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    Blog Tesla China Hits Record Deliveries in September

    OT: what's going on about the "er One" My name for the $25K car..[S,3,X,Y,erOne.. it even works in Mandarin as "er"="2" especially if it gets released in '21, and, gives a nod to the Impact] Where can I learn about dimensions? & other specs? choose love
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    Blog NHTSA Announces Another Autopilot Investigation

    yeah! other brands run into stopped cop cars, and bicyclists too! and deer, and skunk.. should they also get investigated? When I test drove the S I tried to rear end the guy in front of me..the car wouldn't let me - 18" is really close though! I felt the car slow down just before I touched the...
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    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    Well, I didn't wait. two lead -acid and one FLAWED, used, LiFePhos packs later I would LOVE 220 - 4680s to get my second iteration[or maybe 3rd]. The 4680s would allow me to reconfigure the traction pack design. The T-bone design got me on the road 2003-2014, but the gap was too big; all packs...
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    Cruising Washington DC Soon? When?

    Are East coast Tesla drivers planning any casual meetups in DC this month? Seems they know how to make their presence felt even if the President can't "see" them? choose love, KO
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    Love bug swarm in Florida.. Reports from Ev car owners requested

    Mtapes, Thanks! Love the power of images! Now, how does the compare to the 'harvest' on gassers? From the media story it seems as if the whole front of a car would be darkened with bug bodies. IF EVs run cooler, [less attractive] and lack the pheromone load of petrol- base fuel, I expect less...
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    Love bug swarm in Florida.. Reports from Ev car owners requested

    Just curious to see if the styling and nature [EV] of any model Tesla attract or not attract swarming love bug males, the bugs, not the humans ;- } KO - teslaspotter
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    Totalled my S today....so I confirmed my Model 3 First Production order

    Az_ so glad you are "OK" .. that s quite a Wreckla! maybe they will push you up the line... You could go in front of me but I don't have a reservation {even the lll is too wide for my driveway!] So glad it happened on flats id it had to happen at all. Happier holidays ahead!
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    Current 10 busiest Superchargers, worldwide

    Guiyang? That's a surprise. What's going on there?
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    Confessions of a Model X driver

    Well.... I beat an S across an intersection in a 2000 toyota PU..Stunned! Until I realized the car was staying precisely in the middle of the white lines as it pulled into a left -turn lane. Looking at the driver, I saw he wasn't driving, but playing with a tablet.. My guess was it was a trial...
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    So much fun! I think i will telsaspot for 3s..I gave up spotting for the others..just too many of them on the road. Whoopee!
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    1970 VW Cabrio..still runs but needs to be converted!

    My roommate got a used converted VW bug and now wants to sell his 1970 Cabrio he WAS thinking of converting. It would be great with an AC power kit. It has never been hit, has one seam in the ragtop that needs mending and still runs, though its registration ran out the week after he got the bug...
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    Pics/Info: Inside the battery pack

    WOW! As I install LiFe in my little car I am in awe of the beauty of this pack!! I love the international nature of all the components.. hopefully this means more ships than one are rising on this tide! teslaspotter I figured someone would find these pics and comments interesting and/or...
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    Lighthouse Charter school EV conversion project sparks new initiatve

    Yesterday was pretty exciting! & I want to keep the momentum going.. I KNOW this is unplug day & I KNOW this project seems a bit off-topic, but its a think globally, act locally thing.. yesterday Cleantechnica put this out EV Conversion Project For High Schoolers -- Help A Brother Out...
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    Solar City IPO

    I'd say wait. My battery pack money just disappeared w/A123. I bought IPO to support the company.. I knew the risk but could do nothing after I recognized the corporate raider when he arrived on the scene. live & learn Nowadays I would buy the product to support the company, instead!
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    Ahh sorry, you missed the nuance "NextProject" was in the driveway, the Tesla is only a deep seated longing and desire at this point. but I am going to keep that thought that a new tesla IS on the way! Happy NEw Year!
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    It's been a while.. Smart meters exploded & destroyed the garage! thankfully, the next project and the teslas I don't have YET were out of the garage & I am slowly recovering from a severely shattered shoulder as a result of the fire. BUT here's the teslaspotting i wanted to share: Whilst at...
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    Congratulations docking Dragon I don't know where to post this, But I want to send congratulations to whomever at Space X worked on Dragon! .. this is BIG If a private US company can launch & dock a space shuttle MAYBE a US company can build & SELL Lithium tech batteries to the general EV car...
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    Revenge of the Electric Car

    preview of the Revenge of the Electric Car We got to see the preview of the Revenge of the Electric Car tonight. Only one DIY EV and One RED teslas in the parking lot at Nexxus in Richmond, CA! I am happy to say it is not the sequel to Who killed the Electric Car? The outsider/victim...
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    Taj Mahal and Maria Muldaur benefit to help Middle school EV Start-up

    Taj Mahal and Maria Muldaur have graciously offered to perform for the Wonderful Women of Science MAY 10 at Freight & Salvage, in Berkeley . We are 3 women with 3 science based projects in 3 countries who have gotten together to throw a benefit for ourselves. My Project is the EV/Makers Project...
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    Road trips - feed back please.

    European travel times Would you please contact me offlist? visualeyes108[at]yahoo[dot]com thank you!
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    Road trips - feed back please.

    Thanks Chad. May I ask you to review your trip more precisely for the time between SF [or SV] and LA??? I am still hoping there are others testing the range envelope of their Teslas who have made this run. Not to sound sexist, but the guys asking hte question live in a normative world and...
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    Road trips - feed back please.

    O.k., I used to drive pedal to the metal LA to SF, SF to Seattle... early seventies... mostly to get to gigs, but prefer the cruise-tour given the luxury of time. Lately, commuter types try to pin me down... How fast can a Tesla get to L.A. [from the S.F. Bay area]? This is as useless to me as...
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    Tesla Angel

    I met a TESLA ANGEL at the GreenDrive EVent in Richmond this weekend... Mr. #60 let me DRIVE his Tesla! Thank you so very much!! I have been letting people drive my 96v old-school conversion for years because I feel until people actually operate an EV, they just can't get it. HowEVer, my...
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    Solar happenings

    this is really off topic -- but since its save the air weather .... Anyone teslaing from the bay area to sacramento tomorow friday sept 3 2010?? I need to file some documents and loathe driving the gas car THAT far in this weather! [email protected] thanks!!
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    It's the Batteries, Stupid!

    AH it is nice to see that Seeking Alpha at least knows of Stan. I like to think that it was because of the corporate response to his good work that EV builders started investigating Li-ion tech. I'd like to see Chevron try and pull out all the cell phone and laptop batteries off the market! lol!