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    Supercharger - Pompton Lakes, NJ

    I'd love to see something up near Pt Jervis/Matamorris - You've got I-84, 23 and 6 there
  2. K

    Supercharger - Hauppauge, NY

    Yea - Jump Pig is open
  3. K

    Supercharger - Massapequa, NY

    Massapequa, Massapequa Park, Amityville, Copaigue, Lindenhurst and Babylon. All Aboard...
  4. K

    Space X upsets the locals

    Here is a good question. So, Tesla puts up warning signs "Hey, we HIGHLY recommend you don't go down this road", but don't close them, and launch anyway.
  5. K

    Charging my model 3 in Hawaii with an hoa

    Yet another reason to never buy anyplace with a HOA
  6. K

    Have any Coned peeps used the Fleetkarma dongle to get rewards?

    No catch, want my referral code? I average about $25/month back (more in summer)
  7. K

    How to ask for Supercharging stalls to be re-marked

    I stopped this weekend at the Binghamton NY supercharger (twice), and boy do the stalls need to be re-marked. There any way to bring it to the attention of Tesla or whomever is in charge of doing it?
  8. K

    Binghamton, NY Supercharger

    This station (great location) REALLY needs the stalls re-marked, They are not visible, and people ending up all over the place
  9. K

    Gas shortage

    Not 3 specific, but... After 2 plus years of “what do you do if your battery dies on the side of the road”, I’m sitting here watching the gas shortage, and I’m laughing in Tesla
  10. K

    Supercharger - Flemington, NJ

    I saw some say it would be the nearest to home I used to worry about superchargers close to home, but then I realized "Wait, I'll probably never use a charger close to home, as I have a charger - Tell me about chargers near places I go, like friends that are 150 miles away...
  11. K

    Supercharger - Plainview, NY (new location near ShopRite)

    So, behind the Ferrari dealership ?
  12. K

    Little Neck Supercharger Long Island, NY

    Haven't been there in about 5-6 weeks, nothing was done. Once the Lowes didn't get built, the BK and Grimaldi's closed, Macy's closed, Toys are Us closed - heck, even fairway closed. Food Bazar took over the Fairway location (and is such trash I tried it twice, and won't go back despite it...
  13. K

    Little Neck Supercharger Long Island, NY

    No longer shows on the Tesla Find Us map - looks like they are doing Roslyn instead
  14. K

    Sound Deadening Model 3

    Now through mid March is when I really wish the car had better sound dampening (Mine is a Mach 2019 before the improvements( - I run studded snows, gets loud
  15. K

    Small one - fan speed

    That's why I said Ideally "speed offset" - say from -5 to +5 (or -3 to + 3) - You'd have it set to say -2 (it thinks it should be 5, it is 3), I'd have it about +4 - it thinks it should be 3, and it is 7
  16. K

    Small one - fan speed

    I wish there was a way to put an adjustment (ot at least a minimum speed) in the climate control. I really dislike when the fan is basically at zero. I'm constantly "Set fan to 8" and then forgetting to turn it to auto when I want higher
  17. K

    Texas refuses to renew registration of Tesla M3 without emissions test

    Of course, in NY, the Tesla service centers don't do inspections, because NY requires inspection stations to inspect ALL cars, so they would have to be setup to test ICE
  18. K


    The only problem with those NY number is the percentage who won't cover their nose. Gahhhhhh. See a bunch every darned day
  19. K


    Aug 14th
  20. K

    Tesla practical in NYC (Brooklyn) or no?

    I live in Queens, but in a private house, so just plug in at home. What will your parking situation be? You know, you could be in a house with a driveway etc
  21. K

    Tesla ignoring older cars!

    OK, that implies your car was 142K in 2014 The average new car loses 20-30% the first year and 15% to 18% a year after that. Figuring the middle of that, and average car would be $45K. 61K is WAY above average. The Low would be $37K and the High would be $51K. Your car has depreciated WAY...
  22. K

    Audio system crashes when making call over bluetooth

    Yes, I have rebooted, still doing it. Last 2 software updates
  23. K

    Audio system crashes when making call over bluetooth

    Yes - same problem, except it will come back after a bit, with all the volumes up - IPhone XR
  24. K

    Supercharger - Water Mill, NY

    The big issue is all the visitors/house renters. You go out for the weekend - say leaving from NYC - 100+ miles each way. There is definitely a need for a SC out there. But just as much need for one on the North Fork. Riverhead would cover both nicely. I used to go out every August to drop...
  25. K

    Supercharger - Water Mill, NY

    No love for the north fork
  26. K


    Don't have AP, do have lane keeping - a LOT of "Take over immediately"
  27. K


    Be thankful you aren't in a place like NYC, where the anti highway folks have stripped out so much budget, you tend to have a lot of the lane markings totally worn off in places, look hard for the occasional mark remain
  28. K

    Heating/Cabin temperature incorrect?

    With that big glass roof, it isn't hard to get up there in temps. My car was parked under a roof, in the shade yesterday (well, actually under the approach ramp for a bridge) 70 degs outside, 90 in the car
  29. K

    Heating/Cabin temperature incorrect?

    Actually it probably was 26c in the car due to solar heating, and the blue arrows show that it is cooling the car!
  30. K

    Warning!!! Model 3 will make you immature (again)

    First day I had mine (just a 3 LR RWD), I'm heading up to work. There is this nice stretch of highway, usually no traffic. I'm sitting in the middle lane, doing the speed limit, knowing that the section of road almost always has 1-2 state troopers on it. A Charger comes up along side, and...
  31. K

    Winter Tire Results

    So, Saturday, I pulled my Hakka H9 studded snows off. Over the 4 month they were on (Mid November), I ended up with an average of 304 wH/Mile Now, I'll admit it was a very mild winter, and I tend to be conservative when I drive (a lot of my driving is done in slow moving traffic in 50MPH...
  32. K

    List your Top 3 accessory for Model 3

    Yes, there is both ONR and detailing spray in the trunk, with sorted microfiber towels,, and also a bottle of windex
  33. K

    List your Top 3 accessory for Model 3

    Well, also things like - walk to car in the rain, face is wet, dry your face. Spill something, clean it, etc (there are a BUNCH for cleaning in the trunk, but a few small ones in the center console, Besides, like I said, I'm a hoopy frood. Urban Dictionary: A really hoopy frood
  34. K

    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    Tires? Not exactly something that can be fixed by software, and almost all OEM tires suck in the snow, because they favor low rolling resistance (Buy a set of snow tires fixes THAT problem) Front back balance? That they might be able to do, but as I have a RWD, would not know. Have you tried...
  35. K

    List your Top 3 accessory for Model 3

    1)Good USB drive for Sentry 2)All weather mats 3)A small microfiber towel - Not Tesla specific, just useful, and I keep it in the center console - Besides, I'm a hoopy frood
  36. K

    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    What do you want, magic? It is about as sticky a car as physics allows. Can you tell me what the traction control SHOULD do that it doesn't?
  37. K

    Supercharger - Chestertown, NY

    NY, Nope. Although getting a CCW is a lot easier there than downstate. NY is "May issue", and getting a permit is up to the judge. The chalk never touched their car, just the pavement
  38. K

    Supercharger - Chestertown, NY

    Like I said "Probably a snowpile, it IS Chestertown". Used to work for a company that has a quarry up there
  39. K

    Supercharger - Chestertown, NY

    Just parking over lines taking 2 spots, chargers or not is one of "Those things" for me. I used to carry a piece of construction chalk, would draw lines on both sides of the car, and write "A*****e Parking"
  40. K

    Supercharger - Chestertown, NY

    Yeah, but still parking taking 2 parking spots - the line on the pavement is there for a reason - sigh (I know, probably a snow pile right out of photo, it IS Chestertown after all
  41. K

    Supercharger - Chestertown, NY

    with two cars ICEing, one taking 2 spots
  42. K

    Icing Fines.

    The problem is, MOST shopping centers are built in places that have laws like "For every store, you must have N parking spots, PLUS and addition N for X square feet over Y, and you must have Z% handicapped spots" Thing is, those numbers are usually a bit too high, and you end up with a largely...
  43. K

    Supercharger - Chestertown, NY

    I thought all V2 were pairs
  44. K

    Supercharger - Chestertown, NY

    5 stalls? V2? does not compute
  45. K

    How often do you Super Charge?

    Last supercharge was in August 2019
  46. K

    Current Largest Gap

    Neither can I, but maybe something up in Minot or so
  47. K

    Current Largest Gap

    Although not an interstate, How about the US-2 gap? Duluth Mn to Spokane WA
  48. K

    Icing Fines.

    NY doesn't YET have fines, but the assembly just passed a bill for them
  49. K

    NYS Inspections

    I bring it to the local ICE shop that I've used for 30 years, and still take my wife's ICE there. I'll probably be there Saturday for a tire/wheel swap
  50. K

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Yeah, December 1962 for me - technically a boomer, but missed out on all the "Boomer" stuff. My wife is either a boomer or an X, depending on how you count (late 1964)

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