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    Parking Lights Not Turning Off After Update

    Huh. I have never left my parking lights on (while not inside the car) along a busy highway. I have used my European parking lights (one side only) back in my VW days. Actually, I’d like to find away to add Euro Parking lights to the MYP also.
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    Parking Lights Not Turning Off After Update

    Light control in the app would be rad!!
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    Parking Lights Not Turning Off After Update

    Yes I’m quoting myself… How about an alert or door chime to remind that lights or parking lights are still on? Again - easy setting/fix.
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    Supercharger - Burlington, WA - Marketplace Dr. (LIVE Jun 2023, 16 V3 stalls)

    I have plans to drive Tacoma to Birch Bay - through Burlington - and I’ll probably swing by… and it’s Memorial Day weekend, so maybe I can charge at the new/Burlington on the way northbound… and/or southbound when I head home on Sunday.
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    Parking Lights Not Turning Off After Update

    I prefer to drive the car with parking lights also (looks waay better IMO), versus the standard daytime running lights. But now I’m annoyed that the parking lights don’t turn off after exiting the car as well. Should be an easy fix (a timer setting?)
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    Anyone actually tested Unplugged vs MPP or Ohlins?

    2020 June MYP, stock suspension, terrible ride quality. Looks alright. 2020 July MYP, 1” drop springs from UPP on stock dampers, terrible ride quality, Looks waay better. 2023 April MYP, installed MPP comfort coilovers, great ride quality, still looks good/about the same as I didn’t want to go...
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    What is the consensus on the optimal tire size for the MYP with 21" Uberturbines?

    2020 MYP and I’m purchasing new tires for the Übers in about a month… I have a 1” drop from the UPP springs and I’m very much leaning 275/35 front & 295/35 rear. Rear should not be a problem… Front I’m just a smidge nervous about rubbing while entering/leaving driveways or when the...
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    Koni - Special Active (Red - Formerly FSD) and Sports (Yellow) - Coming Soon for Model 3 and Y

    Hit me up first! I’m on stock dampers w UPP sport springs. Ride is just as harsh as it was in June 2020 when I took delivery - looks better but rides harsh. And now don’t really want to spend the $$ on coil-overs. Strut/shock replacement sounds magical but there are not any good options...
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    Those with MYP who carry heavier loads, and the wheels they use

    My 2020 MYP runs both stock 21” Überturbines in summer & 19” Geminis in winter due to the proper load ratings. I carry bikes, pull a utility trailer, have a rack & rocket box… this car is my Swiss army car… It wasn’t worth my troubles finding new rims, Bluetooth TPMS, load ratings… so I just...
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    Optimizing track mode for snow driving

    I’ve been absent from TMC for a few months - and this thread is amazing! Heading out to my P to customize my “new” snow settings. Thanks all!
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    Slipping in highway during winter - Regenerative driving problem

    I have not set my track mode settings yet - but I “trust” the standard Tesla settings to get me A to B… however when I’m heading into a gnarley situation, I’ll probably set bias to 70 front/30 rear and no regen braking (roll) with stability set to the positive side (to keep me forward) if...
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    Model Y Performance Track Mode has arrived as a Holiday Software Update: As seen on twitter!!!!!

    Got the update. Track mode ready. Now I just need snow. Forcast says snow on Tuesday for Tacoma!!
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    Model Y Performance Track Mode has arrived as a Holiday Software Update: As seen on twitter!!!!!

    The snow is calling my name… but I need to update first. Can service push the update to me? I’m often last to update as I have a June 2020 delivery (build date was a few months earlier)
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    Model Y Snow Chains

    I have chains for the MYP (on 19” Gemini’s)… but have yet to use them/need them. But I also just purchased snow socks for the MYP - 19” Gemini wheels/tires just in case. When I’m in a pinch while skiing on WA pass ski areas I’ll prefer to use the socks, but chains are also nice to keep for...
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    Model Y P, available mileage

    @dennis I’m sure - but I’d love that extra 30-40miles I had before.
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    Vendor Redwood Motorsports Model Y - Ohlins DFV (Performance and Grand Touring Specs) - RE-STOCKED

    My next MYP will have coilovers. I installed the UPP sport springs and I like the 1” drop look, but the ride quality (stock dampers) has a lot of room for improvement.
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    Model Y P, available mileage

    I have a June 2020 MYP & wondering if/when my battery pack will be one of the first to go too low & I can request a battery warranty.
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    Upgrade Model Y Fog Light?

    I’m also interested. Are they incandescent bulbs or LED? I honestly have never looked. But I’d like more light out of the fog lights & ability to aim them?
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    Tesla Bros Skid Plates - Got Em

    Man I’m reading all this thinking I should install a new metal skid plate. Too much skiing and other road debris and also 1” lowered. I’m in Tacoma WA… if anyone is local and making new/better ones.
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    Model Y 2021 Cargo box

    I just installed my factory Tesla rack. It does not touch the glass at all.
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    Model Y 2021 Cargo box

    Gotcha. The torque value is soo low… it makes me nervous, but on the flip side - I will torque to their values to save my glass roof. Never had any issues so far. Bikes, cargo boxes, lumber, oars, many many items up there. Lots of river boat NRS straps.
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    Model Y 2021 Cargo box

    The stock Tesla rack has little J hooks that lock into a metal bracket under the glass roof. Next time I re-rack - I’ll snap a photo. I’m pretty sure the rubber feet are on the metal roof rail… so the pressure is applied from the J hook through the rack and then squeezed down onto the metal...
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    Cleaning headliner?

    My car has become the everything car… Which is okay - but man I need to look at the headliner. Wheels, tires, lumbers, pressure washers… I’m gonna try isopropyl & then soap/water first before I try lighter fluid.
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    Installing RM Ohlins shock kit, proper orientation of parts?

    Long story… I have a MYP. Purchased the UPP 1” drop springs. I installed them. Then I got the “ping-ping” spring sounds from only one of my front UPP springs (on the stock MYP struts). UnPlugged learned of the issue - and sent me new front springs, but I have yet to replace/swap front...
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    Installing RM Ohlins shock kit, proper orientation of parts?

    Got it. I’m on the lookout for aftermarket replacement front struts for the MYP.
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    Installing RM Ohlins shock kit, proper orientation of parts?

    So these are just replacement strut assemblies? Not a coilover kit correct? Mind sharing the link?
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    Winter MYP Recs - Tires

    I run 21” Übers in Pirelli’s for summer and then 19” Gemini w (soon to be purchased) Cross Climates . I like the idea of 3 season tires if you run summer and winter setups. Seems to be the best of all worlds if you have two sets of wheels. One set is sticky, but handles the rain etc… the...
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    Uberturbine Touch Up Paint??

    @jacie6056 - unsure… but it matches my 21” Überturbine wheel color perfectly.
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    Model Y Roof Rack CRACK

    I just my roof rack all the time. Lumber. Bikes. Cargo boxes… the rack also goes on and off all the time as I’m particular. If you’ve owned roof racks before - there is no difference. The glass roof makes me more cautious - but no issues so far w removal or instal.
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    Uberturbine Touch Up Paint??

    @nate704 - my Tacoma local shop made that batch of paint to color match the Übers color. They fixed & painted my curb rash. I asked if I can have the extra and they laughed at me.
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    Uberturbine Touch Up Paint??

    And I’ll add these. 21” Überturbine color
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    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    Just found this thread… lovin the amber turn signals and the blacked out front headlights from the OP.
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    Rear Tail Light Connector/Harness (3-Pin to 4-Pin)

    Also interested. I’d like to have the amber turn signals but I have the old 2020 3pin connectors. If/when I get new stock (Tesla) taillights w amber turns, they are not plug and play unless there is some (soon to be created) 3pin to 4pin adapter.
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    Michelin CrossClimate 2 finally coming to Model Y size

    I have a set of bare 19” Geminis that need new rubber. These tires are top of my list, I hope I can order through discount tire this summer/fall 2022.
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    Lowered and wider tires

    I’ve only hit the belly/battery pack once or twice and I knew it was coming. It wasn’t terrible, just a lil bump which all cars are designed to do. Front bumper can often nudge/wedge into curb stops or tall curbs but it’s not hard to avoid. I’ve always had lowered cars so this is just normal...
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    Lowered and wider tires

    MYP dropped 1” on UPP springs, but still on stock tire sizes. When the fronts are spent, I’ll certainly go up to 265 or 275 width for the fronts.
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    Model Y Subwoofer Bass Mod

    How did miss the boat on this? I need to investigate.
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    Modern Spare DOES fit in frunk area, with liners removed!!!!!

    I rarely am out of cell service - and/or supercharger range… but man this thread has my wheels turning.
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    Possible to buy an aftermarket heated steering wheel?

    So when this happens… I want to be included… I have a 2020 June MYP. Someone’s certainly gonna try… install it… then “get/push/beg” Tesla to push the firmware? Michael
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    What is the best solution for Black Tesla Emblems?

    I removed the front emblem completely (fishing line & warmish heat gun). Then removed the rear emblem - same method as above - and painted matte black. It looks amazing now. Reapply w 3M double sided tape (emblem tape).
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    Model Y 2021 Cargo box

    I also have the OEM rack and Yakima Carbonite 16…. Carries mostly skis all winter but can also carry two full sized pieces of luggage (airport sized luggage).
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    Biggest tires on model Y performance

    Stock/Staggered Überturbines and I just got new rear tires only… Pirelli P-Zeros in 275/35… I wanted to go wider but Discount Tire didn’t have any available. AND the “new” P-Zeros have a curb rash “lip”!! Compare my pictures of the new P-Zero rear 275/35 w the stock/Tesla P-Zero 255/35…...
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    Unplugged Performance Coilovers

    @Mattemsmy - I swapped stock springs on the MYP to UPP’s 1” drop springs. Rear is a snap. Fronts are hard if you need to swap springs w a spring compressor… or just take the front strut assembly to a shop if possible and let them do it for you? If you get coilovers… it’s easier as there...
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    Biggest tires on model Y performance

    I’m also eyeballing this setup @Candyman2385 - however I’m also 1”ish lower than stock MYP on UPP sport springs. I’ll certainly go wider OR taller… but not convinced I can have both.
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    MYP w/19” Geminis in the snow

    Ugh… yes we still wait… patiently?
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    Model y wire plug under passenger headlight

    Is there a question? I’m pretty sure that is the pedestrian warning system
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    Snowmode for Model Y

    Freedom!! Just give us some freedom. As mentioned above, if I cannot control it - I don’t want it. Snow mode/track mode should be user operated.
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    PMY Mountain Pass bearings, coilovers and traction arms

    @cbritton3 - Nice work! Takes guts to rip into a new car, but I also thinks it’s worth it. Again, this is why I love this community. 💪💪🚗
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    Ordered MYP and am looking for options of 19" wheels that clear the bigger brakes.

    @hakwuzhere —- more picts pls. Personally - I have the 21” Übers for summer and I picked up a set of 19” Gemini/Apollo wheels/tires for a winter setup. Fool proof and OEM… pull the utility trailer, toss on chains if needed, rip the snow, then swap back to summer wheels/tires for more...