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    Procedure when FSD beta misbehaves?

    Hello, took FSD out for a spin this morning for the 1st time. I navigated to my office which is only about 6 miles but has a good mix of weird traffic situations. Anyway , I hit the camera icon but I did not notice any indicator that anything happened so this got me wondering what are we...
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    2020 Raven cabin filter(s) ?

    Hello, so I have searched and searched and I have a few questions if anyone can answer. Its a Sept build 2019 Raven. I suspect its the same Pre Raven but want to make sure. 1- Do I have the regular filter behind the dash and the HEPA filter in the frunk? 2- Have these changed since the 2019...
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    Chilicon Inverters ?

    Hello all, so I have been trying to stick with Tesla for my solar but their lack of responsiveness just gets under my skin, especially when I am about to spend almost $70K on solar + PWs. Anyway, I was about to go with another local(ish) company and then yesterday I came across a local company...
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    Power Wall question about charging on solar

    Hello all, I have searched but cant find the answer to this question .. I am getting ready to pull trigger on solar system+ battery . My choice is between Tesla with 3 PWs or Local installer using 2 18kw Generac Power Cells. Im all leaning towards Tesla and then the local installer points out...
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    21" staggered Twin Turbines (gray) of of 2020 LR

    Well, until 10 minutes ago I was going to post for sale a set of really nice wheels, but as I was taking pics, one got away and fell over face first right on corner of driveway a chipped it...ugh. Anyway, they are for sale and I will entertain offers . it comes with every thing TPMS , caps ...
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    Risk with buying form TMC classifieds?

    Sorry, 1st time buying something and cant find any thing in my searches , so thought I would just ask . I am getting ready to buy some wheels and tires from a member who has been here for multiple years . I have NO indication of anything wrong but I thought it would not hurt to ask before...
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    Tsportsline 19" TSTs with Pirelli P Zero plus all seasons any good?

    So we just got back form a week long 1500 mile trip (first one) in our Model S , it was great and used AP a lot...maybe Ill make a thread about it , but back to the point here ... I have the factory , staggered 21" Turbines but have really been considering going to the 19" square set up . I...
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    Using SMT "nominal full pack" to figure degradation?

    Sorry if this has been covered, I just want to make sure I understand . My NOM FULL PACK is currently 92.7 . It has dropped from 95.1% on my 1st scan in May of 2020. To figure degradation, do I use 7.3% or do I take the 5% buffer out and call it 2.3% degradation ? Since my 1st scan had it...
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    Type of center line affects AP lane centering??

    So since I have had my car I noticed sometimes AP centers my car really well in lane and sometimes it hugs the center line. This has remained consistent through all my updates . I think I have found a correlation to what kind of center line there is and how centered my car is when using AP ...
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    TeslaFi battery report range increase of over 10 miles after update ?

    Just wondering if this is normal? I have the E battery so I thought I missed out on the LR+ . It came after my charge today - and I updated to 2020.28.5 this morning before the charge. It jumped from 348 yesterday to 363 today (its been hovering in the 350 - 348 range for a month or so) Any...
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    huge 2 mile spike in energy graph?

    I just picked my car up from detail shop and when i got in the energy graph showed a HUGE spike (over 600wh) that according to graph lasted for about 2 miles ?? I am attaching pics with hand written notes that say "4 miles" , which indicated 4 miles from picking it up , and then "home"...
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    Thread to post SMT (or others) screenshots/ logs?

    So I just spent about 2 hours scrolling through posts looking for screenshots of BMS data from SMT (or any ) and the idea occurred to me . I wonder if anyone else would be interested (or obsessive as the case my be ...like me) in just looking at data of other users to compare to their own? I...
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    Acceptable cell imbalance range?

    Been looking and cant find, but what is a "normal" or "ok" cell imbalance measurement? (using SMT if that matters) And Is it Different for between battieys/ models? Thanks
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    Front windshield defrost question

    So I am putting together a list of small items to schedule a service . My defrost appears to always allow some air to flow through it to my windshield. When its humid out, it fogs up the bottom of my glass. I know that cars, by default, will run A/C through defrost even with heat on, but I have...
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    Is there a way to adjust the gain (volume) of the differnt audio sources?

    For example : If I switch from Spotify to SXM , the SXM is really loud. (opposite if I go the other way ) It seems all 4 sources come in with different levels at the same volume setting. This is really bothersome on Spotify becasue it has pretty good sound quality but i have to turn it up to...
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    Sevice Center experience (service in general actually)

    I have a few minutes sitting here at work so I thought I would take time to post about my Tesla experience thus far. This is prompted by my immediate experience in the last 24 hours and also I will try to convey my "perceived" experience ..it will make since, I hope. So in the beginning ( Jan...
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    CANBUS (SMT) battery report explanation please

    Hello all, hope some one can explain a few of these numbers for me . If I understand correctly it looks like I have 10% loss off of my 100kw battery ?? But in any case, Id like to hear about exactly what the #s mean for the following : "nominal full pack" "nominal reaming" -I think this means...
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    CANBUS adapter cable and OBD BT install question

    I have read and read but thought I would just ask. I have ordered adapter cables and OBDlink so I can get Scan MY Tesla app working. Do you have to power down to hook up the adapter cable and OBD reader ? I have read and seen videos of people plugging it in with and with out powering off. I...
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    TeslaFi fleet battery report explanation please

    I was wondering if this report is something I should worry about . I don't expect to be in 1st place , but I seem to be WAY down in last place. Is this caused by something I am doing wrong ? Car has 4400 miles on it now.
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    Those with Gen 3 WC, do your lights work like manual states?

    1st, I looked for rules but cant find them about double posting . I have posted about this in the Models S sub forum, but i just read a lot of talk about these here. Anyway ,I installed a gen 3 AC 2 weeks ago and it charges great, but the LEDs do not do what the manual says . Below I will...
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    Hello for Ocala Fl

    Hello , New Tesla Model S owner (3 weeks ago today!!) I have read probably 200 hours worth of posts since I ordered my MS on Jan 14th..and I mean literally -btw ,thank all of you for the wealth of info you provide along with some entertainment sometimes. I Was at a event at the Tampa store on...
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    Anyone with gen 3 wall connector? Question about how its supposed to work

    Hello, read a lot of posts but this is my 1st post, look forward to any input . I have 2020 MSLR and recently had a gen 3 wall connector installed set to 48 amps an it charges great! My issue is that it does not behave like i "think" it should when not charging. Once charged to my set limit...

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