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  1. hcsharp

    My trunk has a mind of its own - opens randomly

    The trunk on our 2018 Model 3 recently started some odd behavior. Usually about once a day, some days more often, it will randomly open on its own. Sometimes it does it while driving but usually the car is parked. It doesn't seem to matter whether you're near the car or not, whether it's locked...
  2. hcsharp

    I rolled my own Carbon Fibre taillights

    I put such a stupid amount of work into these that I have to show them off...:)
  3. hcsharp

    Insurance - my provider won't insure Model 3

    Does anyone else use The Hartford for their insurance? We've been using them for 8 years with very reasonable rates and good customer service, especially for my Tesla Roadster. So we called them to add the Model 3 to our policy. "Nope" they said. "We don't insure that car or any other Tesla." I...
  4. hcsharp

    East Coast timing

    I've noticed some anomolies in the estimated delivery dates for the east coast. I'm a current owner and reserved on 3/31/16. My estimated delivery time is Jan - March. My brother, who also lives on the east coast (North Carolina) is not a current owner and reserved 3/31/16. His estimated...
  5. hcsharp

    WAVE Trophy Switzerland

    I'm very excited to report that I will be participating in the WAVE Trophy in Switzerland this year (2017). I'm going to use this thread almost like a blog of the event. The WAVE is an 8-day tour of Switzerland with over 100 EVs. There are many threads about WAVE on other forums, mostly in...
  6. hcsharp

    Happy Easter - Did you have Lamb Cake?

    Am I the only person who still makes a traditional lamb cake on Easter?
  7. hcsharp

    Rear Tie Rod ends

    One of my rear tie rod ends appears to be worn out. I know of at least 2 others who have had to replace theirs. I first noticed the car darting around a little bit and began checking things on the front suspension where I suspected the problem was. But everything in front was tight and it was a...
  8. hcsharp

    Charging in Western Mass

    I'm traveling tomorrow (Mon June 16, 2014) with my daughter to Great Barrington, MA and it looks like a charging wasteland out there. Anybody know of anything that might help us get home? It's about 190 mi to our destination one way. I won't plug in at 30A - we're not staying overnight. Hoping...
  9. hcsharp

    Great new Tesla Biography

    Tesla, Inventor of the Electrical Age by W Bernard Carlson Just started this book - a good read! Did you know that Tesla was born at midnight in the middle of a violent thunderstorm? The village midwife, quite frightened, said "He'll be a child of the storm." His mother replied, "No, of light."
  10. hcsharp

    Bicycle to fit in Roadster trunk

    I've been searching for a fold-up bike that will fit in the Roadster trunk but haven't found anything. Does anyone know of one? I don't want to use a bike rack because the reduction in range.
  11. hcsharp

    Ground Fault Threshold for Model S

    Does anybody know the amount of ground leakage that is common when charging the Model S? A couple of Model S owners here on TMC have posted about problems using ChargePro and Schneider charging stations, both of which are cheaply built in China using an incorrect 5 ma threshold. The Roadster...
  12. hcsharp

    Short and sweet J-1772 to Roadster adapter - lockable

    I made some more of my short J-1772 adapters. The latest version has a place to insert a small padlock to prevent removal. At 6.5" long it's small enough to leave in your trunk all the time, and especially nice on long trips to free up trunk space. It clamps tight to the Roadster inlet and rated...
  13. hcsharp

    US Oil & Subsidies

    The oil companies basically sell gas for the most the market will bear. If they can get a higher price in Canada or Europe or China (after shipping) then they will sell it there, not in the US. Only the market will change the price, not whether or not they get any subsidies. ckessel if Chevron...
  14. hcsharp

    Best cover for Roadster

    I recently bought a Coverquest cover after being told they had a custom pattern for Roadsters which included a vent on the front over the fans and an opening for the charge port. It came with neither. Not sure if I should send it back. I was advised to stay away from Tesla's cover because it's...
  15. hcsharp

    How to cook road kill

    Any other Roadster owners live in small rural communities? The following is an actual, unedited conversation that took place at our post office which is located inside the general store. POSTMASTER: You hear about Henry’s new car? PATRON 1: What, he’s not gettin’ a pickup...