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    Owner not getting owner priority due to technical glitch

    Yes, I've confirmed that non-owners in my store have gotten configuration invites. I've also logged in and it shows a March-May estimate. I find it mind boggling that they can't propertly manage these reservations...it's doesn't sound like rocket science to me...
  2. K

    Owner not getting owner priority due to technical glitch

    Wanted to get some opinions on this: I took off work and waited in line at the Dallas store to reserve a model 3 on the first day. I'm a huge fan and also owner of a model S. I was excited to have an early reservation as well as owner priority. I have not been invited to configure. I called...
  3. K

    Non-owner config invites have begun!

    I did check my Tesla account many times. My model S is showing up on the same page as my model 3 reservation, so I do believe it's linked. The email address in my account is also the same as my login email. I also called them just last week and they said there was no issue (although I think the...
  4. K

    Non-owner config invites have begun!

    Am I wrong to be super frustrated that I haven't been invited when: I'm an owner and Skipped work to stand in line and reserve in store at opening?
  5. K

    Where in my garage should I install my NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    Just installed mine in a position that I can back into the garage but now the wait will be torture.
  6. K

    [Poll] Would you take a Bolt over an M3 in these situations?

    I think I will be patient until December 2017.
  7. K

    My predictions re Master Plan Part 2

    Sorry about the clickbait title. I myself hate clickbait (which is so prevalent among Tesla news). Changing it to better represent what I wrote. Was just trying to have some fun speculating what we can expect tonight.
  8. K

    My predictions re Master Plan Part 2

    The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan Part 2 (just between you and me) Elon Musk, Co-Founder & CEO of Tesla Motors July 20, 2016 As you know, Tesla’s mission has been to create widespread adoption of sustainable transport. We achieved this through our top secret master plan which can be...
  9. K

    Battery Cooling

    It takes much more cooling to keep something below 150 degrees than it does to keep something below 1200 degrees. Engines and exhaust components are all metal and ceramic and can survive high temperatures. Most lithium ion batteries contain organic liquid (as lithium doesn't play with water) or...
  10. K

    Devil's advocate

    Just with general inflation (which will affect all cars). Price of steel, aluminum, rubber, energy, salaries, etc etc will likely all go up. I assume their battery production costs as well as some other costs will go down due to the scaling to high volume. I'm not so concerned with the cars...
  11. K

    Devil's advocate

    I'm assuming that they will increase in price, which I why I said that it's a placeholder not a deposit. But I do think that when Elon gets on stage and says this car will cost $35,000, you can reserve one online now, many people are under the impression that they will get the car for $35k...
  12. K

    Devil's advocate

    I've been a longtime Tesla fan and I believe they will make this happen. I just think to get there will be harder than it looks. Let's not forget, in the initial master plan, the Roadster was supposed to be expensive, and the model S medium priced (at $50k). Then they increased battery capacity...
  13. K

    X DELIVERY AND REVIEW - Family with 3 kids

    Congrats on the beautiful car! I'm sure you're aware, but doesn't hurt to repeat it: in that situation you have pictured (where Falcons have been opened while garage door is closed), don't open the garage door. In fact I would suggest don't even put it into the situation you have pictured. If...
  14. K

    Help, I think I want to change to Red....

    MaxK has a red one- you'll find some pictures in this thread: Vin 0062x pickup in Tampa 12/23 at 6pm - Page 8
  15. K

    Range between Models - is the 70KWH more than expected?

    The reason the lower energy packs are "more efficient" is that the weight of the car is lower. As you increase battery pack capacity (thus weight), the return on range is diminishing.
  16. K

    Vin 0062x pickup in Tampa 12/23 at 6pm

    Hi MaxK, my family and I will be passing through Tampa around 6pm today. Don't want to interfere or spoil your delivery, but would you mind if we stop by after you take delivery to see an X in person?
  17. K

    Most of us are underestimating the importance of the Hepa Air Filtration System

    It's the same way with sunscreen. Going from SPF 15 to 30 offers 2x the protection. You go from blocking ~93% (with SPF 15) to ~96.5% (with SPF 30) of photons in the UV range. The protection factor doubles from 15 to 30, because you let through only half the amount of damaging photons (3.5% vs. 7%).
  18. K

    Seals still difficult after a year?

    I found interesting in yesterday's call that Elon brought up the door seals again as a challenge. He also say that a difficulty in building cars is that it's difficult to anticipate what the final challenges will be/who the worst suppliers will be. To my knowledge, the seals were already a...
  19. K

    Model X Mule Sightings

    Maybe that tape is only opaque in the visible light range and transparent in whatever frequency the sensors are in. Just speculation but I wonder why we haven't otherwise seen any exposed sensors like in the MS on the MX mules...
  20. K

    Model X Mule Sightings

    Not sure if this has been talked about, but don't you think a lot of the sensors will be incorporated into the headlight? What a great place to put them- easy access/swap if they go bad. Same body parts for sensor/non-sensor equipped versions. Stereoscopic capability. Plus, they already look...
  21. K

    First road trip in your MX

    Let me know if you need a charge in Phoenix in case you family/friends don't have a suitable outlet.
  22. K

    Third row seats

    Elon has 5 boys so I think the X will seat 7 total. The S also has 7 when you get the rear facing kids seats- but his boys will outgrow those soon. Good timing!
  23. K

    Factory is shut for the week of July 27 for retooling for model X?

    What if throwawayaccount is Elon's secret account and it's time to build the excitement for a big release?
  24. K

    Model S Alpha Prototype- single piece of glass from windshield to hatch?

    Found this in the background of a pic from 60 minutes in the Model X thread: That clearly looks like a model S with a new single piece glass windshield/roof (like the X will have in the front). Looks like the windshield goes all the way over to the back. Wonder if this is just...
  25. K

    Model X Mule Sightings

    This is a Model X thread, but to reply to this post: That clearly looks like a model S with a new single piece glass windshield/roof (like the X will have in the front). Looks like the windshield goes all the way over to the back. Wonder if this is just experimental, or if they are seriously...
  26. K

    Supercharger - Albuquerque NM

    Where do they want a fence? The previous pictures already have a fence around the actual chargers...
  27. K

    Model X Mule Sightings

    These are pretty high resolution pics. I don't know if this was established with 100% agreement before, but from this pic it's very clear that the windshield goes all the way to the middle of the roof where the falcon wings open. Presumably the lack of having a transition to metal helps...
  28. K

    Model X Mule Sightings

    Is it a bad sign that the MX has to be towed by an F-150? :tongue:
  29. K

    First Tesla UNDER 3.0 seconds?

    Not sure how much aero comes into play in 0-60 time, but you could put tape over the gaps between hood and body, remove wiper blades, and remove side mirrors. Also, I wonder if these times are meaningful without reference to other cars because the grade of the road will never be exactly 0, and...
  30. K

    Tire repair kit

    If there is a nail or screw and it's not on the side wall, a more permanent fix is with a "tire plug kit". You can find this for $5 on Amazon. I carry that, pliers (to pull out a nail), and a 12v air compressor in my trunk.
  31. K

    EW! Don't dump your trash beside the Supercharger!

    Yesterday at the Huntsville, TX supercharger. Somebody left what looks like a cup of lemonade.
  32. K

    Car Wash

    I would expect that it's safe to use undercarriage wash. The battery is supposed to be completely sealed given that it's so close to the ground. I've driven through puddles in the rain, and I'm sure others do as well. I also use automatic car washes, and I'm sure many owners do, and I've never...
  33. K

    Back seats swivel?

    What if the backrest slides forward and backward over the bottom part of the seat thereby changing seat direction? If you slide it to the front you sit facing the back row and your backrest would be the back of the backrest, slid toward the front of the car. Hard to describe, but I hope you guys...
  34. K

    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    Sorry I misinterpreted your previous post- shouldn't have assumed you wouldn't know this. I suppose the front crumple zones are designed to crumple more than the rear ones since you usually drive forwards. If somebody rear ends you their crumple zone can be used to lessen the impact. But yes I...
  35. K

    Houston, TX

    Would anybody around Houston let me test drive their P85D :biggrin: or experience the insane launch as a passenger? Seems like the galleria hasn't been having test drive events recently.
  36. K

    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    That is good design in the model s. All of that deformation absorbed impact energy, which protected the driver and passengers. As you notice the damage is only in the "crumple zone" in front of the cabin. The cabin where the driver and passengers sit is undisturbed. Also, if you notice how the...
  37. K

    General forum should get a new section: Tesla Energy or Tesla Stationary Batteries

    Or is there another good section that discussions about the PowerWall can happen?
  38. K

    17" Screen sticks up

    I think that is not surprising as customers don't really know what they are buying. Fans and early adopters already reserved some time back and the majority will reserve once a waiting time is defined and a final product is seen.
  39. K

    17" Screen sticks up

    From what I've read in the forum analyzing spyshots of recent prototypes, the touchscreen doesn't extend at the top like in the renderings. What the design will be in the production version remains to be seen, but I have faith that tesla will make the final product look amazing in every way.
  40. K

    Will Model S get in-home supercharging-April 30 battery pack release?

    The new product release is likely to be a tesla stationary storage pack as tesla has previously talked about. Buying this his to capture off peak power to use during peak can't justify the cost alone. It needs to offer something else. Why cant ant we supercharge at home? Because residential...
  41. K

    PowerWall and "The Missing Piece..." Event

    I think it will be stationary battery pack but more. What could a battery pack offer? 1) backup power (nice but boring) 2) off peak power use (great but limited value, can't justify cost of pack) 3) rapid discharge for in-home SUPERCHARGING!!!!! think about it- the car could support it, but...
  42. K

    Where is the Model X Test Mule? Is there one?

    Here is a video of the first road test: http://www.streetinsider.com/Insiders+Blog/Tesla+(TSLA)+Tests+Model+X+at+California+Naval+Air+Station/10211066.html
  43. K

    What does service centers should feel like = "invisible love" mean? Announcement?

    I guess I wouldn't mind the drive- but they already offer ranger visits/pickups, so I don't expect anything to change there. My suspicion is that the scheduling will go through the app. Right now you have to call the service center during business hours, and if nobody picks up you get...
  44. K

    What does service centers should feel like = "invisible love" mean? Announcement?

    I have a feeling they will allow scheduling service through the tesla app. It will be as seamless as calling an uber. No phone calls no holding no discussing an appointment for service.
  45. K

    California "Tesla" License plates set

    California "Tesla" License plates set Registered in CA from 2003 (founding year of TSLA) to 2008 (year the roadster was first sold). Official/CA DMV. Only set of its kind. List Date: 2/19/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: California "Tesla" License plates set...

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