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  1. stonecoldrmw

    Air con re-gas Leicester. Recommendations?

    Done just over 21k miles and noticed today that my air con is just not cold anymore. Anyone else needed to re-gas around this sort of time frame? But also, any Leicester based air con specialists in Tesla recommendations?
  2. stonecoldrmw

    A positive article on EV motoring from the Beeb!

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57416829 Interesting article showing the death of the diesel/petrol station as we transition to EVs. I like it!
  3. stonecoldrmw

    Phil Neville owns a Tesla

    This is a really loose linked thread... Here's Phil Neville's house, on the market for a cool £5.25M. It's an incredible house and I was thoroughly enjoying nosing at his property. Then I spotted the TWC on the driveway! Man's got taste...
  4. stonecoldrmw

    Tesla threat or just possibly, a new game player?

    New GM Hummer - fully electric. Shows a lot of similar things we've seen in the Tesla, but will GM be able to replicate the success of the Tesla EV with the hummer? I personally, really like the look of it and the finish inside looks great. Also, if the range is indeed above 300 miles then...
  5. stonecoldrmw

    Residential Charging networks

    I posted this in the Leicester Owners Thread but I think it's worth discussing at a forum level. A while back there was a consultation conducted by Blaby District Council on EVs and charging point strategies, etc. I gave them some real honest constructive feedback and they must have had others...
  6. stonecoldrmw


    I mean... This comes as no surprise but glad it's now out in the open. Wide open. Plug-in hybrids are a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'
  7. stonecoldrmw

    Magna Park, Lutterworth - Possible development - your feedback required!

    Been sent this at work: Future Plans - Magna Park Lutterworth Essentially, there is a refuelling station being proposed at Magna Park, Lutterworth. I have just reviewed the site and noted that there's no mention of any EV charging. I think that's incredibly short sighted for a new fuel station...
  8. stonecoldrmw

    First holiday with the M3P - a learning experience

    Hello everyone I went on holiday within the UK last week and wanted to document and share my thoughts afterwards around the M3 and the charging experiences I had. Interested to get anyone's thoughts and comments. So, I live in Leicester and was travelling up to Heysham (near Morecambe). I...
  9. stonecoldrmw

    Leicester Owners Thread

    When I got my Model 3 I thought, I'll be one of the cool kids as there's not many of them about... Well it seems there are a couple more Model 3 owners that I'd originally thought which is good, it means the pace of the EV revolution in Leicestershire is gathering pace! So I thought I'd start a...
  10. stonecoldrmw

    TWC - Charge interrupted due to circuit tripping

    Hi all, I'm curious to note if anyone else has experienced issues with the TWC tripping out. So on 2 occasions, I've had my car on scheduled charge overnight to make the best use of the cheap tariffs (Octopus Agile, it's done wonders for my electricity bills even with an EV - dm me for...
  11. stonecoldrmw

    Order issue - Guy orders 27 Model 3s

    Quite funny - imagine the surprise and genuine horror at the realisation! This Guy Accidentally Ordered 27 Tesla Models 3s
  12. stonecoldrmw

    Two little stories

    Bit of a pointless post but if you're interested in some lighthearted anecdotes, read on! On at least 2 occasions when I've been driving, minding my own business when I've passed people as you do, I've seen younger kids spot the M3 and shout 'Tesla!' or 'There's a Tesla!'. Made me smile! The...
  13. stonecoldrmw

    The future is here... and it's greener!

    Thought this would be worth a share over here! Especially for those of us on Octopus as it's renewable energy! Britain goes coal free as fossil fuels edged out
  14. stonecoldrmw

    Tesla Paint question

    Before I go asking the question, I thought I'd check if anyone here had done the same... Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase a small pot/can of paint from Tesla, matched to your car colour? I know I could go elsewhere but I'd rather have OEM. I have found a tiny chip that is...
  15. stonecoldrmw

    Charger Poll

    I'd be interested to note which chargers people when with and why. Personally, I went with the Tesla one as I just felt that you're spending a lot of money on the car so it made sense to me to have the OEM kit for the charger.
  16. stonecoldrmw

    M3 Performance - Winter wheel and tyre options

    I've searched a little through the forum's archives but I can't seem to find a definitive answer so here we are. I have an M3P. I'm toying with the idea of buying a second set of wheels and tyres for winter. I would like to go for a set of 18's and had the idea of just picking up a set of used...
  17. stonecoldrmw

    M3 Key Fob Pros/Cons

    I'm thinking of purchasing the key fob as I like the idea of having a physical 'key' as opposed to relying on the key card. After pros and cons from those of you who have them. Would you recommend? Clearly the price tag means I want to be sure before buying.
  18. stonecoldrmw

    Tesla charger installation question

    Had a Tesla Wall charger installed yesterday. I had one of the Tesla recommended companies do the work, MCW Electrical. It took the 3 guys (YES, 3 OF THEM) nearly 3 hours to do the install. Should it normally take that long? Are they really that difficult to install? I felt like the chap that...
  19. stonecoldrmw

    M3P - recommended regular use accessories

    Picking up my M3P next week at Heathrow and I was having a browse around the online shop for accessories and it occurred to me some things may be missing. So a couple of questions spring to mind: 1. Does the M3P come with the 'Frunk/Froot' carpet mat? 2. Does anyone recommend the large roof...
  20. stonecoldrmw

    Trade in options

    I wasn't going to trade in, but I'm actually thinking it could save me the hassle of having to go through all the guff with selling it. Obvious only downside is that I won't get the real value of the car. I had confirmed I'm not trading in with Tesla and was going to sell my car afterwards...
  21. stonecoldrmw

    Collection location variances

    Just wondering out loud here. If you chose to collect from a larger/easier collection location e.g. Heathrow rather than a smaller/further away location e.g. Stockport, are you more likely to get a car sooner? My logic tells me no, but from reading up on these forums for a while, I've noticed...

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