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    How’s the sound system in Model Y?

    There is no way the subwoofer is in the hatch. That would require a new part which goes against the mojo of parts sharing for this vehicle. It would need a shallow mount subwoofer and it would sound like *sugar* and probably rattle. I guarantee those are just the rear deck speakers from the Model 3.
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    Heated Steering Wheel?

    Because when your hands are cold, there's a SIGNIFICANT comfort difference between touching a room temperature steering wheel (preconditioning) vs a warm steering wheel (heating element). Tesla not including this feature is a stupid cost cutting measure. At least make it a damn option. Same with...
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    Flooring it...

    What? If anything, powerful electric motors will present far more initial shock to the drive components. Instant full torque load vs ICE inherent sluggish (in comparison) build up.
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    Flooring it...

    You are stressing all those components more by hammering it. My Model S had the front axles replaced due to vibration caused by the torque stress. How well built the components are will determine if you ever have issues... nobody knows. So just enjoy the car.
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    FS: Aero wheel kit caps

    Sorry for the late reply guys. Please send a PM because I don't get emails for the thread. The caps are all OEM.
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    Is there a an easy, quality solution for a quick swap of the speakers?

    The best in car audio I've ever heard is Volvo's current Bowers & Wilkins setup. The audio quality and setup is just superb... though it could use a bit deeper bass extension (rolls off around 25 Hz). The Nautilus aluminum tweeters reach gracefully high, and the center is dash mounted facing you...
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    FS: Maxpider 3D floor mats (Model S)

    Used a few months. Condition is just fine and clean, maybe a bit of dirt I could scrub out by hand if you're OCD about it. Front and rear mats. Asking $140 shipped.
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    FS: Aero wheel kit caps

    Bump. Also have a set of gray center caps separate from this set.
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    FS: Aero wheel kit caps

    Used for a few days before I returned my Model 3. Asking $40 shipped.
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    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    Other than aesthetics, the 20s are pretty worthless. The 19s would weigh less and should perform better, and are still low profile enough that the steering response is great, plus there's still plenty of summer tires you can put on. Much less risk of blowing out a wheel.
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    New Cars DO NOT have AP3 (Hardware3!)

    If you custom order a new car at full price, you expect to be the only person who has driven it (other than moving it from factory to truck, etc). Clearly this was not the case. It's obviously a returned car or loaner, even MORE reason to have a discount applied for the mileage. I'm a little...
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    Model 3 specific Jack Pad

    Got my Streetrays pads. Haven't tested them yet because my 3 isn't here yet, but they seem great for only $30... much better than the 3D printed/rubber ripoff that is being sold for nearly $200 elsewhere.
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    When did you order? I ordered the same config 8 days ago, still no VIN. :(
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Wonder if it's the white interior or sport wheels that's causing a delay for me.
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    Can you use Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine followed up with a Ceramic Wax product?

    Not a fan. Why would you go away from ONR back to the hassle of soap and a pressure washer? Big waste of time and water. Also, are you not using 2 buckets with a grit guard in each to clean your wash mitt after each panel? If not, you're slowly going to damage the surface (be it ceramic, PPF...
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    Can you use Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine followed up with a Ceramic Wax product?

    I have a 32oz bottle of Opticlean, but it hasn't gotten much use yet. I don't do waterless washes. I just use it as a quick detail spray at the wash dilution ratio. If I need to wash, I'll always use ONR as it's safer than Opticlean, and I can do an ONR wash using only half a gallon of water if...
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    Can you use Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine followed up with a Ceramic Wax product?

    I exclusively use Optimum's products, because everything I've used so far as just worked well and it's not terribly expensive... hard to disagree with that! I love doing ONR washes. Opti-seal is best applied on a dry, clean surface, but it is possible to wash, clay + wax, and seal in sequence...
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    Tired of ruining 20" wheels...

    To my knowledge, the Perforrmance 3 cannot accept wheels from the non-performance models. You might have to go aftermarket to get 19's that fit.
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    What happens in 5 seconds driving a 3SR vs a 3P+ starting at zero.

    Whatever dude. Sounds to me like you didn't bother looking up what speed the Performance model hits in 5 seconds, which is not that fast. Nobody cares if you're only going 80, and where in a city with pedestrians is the speed limit 55? Nowhere. You made a circlejerk post, and a bad one at that.
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    So... should it be assumed the "estimated delivery within 2 weeks" shown on the order page today is full of crap for white interiors?
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    2017 Model S 90D - 19,961mi - vinyl wrap, wheels, options, excel. cond. - Ohio

    New RAM 1500, but wife has a Model 3. I miss the cool factor of my S, but this truck is better in every way other than it being ICE (which I don't mind much) and not having autopilot or as good of infotainment. I hope Tesla can increase their overall build and interior design quality soon. That...
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    2017 Model S 90D - 19,961mi - vinyl wrap, wheels, options, excel. cond. - Ohio

    Yes, but it shows not transferable to a new owner.
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    2017 Model S 90D - 19,961mi - vinyl wrap, wheels, options, excel. cond. - Ohio

    Wife gave me unexpected news a few days ago... adding our first member to the family. I hate to sell it, but I just think it'd be best for our situation.
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    2017 Model S 90D - 19,961mi - vinyl wrap, wheels, options, excel. cond. - Ohio

    Paint is Midnight Silver. The red is a vinyl wrap over top the paint. Wrap was about $4,000 (chrome was wrapped as well). There is no damage I know of under the vinyl, but the car was driven for a few thousand miles before being wrapped, so there could be an expected nick or two in the paint...
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    2017 Model S 90D - 19,961mi - vinyl wrap, wheels, options, excel. cond. - Ohio

    May 2017 build, purchased September 12, 2017. Had the car vinyl wrapped in February 2018 and T-Sportline matte black wheels installed about a week prior (20x10 in rear, 20x9 in front). Tires are Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 with 7-8/32nds of tread remaining. I also have 2 near-new tires for...
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    All I can do is just laugh

    Don't care what either of you say, I've had plenty of sedans and they've never been as bad as the Model 3 with snow and rainwater flowing into the trunk when opening it. Poor design on Tesla's part.
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    Vendor Dashboard for Tesla - the better app for your Tesla

    If this is true, why does Remote S on iOS display battery current perfectly fine for the Model 3? (Wife has an iPhone).
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    Best UHFS audio settings

    I must be starkly different. I think the bass is relatively lacking at 0, but I listen to a lot of electronic music. Mine is 8/2/-1.5/1.5/5.5 and Dolby ON... but I have noticed recently Dolby is sometimes toggling itself off when I get in the car?
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    Model S90D Battery Degradation?

    May '17 build S bought new with 500 miles, V3 battery (1088790-00-A). I have only fully charged my car 2 times, and less than a dozen times over 90%, most recently fully charged a month ago. It showed 289 miles of range. Car currently has 19K miles. Supercharged for about 4-5K true miles (range...
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    Vendor Dashboard for Tesla - the better app for your Tesla

    @SG57 been using this app for awhile on my Model S. Recently got a Model 3 for my wife, and the battery current tool does not work on her car. I like to use it to see how much power the car is pulling during preheating or idling. It gives me a vehicle disconnected error even though I am clearly...
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    Brake Calipers Locking Up During Overnight Parking

    Notice how brake rotors get surface rust after getting wet (rain, etc.)? When you put the car in park with wet rotors, they will surface rust and the pad will seize to the rotor. Don't think it could damage anything, but I have found a way to reduce the bang/pop that occurs when breaking free...
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    Red Vinyl Wrap

    Ew, don't make the Tesla letters red... can't stand when people do that, looks awful. (just my opinion, obviously)
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    Full surround view when parking

    Ah yes, this too! Thankfully if you back into a space, you don't need to worry about this either!
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    Garage Battery Warmer.. Crazy but works!

    Sounds like a poor, "dumb" solution. Heating the pack all night long with the equivalent of a "block" heater is going to waste energy. You're better off just pre-conditioning the battery 15-30 mins before you plan to leave, which will use less energy for the same result... the car has a much...
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    Garage Battery Warmer.. Crazy but works!

    Sorry, I meant charging END time... much more useful for cold weather if you have a consistent schedule (even if you don't you just have to change the time). I don't believe Dashboard is on iOS... but there are much better looking iOS apps available. But because Apple restricts background...
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    Why Tesla Will Fail

    Being quiet and fighting alone rarely leads to success if the issue is as big as you make it out to be.
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    Model S Photo Gallery

    Sorry for late reply. 20s are great. Have driven 12,000 miles with 0 issues. Tread life is just fine, as is everything else, because this size gives you more than just high performance tire options. My car came with 19s but I upgraded to 20s.
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    Garage Battery Warmer.. Crazy but works!

    OP, I think your solution is crazy. Why bother with that garbage? Your best solution would probably be buying some piece of crap $50 Android tablet that's on sale, then using some 3rd party Tesla app (like Dashboard for Tesla) to set a charging start time to use the heat produced from charging...
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    Is it true that all new cars are delivered with 48A chargers, no other option?

    I still charge at 40A too but WITH a HPWC (didn't want to pay more for a 60A circuit). To me it was worth it because it looks better than a UMC and 14-50 in the garage, and I can have the UMC with me at all times in case it's needed without wearing out the 14-50 with plug cycles or being...
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    Full surround view when parking

    Number of cameras the car has is irrelevant. My RAM has 4 cameras and has surround view - my Tesla has 8 cameras, and can't have surround view because the field of view of the cameras is focused on roadways to identify where it can drive and its surroundings, not aimed at the ground to help you...
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    Tesla halts center screen replacements

    I keep it on AUTO... which, you know, makes sense and should not cause a damn problem. Obviously this isn't Tesla's fault, it's the display supplier. I paid a lot of money for this car. They can afford to put in a screen that can operate at 100% brightness and not cause an issue (if 100%...
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    One no-brainer feature

    This would be nice to have. There are 3rd party apps you can use for this by setting a schedule, but that's not as convenient as a one-time voice command for some situations.
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    10/16/18 Is LTE out?

    Navigation data is stored locally, but map tiles on the MCU from Google & IC require internet to load/use.
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    10/16/18 Is LTE out?

    I'm in New Mexico. Mine has been out since at least 4:30 AM. I have AT&T cell service and my phone has worked 100% fine though... but connection seems to originate in Texas whenever things poll provider location.
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    Finally swapped out my 21” for 19”

    My car came with 19", I went to 20" and am glad I did. 19" looks too lame for me, and 21" has way too many downsides. Haven't had any issues at all with 20" wheels.