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  1. Johnny Mac

    So Tired of Curb Rash!

    This post is hilarious. How about be a better driver and don’t hit the freaking curbs.
  2. Johnny Mac

    Hansshow Dashboard Touchscreen V2

    Exactly I’m talking about the air coming straight out in front of you and onto your face not blowing at you from an angle
  3. Johnny Mac

    Hansshow Dashboard Touchscreen V2

    That’s one of my favorite features because no other car other than the model Y can you even get a vehicle to do this. it always comes from the side even if you have it blow towards your face it’s not directly from right in front of you.
  4. Johnny Mac

    Hansshow Dashboard Touchscreen V2

    Biggest issue with this is if you like running the AC towards your face this will completely block that feature.
  5. Johnny Mac

    Finally, Model Y Added to Tesla Shop

    Weather tech sucks. Stain so easily. Get MaxPider
  6. Johnny Mac

    What will the actual range be when released?

    Tri motor will be 600
  7. Johnny Mac

    Dead 12v Questions

    Love my ohmmu 12v battery!!!
  8. Johnny Mac

    Just ordered performance in red

    2 years no tickets
  9. Johnny Mac

    Tesla Supercharger in Destin, Florida?

    The Panama city Beach one is NOT a replacement for the Destin one
  10. Johnny Mac

    Who is planning to hold off buying cybertruck for months after official release?

    I am less than 10,000 in the Registration But I will be waiting until at least 25,000 VIN have been produced before I actually order mine
  11. Johnny Mac

    Should I upgrade my RWD M3 from hardware 2.5 to 3.0 now or wait for a possibly better CPU release?

    I don’t mean to be rude but I’ll say it anyway this is the dumbest question on this board I’ve seen in a while. You paid for the update so you go ahead and get it there’s not even any talk of a better computer coming out at all so you get the upgrade. Dear Lord
  12. Johnny Mac

    Tesla Says Cybertruck Will Be Built at New Factory in Texas

    Factory tour here I come.
  13. Johnny Mac

    SR MY will not be made

  14. Johnny Mac

    Cybrtrk RN #

    A word of caution while being one of the first to get one will definitely be sweet for the moment you will more than likely have a vehicle ridiculed with issues. You will be much happier in the long run if you will hold out until around 25,000 VINs have been produced before you take ownership of...
  15. Johnny Mac

    Which cybertruck did you preorder?

    I ordered a dual and I’m sure every other person that ordered a dual is in the same boat that I am. we didn’t get the dual motor because we want it, we did it because we couldn’t afford the tri
  16. Johnny Mac

    Got my vin in source..

    Once the VIN is around 25,000+ most of all the kinks will be worked out
  17. Johnny Mac

    Cyber tuck third row and glass rollup revealed on Jay Leno

    Oh Mercy are you drunk? There is no third row in the cybertruck.
  18. Johnny Mac

    Jay Leno’s Garage features the Cybertruck

    Here we go!!!
  19. Johnny Mac

    model 3 Key fob

    Get. It.
  20. Johnny Mac

    Just bought 245/45/18 4s Michelin replacement

    I got about 25,000 miles out of them and then got warranty money back for what I did not use to apply towards my new set. I like them enough I got the same tires again
  21. Johnny Mac

    Just bought 245/45/18 4s Michelin replacement

    I don’t think they are any more protective over the rim
  22. Johnny Mac

    Just bought 245/45/18 4s Michelin replacement

    My average went from around 250 on stock to around 260 with the wider tire. They handle great and I’m glad I made the switch from the OEM
  23. Johnny Mac

    HW3/FSD retrofit downgrades firmware

    Didnt happen to me during mine so not an across the board issue.
  24. Johnny Mac

    Returning Tesla M3P after month, possible?

    Answer to the question is NO
  25. Johnny Mac

    Elon states silver only

    He originally stated that they would offer black stainless also.
  26. Johnny Mac

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    It’s already been said but yes this is for early access members.
  27. Johnny Mac

    Elon states silver only

    Elon states silver only. If you want another color he says you will have to wrap it
  28. Johnny Mac

    Early Vin production

    Just another reason I preach to many Don’t get a early Vin from Tesla.....now you can get the towing on the model Y. While it’s cool to be first it comes with a cost. Not everyone needs to tow and I understand that but many do need to and that was a huge issue for those that got early builds...
  29. Johnny Mac

    Tow Hitch now available on configurator

    que up all the pissed off early adopters. Haha
  30. Johnny Mac

    Approaching 1st 1000 Miles

    342 is hot garbage. Just know that you will never get anywhere near the estimated range with a number that high.
  31. Johnny Mac

    Car will not respond unless app is running

    My iPhone Became an issue after a software update on the car and worked just as you are stating. App had to be open and not forced closed to work so I simply bought the key fob and it has worked flawlessly with 100% success. Plus it’s just a bad ass key.
  32. Johnny Mac

    it shines to a T

    This came from Abstract Ocean. Accessorize your Tesla!
  33. Johnny Mac

    it shines to a T

  34. Johnny Mac

    it shines to a T

    Oh that’s long gone I was cleaning the car this morning
  35. Johnny Mac

    it shines to a T

  36. Johnny Mac

    Tesla Complaint Line

  37. Johnny Mac

    Tint and Ceramic Coating pricing

    You California people get raked over the coals. 600 for ceramic formula one all the way around
  38. Johnny Mac

    Ask for extended expiration on referrals!

    I did a referral in sept on the 2nd and I still have my miles.
  39. Johnny Mac

    Ask for extended expiration on referrals!

    I’ve kept referral miles way beyond six months I think that’s a myth
  40. Johnny Mac

    Model Y build quality with photos

    That’s wonderful that that is the only issue that you have had but the majority of low vins have more issues than those of higher vins. Especially with Tesla.
  41. Johnny Mac

    Model Y build quality with photos

    Never take a Tesla under vin 25k
  42. Johnny Mac

    Help looking for a summer only tire

    Pilot sport 4s for sure
  43. Johnny Mac

    light hearted request... your car name? - and why

    "Drogon" from Game of Thrones. The baddest dragon around!!!
  44. Johnny Mac

    Today is the Day!

    Crazy to hear that as an opinion because the Y is exactly a 3 other than it’s up a little bit higher and I mean a little bit higher and has a hatchback instead of a regular trunk. that’s it
  45. Johnny Mac

    Today is the Day!

    Curious As to why you chose a 3 over a Y
  46. Johnny Mac

    Am I the only person who thinks the Y is kinda fugly?

    I love the Y and the 3
  47. Johnny Mac

    Performance vs. Performance Upgrade - Confused

    Do I need to quarantine this group?
  48. Johnny Mac


    You got hosed