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    Stress crack or impact crack? Rear glass

    Woke up today to my rear glass cracked. I have absolutely no idea how this happened but someone told me it could be a stress crack since you cant really feel the crack with your finger. Hoping some people could help me find out.
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    New Supercharging Pricing method???

    Came to my local supercharger and noticed that my “current session” was being totaled by the a cent a second. Is this a new method Tesla is using to bill super charging?
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    Buy now or wait for 2021 model?

    I was literally in the same exact situation last week for a long range and actually decided to pull the trigger on a used 2020 model 3 with FSD and acceleration boost for $49k. I just couldn’t pass it up, after all that 2021 models aren’t a big deal for me
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    Declined delivery for next week

    I was definitely one of those with FOMO, been waiting to put an order in for a LR Model 3 after battery day. I already have a standard range but the extra needed range is really appreciated with the premium interior. So now I’m stuck between putting in that order for the LR or getting enhanced...
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    What should I do?

    I purchased my Model 3 SR + last September and I instantly fell in love with it. With it being my first ever EV I really didn’t realize how much I need a long range battery instead of the standard range since I drive so much and my living conditions prohibits me from installing a charger. I’ve...