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    mobile phone audio

    Is anyone else having problems with answering calls (Samsung S10+) through the car at the moment? Everything was fine until about 2 weeks ago. Now, when the phone rings I can answer it via the touch screen but the audio does not play through the car and I think the phones mic is still active...
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    No Audio on Bluetooth Phone calls

    I have that as well, probably started about 2 weeks ago. If I select phone as an audio source it works (ie spotify or something like that). When a call comes in I can answer it on the touch screen but I hear no audio and it appears that the phones mic is still active. If I listen on the phone...
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    [UK] 2021.32.x

    Installing. 2020 M3 LR FSD
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    Window not staying down when door open

    Tesla ranger came out today. Issue was with a blown puddle light. He replaced it, replace the silver trim that was scratched and all is now working properly. Seems an odd design to have the puddle light involved with sensing if the door is closed but its good as new again now so I'm happy.
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    Window not staying down when door open

    Yep, done that. Just had the service center ask me to send a video in so they maybe scratching their heads as well.
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    Window not staying down when door open

    Wow! I've got off lucky with a few scratches on the trim then.
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    Window not staying down when door open

    I have tried the calibration but that made no difference, haven't looked at the puddle light, I'll do that this evening.
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    Window not staying down when door open

    The rear driver's side door on my M3 LR has developed a fault whereby when you open the door, internal button or external handle, the window drops to allow opening but then goes back up again when the button or handle is released. This means that when you go to close the door the window is all...
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    Window in closed position after opening passenger door

    Obviously something has changed recently because my M3 LR has started doing this on the rear driver's side door (UK). Software version 2021.12.25.7. I've tried the window reset mention above but that didn't resolve it. Service appointment has been booked. Passenger didn't notice so tried to...
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    [UK] 2021.12.x

    2021.12.25.6 just installing on my m3.
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    What temperature does overheat protection kick in? Any way to check its working?

    OK thanks. Was just wondering if the compressor was on the way out but I guess with no engine noise to drown it out, it will sound loud.
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    What temperature does overheat protection kick in? Any way to check its working?

    Slightly off topic. When I first switch my air conditioner on, it emits a loud whine (almost a screech) for the first couple of minutes before quietening down. You don't hear it so much from inside the car but it is loud outside. I have only noticed this in the last week or so (being hot so...
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    My M3 got 21.2 on the 4th July, only minor updates though according to the sheet. Still on the 2019 maps though :-(
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    New Navigation Maps for Europe Rolling Out 2021.8

    I've been on 18.2 since the 6th June, have the premium connectivity but still have the 2019 maps. Be interesting to know what percentage have the new EU maps...
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Well 18.2 might activate the internal camera but it doesn't make any difference when it comes to having to nudge the steering wheel. Just went for a drive and it still nags after the 15s if you don't put torque through the wheel. Maybe it's running in the background for now?
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Well 18.2 is installed, just says '...minor bug fixes and improvements.' Still only took the 25 minutes to install on my M3 FSD. How do I test if the internal camera is active? I'll take it on a drive later today.
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Being offered 18.2 now but the car is not within Wi-Fi range.
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    Just installing now, missed 4.15.7 and still on the old map data.
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    Your Cars Name?

    Mine is called Igor!
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    2021.4.3 just installed here. After seeing the discussion here I think I might wait until it warms up a bit before venturing out to see the ((H)) icon moved :-(
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    Side cameras stopped working?

    I have just had mine replaced, a service centre appointment was the only option. It took about an hour to replace. My camera went before Christmas but the first chance to replace it was the 15 January due to part availability problems (apparently a lot have been failing). All working now...
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    Service centre

    Well apparently replacing the camera will only take an hour so a loner is not an option (needs to be greater than 4 hours). There is a waiting area which is still open so that appears to be my option. At least I should be warm assuming the waiting area is inside.
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    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    I've got this but with the driver's side camera; happened to me after the .44 update. Car currently booked into the service centre to have the camera replaced. Tried the reboot and it completely screwed the car to the point where Tesla had to reapply the update over the air.
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    Service centre

    I didn't realise an Uber was an option. I live two hours away from the service centre so 'popping home' isn't an option. An Uber to my daughter in North London might me an option though... I will definitely contact them though to find out what my options are. Thanks for the help.
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    Service centre

    My car is booked into the Brooklands service centre on the 15th January. What is the protocol when there? Do they supply courtesy cars, provide transport, or do you have to wait? They are replacing the RHS wing camera which failed a couple of weeks ago but apparently they don't have any in...
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    [UK] 2020.48.x

    I was hoping for the nav update but, whilst the functionality is in the build, we need to wait for the new map data apparently!
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    No LTE Connectivity - eSim failure

    Update So the LTE signal is back and the car now shows that I am back in the UK. The RHS wing camera still isn't working and the car has no navigation file. This means that I can not 'navigate' anywhere so if I set a destination it tells me to connect to Wi-Fi so it can get the nav file. It...
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    No LTE Connectivity - eSim failure

    Moderator comment - thread merged from "Software update failure" Car download 2020.48.10 last night which I installed this morning. Car reported that autopilot camera wasn't working and may resume on next drive, I didn't notice until I was out so when I stopped I parked to see if it would come...
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    Technical question re Bluetooth

    Surely you only have deregister you phone as a car key?
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    Poll for most annoying aspect of your model 3

    For me it is the navigation. I previously used a TomTom sat nav and find that so intuitive to use. With the Tesla/google maps I am always missing junctions, it zooms out when you are coming up to turnings or puts a label over the road you need to take. I have seriously thought about putting...
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    Interesting AP glitch

    I had with a bus the other night. It kept flashing up the 'stopping for traffic lights' message but never actually did. I overtook the bus in the end :D
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    [UK] 2020.44.x

    44.10.1 installed this morning, straight from 40.9 and the car has been used daily. Not had chance to play with it yet though.
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    Walk away locking not working

    I have it to blip the horn when it locks. Works for me!
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    [UK] 2020.40.x

    Mine is just downloading 2020.40.9 now, previously on .8
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    Insurance renewal

    Cheapest for us was Churchill at £233 for a M3 LR.
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    Camera(s) blocked or blinded

    I live in Wiltshire and get this quite frequently at night driving around country lanes. First time I got it it started with the left door camera, then reported the same with the right door camera and eventually went to multi cameras blocked or failed. I'd only had the car about a week so...
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    Where have the games gone

    Thanks, found them! Couldn't see them for looking.
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    Where have the games gone

    I was charging the other evening on my way home and thought I would have a look at the arcade section (only had the car about a month and haven't got round to trying any yet) but couldn't find them. I looked in the toy box and moved a fart around the car a could of times (that is more fun than...
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    Can the Model 3 SATNAV count?

    I have only had my M3 LR for a couple of weeks and I find the navigation system very lacking. I am sure it is me getting to use to it but when there are a lots of junctions, I am always taking wrong turns. I have come from using a TomTom sat nav and I found that so intuitive. I am sure I will...
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    Multiply Cameras not working

    Thanks for the confirmation, it does make sense but a little warning in the manual would have been good especially as it started with alternating left camera/ right camera before going to multiple cameras. I thought I was having some sort of cascade failure in the dark out in the middle of nowhere!
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    Multiply Cameras not working

    I picked up my M3 on Saturday and so far love it. No real issues with it other than one half of the wireless charging pad only appears to charge for about 5 minutes before switching off, the other half works fine. I live in deepest darkest Wiltshire and last night was my first night drive with...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    I'm in the same boat (!). I am supposed to be picking my M3 on the 12 Sept (I could have got it from the 9th) so unless it is already in country, this seems unlikely. I would have thought Tesla would have notified me if things had changed but who knows! Fingers crossed and wait and see I guess.
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    Leaving People in the Car?

    So what happens if you vent the windows? In my previous car (audi a5), I had a button to press if I wanted to lock the car with someone still in it or if I wanted to leave the windows slightly open for ventilation. This switched off the internal sensors and all was good. With he car in vent...
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    Your Cars Name?

    Igor - More electricity Igor!
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    Picking my M3 LR FSD up on the 12th September, also from Southampton.
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    Zappi install and questions

    Thanks for that, I have contacted them this morning.
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    Zappi install and questions

    Sort of, I took a selection of local installers from their website.
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    Zappi install and questions

    Moderator comment - posts merged from "Zappi install" Has anybody recently had a zappi charged installed? I have just been quoted £1200 for a 40A Type A RCD, 10m of 6mm cable, Tethered Zappi charger, Hub and Harvi. That is after the grant which seems a bit steep to me. I'm still waiting for...
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    Charge on pickup

    Only about 50 miles, so even 30% should be sufficient.
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    Charge on pickup

    Thanks, that is good to know. How was your experience? Any problems?

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