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  1. VerityZooms

    Tesla login-token generator

    Hey, thought I'd throw this out there real quick: if you're using something like TeslaLog or the My Tesla Alexa-skill, and need an authentication token, I've thrown together a little self-installing tool to generate them quickly. (It doesn't store them anywhere, or contact any servers other than...
  2. VerityZooms

    P90D → P100D upgrade?

    Did anyone else with a 90D / P90D get an e-mail from Tesla a few months ago, shortly after the 100D was announced, offering an upgrade to their existing battery-pack and wiring for $US 20,000? I can't find the e-mail right now, and my local service centre is skeptical (they aren't aware of any...
  3. VerityZooms

    Barely-used Model X 22" Winter Tires (Chicagoland area / Midwest)

    I've gotten myself into a bit of a situation (stuck in Montana on summer-tires.), and I'm supposing I'm going to have to purchase winter tires for my summer wheels (22"ers) to get home safely in a few weeks. -_- The tires I'd be purchasing would only be used for the ~2,500km drive home, and...
  4. VerityZooms

    12V battery access and location

    So, I've found these two ‘battery posts’ (at least, for jump-starting the 12V system) under the service panel, in the frunk — strangely, they're on *opposite sides* of the car, nowhere near one another: However, I need to attach power-leads specifically at the point where the 12V battery...
  5. VerityZooms

    Gaskets in the rear hatch

    There's a couple of these gaskets embedded near the top of where the rear hatch closes — does anybody know what they're for? (Specifically, if they're not covering some sort of sensor or something else sensitive, I'd like to cut a hole in it to run some wiring from the exterior of the vehicle...
  6. VerityZooms

    My sister, MX, MX5s, and AutoPilot: 0 … concrete construction barrier: 1

    When I was startled to wakefulness by the horrific screeching sound, I was absolutely convinced that my sister had totaled my month-old dream-car. We both climbed out, trembling, only to discover that despite the duration and volume of the scraping sounds, the above was the “only” damage to the...
  7. VerityZooms

    Parting out Ultra-High Fidelity Sound system (Model X)

    So, I'm upgrading from the UHFS that came with my Model X to some custom gear; and I'm gauging interest in other X owners who might want to upgrade their non-UHFS Model X to Tesla's OEM UHFS. If you're looking for any of these parts (supposedly ~18 drivers scattered throughout the car), hit me up!
  8. VerityZooms

    Model X Roadtrip Woes

    Well, I've spontaneously created time to spend my Labor Day weekend finally breaking in Verity, and … let's just say that I'm extremely displeased with the results so far. At the start, yesterday, I depended too much on my pre-existing Chicago – Montana roadtrip rhythm; Two days, stopping...
  9. VerityZooms

    Cellular signal boosters

    I'm curious whether anyone on here has installed a cellular signal-booster in a Model X, yet? (Or even if you have any experience with previous vehicles.) Some questions: How effective have you found it to be? Was it worth the money? (especially the 4G / LTE-compatible ones, running $US 350...
  10. VerityZooms

    Meet Verity, the bubblegum-pink Model X

    Hi. This is Verity. She's been my dream car, well, basically since I first saw the Roadster in ~2008. The moment I saw a video of the Roadster, I said to a friend, “if these guys ever make an SUV, I'm in.” Fast-forward to February 8th 2012¹, when I watched the unveiling announcement of this...
  11. VerityZooms

    High-performance aftermarket audio in a Tesla

    So, my Model X is shaping up in to the beautifully customized beast I've envisioned; the next step is audio. I drove an old antique Mercedes drop-top for many years; and I had her fitted with a … frankly unnecessary quantity of bass-in-the-trunk: a pair of JL's 13.5" W7AEs (theoretically maxing...
  12. VerityZooms

    Wrapping / dipping and sensitive areas

    So, I'm dropping Verity off with ChicagoDipped next week. I'm trying to assemble some information to help them take care of my girl; the dipper's got a friend with a Model X in Florida (who's dipped his own ride), and he's reached out to them for tips; but I also want to be able to walk him...
  13. VerityZooms

    Possibly looking to sell OEM wheels (any type!) for the Tesla X

    I've just submitted my Tesla order; and I'd like to order aftermarket 22" wheels, for summer tires; and also a set of Tesla's 19" wheels / Pirelli winter tires for the Chicago winters. I have basically no interest in *any* of the wheels actually offered with the car, from the factory; so I'd be...
  14. VerityZooms

    Plasti-dip / dipping a Model X

    So, has anybody already Plasti-Dipped their X? I'm excited, but I have some concerns: How do aftermarket paints / wraps / dips affect the X's complicated sensor-suite? Has anybody on here had any sort of aftermarket modifications to the surfacing, and if so, have you had any experience with...
  15. VerityZooms

    Aftermarket wheels / MX5 22"s

    I'm finally putting together my X, and I'm really interested in the MX5 22" aftermarket wheels. One thing, however, is that I can't figure out where to buy them: there seem to be at least two unaffiliated sites selling identical-looking ‘MX5’ wheels, neither referencing the other, and both...
  16. VerityZooms

    6-seat model owners? (especially in the Chicagoland area)

    I'm in my one-week decision period right now; and having *just* finally test-driven the X out at the Oakbrook location, I'm more than a little bothered by the rear-visibility with the middle seat. I'm thinking of switching from the 5-seat to the 6-seat, to dispense with the middle-seat ... but I...

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