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  1. firerock

    Hansshow dashboard touchscreen

    I thought it was an interesting idea as well, until I saw an actual user on FB said that it completely blocks AC air flow for the driver. Obviously, it's just one person's opinion but I was able to verify it by placing a cardboard cutout and replicated the issue.
  2. firerock

    Car won't start during software update

    Unfortunately, like many have answered above, it's not possible to stop the update once it started. Just like when your computer (Mac or Windows) is in the middle of system update (not downloading but updating), you can't and shouldn't power off your computer. Owned a Tesla since 2012, I never...
  3. firerock

    SR Premium Interior - 1yr Connectivity dropped?

    I only recall seeing SR came with 1 month premium connectivity, never 1 year. They could have promotion from time to time, but you need to place your order then. And, if you can't get the 1 yr connectivity, you should be able to cancel your order.
  4. firerock


    33 cents per kW is about the price around southern California during the popular hours. Most of SC ranges $0.30 $0.35 during peak hours around LA.
  5. firerock

    Dog Mode

    Yes it works and I use it all the time when I take my dog out. And it also failed for me once during 102 degree summer! The app does notify you when it fails, but you won't know when the exact time when it failed....so just be careful.
  6. firerock


    You are 100% covered. They also send you an estimate for the service. And in this case, it's under warranty and you aren't responsible for anything.
  7. firerock

    Redundant updates?

    minor updates to fix new bugs that were introduced with the previous update. 2020.42.12.1 Year, Wk Number, Release, Minor Update
  8. firerock

    Vendor TEMAI Giveaway 2020 (Archived)

    Received Temai phone mount & activated carbon air filter few weeks ago. Here's an overview of the phone mount. Ordered the item on Wednesday and it was shipped out the next morning and I received it on Saturday (and free shipping!). The latest flagship phones are getting larger, like iPhone 12...
  9. firerock

    Minor annoyance: can't shift to drive without getting beeped at.

    It's because your belt isn't secured in the buckle yet. Try this, put on your belt properly, then step on brake and shift gear. I'm very sure you won't hear the beep.
  10. firerock

    Vendor TEMAI Giveaway 2020 (Archived)

    Yes, all new Model 3 and all Model Y comes with wireless charger. But, bigger phones like Samsung Note 20 Ultra or iPhone 12 Pro Max have a hard time fitting into the space and charge consistently. I believe Temai charger have additional charging coil so you can place/charge your phone in landscape.
  11. firerock

    Spoiler advice

    I had one replaced back in Aug. The new one is coming off again...yikes BTW, you can schedule a mobile service to do this work.
  12. firerock


    If the warning doesn't go away, there's no way for you to use FSD or cruise control. When I had the frunk issue, the warning comes and goes, and it would kick me out of FSD in the middle of the drive with loud warning beeps. That was scary.
  13. firerock

    MYP Range 273??

    My PUP from March full charge is about 276-278 miles. Of course, 278 miles is an estimate and the actual driving mileage could varies depends on driving conditions. After years of owning Model S (and now Y), always be prepare to take down another 15-20% if you are planning for a longer distance...
  14. firerock

    Vendor TEMAI Giveaway 2020 (Archived)

    Both the phone mount & carbon filter are my favorite! And it's good that they included pdf instructions, but it would be great if there's a video as well.
  15. firerock

    2020.40.8 Performance MY no range update

    I'm feeling the concern like rest of you (the famous range anxiety). The keyword here is "estimate". The battery didn't get more capacity over a software upgrade. Tesla improved motors efficiency, thus we are getting more mileage. For example, your driving habit have been using 250 wh/mi, the...
  16. firerock

    Long Range Suspension is too hard!

    If you are buying Tesla for performance reason(LR or Performance model), I can't agree more! We had Porsche 911S for 3 years and talking about rough day to day drive! Sure, it's super fun to drive on an open freeway with the tight handling and acceleration from 60-90mph, but absolutely a...
  17. firerock


    Just a heads up, and this is my personal experience and might be unique. I have an early VIN 3360 MYP and experienced this issue back in April. Anyhow, they replaced latch and harness and it fixed the problem. But a few weeks ago, the problem came back. When I parked the car under the sun for a...
  18. firerock

    Model Y or Used X?

    With a family of 6, I just don't see how Model Y will be a long term solution for you! I bet some people didn't read your reasons before voting for Model Y. To me, I love both cars, but Model X is just too big for my garage; so I went with Model Y. In your case, you answered your own question.
  19. firerock

    Enhanced Autopilot

    I have FSD and after I have been using FSD daily on Model Y since March 30, I recommend EAP and not so much at FSD. Yes, I really mean daily or whenever I drive. EAP has pretty much every feature minus the traffic light/stop sign/future local street navigation. Even with the 4-D base code...
  20. firerock

    You can safely order Model Y without worrying about new battery tech!

    Or you can star pre-order Cybertruck. The new battery is mainly for Semi, Cybertruck, & Roadster.
  21. firerock

    Delivery Notice Today ... Respond by this afternoon

    1st, you have 7-day return policy 2nd, whatever Elon is going to announce, I doubt they are coming to Model Y within weeks. So, if you need a car now, you still have 7 days to return. If you aren't in a hurry, just reject the delivery date and come back in a few months.
  22. firerock

    Steering wheel clunk

    There's a service bulletin for loose steering wheel on Model Y
  23. firerock

    Model Y Service Bulletins

    Well, if Tesla is smart, those bulletins should be addressed in newly manufactured cars. Most of the issues shared here are for existing Model Y.
  24. firerock

    Model Y Service Bulletins

    Thanks for sharing this info. Upon checking the site, it doesn't have any one-hour rate; the lowest price was 24-hr.
  25. firerock

    MY PUP 100% charge range - 289 miles

    Yep, pure math here. I am averaging about 260 Wh/mi with PUP over 2k miles. I use FSD on freeway at 70 mph and ~30-35 mph (depends on the local speed limit).
  26. firerock

    Car wash After Service

    SC used to wash your car after each service. But Tesla is all about being environmentally friendly, so to keep their promise, they stopped washing car. That's what SC told me...so, yeah, save water, money, & time for Tesla!
  27. firerock

    Another Panel Gap Thread

    Congrats on your new Model Y, and those issues you documented are nothing new nor hard to fix at all! SC can take care of them easily. The best part is that you had no paint issues, which is a good news in itself! Lots of white Model Y owners discover color mismatch on their bumper/door panels
  28. firerock

    MY PUP 100% charge range - 289 miles

    So, I had two Model S for ~5.5 years and received Model Y PUP back in March 30th. I'm very aware of distance/energy/mileage...etc as well. For me, my 100% charge was showing 282 miles and now it's 277 miles. In my own personal range test, I charged it to 100% and drove it down to 1%, Model Y...
  29. firerock

    Green Light Chime

    Turned it on and turned it off after a 25 mile trip. It was interesting but gets very annoying very quickly when driving local streets during traffic hour.
  30. firerock

    Going on day 10 in Service

    The first month of my Model Y ownership, it was in the service center for 3 weeks. I don't know if this is a growing pain because when I had Model S, it was like this as well. Car sales always come first, then Service Center/Superchargers.
  31. firerock

    My journey to a "within spec" Tesla Model Y

    I checked out Santa Monica showroom today. And to my surprise, the Model Y Performance on display still has similar build issue (if not worse than mine) and the paint on the hood had so many bubbles that I was surprised it passed the QA for display. Again, I'm not here to diss Tesla, I have...
  32. firerock

    My journey to a "within spec" Tesla Model Y

    Issues that have been discovered: - Panel gap - Paint chip - Front trunk open notification - Liftgate doesn't latch (alignment) - Rear seat panel coming off - Spoiler is coming off - Door sill plate is coming off - Window trim/brightwork scratch due to software bug - Both signal repeaters are...
  33. firerock

    My journey to a "within spec" Tesla Model Y

    Hi Bro, 3360 here! Regarding to the spoiler...the new one that was installed via mobile service is slow coming off. I can see a minor gap already and it's on the left side this time. I am just going to wait on that. I feel the curve isn't enough so it pulls itself away from the trunk.
  34. firerock

    My journey to a "within spec" Tesla Model Y

    I am one of the earlier Tesla Model Y Performance owner. I received it back in March 30, 2020. Here's my journey to an almost perfect Tesla Model Y that Tesla Service Center has to do in 5 months and 7 repairs after it has been delivered. If you wonder would I still pick up Model Y knowing what...
  35. firerock

    Tasker plugin is awesome!

    Love Tasker and it still automates a bunch of tasks for me daily. But, I don't feel comfortable to enterTesla credential into a 3rd party app. PSA: Don't use third-party apps and services, period.
  36. firerock

    Soon to be MY owner essential accessories?

    For MicroSD card, you need to purchase the high endurance type, which is made for dashcam/action cams and supports more frequent re-writes. On the other hand, standard USB thumb drive is made for storage or read, not built for a lot of re-writes, thus shorter life for dashcam use.
  37. firerock

    Waves in door Anyone else have this issue???

    Tesla's favorite quote, "it's within spec"
  38. firerock

    AC Turns off when Driver Leaves while Back Passenger is in the back?

    Good observation! I believe the default for AC is on auto. You can set it to ON and see if that makes any differences for your rear passengers.
  39. firerock

    Updates consistently failing

    Interesting suggestions from above. They are right that files downloaded might be corrupted. Try using your phone's hotspot if you can't get close to a wifi (or Starbucks.)
  40. firerock

    Can’t login, can’t reset password

    Maybe it's fixed? I just signed in without any issue.
  41. firerock

    2020.28.5 update

    Like what? Maybe Model X doesn't support front vent without passenger? Or are you referring to the longer range display, which only applies to Model Y Performance model.
  42. firerock

    2020.28.5 update

    What's the phantom braking you are talking about?
  43. firerock

    2020.28.5 update

  44. firerock

    2020.28.5 update

    If you are a Model Y Performance owner (or previously PUP), you will get to see 291 miles range. Also Autosteer on local streets can increase another 5 miles.
  45. firerock


    So, I had similar issue as well (March 30 delivery). I thought it was obvious the sensor is at fault and SC easily replicated my issue. At first, they replaced the frunk harness system and said that's the recommended fix from the headquarter. Then, the second I drove the car off the lot, the...
  46. firerock

    Anyone regret not opting for performance?

    Well, I have Model Y Performance (came from Model S 85D). No regrets about it either. The ride isn't rough and the acceleration is great. Obviously, range and tire are the two biggest concerns. I live in LA, so the road conditions isn't the worst. But the look of 21 inch wheel and gap between...
  47. firerock

    Soon to be MY owner essential accessories?

    Oh, and you might need to purchase a spacer for your wireless charger so your phone with case won't slide off the stand and better wireless coil alignment with larger phones - Phone Dock Adapter / Spacer for Tesla Model 3 Center Console Dashboard ABS Cover -...
  48. firerock

    Soon to be MY owner essential accessories?

    Actually, MicroSD will draw less power than SSD. SSD is an excellent choice, but it is made for desktop/computing environment vs high endurance (not the standard micro high speed micro sd) micro sd is made for dashcam/action, more frequent rewrites, and smaller smaller footprint. I'm not against...
  49. firerock

    Soon to be MY owner essential accessories?

    High endurance microsd card 32GB+ with USB adapter.
  50. firerock

    MY Performance 291 Miles Update?

    If it's a better EPA estimate, I assume it still need to update the calculation and push an update to all MY PUP?