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  1. Pkmmte

    Tesla Insurance: What counts as a "comprehensive" claim?

    I accidentally ran over a paint bucket a couple of weeks ago and got bright orange paint all over my black car minus the driver side. I immediately pulled over and tried to wipe it clean but it had already set in very quickly. Not even a car wash helped. I figured this would be covered by my...
  2. Pkmmte

    Tesla Service charging for warranty items

    So, my 12V outlet stopped working a few months ago randomly. I noticed because my dash cam would no longer turn on. I tried plugging in other accessories and none of them worked. I made a service appointment 2 months ago but they kept pushing it back until the day before Thanksgiving. They said...
  3. Pkmmte

    Need Advice: Protecting Model 3 from sprinklers

    I park my Model 3 on my driveway every night and use my outdoor HPWC. Problem is, my sprinklers go off twice per week and get annoying water drops all over the hood and windows. I do my best to wash my car when dirty but it's demotivating knowing it'll get dirty again the next day due to the...
  4. Pkmmte

    Any deals on OEM tires?

    Has anyone seen any Cyber Monday deals on tires similar to those that come with the car? I just reached 40k miles and need to change my tires. Thanks!
  5. Pkmmte

    Electrician Saying 200 amps is maximum for residential in Los Angeles. Is that true?

    So, I just bought a house earlier this year. Prior to that, I was charging for all of 2018 exclusively on superchargers. It's a very old house with an old 100 amp service panel located right next to the gas water heater (they almost touch). I want to upgrade my electric panel to at least 320...
  6. Pkmmte

    Deep scratch and dents next to frunk. Cost to fix?

    So, while I rented my car on Turo this weekend, a large piece of debris fell (possibly from another car) on my Model 3 as he was driving it on the highway at night. I already filed a claim with Turo and said I would try to resolve it with the guest if possible. I can still have Turo involved...
  7. Pkmmte

    Geico refusing to pay out Loss of Use claim

    Related to this thread. Has anyone here had any luck getting Geico to pay for a loss of use claim when the other party was 100% at fault? At first, they wanted to give me a $20 rental, which I refused as that was not an equivalent. Closest I found was a lower-trim Model 3 going for $130 per day...
  8. Pkmmte

    Insurance refusing to cover some damage from rear end accident

    So, my Model 3 was in its third accident last April 19. This time, I got rear ended during stop-and-go traffic. The at-fault party admitted complete liability to me, highway patrol, and his own insurance. I even have video footage from my dash cams as well as TeslaCam, including a recording of...
  9. Pkmmte

    Battery percentage increases during sentry mode?

    So, I'm used to losing about 1% every 2 hours with sentry mode enabled. However, I just installed the 2019.15.11 update last night and now my car is *getting* 1% every hour now with sentry mode enabled. It's been 3 hours now and my car has gone from 50% to 53% steadily. And no, it's not plugged...
  10. Pkmmte

    19" Sport Wheel for Model 3

    I just recently had one of my wheels fixed then completely replaced after a light scratch remained. I'm selling my old wheel for $250. Attached are photos of it, including an up close photo of the scratch. I've been keeping it in bubble wrap this whole time. According to Tesla, brand new ones go...
  11. Pkmmte

    Diminished Value Claim - Still Possible If Person at Fault Pays For Damages?

    I was charging my car when another car (a Model X) pulled in then out of the parking spot next to me. Upon pulling out, they made a sharp right turn which ended up damaging the front of my vehicle. The front driver side bumper cover is damaged (significant), left headlight has some scratches...
  12. Pkmmte

    Is there something wrong with my tires?

    Disclaimer: I consider myself a techie, not a car guy. I'm clueless about most car stuff so I apologize for this foolish question ahead of time. This morning, I felt like there was something off with my drive to work. Not sure why. It's as if the ride suddenly felt harsher than usual for some...
  13. Pkmmte

    Model 3 refuses to wake up via app

    Looks like my car may be more like me than I thought. Ever since the last 2018.28 update, my Model 3 refuses to wake up via the app after 1 hour. If I open one of the doors, she wakes up perfectly fine in the app, but only within a ~1 hour period. This makes pre-conditioning (and summon, to a...
  14. Pkmmte

    My Model 3 grew a mustache!

    Not as thick as the old Model S mustache, however. She feels very manly now! :D
  15. Pkmmte

    AutoPilot: "Take over immediately" then disengages

    Ever since the last nag update, I've had multiple times where I'm on AutoPilot and an alert that says "Take over immediately" followed by loud repetitive beeping comes up. Whenever that happens, AutoPilot disengages on its own instantly. I'm on 2018.21.9 and this only started happening to me...
  16. Pkmmte

    Tesla Wall Connector - LADWP Rebate Without Installation?

    The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has an EVSE rebate in which they reimburse up to $500 of the equipment cost. This rebate is supposedly expiring at the end of this month. Now, I'm currently living in an apartment so I can't install it there. However, every few weeks, I let my...
  17. Pkmmte

    Wi-Fi Hotspot for Model 3?

    What Wi-Fi hotspot are you weirdos using for the Model 3? All car hotspots I'm finding utilize the OBD port which the Model 3 does not have. I guess I could use a "regular" hotspot device provided by a carrier such a T-Mobile's Alcatel Linkzone but would I then have to keep it connected to the...
  18. Pkmmte

    A Love Story: Model 3 is so good, monster truck drivers want to finger it

    You guys, I just experienced a beautiful moment of love yesterday. My Model 3, Elektra, was on AutoPilot, and this was on the 405 where there are frequent phantom traffic stops. Normally, I'd tap the accelerator a bit to make the gap smaller but the display showed another vehicle right in...
  19. Pkmmte

    Model 3 Interior of Unknown Origin (no wood, no glass roof)

    I was browsing for sunshades when I found this. Does anyone know where this came from? https://www.amazon.com/Sunshade-Tesla-Model-3-Custom-Windshield/dp/B07B9LSRPX/ Given that not even all of their images are of the Model 3, I doubt they went through the trouble of photoshopping a...
  20. Pkmmte

    AutoPark without being inside car?

    So, I picked up my Model 3 last Saturday at Marina Del Rey and had the pleasure to meet a delivery specialist dressed more nicely than the others. He apparently had a higher management position and only appears for deliveries during the end of quarter rush. Anyways, during the tour of my car, I...
  21. Pkmmte

    Tow hook front license plate holder?

    Has anyone been able to find a front license plate holder that attaches to the tow hook? It'd be kinda like this...
  22. Pkmmte

    S/X Owner: Multiple Priority Reservations

    I know someone that currently has an early Model S and placed a reservation for the Model 3 in January this year. He took delivery 3 weeks ago. Now he wants to buy another Model 3 but his new reservation estimate shows Late 2018 meaning it didn't get the same priority as his first reservation...
  23. Pkmmte

    Sick of waiting and car breaking down. Any S/X lease take overs?

    I put a reservation for the Model 3 on March 31, 2016. I've been planning to buy a Tesla ever since 2013 but I was never able to justify the cost so I held out until the Model 3. I'm currently driving a 2003 Toyota Corolla with approximately 190,000 miles in the odometer and constant break...
  24. Pkmmte

    Does owner priority still apply if reservation is transferred to non-owner?

    My boss really wants a Tesla Model 3 but he has yet to put down a reservation. His mother, however, is a current Tesla owner. I think I've read about reservations being transferable but only to immediate family members. (I could be wrong, though...) If his mother were to place a reservation...

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