You Google Maps
  25. RedSafari

    Model 3 Nature Pictures

    Still got the brand new shine! This should be a sticky thread, great shots all around :D
  26. RedSafari

    Tesla Supercharger network

    You might want to post this info in the thread for the region: Eastern Canada Superchargers
  27. RedSafari

    Charging Etiquette

    That's exactly what the PlugShare app does. Once I arrived to a hotel late at night to find the sole destination charger being used by another Tesla. Luckily the owner had checked in on PlugShare. After messaging with them, we were able to work out sharing the charger.
  28. RedSafari

    Insurance quotes for Model 3

    My renewal is going down about 20% from last year's rate (Intact Insurance, Toronto).
  29. RedSafari

    Model 3 LR RWD - One Year In

    Congrats on a full year in. Mine is coming in two months (one of the first in Canada). Any fun trips or adventures with the car?
  30. RedSafari

    Is there a setting for: headlights on a whenever you drive?

    I used to drive my previous car (Prius) with low beams always on. No one ever accidentally cut me off in three years, and I thought it was because of the brighter than most cars' daytime lights. It definitely felt safer. With the Model 3 I planned to do the same, but in a year of ownership no...
  31. RedSafari

    port remains unlocked below 41 degrees?

    Most likely to prevent it from freezing in place if a bit of water gets in and termerature drops further. Last winter it was a problem for me that required manually pulling the cable release handle.
  32. RedSafari

    Model 3 Nature Pictures

    Adirondacks, NY
  33. RedSafari

    9 Months Free Charging

    In my own spot, parking is individually owned.
  34. RedSafari

    9 Months Free Charging

    In my condo the board allowed to install separate meters for each EV charging circuit and they bill is annually for the amount of electricity used. It is not tied into the unit’s existing meter. That was simpler and cheaper to install.
  35. RedSafari

    CBC News Story on EV's

    I didn’t watch the video, but read the article which was pretty level-headed: 4 reasons many Canadians have been wary of electric vehicles — and why that may be about to change | CBC News
  36. RedSafari

    Canada owners

    I’ve driven in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in a Model 3 along the Trans-Canada Highway using J1772 chargers listed on PlugShare. It’s definitely possible, but is a slow drive since you will be stopping for several hours during the day to charge (plus overnight charging at hotels or campgrounds)...
  37. RedSafari

    New York to Montreal - any advice on this trip

    https://lecircuitelectrique.com/welcome for cheap overnight street parking+charging in Montreal.
  38. RedSafari

    Found Least Expensive Compatible TPMS Sensors - $25.50/ea

    TS401 worked for me without doing software updates.
  39. RedSafari

    Finding super chargers in canada

    Great tips above. There are a couple more superchargers (e.g. Cornwall) before you get to Montréal, so you will have the ability to stop on the way if you are running low. Last thing I can add, Montréal has great curbside street chargers by Circuit Électrique. I used them to park overnight and...
  40. RedSafari

    Finding super chargers in canada

    My car shows charging locations everywhere in US and Canada, no matter where I'm located. And it routes through superchargers in both countries. A screenshot of your problem would help. Note: once the route starts, you don't see other stations except the one you are driving to. You can tap the...
  41. RedSafari

    Washing Model 3 in below 32 degrees

    Handles freeze even after a touch less wash because a little bit of water gets behind the handle. It’s easy to push on the handle and dislodge it.
  42. RedSafari

    range when drafting?

    On a road trip in November through North Dakota & Canadian prairies (no superchargers anywhere) drafting was essential to getting anywhere without driving too slowly. When I followed a semi at distance 2, energy usage dropped from ~350Wh/mi to ~275Wh/mi AND my speed increased from 55mph to 70mph...
  43. RedSafari

    ICE, winter driving, traction control watch testing

    Pretty nice overall. Though the first couple of paragraphs are the usual collection of EV-bashing nonsense that had nothing to do with the rest of the article. It almost feels like they want the layperson to start reading, get disappointed and not get to the interesting parts.
  44. RedSafari

    No home charging - still worth it?

    I've used my Model 3 for about five months before getting home charging (it took a while to get permits and install in my underground parking spot). After a couple months the novelty of supercharging wore off and it became a bit tedious to plan ahead to charge. I don't have anything to do the...
  45. RedSafari

    taking cold into account when planning trip

    I did a long road trip in cold weather this November (IL, WI, MN, ND and into Canada). In my experience, the nav gives good estimates for how long to charge at a supercharger, but once charging starts, it sometimes notifies a little too early that it's ok to continue the trip. For example, some...
  46. RedSafari

    Post Pictures of HPWC Installations (Residential and Commercial)

    What kind of sheathing do you have on HPWC cables? I also want to put something on to keep the cable from rubbing on the floor, yet still dissipate heat.
  47. RedSafari

    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    I did not check for any construction, but if time allows on the way back, will stop at a couple of the Manitoba sites. I used Flo at the Polo Park mall in Winnipeg.
  48. RedSafari

    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    All went better than expected. Winnipeg to Regina was 90km/h all the way. One 3 hour stop in Carberry, MB and a brief top up in Whitewood where we saw a local Model S :D
  49. RedSafari

    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    Thank you all. Yes, I meant the Clearwater, MN Supercharger. The 290km leg to Fargo went well at 70-75mph, so I’m hoping to do 365km to Winnipeg with reduced speed.