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  1. Ben W

    Inverter Replaced - Power Output Throttled?

    I've had a 4.5kW SolarCity installation since 2009, and recently had the inverter replaced under warranty (barely). But I just noticed in the Tesla app that the power output seems to be throttled at 1.8kW. Has anyone else seen anything like this? I contacted Tesla to find out what's going on...
  2. Ben W

    Liquid behind Console Glass

    My 2012 Model S P85 is experiencing a bizarre problem. Today the windshield wiper fluid sprayer stopped working, and shortly thereafter I noticed some liquid appearing behind the center console screen, complete with small bubbles. (See photo.) I'm not yet sure if these two things are connected...
  3. Ben W

    Charging Cable Stolen While Charging

    A few days ago my Model 3's mobile charging connector was stolen from my driveway, while plugged in and charging. Sentry Mode was off, but the car was locked (or at least was set to walk-away lock), and my cards/phone were nowhere near it. I got a phone notification that charging was...
  4. Ben W

    Brake Fade

    PSA to all Roadster owners who drive only occasionally: Keep your brakes conditioned!! Today my 2008 Roadster #108 got into a mild fender-bender while driving in slow-and-go traffic on the freeway. I hadn't driven the car in several weeks, and hadn't given a second thought to the condition of...
  5. Ben W

    Autopilot Near-Collision

    I was driving yesterday on PCH in heavy beach traffic, southbound near Zuma Beach, in the left lane, with Autopilot engaged. A car (white Toyota) tried to abruptly merge in from the right, and I expected Autopilot to recognize the situation and brake or take evasive action, but it didn't. I had...
  6. Ben W

    Harmless Pranks

  7. Ben W

    Autopilot - Carpool Lane Fail

    Recently my Model 3 with Autopilot+FSD+DriveOnNav has been having a serious issue with carpool lanes. It agressively tries to get into the carpool lane, even when there's a double yellow line, and simply won't take no for an answer: if I cancel the lane change it immediately tries again, and the...
  8. Ben W

    No Way to Unlock Charge Port from Console?

    I had a situation today where I was using a ChargePoint J1772 adapter in an underground garage, and the charge port got into a state where it was open but locked. (The adapter could not be removed.) From the car console, the only control seemed to be to "close" the charge port; but not to unlock...
  9. Ben W

    Model 3 Autopilot First Impressions

    I've now logged about 50 miles on the freeway with Autopilot, which is a new experience for me. (Coming from a 2012 pre-Autpilot Model S.) My first impression is that the driving style of Autopilot is still squarely on the robotic side of the Uncanny Valley. Though the driving was safe and...
  10. Ben W

    Buzzing/Rattling at low speed

    50 miles into Model 3 ownership, and my brand-new Tesla is developing a troubling case of bronchitis: It sounds like the noise is coming from the middle/back of the car, but it's hard to localize more precisely. Any ideas what could be causing this, or has anyone else experienced something...
  11. Ben W

    Motor Replacement for $9k - Opinions?

    My 2008 Roadster with 39k miles has been developing some pretty severe creaks and rattles, so I took it in to the Torrance shop to be looked at. Their consensus was that the vibration is probably due to a misalignment in the motor, which would need to be replaced, to the tune of $9000. Ouch...
  12. Ben W

    P85: Significant Capacity Loss and Vampire Drain

    In the weeks since the last software update (and a 12v battery replacement), my Signature P85 ('A' pack) has been behaving very oddly with respect to charging. A month ago, it would standard-charge to about 222mi and range-charge to about 242mi. Now it standard-charges to just 202mi and...
  13. Ben W

    Near-Collision with Big Rig

    So this happened to me yesterday afternoon, driving on the 80 West near Truckee. 18-wheeler was tootling along at 60mph in the fast lane (illegal), with 75mph traffic flow otherwise. In California it is legal to pass on the right. So... Be careful out there, people!! FWIW, my car does not...
  14. Ben W


    I've been thinking... if the Model S had sensors in all seats, then it would be able to track Wh/passenger-mile (in addition to standard Wh/mi). This, I think, would be a much more meaningful real-world statistic, and would make consumers much more vividly aware of the efficiency benefits of...
  15. Ben W

    Creaking Noise from Headliner Area

    Ever since I got my Sig P85 back from a windshield replacement a couple months ago, the headliner above the passenger area has been creaking/clicking loudly while driving. The car was just in for its 3-year servicing, and the techs claimed (to my great surprise) not to hear anything, so I'll...
  16. Ben W

    Drive Unit Failed - Dashcam video

    So the drive unit on my Model S P85 Sig P00061 just failed, slightly shy of 30k miles, stranding me off the freeway in the middle of the night... I caught the whole thing on dashcam, in case anyone is curious what the symptoms are. It may have been triggered by the strong regen going down the...
  17. Ben W

    Sun Visors - Trouble Reattaching

    Odd little Roadster issue, thought someone here might know... A while back I'd removed the sun visors to improve the visibility, but now am giving the car to a friend for a few days and would like to put them back on. The passenger one slid back on easily, but the driver one goes on partway and...
  18. Ben W

    310-mile Ideal Range! Can you top that?

    Inadvertently switched my S to Range Mode while charging overnight on the 110v mobile connector -- now this is what I call topped up!!
  19. Ben W

    Suggestion: 'Sport' Range Display Option

    I had a thought for future versions of the Model S firmware. Also sent this to Tesla directly. Currently, the Model S offers two choices for Range readout: "Ideal" (based on constant 55mph in perfect conditions), and "Rated" (based on the EPA driving cycle). These yield maximum ranges of 300...
  20. Ben W

    Problem Charging Overheated Roadster

    An acquaintance stopped by my house today to charge his Roadster (v2.0, non-Sport) on my HPC. There were 64 ideal miles showing in Standard mode, and the battery temperature was at the first yellow. PEM and motor temperatures blue. So we plugged in the Roadster, and the display said...
  21. Ben W

    CA Hwy 1 through Big Sur

    Last week I drove the scenic 187-mile stretch from Salinas to Santa Maria, down Hwy 1 through Big Sur, on my way from San Jose to Santa Barbara. The drive was enabled by the new Salinas charger, with Atascadero/San Luis Obispo/Santa Maria on the other end; I don't think it would have been...
  22. Ben W

    Tesla on Tesla Avenue

    Irresistible photo op of my #108 in Silverlake (note the street sign):
  23. Ben W

    EMF Radiation

    I've seen in several blogs now where a commenter has stated that the Roadster is like "strapping a bag of cell phones to your head", in terms of the EMF radiation. So I picked up an EMF detector, sensitive in the 30-300Hz range (serendipitously equivalent to 1800 - 18000RPM), and took my...

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