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  1. stonecoldrmw

    Back in ICE

    I enjoyed this read
  2. stonecoldrmw

    Wiki Replacing Tyre with different model/rating?

    What is this TO you speak of?
  3. stonecoldrmw

    Wiki Replacing Tyre with different model/rating?

    I have a tyre issue right now and i currently have the Michelin 235/35 ZR20 92Y Extra load PILOT SPORT 4S fitted. Looking at the Pirelli PZero instead purely from a cost and efficiency point of view - its rated as A over the Michelin rated B. Anyone use this tyre and could recommend?
  4. stonecoldrmw

    Agile plunge pricing predictions

    Not good news at all.
  5. stonecoldrmw

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Leicrster Fosse Park charging stall 1A is out of action
  6. stonecoldrmw

    Emergency services show - NEC Birmingham

    Gonna need more of them to cover the charging time.
  7. stonecoldrmw

    Agile plunge pricing predictions

    I have a contact on the inside (nieces bf works for Octopus). They are directed to not recommend Agile to any customer and will only put them on Agile if they are forceful in their request to do so. Said that they are recommending Go to anyone and everyone as that is currently their cheapest...
  8. stonecoldrmw

    Air con re-gas Leicester. Recommendations?

    So, slight update. Had the AC on the following couple of days and all is normal again...?! No idea whats occurring, all completely fine n cold again. Gonna keep an eye on it...
  9. stonecoldrmw

    Air con re-gas Leicester. Recommendations?

    Done just over 21k miles and noticed today that my air con is just not cold anymore. Anyone else needed to re-gas around this sort of time frame? But also, any Leicester based air con specialists in Tesla recommendations?
  10. stonecoldrmw

    Vinyl Plate fitting in the North East

    You can do it! As the above posts have said, it's easy. Just make sure the car is clean and use some soapy water or some windex. Bob's your uncle!
  11. stonecoldrmw

    Ionity Charger Sites in UK [megathread]

    Tell me more... :p
  12. stonecoldrmw

    The M3 Photo Thread

    Just outside Harlech, North Wales and then also at Harlech Castle, North Wales.
  13. stonecoldrmw

    A positive article on EV motoring from the Beeb!

    I would say, just at the extra cost in to the rental and make it free to use. More appealing I think.
  14. stonecoldrmw

    A positive article on EV motoring from the Beeb!

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57416829 Interesting article showing the death of the diesel/petrol station as we transition to EVs. I like it!
  15. stonecoldrmw

    Now I remember why I brought a Tesla Model 3

    Having owned my M3P for over a year now and dropped nearly 15k miles I'm absolutely convinced that the SuC network is the single greatest asset Tesla have in their armoury. the ease and simplicity of the SuC network are hands down the reason why I at this point, wouldn't consider anything...
  16. stonecoldrmw

    Leicester Owners Thread

    oh no! major incident? Did you get to Leicester SC in the end?
  17. stonecoldrmw

    Leicester Owners Thread

    I recommend Walkers Pro-Tyre on Narb Road South (side road, same side as Asda). They repaired my left rear when I had a puncture. I presume you have jack pucks?
  18. stonecoldrmw

    Leicester Owners Thread

    Those wheels look sick!
  19. stonecoldrmw

    Leicester Owners Thread

    Just wondering for those of us Leicester based people... We're smack bang in the middle of the country and there's plenty of roads in all directions so I wondered, what is the best you have managed in 1 hit without charging? I have a 2020 M3P and the best I have done on 1 charge is...
  20. stonecoldrmw

    Leicester Owners Thread

    I'd get back on M1 and do your usual route off 21a. The ring road is ok but it does get busier in places.
  21. stonecoldrmw

    Sun shades (not the roof ones)

    They were fine. I still have them but not using them at present. Def fit quite snugly but they do work.
  22. stonecoldrmw

    Leicester Owners Thread

    The irony is that I have a home charger on Octopus Agile so I'll mostly be charging at home (albeit more slowly) but it's nice to know we're on the map!
  23. stonecoldrmw

    Leicester Owners Thread

    I charged today! 5pm on charging stall 1A. Reckon I may have been the very first... waiting for someone else to claim top spot!
  24. stonecoldrmw

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Ok so I'm gonna say I currently hold the record :cool:
  25. stonecoldrmw

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I wonder... Does this count as the first charge at Leicester Fosse Park...? Charged Fri 2nd April 5pm.
  26. stonecoldrmw

    Phil Neville owns a Tesla

    This is a really loose linked thread... Here's Phil Neville's house, on the market for a cool £5.25M. It's an incredible house and I was thoroughly enjoying nosing at his property. Then I spotted the TWC on the driveway! Man's got taste...
  27. stonecoldrmw

    Views on Jaguar IPace

    That's good to know. I'm trying to convince the missus slowly but surely that we'll need another EV. Shes deffo concerned about the infrastructure though and until that gets better i can't see her jumping over yet. But saying that, knowing that we have a charging source at home should give her...
  28. stonecoldrmw

    Octopus Energy Survey - Get a free day* of electricity

    Same here. Looking forward to some more free leccy
  29. stonecoldrmw

    Leicester Owners Thread

    Amazing news
  30. stonecoldrmw

    Agile plunge pricing predictions

    My wallet is crying at these rates!
  31. stonecoldrmw

    [how not to] Clearing snow from your car, with a metal shovel

    Absolute amateur. Get off the roads pal. No sympathy at all.
  32. stonecoldrmw

    [UK] 2020.48.x

    I'd like to see a setting that allows a length of time whilst I'm out of the car before the pin is required again.
  33. stonecoldrmw

    Skoda EV cars

    So it wasn't the £115k price tag?! I think i'm in the minority that feels lucky to own a M3P. I've worked my arse off to get to where I am (modest 3 bed semi, above average salary, 2 car household) considering I left school with mediocre GCSEs and started work in a warehouse 17 years ago...
  34. stonecoldrmw

    Gridserve Charger Sites in UK [megathread]

    Love Tebay services. Such a nice experience.
  35. stonecoldrmw

    Agile plunge pricing predictions

    I predict my wallet is going to cry this month!
  36. stonecoldrmw

    Polar/BPChargemaster another price rise

    I live in Leicester but I travel to Leeds for work. But just in general, just feels a bit poor that theres little to no coverage, especially in the North West.
  37. stonecoldrmw

    Some quick thoughts on the ID.3

    Thanks for the review. Really good to hear from an end user and someone who already has EV experience. I think that the feedback of EV users is critical to other manufacturers like VW because, we've already seen what's good and what's not. I'm really interested in what you've said about the UI...
  38. stonecoldrmw

    Polar/BPChargemaster another price rise

    That map is shocking. I can't believe there's so little being introduced up north. almost nothing!
  39. stonecoldrmw

    Polar/BPChargemaster another price rise

    Our 150kW chargers are changing This is the email I've received today: Over the last year, we have been expanding our network of 150kW chargers at bp fuel stations. There are now over 50 of our 150kW chargers operational across the country and our 51st unit made us the UK’s largest public...
  40. stonecoldrmw

    Leicester Owners Thread

    I have started waving - my missus buried her head cringing when she realised what I'd done hahaha
  41. stonecoldrmw

    The Pub - OT posts and discussions

    I respect where you're coming from but I disagree. The damage we are continuing to do as a result of fossil fuels is almost incomprehensible. I know I'm in the minority here but unless we go the whole hog and step away from fossil fuels completely, I just don't see us saving the climate and...
  42. stonecoldrmw

    The Pub - OT posts and discussions

    There's to many things for me to quote and respond to in here so, I'm going to post my thoughts and hopefully that adds my 2 pence to the conversation. I am pleased at Tesla provided an animal friendly alternative leather. I stopped eating meat about 2 years ago now because I feel that if...
  43. stonecoldrmw

    UK Charge Point Installer Recommendations

    I used these also.
  44. stonecoldrmw

    Features we didn't know we wanted?

    Voice control that works.
  45. stonecoldrmw

    Your Cars Name?

    I have yet to name my car.
  46. stonecoldrmw

    Before EVs

    My car history is: Vaux Corsa (V reg) Ford Orion (1987 E reg, went like sh!t off a stick, but drank fuel like nobodies business) Vaux Astra (R reg) Skoda Fabia (Y reg) VW Scirocco (Brand new 61 plate) VW Polo (1 week ownership) VW Passat CC (61 plate, nice coupe family car) Model 3 Perf Not...
  47. stonecoldrmw

    Model 3 isofix, do you use inserts, or just squeeze between the cushions

    Its easy, just slot the seat in between the cushions. Should fit lovely.
  48. stonecoldrmw

    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    If we get decent weather tomorrow I will post a pic of my car... needless to say, it hasnt been washed in a long time and is absolutely filthy. Makes a change to all the gleaming car pics most people post in here.
  49. stonecoldrmw

    When will you change your Tesla?

    I have my M3P on a 4 yr pcp deal with Tesla/Black Horse. My last car I had for nearly 7 years but prior to that the longest i owned a car was 4 years and I changed cars a lot. I'm curious because I love the Tesla and can't really see any other regular manufacturer getting anywhere close to...

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