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  1. LoudMusic

    Why can I not find a route showing supercharging locations from Minden Ont. to Harvey New Brunswick?

    I plunked it into ABRP and it need 6 stops :D But I don't do troubleshooting for strangers on the internet until they learn how to ask questions with enough information.
  2. LoudMusic

    Why can I not find a route showing supercharging locations from Minden Ont. to Harvey New Brunswick?

    Are you doing this in the vehicle's navigation or somewhere else?
  3. LoudMusic

    Tesla app issues

    Sounds like the app has gone wonky. Have you force quit the app or rebooted your phone? Also, is there more than one mobile device with the app installed and accessing your car? In the past that has also caused problems.
  4. LoudMusic

    Supercharger - Henryetta, OK

    Fascinating. I'm excited about this. I wonder if it will have CCS, NACS, or both. I realize the PlugShare post shows CCS, but it's often wrong.
  5. LoudMusic

    Lining up to back into a charging space?

    Here I am living my life not realizing that every person in Scotland was an impeccable driver of every vehicle ever made.
  6. LoudMusic

    30 Days with Yoke

    I bet it's nice not having an obstruction over the driver display.
  7. LoudMusic

    L6-30 & mobile connector

    Looks like mine is an L5-30. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/marina-charging-nema-l5-30p-to-nema-14-50.223168/
  8. LoudMusic

    L6-30 & mobile connector

    I'm fairly certain that's the exact adapter I have and used at marinas and pretty sure I only got 120v 24a, but it's been nearly 3 years and my memory sucks.
  9. LoudMusic

    multiple Wall Connectors and WiFi

    I like this theory. It's similar to how Sonos works.
  10. LoudMusic

    multiple Wall Connectors and WiFi

    I don't have any knowledge of this specific hardware but I don't think they can do any vlan config on your network without you putting it on your switches as well. They might do an isolated wifi network. You could scan for it with some phone apps like WIFI Analyzer. They need to be able to...
  11. LoudMusic

    Considering a Tesla in a Country with Limited EV Infrastructure – Need Advice!

    Maybe if you can afford keeping the Wrangler and also buy a used Model 3, that way you have a second card if the Tesla needs service. Also, a used vehicle with low miles would have the 'break in' period done and any of those early faults would have been identified already, so theoretically it...
  12. LoudMusic

    High electric rates

    Have you edited the settings in the Tesla app to use the electricity costs that you're paying? I find Tesla's cost savings to be wildly exaggerated, but it's still nearly always less expensive to dive electric than comparable gas vehicles. There are also additional benefits to electric that...
  13. LoudMusic

    Model 3 Long Range RWD now available in the US [posted 07.12.2024]

    I think they're going to sell a lot of these. The superchargers are going to get reeaal busy in the next couple years.
  14. LoudMusic

    Do Plaids really get slower over time? Performance loss?

    I'd expect all vehicles to get slower over time. It's just a function of the mechanical bits wearing out.
  15. LoudMusic

    Delaminating screen

    Do you have a picture? Why do you want to use an independent instead of Tesla?
  16. LoudMusic

    Fun morning drive in the 2024 Model 3 Performance

    I'd say that's a very fair assessment. With an experienced driver that car could probably smoke vehicles twice its price on those roads, but the driver really has to know the vehicle and speeds.
  17. LoudMusic

    Wonky navigation

    If rebooting the infotainment system fixed it then it didn't resolve on its own. Restarting the software fixed it. Reboot it again. How much time passed between fixing it and it being wrong again?
  18. LoudMusic

    Hi, potential new Tesla owner

    We have an MY and had an M3 for a while. Getting in and out of the M3 was a hassle by comparison.
  19. LoudMusic

    Time to disable bluetooth as a key?

  20. LoudMusic

    "Person trapped in a tesla when battery dies" news story

    That secret door handle that most guests in my car pull instead of using the door latch button?
  21. LoudMusic

    Aggressive Behaviour towards EV's

    Yes. For more than a decade. Though some of them might think your car is cool and want you to drive fast to show off for them. This also happens sometimes.
  22. LoudMusic

    Shortcut for Dog Mode

    It should be possible to drag any menu option at any level deep to a shortcut. But you can't. But the dog mode thing is only two taps.
  23. LoudMusic

    Can You Beat 73 Wh/mi?

    I did that while vacationing in the area. Seems like we used 30something percent going up and got 17ish coming back down? I made a post here about it at the time 😉
  24. LoudMusic

    2013 Model S metallic clink sound heard from back (with video) when changing from accel to decel, starting out, etc..

    I see you've only made these two posts on the entire forum but wonder if you're still lurking around and willing to give an update. Anyone else having similar issues? I think I've diagnosed it down to the left rear wheel well, and took the wheel off to poke around. I didn't see anything out of...
  25. LoudMusic

    Charging at RV parks

    Yeah that's rapidly approaching. I've been wondering if the campsite pedestals that have 15, 30, and 50 amp service are typically wired as separate circuits or if there's really only a 50 amp circuit that then has smaller breakers in the box. If they're separate back to distribution then there's...
  26. LoudMusic

    Charging at RV parks

    Relying on RV campgrounds is fine for now, but the real solution is hotels providing overnight L2 charging. It's growing rapidly but it's not there yet. I'm also fine to pay for such service, just not an unreasonable amount. If it could be on par with local DCFC rates that would be fine...
  27. LoudMusic

    Deciding between 50A receptacle and Tesla Wall Charger …

    You'll want to check your breaker panel for available two pole spots. And your home circuit amperage for an additional high amp internal circuit. Being able to send power from the vehicle to the home will require A LOT more equipment than just the wall connector. It will be an entirely new...
  28. LoudMusic

    How to revert to bigger nav screen in 2024.14.9

    It's a shame the visualization can't be made even smaller or turned off completely.
  29. LoudMusic

    Built in solar panel

  30. LoudMusic

    Ads for Cars

    At one point there were laws about showing cars being driven over the speed limit. I don't know if that's currently a thing. It was claimed it encouraged illegal behavior or something.
  31. LoudMusic

    Is it ok to charge to 85 or 90% on a daily basis for a 160 mile commute?

    Yes. I recommend using scheduled departure so that it charges to the set value just before your regular departure time. That way it's not sitting with high % for very long each day. Also, if you have the option to charge the vehicle at work that might be a great option to keep the vehicle...
  32. LoudMusic

    V2H hack

    This is what I was going to try to explain but I think you've already got it! According to my power bill, I usually use around 35kWh/day (after subtracting the vehicle charging). So if I had your home power system and wanted to supplement with my car, I'd just need to maintain about 1.5kW from...
  33. LoudMusic

    Lining up to back into a charging space?

    I only casually trust those lines. The mirrors tell the real story.
  34. LoudMusic

    V2H hack

    There have been projects for connecting an inverter to the 12v battery in a Tesla. 2kw isn't going to power a house, but it would definitely help keep your refrigerator and internet equipment powered through an extended mains outage. It's best to attach straight to the battery rather than using...
  35. LoudMusic

    Lining up to back into a charging space?

    I find it easier to give myself a head start by first turning away from the spot I want to back into. Then I'm doing a forward 45 degree and a reverse 45 degree, instead of a reverse 90 degree. When I start backing up the spot is already in my rearview. Also, practice. Go to an empty parking...
  36. LoudMusic

    Tesla wall charger issues

    6awg seems appropriate. In addition to what @DerbyDave said, it's also possible the installer didn't get all the screws tightened down appropriately. That seems to have been an issue with others' installations, and can cause resistance and heating. Could be that something is slowly burning out.
  37. LoudMusic

    New Model Y roof, new wind noise

    It was probably not fitted back as well after the roof was replaced. You might be able to fix it in place, but it might be better to just remove it and reinstall it. Maybe they got something on backwards or inside out?
  38. LoudMusic

    Tesla wall charger issues

    The cable will get warm from use. Electricity flowing through metal has that effect :D How much it warms up is based on a few factors, the biggest is resistance in the wire. Bigger wires allow the electricity to move more freely and thus less resistance and less heat. This is the chart I...
  39. LoudMusic

    Car charged to 100 %

    I woke up in the middle of the night (old, needed to pee) and randomly looked at the Tesla app on my phone to see the car was at 100%. Went for a quick sprint in the hills. That was probably more than a year ago, though. What version of software are you running on each of your Tesla products?
  40. LoudMusic

    Thinking about getting a Model Y

    If you're accustomed to the quality of a Mercedes you'll likely be let down by any Tesla. But the Model Y is a great family EV. Definitely do a couple test drives.
  41. LoudMusic

    Falling out of love with my Model Y AWD - Sell or Keep

    It seems like you've been through a lot of cars and are more concerned with experiencing different cars and talking about cars rather than having a car. I think you should buy a Corvette and talk about Corvettes with Corvette owners. Then in a couple years get a Porsche.
  42. LoudMusic

    Music over headphones on Highland

    They also let color blind people drive, and people with low vision. They also let people who no arms, or no legs, or one eye, or reduced cognitive abilities ... But all these examples give the driver reduced ability to operate their vehicle. Why would you voluntarily take away some of your...
  43. LoudMusic

    Music over headphones on Highland

    Active noise canceling in vehicles mostly cancels out consistent droning noising such as engine or tire noises. Things like horns and sirens are largely not blocked. Using headphones to play loud music ... ahem ... will have a much greater affect on blocking traffic awareness noises. It's...
  44. LoudMusic

    everything in the fridge!?!!?!?

    I have a dometic that we bought when we lived on a boat. It survived 3 years at sea and now makes occasional trips to the grocery store and "tailgating". It's been fine. I'm sure other options are less expensive and better 🤔😉
  45. LoudMusic

    New Model Y roof, new wind noise

    I'd take the rack off and see if the noise goes away.
  46. LoudMusic

    Music over headphones on Highland

    Please don't drive with headphones on.
  47. LoudMusic

    Do i have to do anything when supercharging?

    You don't even need to press buttons in the car - just press the button on the cable handle and when it unlatches you can remove it. Supercharging is profoundly easier than pumping gas. Just ... takes longer 😜
  48. LoudMusic

    Is "phone as key" reliable?

    I'm not familiar with that model year - but if they support key cards and you didn't receive one I highly recommend going into the key menus and deleting any key cards that are in there.
  49. LoudMusic

    Any idea why my dashboard is melting?

    I'm not sure cabin overhead protection is going to do much for focused sunlight. Scientifically, I'd change nothing but add a timelapse camera in the cabin that is pointed at the windshield and dash and takes a picture every 10 seconds or so. See if you can catch it in action. Then you have...