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    pirelli ev tires? all season anyone try?

    Have these on my 2015 P85D, and they are beyond quiet. Had to get them from Tire Rack, my local shop couldn’t put their hands on a set. Good warranty too. We’ll see.
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    What did you name your car?

    Decided to go with a very unoriginal name: Titan I Am
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    Choosing NEW vs. CPO HELP!

    For what it’s worth, I am on my second ‘not new’ Model S. Four years ago I jumped in with a 2013 brown P85 CPO which I absolutely adored. The car treated me beautifully! When the warranty was about to expire, I sold it and got my ultimate dream car. A used Titanium Metallic with four year...
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    19" vs 21" wheels & tires

    After that wonderful summation by Rogue, I feel my comments will be rather simple. On my second model S and sixth set of wheels. My new to me P85D got the staggered Arachnids immediately, and I loved the look, but felt very weighted down. Also rubbed in reverse at full steer. I decided to...
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Of course I’m asking you! They are your wheels, aren’t they?
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Not a fan of dark (black) wheels personally, but on your car they look awesome. Do you mind telling me how much they set you back? And what size?
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Just placed an order for the Signature Wheel SV104 brushed, same wheel that set the quarter mile record in the P100 Raven. Currently riding on 21 inch staggered Arachnids which I love, but saving ten pounds a wheel plus tire weight should be a big boost in performance/efficiency. Looking...
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    21 inch turbine wheel crack survey

    Blew out a sidewall last May on the way to my Mom’s house the night before she passed away. Driving WAY too fast on a lousy road with bad potholes. When I went for replacement, they found a crack in the rear arachnid. Was able to find one replacement on eBay. Now they are on a newer model s...
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    WTB: Model S Carbon Fiber OEM Spoiler

    I’ve got one. Check out parts for sale section. sorry, couldn’t figure out how to PM you.
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    OEM carbon fiber spoiler for sale

    Just took the spoiler off my 2015 P85D and installed the more aggressive RPM Tesla glossy ‘Jupiter’ spoiler. Will just need some 3M double sided tape to install. First $250 takes it, shipping in lower 48 included!
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    what does your customized License plate (tags) say?

    Just moved the tag from my P85 to my newer P85D. Still works.
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    Free supercharging on some used?

    When I picked up my used P85D a month ago, I inquired about both and they said no more FUSC for used cars and ludicrous, forget about it! At least they forgot to charge me the $2000 to transport it from Orlando to Mt. Kisco, NY via Paramus. Maybe they figured I didn’t need enticing; 2015 P85D...
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    Free supercharging on some used?

    I tend to check out the Ev CPO website on a regular basis to see market trends and what’s available. Although I have two model s’ in the garage already. So this morning I noticed some 90 battery cars listed with free supercharging. Anyone know what the heck is going on here?
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    Rare Brown P85 for sale

    Bump! Price reduction to $30K. Have an offer in high $20’s, but first $30K offer has it. Believe me, worth more than that. You will not be disappointed. Need to make room in the garage!
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    Rare Brown P85 for sale

    Sorry so many pictures! Forgot to mention free unlimited supercharging transfers for life. Posting on Only Used Tesla later today.
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    Rare Brown P85 for sale

    Selling my beloved 2013 P85 CPO. Best car I ever owned, but time to move on. Meticulously maintained, never seen snow, rarely seen rain. No AP, no warranty except drivetrain. Lots of CF add ons, front and rear center consoles, red calipers, super quiet. 81,250 miles 90% is 220 $32,500
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    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    I just had the opposite experience at Mt.Kisco, NY. I had been looking for a titanium metallic P85D to replace my out of warranty 2013 brown P85. One popped up two weeks ago, $100 down shipped from Orlando, pictures looked pristine! Picked it up last Wednesday, SWEET! As perfect as the...
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    Show me those Arachnid wheels / Spiders!

    When I picked up my brown CPO P85 four years ago, they just came out with a new color. I knew my next Tesla would be that color. P85D used for $50,200 and four year warranty, 34K miles, and fresh spiders. Maybe it’s just me, but if there is a prettier ‘stock’ model S, let’s see it.
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    2015 P85D $54,000

    To #cucubits, I appreciate your well thought out comments. I have been following P85D prices for almost a year and finally pulled the trigger on aTesla used, Titanium, carbon fiber, 34K miles for $50,200 with only $100 down. Pictures were high resolution, and the car looks pristine. Picking...
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    Good deal on used P85D?

    So last Friday I put $100 down on a P85D and hear it will be 2-3 weeks before I can take delivery. Today I get a phone call from Ava saying when can you get to Paramus, NJ, your car is ready. WTF? Four years ago when I bought my P85, I couldn’t wait for it to be ready, now, how did get to New...
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    Good deal on used P85D?

    Gonna go through with it. The photos they sent me were very good quality and the car looks pristine! Car is in Florida, I’m in Connecticut, so planning to ship it. Used Tesla advisor says I need to take delivery in Paramus, NJ vs. Mt. Kisco, NY! Anyone heard of any such policy as that? I...
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    Good deal on used P85D?

    Okay, I put a deposit on a 2015 P85D, 34,000 miles, titanium, carbon fiber for $50,200. Seems like a great deal, or should I hold out till spring and think prices will go south of $50K? Looking for my usual forum friends for direction.
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    Good deal on used P85D?

    Well both original P85D’s went away right before taking the plunge, but one resurfaced this morning. Titanium metallic, carbon fiber trim, 35K miles and only $50,200! Took the leap, now with only $100 deposit. When did $2500 deposit go away?
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    Good deal on used P85D?

    #kizamybuk’ you put it beautifully on all the reasons to go with the non lud 2015 with 16K miles. Will contact the person who sold me my first model s and gonna go forward from there. Bravo!
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    Good deal on used P85D?

    Four year warranty is a must, free supercharging not so much. Don’t need subzero as I would not drive my Tesla in the snow. (It rarely sees rain). That’s why my BROWN 2013 P85 looks like new, and it’s fast enough, I just like the ‘planted’ feeling of the P85D. Thanks for the continued great...
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    Good deal on used P85D?

    I’ve been watching EV cpo website for my next model S. Warranty on my 13 P85 is almost used up, so I want to move up to P85D. Currently two Titanium for sale with four year warranty (I know, no FUSC). The one with preferred tan interior only has 16K miles and a reasonable $51,000. At least...
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    Great Milford CT experience

    I have had about six loaner model s’ over the past four years. ALL of them have been supercharger compatible. Even took a four hour trip to look at Ithaca College with my son. Nothing but great service start to finish in little ole Milford, CT!
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    FS Pearl White P85DL+

    No response in three weeks, am I to assume the car has been sold or taken off the market?
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    FS Pearl White P85DL+

    Is this beauty still available? Easily the most desirable MS in the marketplace; has everything one would want when upgrading from a P85. Hope it is still available in a couple of months when I am in the market. GLWS!
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    2015 Model S P85D - Blue, Rear Facing Seats, Warranty, Loaded

    Your ad for a beautiful car makes me wonder why you would be getting rid of it after just 22 months of ownership. I had been looking at Ev CPO for a possible upgrade of my 2013 P85, but since they dropped the FUSC, I am looking more at personal sellers, and yours looks to be about the best...
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    No more free unlimited supercharging for some used Tesla vehicles

    Is this a game changer for anyone else? I was planning to upgrade my 2013 P85 in February 2020 when CPO warranty expires, and get a used P85D or P90DL, but now without FUSC, maybe not. My brown Model S has been a great car, so maybe hold onto it.
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    2015 Model S P85D Loaded 20k Miles!

    Is this beauty still available, and if so, is the price negotiable? Looking to upgrade my 2013 P85 in the near future.
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    Brown Metallic Paint Question

    Fewer brown model s produced than any other color. I have never seen another one, and certainly not with arachnids and red calipers.
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    Awww crap, I painted my Calipers

    Did this with a $49 kit from ForMyTesla.
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    Why are all car paint colors so boring?

    #timk225, I tend to think the brown was the best color ever made for the model s:
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    Used P85 or 85D?

    I am going through a similar dilemma. My 2013 Brown P85 runs out of warranty next February, and thinking ahead what to do. A titanium metallic 85D with tan interior and 25K miles can be had for $44K with a four year warranty. If I was buying today, I would pay an additional $9000 for a P90DL...
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    How low can it go?

    I’ve been watching the used prices on Ev CPO lately, and the price for a P90DL in titanium metallic has dropped to $64,100! With ludicrous, and seems ludicrous to me, but looking to the forum for some explanation. Not in the market yet, but wish I was.
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    2016.5 P90DL for sale in SoCal

    Beautiful car! I have been looking to upgrade my P85 to a P90DL in the not too distant future. You may want to check Ev CPO website for a comparable price point. There are several P90DL’s for mid to upper $50K. AND they come with four year warranty. I understand the new used program is full...
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    85D vs P85D vs P90DL

    It is a 2015 with 25,111 miles. Seems like a steal to me. What has been your experience with the degradation on the 90 battery? Thanks!
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    85D vs P85D vs P90DL

    As an update, the titanium with tan interior P90DL is now LESS than the P85D, $58,300 vs $59,400. Crazy, and 11K fewer miles. Sure wish I was in the market for a purchase today. Can these prices continue to come down? Ludicrous!
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    85D vs P85D vs P90DL

    I like the response from #rpo the best. Like a friend said to me three years ago when I was deciding between an ms85 and a p85, “ you’re gonna be dead a long time, go for the P!” Now there are several P90DLs for under $60K. Not quite in the market, but in another 11 months, I might be.
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    85D vs P85D vs P90DL

    I am thinking about what to do when the warranty on my brown 2013 P85 CPO goes away next February. Has been the BEST car ever, and my options are to hold on or upgrade to a dual motor. Looking for opinions from the extremely bright forum members. I love the titanium with tan interior, and as...
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    Show me those Arachnid wheels / Spiders!

    I thought this was a thread about Arachnids. Or maybe a T sportline free ad thread. Silly me!
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    Used P90D’s with ludicrous?

    i just started looking at P90D’s for a future purchase in addition to P85D’s. Seems like an awful lot of them have ludicrous upgrade for less than I paid for my P85 three years ago. Seems ‘ludicrous’ to me, but thought some forum members out there might have their usual insightful thoughts on...
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    Tesla P85D CPO for $51K

    Now there is a four year warranty P85D for under $50K! Deep sea blue for $49,200. Beautiful color; I had a black loaner and the car just blended in with all cars on the road. Any thoughts on what is causing these cars to be so reasonably priced? They can’t all be trashed, can they?
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    New to me, P85D

    Looks beautiful. My dream car, titanium P85D, and when the warranty is up on my brown P85 in 12 months the search will be intense. Good luck, take chances, and drive fast!
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    No more Enterprise?

    I did not intend to imply that Enterprise was going out of business, just that at least at the Milford service center they were no longer relying on them, which for me is a good thing.
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    No more Enterprise?

    When I called the Milford, CT service center last week for an appointment, I asked if I could please have a Tesla loaner and not an ice car. They said it was first come, first served, but they would try. Yesterday when I dropped the car for a (not) charging problem, there were two Tesla keys...
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    Tesla P85D CPO for $51K

    Let me see, noise, zero. Maintenance,zero. Best looking car on the road, fastest car on the road (P85), free supercharging, no one else in my area of the world has one, arachnids, red brake calipers, need I go on?