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    anyone received 2020.12.5 update yet in Canada?

    I got the notification for the update to 20.12.5 a couple of days ago. I live in a condo, so I had to connect to my cell to download. Not driving much these days. Went to the car today to download, and it says I am up to date on 20.8.3. No icon to download. Did they withdraw this one?
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    HW3 Upgrade

    In answer to my own questions that I posed above, I called Tesla service this morning. They stated that they did roll back my software as Tesla has removed version 20.8 due to problems. They stated that I should receive a new update shortly.
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    HW3 Upgrade

    I had my 2018 Model 3 LR RWD updated to 20.4.1 and then the Full Self Driving Computer installed yesterday at the new (moved) Tesla Service Centre on Railside in North York (used to be the Lawrence location, moved around the corner). They gave me a loaner S P85D to drive around for the 4 hours...
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    Condo EV charger installed - Ontario

    Just my humble opinion, but I feel that it is always better for the condo board to institute a comprehensive Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan. Having owners one-off installations will severely restrict the ability for others to install a EV charger in the future. A plan will specify the...
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    What gives with the price discrepancy at Superchargers in Ontario?

    While I appreciate your opinion, the experts would disagree with you. Please review the following chart: https://www.clippercreek.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Level-1-vs-Level-2_Chart_-20180502_Final_Low-Res.pdf I am sure you will note that more than 80% of currently available plug-in...
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    What gives with the price discrepancy at Superchargers in Ontario?

    So coming back from the cottage down Hwy 400 and needed to stop at a supercharger in Barrie. I knew there was 2 locations and wanted to hit a particular one near a restaurant we wanted lunch at. Well the nav kept trying to send me to the other one even though it wasn't as close to our route...
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    Condo in GTA - Charger experience

    Convincing the board is not the problem. They have to allow it by law. The problem is convincing the board to allow it at a reasonable cost!
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    What's your rated range again?

    Mine now shows 525 km at 100%. 421 @ 80% which is what I usually charge to in the summer. 90% in the winter. This was an increase from the original with the 5% increase that Elon gave us. I think this was just a bit of slight of hand though, as the rated kW/km prior to the increase was 156...
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    2019.12.1 Update

    I find that whenever I see a blank page for release notes, or owners manual a soft reset seems to correct the issue.
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    Tesla forgot to charge HST

    I could be wrong about this, and there are probably a couple of accountants that could wade in, but in Canada it is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay the HST, not the seller to collect it. The seller is just receiving the HST on the purchasers behalf and remitting it to the CRA. So if...
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    Ontario licence plate changes

    No mention of GREEN plates? I fully expect Doug to kill them, unless he wants the new green plates to have a marijuana leaf in the centre. Makes sense with the new "a place to grow" slogan.
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    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    OK I think there must be at least one lawyer driving a M3. How about a class action law suit for interest costs and stress of carrying $14K on my line of credit! There must be some paper trail of our idiot Premier telling his underlings to screw Tesla owners since he lost the law suit that...
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    Cold drive update - 250 km total round trip report

    I used to be a fast driver. Cursing and swearing at the idiots getting in my way. My time was valuable, didn't those idiots know that! Then I realized that I was driving fast just to get home and watch TV or something similar. I decided to do an experiment and drive the speed limit for 5...
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    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    Sent. This is getting ridiculous.
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    Cold drive update - 250 km total round trip report

    Wow it really makes a difference to slow down. I did the drive from Toronto to Kingston the other day (not really cold, but definitely not warm! 3 C). Hwy 401, 100 km/hr to see what the range would be in colder weather. Forgot to pre heat the car, but did charge to 100 % right before I left...
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    Powerlens (Tor Hydro) Update w/EV

    I have been driving an EV for 8 years now (Chevy Volt was my first). As I was one of the first to have an EV and charger in a condo in Downtown Toronto, Toronto Hydro and Ontario Hydro paid for part of the install in exchange for sharing of the charging data so they could determine the effect...
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    Powerlens (Tor Hydro) Update w/EV

    Holy crap! How much are you driving that your EV is 49% or your hydro bill?
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    Supercharger costs, and is Tesla taking advantage of us?

    Actually condo boards (at least the better ones) are starting to install chargers. The building that I am on the board of in downtown Toronto just installed the infrastructure for up to 42 chargers. 15 were installed this week. Pretty good since we only have 3 EV's currently in the building...
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    Supercharger costs, and is Tesla taking advantage of us?

    So first off, I think the supercharger network was genius. Best way to remove range anxiety from the purchase of a car decision. And I even understand the removal of free supercharging. You can't expect something for free for ever. It was a lost leader to start with. Now I know in Ontario...
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    Toronto - Lawrence Supercharger To Close -Concerned?

    What type of slow ass public chargers are you using? Almost all the ones I find give my 38 - 40 km hr, and the Tesla chargers give me almost 68 km/hr. Superchargers when charging at the lower state of charge are showing me 771 km/hr though.
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    Toronto - Lawrence Supercharger To Close -Concerned?

    Dam, the secret is out on this charger! I was using it until my charger gets installed next week. Feld Kalia has 2 tesla chargers in his parking lot that he allows use of through the Rover parking app. One spot is 50 cents an hour, the other $1. Still really cheap. If you are charging solo...
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    Canadian Winter Improvement Feedback for Tesla

    I think a Winter Mode selector would be great. Acceleration = Chill, Regen = Low or Winter tire setting, plus other suggestions as above. They could implement at the same time as Car Wash Mode!
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    Yet another software glitch

    I do 't ha e any pr ble s wi h my up ate. It mu t be a p ob em o ly in y ur c r.
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    Model 3 Winter Tires Installation

    1010Tire in Mississauga installed my new 19"s on rims and my new winters on rims. Quick in and out. Ask for Steve
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    Who has lost regen with winter tires?

    So, put on the R3's today. RWD. Went down to 18" for the winters. I was expecting to see no regen, but it was still there. Low speed and high. It seems maybe a little bit less, but it still really slows the car down. I am on 42.4. Also I was pleasantly surprised yesterday driving home...
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    Highest Software on a Canadian Model 3

    Mine just updated to 40.1 Seems pretty far behind the US. Anybody in Canada received on higher update on a Model 3?
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    Charger install in GTA Condo

    The smart panel can go above 30 amp for individual circuits, but not all EVs use more than 30 amps. For most charger installs 30 amps will be all that is required or needed, so it is seen to be fair and easier to get a board to agree to. Unless you drive a lot, you will never need to charge...
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    Tesla wall connector installation cost

    First come first served for the 42 available circuits. More will be added later, but probably at a higher cost.
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    Charger install in GTA Condo

    Finding the other owners that may be liked minded is the way to go. Talk to people in the elevators. You will be surprised at the number of people that think it is a good idea, even if they don't own an EV (yet). I have done consulting work in different areas of business over the years, and I...
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    Charger install in GTA Condo

    You also need someone with experience of dealing with the board. They are very hard to find unfortunately.
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    Charger install in GTA Condo

    The condo cannot stop the running of the cable unless it significantly impacts common use space. Most times it will not. The cost of coring from one level to another could get quite expensive if they have to x-ray the structure. In my opinion you are always better to find other like minded...
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    Tesla wall connector installation cost

    Sorry for the misunderstanding. The Parking spots are owned by the individuals that own their condo. Each spot is deeded.
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    Tesla wall connector installation cost

    The parking spots are condo-owned by the individuals. The number 42 came from the capacity of the smart panel. There are 2 - 200 amp panels. Each of the 42 breakers is 30 amp. The smart panel can load shed up to 42 chargers. If more cars connect than the panel can handle it "sheds" some of...
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    Best Deal I have found for winter tires

    Yeah but with the COSTCO membership you save $0.10 a litre on Gas!
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    Tesla wall connector installation cost

    The install includes a smart panel that sends metering data to the management office. We are not on time of use in this older building so we will be charged $0.11 kW/hr
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    Tesla wall connector installation cost

    That is EXACTLY what I kept hammering at with the board! Quite a bit of work to stick handle this initiative through, but in the long run it will be very good for the building. As far as I know we are one of the first (if not the first) older condos to undertake this large of a retrofit.
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    Tesla wall connector installation cost

    Our cost to install was $128,929.84. But that was for 42 chargers! Finally after 2 years of work and convincing, we are installing the infrastructure for 42 chargers in the underground parking at our condo. Works out to $3,000 per install, which may be expensive for a house install, but is...
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    EV Rings around Queens Park - Protest #NWC Rally

    I'm in. Live downtown, need to exercise my M3 anyway!
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    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    For the life of my I can't figure out why any government goes the rebate route, especially in Canada. Why not just make EV's HST exempt? there is already a mechanism for tax exempt items. All the dealership has to do is not collect the tax. No bloated government office (oh maybe that is why...
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    Best Deal I have found for winter tires

    To anyone worried about the speed rating on the R3's or any other winter tire.... How fast are you planning on going with winter tires on in the winter?
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    Model 3 Tires

    You have to be careful with the reviews. Perelli Sottozeros have a few renditions. The ones Tesla is showing on their site are the Serie II which at least on the sites I have check have terrible reviews. The Sottozero 3 are much better.
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    Best Deal I have found for winter tires

    I haven't paid for them yet, but in the past their prices included install and balance. So figure $80 per for TPMS unless I can find them cheaper and $250 per for a decent winter rim so I am banking on around $2,360 plus tax. In my mind reasonable for much better tires or nicer rims. In the...
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    Model 3 Tires

    Yes they look butt ugly and the M3 is far to pretty of a car to do that to!
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    Best Deal I have found for winter tires

    I have been a fan of Hakkapeliitta winter tires since I put them on my 2012 Volt. Ran them for 5 winters without a problem and loved them. Started looking for them in Toronto and found out that Kal Tire has a strangle hold on them. They want $290 per. When I lived in Guelph, I dealt with...
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    Model 3 Wh/km

    5,231 Km total. Average is 140 wh/km. Mostly 401 driving Toronto to Kingston and return. 19" aftermarket rims and tires, though in my opinion the size of the wheels is not a factor in range. Total wheel weight will have some effect, and the type of tire will also have some. Biggest factor...
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    Model 3 sales in Canada for May and June

    That is a pretty impressive number. Too bad Tesla won't keep it up in Canada. Model 3's accounted for 37% of all EV sales in Canada for June!
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    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    Good catch! 3 1/3 years!
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    Supercharger cost (Ontario Generally) vs Home Charging (Toronto)

    Very few people would fully charge at a superstation. Usually just charge from a low of 20% to a high of 80% is the most cost effective. If you get a 120 Kw charger that is a charge rate of 700 km per hour or 11.66 km per min. At $0.40 per minute that is $0.034 per km. A car getting 8L per...
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    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    Why we will have to wait a long time to get our rebates........ What we know... Q1 2018 there were 2244 eligible vehicles sold in Ontario (389 non eligible S, X, Porches, I8 & 740E). In Q2 estimates are 4808 eligible vehicles sold in Ontario. I don't think there were a lot sold between July 1...
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    Model 3 Regen goes to full stop?

    Edited for effect. New and crazy used to easily describes Tesla. Why put down other companies for trying something new? Having driven a Volt for 7 years prior to my Model 3, I prefer the instant choice of regen or coast. Much more efficient if you want to put in the effort. If you don't...

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