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    Doing a brake job myself help please

    so - I just did the brakes on my 2013 p85/p90. 288,000 km's, original everything. Never serviced the brakes. Well - proper vehicular brake maintenance would have saved me alot of trouble. But 3 total calipers seized (all 3 salvaged by a local Caliper-reman shop for $45 per caliper) and 4...
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    Recommendation for New Rotors & Pads for a 2013 Model S P90+ ?

    I am just about done replacing the ORIGINAL brakes on my 2013 P85 with 288,800 km's. Well - Rotor's were turned and still well within Brembo Spec (that saved $1000) and instead of replacing the 3 seized calipers, I repaired them at a savings of another $3000. So my Tesla Inspired Brake rob...
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    HPWC replacement options-Ontario Canada

    Hello Fellow TMC brothers and sisters. As a long time member faced with a difficult decision I thought I would turn to all of you before shelling out $633+HST for another HPWC to replace my original one that has now failed outside of warranty. Would anyone here happen to have a UMC or hpwc or...
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    Executive seat conversion?

    Great idea! I’d love to trade my standard black seats for a pair of Executive seats. I’m in Ontario Canada. Any takers?
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    Canadian Insurance

    Hello Everybody, What are my fellow Canadians/Ontarians doing for Insurance. I just heard from Innova, Costco's Insurance Broker, that they will not insure the Model X because of the self-driving capability. Any help here would be fantastic. Thank you kindly, Nick
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    Parting Out 2013 Model S P85+

    Do you have the performance Black seats with red trim?
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    Tinting and wrapping in the GTA

    Hello fellow Canadians and Happy anew Year. I am looking for suggestions on wrapping and tinting a new Model x in the GTA. I'm happy with driving just about anywhere for a good job and a good price. Your suggestions and any details you feel comfortable sharing are very much appreciated. Nick
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    I just rejected my Model X delivery :(

    Lmao!!! Are you serious? A dealer give a customer something for free because the manufacturer was unable/willing to budge? LOL. Clearly you've never worked for a dealer (I have worked for 3 dealers and have been in theAutomotive industry for ocer 20 years). Or you're just trolling. Either...
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    After 2+ years I finally got my new shoes. Niche Surge M114's in the matte black+ddt(double dark tint). 22x9 front with 245/30/22 Nitto Invo's 22x10.5 rear with 295/25/22 Invo's
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    Pano headliner model S white with lights white new $200

    Hi There, Is there any chance you can get a black headliner?
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    Front view camera

    My apprehension comes from the integrated twilight sensor (2013 p85 pre so) in my rear view mirror.
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    Front view camera

    Happy Friday everyone. I would like to know if anyone has replaced their rear view mirror in their model S? I would like to get a frontal view of the car when parking close to curbs but while I appreciate forum members' contributions to integrating the camera feed into the front display, I am...
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    Help in confirming 22" tire sizes please

    Uh oh. So I may not be able to lower the car. Ok. Thank you.
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    Lowered my car this morning with adjustable links: Key steps that ensure precision

    Hi Everyone. After 2+ years I have finally pulled the trigger on a set of 22x9 and 22x10.5 Niche Surge double dark tint directional wheels with Nitto Invo 245/30/22 and 295/25/22 rubber. I will be taking this opportunity to install adjustable lowering links to get a seriously aggressive stance...
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    Help in confirming 22" tire sizes please

    You're right. My sincerest apologies. +38. Here is a link to the wheel: Surge - M114 - Niche Wheels
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    Help in confirming 22" tire sizes please

    Hello everyone! Quick question. I'm looking to purchase a set of 22x9 front and 22x10.5 directional wheels from Niche. (Model: "Surge" in Double Dark Tint). And I have decided on the Nitto Invo 245/30/22 front and 295/25/22 rear tires. My question is-can anyone confirm 100% this combo will...
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    24" wheels

    Has anyone successfully installed 24" rims? I am assuming a rear tire size of 275/25/24? I'm still trying to find a tire size to fit the fronts as 275 is entirely too wide for the front. The car is a P85 with Air suspension if that helps. Thanks so much.
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    21" wheels for sale?!!?

    Hello fellow Canadians. Is anyone looking to sell their 21" dark coloured OEM turbine wheels? I have money in hand and would like to try and purchase these wheels locally if at all possible. Otherwise, I'm off to Tire Rack for a set of the 21" Axis MS wheels. Alternatively, do we have any great...
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    Opti-coat recommendation

    Happy Thursday! I recently had a minor fender bender and am looking to have the car opti-coated. Can anyone suggest a mobile opti-coat person that can perform the work at tesla's Lawrence avenue location. Thanks so so very much everyone. Bignikk
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    My Experience with Upgrading the Sound System in my 2014 P85

    Fantastic for 99.9% of people. It really makes a HUGE difference. Unfortunately I am looking for ALOT of thump. As a result, I am looking to add a second 10" sub on the other side. If that's not "enough" bass, I will be looking to add 2 qty 12" subs in the "floor"...under the trap door"...
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    My Experience with Upgrading the Sound System in my 2014 P85

    Just stock locations. Although I have been thinking of adding speakers to the lift gate to match the uhf speaker locations.
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    My Experience with Upgrading the Sound System in my 2014 P85

    You can check all pricing on the retailers site but you are about $2000 hardware costs. And no. My car did not have upgraded sound.
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    My Experience with Upgrading the Sound System in my 2014 P85

    Hi Everyone. I wanted to share my recent experience with what started out as an Audio-Enhancement exercise. My 2014 P85 has everything anyone could ever want from such a great car – except for a quality sound system. So after months of researching, I finally decided on purchasing a complete...
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    21" staggered colour options

    Huge thanks for the confirmation of only 2 colour options and cautions. Now I know I only need to worry about finding "dark staggered 21's
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    21" staggered colour options

    Hello Everyone i have been going back and forth between wheel options for my p85 and am almost at the end of my journey but I still have 1 question. i am looking for dark wheels specifically. Are all the 21" staggered p85+ dark wheels from Tesla the same colour and finish? since I will most...
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    Positive Tesla Experenice

    I too have had the wonderful fortune of experiencing Tesla's Outstanding Customer Support and can tell you that what you describe above is not viewed as "above and beyond" for a Tesla employee. At least that's not how they make it feel anyways. From when they drove me to a customer meeting...
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    audio installer reference buffalo, new york

    hi everyone canadian tesla owner here from toronto. i recently ordered an nvx sub+all installatiom materials+2 amps, line out converter, new mids and hi's etc from sonic electronix. its being delivered to a ups store in buffalo new york. my question is if someone can suggest a local...
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    Is this the best forward camera solution?

    Hi everyone although there are many solutions to prevent curbing, I think this may be the least expensive and easiest to install. Belva BCMDVR1 Rear-View Mirror w/4.3 HD Camera w/DVR my only real concern is to help me with parking distances from the front curb. Rear camera makes reverse...
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    Aftermarket Audio Upgrade

    Hi tsarlsy. I am about to pull the trigger on the nvx setup purchased from sonic electronics in the us. I will have it delivered to Buffalo New York and will bring it over to Toronto myself. I wanted to ask if anyone else has upgraded their S's? Locally here in he GTA. Same question as tsarlsy.
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    Places to tint windows in Toronto

    best tint in the city---- Arranged by Sekanskin And they are by far the best place in the GTA!! I couldn't be happier.
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    Where to charge a new P85D in Boston...Zip code 02111

    Hi There Everyone, I am looking for advice. A colleague of mine cancelled his P85 order and placed a P85D order after deliberating for a few days. Also, He recently moved into a condo in Boston, Zip Code 02111, and there is no capability for the Condo to set-up some method of charging for his...
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    Time to Shop for Winter Tires

    I picked up my Dunlop Maxx tires at the Buffalo UPS store, delivered for $760 USD. Paid my $100.89 at the border and had them installed today at Aurora Tire for $80.00. All-in-all, $950 for 4 snows mounted on my stock 19" - not bad. As for the ride of the Dunlops - OMG I forgot how nice it is...
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    WTB: Momma Needs a new set of shoes!! WTB 21" or 22" Wheels from the East Coast - Not the left coas

    WTB: Momma Needs a new set of shoes!! WTB 21" or 22" Wheels from the East Coast - Not the left coast Hello Everyone. I am looking to purchase a set of wheels for my Tesla Model S. I am looking for dark colored 21" wheels. Ideally, I would love to have the original staggered grey OEM...
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    Canadian wheel options

    Hello my fellow Canucks. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have a completely blacked out Model S including all glass, headlights, tail lights, all chrome and plastic wrapped in black matte vinyl. All that's left are the wheels. I am looking for ideas in a set of 21 or 22" wheels...
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    Ground light on bottom of door

    Video?? Msolomi-looks like you got this thing down pat. We'll done!! Any chance you could post a quick video of your 10 minute installation option?
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    Tint-5% and 15%

    Hi everyone first time poster here. I am planning on tinting my rear hatch 5% Formula 1 ceramic and 15% everywhere else. Has anyone else gone this dark? Has anyone gone 5% all around? i would love to do 5" all around but am worked it will be too dark. i am doing my best to murder my P85...

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