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  1. Kosh

    Vendor Jack pad adapters

    These things fall apart after 2 years. They just don't hold up very long.
  2. Kosh

    Model X Winter Tires & Rims - 265/50R-19 PIRELLI SCORPION WINTER

    I understand but for autocross the rules state I can go +-1 inch in diameter so I need to go down from 21s to 20 on my Model S. Also 19s just clear the break caliper. Either way GLWS from a fellow Michigander
  3. Kosh

    Model X Winter Tires & Rims - 265/50R-19 PIRELLI SCORPION WINTER

    Darn, wish these were 20s instead of 19s either way Free bump.
  4. Kosh

    2014 Tesla Model S P85D Grey For Sale

    Why is the hood dull. In other words why is it not the same glossy as the rest of the car?
  5. Kosh

    Roadster 1.5/3.0 for sale

    Very nice car. I really wish I was in the market for one.
  6. Kosh

    Used 20" Slipstream Wheels, TPMS, Center cap. (No tires)

    Are these for Model S or Model X? what is the full size of the wheel. Bah never mind your too far away. Free bump for you anyway.
  7. Kosh

    Rial Lugano (silver) wheels with Hakka R2 snow tires Wisconsin

    If this guy falls through PM me, I like these wheels. I also visit Wisconsin often.
  8. Kosh

    20" Stock Rims - less than 50 miles!! Like New!!

    If you aren't willing to ship I may be interested in them. could you post the exact size? is it 20x8.5j ?
  9. Kosh

    T Sportline 19 TST Wheels For Sale for the Tesla Model S

    Are you interested in shipping the wheels?
  10. Kosh

    2014 Model S P85 RWD with Autopilot (“unicorn”) - Red MC

    You have made the correct decision :-)
  11. Kosh

    ISO: 19 inch Model S wheels 2x Slipstream or 4x whatever

    I need some winter wheels. I hit a HUGE pothole last season that took out two of my wheels. Bent both rims rather terribly, So bad that they would hit my brake calipers if I left them on the vehicle. Tires didn’t fare much better. anyway... yea. So if you have 4x whatever with winter tires...
  12. Kosh

    2014 Model S P85 RWD with Autopilot (“unicorn”) - Red MC

    GLWS coming from another Unicorn owner. I think you need more pictures. It helps
  13. Kosh

    Model S 19 Inch Rims and Tires for Sale $950 - Local Pickup

    If you re-consider shipping these pm me.
  14. Kosh

    19” Grey slipstreams with new tires $1500

    Gosh, If I was anywhere near you I would have already bought these. I need 19s and 21s... bah
  15. Kosh

    Four 19" Silver Slipstream Wheels, Tires, TPMS, and Lug Nut Covers $500

    PM me if you are willing to ship them. If not then free bump
  16. Kosh

    [FS] Model S 21" Grey Turbine Squared Tire/Wheel/TPMS in Seattle

    If you are willing to shipping them to Michigan I am interested in them.
  17. Kosh

    21" Black Arachnids and 19" Black Slipstreams

    good luck, If I was closer I would be all over this
  18. Kosh

    21" Silver Arachnid Wheel Set, Northern Virginia Pickup, $1200

    I'm thinking about this. I would not be able to come pick them up for a while, probably the end of September.
  19. Kosh

    Tesla Model S OEM 19” wheels and tires SF Bay Area

    If you will ship them let me know. I'm in Ann Arbor, MI
  20. Kosh

    MS 19" slipstream wheels, tires, & TPMS

    looking for a set of these. PM me.. Or email me @ [email protected]
  21. Kosh

    FS- 21” staggered silver turbines (Toronto/Buffalo)

    Are you in Ontario, Canada or New York, USA? I ask because I'm in Michgian.... and still thinking about these.
  22. Kosh

    19” silver slipstreams for sale

    Free bump for you, I'm looking for these or other 19s but a lower price
  23. Kosh

    Genuine wheel and tires for sale

    Yea, I would have done that on the Cyclons. Wish I was faster!
  24. Kosh

    Every Tesla part (almost) available

    Tan next gen seats?
  25. Kosh

    Set of 4 Pirelli Sottozero winter 240 tires 19”

    Darn, where were you in November? I literally bought the same tires new from tire rack in early Nov. Good luck. Oh I was also in New England in November so there is that. lol
  26. Kosh

    Buying California car, trying to avoid double TAX

    I ended up paying and registering the Car with California plates. Michigan basically lost out since they don't have a way to easily buy a Tesla in this state. Yes, I paid significantly more tax but in the end as part of the green mission I think it was worth it.
  27. Kosh

    Supercharger - Roseville, MI

    I charged here yesterday and got 116Kw. Looks like it is working. I found it from looking on the in vehicle map. Someone needs to fix plugshare as the current location is not listed as a true supercharger.
  28. Kosh

    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    Wait wrong parking sensors? What are the differences? I have a 9/2014 build with autopilot
  29. Kosh

    Parting out Tesla Model S's 2012-2016

    Pre-facelift nosecone, just the cone, with parking sensor holes?
  30. Kosh

    New OEM TPMS sensors

    You can get em here on amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0768S4SXR/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  31. Kosh

    19" Slipstream Only For Sale in Arizona

    Any idea how much it would cost to ship these to Michigan?
  32. Kosh

    Model S - 19” Wheels-Tires-Tpms-Caps for sale

    Wow, this is exactly what I am looking for. Any idea how much it would cost to send these to Michigan? Or perhaps my dad can pick them up as he is in Manchester, CT
  33. Kosh

    Buying California car, trying to avoid double TAX

    So I talked to Michigan DMV. They said as long as I can prove I paid CA sales tax I don't have to pay Michigan Sales tax. The dealership in CA came down in price enough for it to be worth it to me to just fly out there and pick up the car directly from them. So this is really my best option.
  34. Kosh

    Buying California car, trying to avoid double TAX

    The car I want is very specific. I would love to not buy in California but it doesn't seem to be in the cards. I think delivery to Nevada is the best bet.
  35. Kosh

    Buying California car, trying to avoid double TAX

    If the car is still under warranty and I do PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspection) at a third party do you think I should still fly out there and check it out?
  36. Kosh

    Buying California car, trying to avoid double TAX

    Sounds like I won't be able to purchase an extended warranty. How much would an extended warranty cost to purchase anyway?
  37. Kosh

    Buying California car, trying to avoid double TAX

    California has very strict rules about taking possession of the car and paying California tax. most states don't which is why you didn't have a problem buying in Seattle and paying when you got to CA. Its less than 4 years and a good bit less than 50k miles. How would I contact tesla to see...
  38. Kosh

    Buying California car, trying to avoid double TAX

    Looking to buy a Tesla from some random dealer in CA. It has all the options I want at a good price. I live in Ann Arbor Michigan. Flights to LAX look cheap and I have a lot of vacation to burn. So I would prefer to fly in to LAX and pick it up. But if I take possession in California then I...
  39. Kosh

    model s P85+ 2014 w/AP1

    There are quite a few of these coming up now. Tesla has 2 of them both for around 72k
  40. Kosh

    model s P85+ 2014 w/AP1

    Congratulations! Very rare car that was just out of my price range. I'm still interested in knowing when the car was built. You can tell from the VIN sticker on the frame of the vehicle just inside the drivers door.
  41. Kosh

    Tesla First Car

    Yea, just ask your kid.
  42. Kosh

    New price on p85+ w/ap1

    What is the build date of this vehicle?
  43. Kosh

    2016 model X 90D

    Except that he says he got the Car in September, which means it was built before AP2 which came out after that
  44. Kosh

    model s P85+ 2014 w/AP1

    What was the build date on this car?
  45. Kosh

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Thanks, That solved all my problems. Now all I have to do is wait for the car to pop up in mailbox. I'm now back to using the new interface. Thanks again, hopefully a car that will suit my needs pops up at the right price
  46. Kosh

    2014 Tesla Model S P90++ - UNIQUE: Most powerful RWD Tesla in the world

    This is kinda the perfect car for someone. Way out of my pricerange. Good luck
  47. Kosh

    Black 2013 P85+ $56,500 OBO

    I'm told that would add about $3k to the price. new harness, new bumpers, etc...
  48. Kosh

    Excellent Cond Late 2015 Model S P90D (9,900 mi) for sale - $82,000 USD

    This won't last long. Too bad its out of my price range