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  1. Jaywlker

    Powerwall Founders Edition

    I will buy it. PM me either text or email: 480-430-2133 [email protected].
  2. Jaywlker

    FS: M3 Jeda USB Hub (2x USB-A)

    I can Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal $50 immediately. I’m in need of one of these to test the one I have, as it is having problems apparently. PM me and I’ll send the $$. Thank you!
  3. Jaywlker

    Cracked Main Screen = Bad Time

    The TesProtect has been tested in Scottsdale and Phoenix over this past summer with a record number of + 110 days. We guarantee the TesProtect to fit snugly while retaining excellent flexibility for easy removal for cleaning and reinstallstion. And we offer a 90 day 100% money back no...
  4. Jaywlker

    Cracked Main Screen = Bad Time

    You are welcome, Vince! Your 100% satisfaction is required as a part of our culture. No lead, cadmium, or other icky chemicals. Protecting your touchscreen while you help protect the environment! All of our products are designed, engineered, and made in the United States with an emphasis on...
  5. Jaywlker


    Hi, NaiWiste; I'm the proprietor of TesProtect.com, and I'd like the chance to change your mind. I'd like to send a sample one to you, along with a prototype knurled knob with screw that makes accessing your car's a-c filters a breeze. The TesProtect is minimalist, and is purposefully...
  6. Jaywlker

    Cracked Main Screen = Bad Time

    I'll get my website setup for shipping to the UK this week. Cheers!
  7. Jaywlker


    I'm the proprietor of TesProtect, and I appreciate your comments. I agree that temperature is a concern, which is why we tested the TesProtect in Phoenix and Scottsdale for the better part of a year, with ambient temperatures approaching 120 degrees, including a record number of days above 110...
  8. Jaywlker


    Cracked Main Screen = Bad Time
  9. Jaywlker

    Cracked Main Screen = Bad Time

    We offer a 100% no questions asked refund within 90 days of purchase. The TesProtect edge protector is 100% silicone, and is patent-pending. If you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll do everything possible to earn your complete satisfaction. Email me directly at [email protected] /...
  10. Jaywlker

    Cracked Main Screen = Bad Time

    The TesProtect.com touchscreen edge protector would have likely prevented this type of damage.
  11. Jaywlker

    Model 3 Battery Heating?

    This is interesting, almost what you’d not expect, right? Thank you for posting the link.
  12. Jaywlker

    WTB Gen 2 NEMA 14-50 Adapter or Gen 1 UMC any Model 3 accessory

    Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack $375 shipped; gently used, like new condition.
  13. Jaywlker

    Selling 2018 All-Wheel Drive Long Range Performance $54,000.00

    Hi, bnsfengineer; Selling because we have 3 Model 3s, and we are selling one of our 3s to purchase a Model Y. We can sell either the Performance or a Dual Motor (we have each). Both are awesome cars, and we love them. They just upgraded to software version 12.6, the beta for the city...
  14. Jaywlker

    Selling 2018 All-Wheel Drive Long Range Performance $54,000.00

    No, I missed free supercharging by about 2 months. Lots of great accessories, though!
  15. Jaywlker

    Selling 2018 All-Wheel Drive Long Range Performance $54,000.00

    Jay’s Model 3 Performance ([email protected]) Car is in North Scottsdale, Arizona - About 22,000 miles left on standard warranty, and about 6.5 years left on battery – drive train warranty -Solid Black -310 mile long-range original battery charges to 290 miles of range at 100% charge...
  16. Jaywlker

    Brand new P3D+ stock tires (Michelin Pilot Sport 4S) for sale

    I've shipped tires and wheels using Discount Tire (some outlets are known as "America's Tire" company). They've allowed me to use their shipping rates (cost) for about $50 for a tire mounted on a wheel from Arizona to California. They were the cheapest I could locate.
  17. Jaywlker

    20" Model 3 Performance Wheels and Tires - only 50 miles (Shipped from Las Vegas)

    My understanding is that the M3 OEM 20 inch performance wheels can go on either M3 Performance or non-performance cars without a need for any change in suspension.
  18. Jaywlker

    Odd question that might fit here

    I have transported 4 20 inch Performance wheels with tires installed in the back of my M3 with the rear seats down. They’ll fit fine. I suggest making a stop at Discount Tires - aka “America’s Tires,” and kindly asking them for four extra large plastic tire bags, so that you can protect your...
  19. Jaywlker

    Anyone get a performance spoiler installed recently? Fitment issues resolved?

    Tesla service has replaced my spoiler 5 (yes, FIVE) times, and it still isn’t right. The right side flexes with about a 1/8th inch gap at the end. You think Tesla would do some training and/or provide correct fitment. I’m thinking of having my PPF wrap guy do it, because he is actually competent.
  20. Jaywlker

    Phoenix, AZ Model 3 Performance Questions

    Wish I could've had such a fantastic deal! Happy Tesla-ing!! If you are thinking of going solar like my wife and I did, my 2 teenage boys and I self-installed our own 10.6kilowatt system, and I'd be happy to discuss with you what was needed. It is really sweet being able to charge for free...
  21. Jaywlker

    Phoenix, AZ Model 3 Performance Questions

    So it is the M3 Performance, without the 20 inch wheels/tires, suspension, and upgraded brakes/calipers/rotors? I might’ve gone that route if it had been available. Congrats on the sweet deal!!
  22. Jaywlker

    Wanted: Tesla Wall Connector in the UK

    I think a forum moderator needs to delete.
  23. Jaywlker

    Wanted: Tesla Wall Connector in the UK

    You might try the “want to buy” forum. Cheers!
  24. Jaywlker

    Tesla roof rack removal?

    The 3M little ppf-tape footpads for the roof rack rubber grommets are more noticeable when the car is dirty, but most times they are hardly noticeable. The “V” is about middle of the ppf-tape as a marker for where the “L” bolt needs inserted beneath the roof glass and rubber roof seal.
  25. Jaywlker

    Tesla roof rack removal?

    The roof rack installs using metal “L” bolts that have a flat edge that curves underneath the ceiling glass into predisposed brackets that are hidden beneath the glass. The roof rack comes with an installation tool that presses the roof’s rubber seal upward and holds it there so that the “L”...
  26. Jaywlker

    MASTER THREAD: Removing marks from white seats

    I’m certain that a little isopropyl alcohol with a microfiber cloth would take care of that. If not, a tiny amount of white shoe restorer would take care of it, lickety-split.
  27. Jaywlker

    Anyone’s trunk look like this?

    The Service Center is replacing my bumper’s attachment bracket right now (I get my M3 back tomorrow).
  28. Jaywlker

    Front Seats Creaking

    The Service Center fixed this on my M3.
  29. Jaywlker

    Need recommendations after dog scratched my door's interior

    I’ve used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser from Costco with excellent results. After gently rubbing out a scratch with the eraser, I’ve then used an Armor All spray protectant, and it looked brand new!
  30. Jaywlker

    Model 3 Trailing Towing and Tire Wear

    Thanks for the info, jmaddr!
  31. Jaywlker

    Model 3 Trailing Towing and Tire Wear

    Thank you for the info, Misterbee!
  32. Jaywlker

    Model 3 Trailing Towing and Tire Wear

    Hi! What is the weight of your tow trailer? I’ve thought about getting an Airstream Basecamp that weighs approx. 3,000 lbs.
  33. Jaywlker

    Used Gen 1 UMC Charging Cable $275 Including 2 Adapters and Wall Bracket, But No Carrying Case

    Selling a used good condition generation 1 UMC. It charges at 40 amps instead of the gen 2 32 amps, providing a 25% increase for faster charging. Just installed two HPWCs in my garage and have no more use for this 14-50 cable. It has proven very reliable. Has the 14-50 240v 40 amp and the 112v...
  34. Jaywlker

    Tesla roof rack removal?

    Very easy to install and remove, less than 10 minutes. I go slow because of the glass roof, and not wanting to “tap” the glass with the roof rack cross bars. Make sure that Tesla has supplied you with silver “L” bolts, because the black ones are not tempered and will break from stress. One of...
  35. Jaywlker

    Road Noise

    BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Door Seal Kit Soundproof Rubber Weather Draft Seal Strip Wind Noise Reduction Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R13DYYY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_BX4bDbNFNTJXY
  36. Jaywlker

    Please assist - how to get out scratch caused by wife’s purse hitting side of car

    The Meguiars works great with an orbital buffer.
  37. Jaywlker

    What’s the one thing you like the least about your Model 3?

    BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Door Seal Kit Soundproof Rubber Weather Draft Seal Strip Wind Noise Reduction Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R13DYYY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_BX4bDbNFNTJXY
  38. Jaywlker

    On an AWD M 3, can you chose just front or rear wheel drive?

    That would be a nice feature, and probably software toggle-able, right? Someone should tweet Elon.
  39. Jaywlker

    Creaking sound in Model 3

    I can't tell if your issue is similar / same to one we had, but my wife's Model 3 had a squeaky / creaking front driver's seat. Tesla service located the source of the sound in the seat, took the seat out, took the seat apart, and stuffed it with batting/insulation around the source of the...
  40. Jaywlker

    NEMA 14-50 Plug Meltdown / Near Fire

    Makes me glad as OP to have posted, in that it might have saved you and others some trouble or grief! Happy and safe Tesla-ing!!
  41. Jaywlker

    NEMA 14-50 Plug Meltdown / Near Fire

    I’m glad it didn’t turn into a burning home! Such a simple thing to connect correctly, right?!?
  42. Jaywlker

    What caused this to my paint?

    I took another look and noticed that I missed the striations in the paint, ON TOP of the orange peel. No bueno! Might be that the paint was rubbed or touched while drying. Obviously NOT normal, and poor quality control.
  43. Jaywlker

    How does a full wrap make sense?