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    Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA)

    The one place I typically disable AP is when I am switching highways or at off ramps. I thought this was common practice, do many of you keep AP engaged at these points?
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    Wall charger installation

    I paid $1600 for a 150 foot run. I was also getting a quote for $4k from the recommended dealer page. I checked craigslist and found an electrician who works for a recommended dealer.
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    MODEL S 19” Tires / Wheels -NEW!!! Full set

    Are these the silver slipstream?
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    Tsportline 19" Matte Black Turbine Rims

    Thanks, gonna have to pass on these. By the time I get them repaired and shipped to Chicago they won't be much different cost wise then new fro Tsportline (BF sale).
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    Winter tires, or no winter tires?

    You can buy a set of winter tires and alternate them with summer tires over 60k miles or replace your all-seasons at 30k. Either way you would have bought one set of tires over 60k. It seems like a no brainer to buy winter tires.
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    2017.44 02fdc86

    I had whatever there most expensive plan was.
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    2017.44 02fdc86

    I had slacker plus and it wouldn't play specific songs. Multiple log in/out attempts, finally cancelled my subscription. I wish we had Spotify.
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    New Inventory P100D Advice

    If it's going to save you $18k then heated steering wheel is a MUST! :)
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    TPMS Question

    3/4 aftermarket ones worked, the fourth didn't. They haven't received the replacement yet, so will find out in spring on my summer tires. Your best bet is to just go ahead and buy it from Tesla and have Discount tire refund you the TPMS and reinstall the Tesla version.
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    TPMS Question

    I had same issue at Discount Tire. 3/4 finally picked up after driving 50 miles, the 4th wouldn't, so they pulled off my old TPMS from my second set of wheels and ordered a replacement TPMS for the left rear which wouldn't read. I'd ask them to swap out that TPMS.
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    Brand New 22" Turbine Wheels & Tires (Set of 4) - For Sale

    I do love the way they look, no denying that. In the end, I powder coated mine black and am happy with it considering my 100D remains a 100D and saving $4k. I paid $16k more for a 100D over a 75D due to the range. As much as I love the look, it's hard to justify spending $20K ($16k+$4k) and...
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    Brand New 22" Turbine Wheels & Tires (Set of 4) - For Sale

    I can't believe people pay that kind of $$$ to neuter the range of there car.
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    Texas Direct Auto / Vroom Cars

    Agreed and they post the same vehicle, multiple times on cars.com, which make them seem even shadier. I wish there were a way to filter out of all their cars.
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    Winter tires for Model X

    Nokian R2 SUV, I have 20" on mine, bought from tiresbyweb.com
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    Tsportline 19" Matte Black Turbine Rims

    Looking for 4 non-staggered Tsportline 19" Matte Black rims. PM me if available along with asking price and pics.
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    I've crossed over....CPO question

    Inventory has really dried up the past month, I wonder if CPO cars will be reconditioned faster.
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    Pristine Q4 2016 Model S 75D 7700 miles

    VIN and Window Sticker is always helpful. Ultimately your vehicle condition, mileage, added options and PRICE is what will sell the vehicle.
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    Rant Post: Teslas for Sale

    I've seen a lot of "dooshbaggary." Here are a few, for example: 1. Sellers failing to disclose that there vehicle has been rented through Turo 2. Body repair being advertised as minor dings 3. Car being advertised as Fed tax credit eligible with direct Tesla purchase (even though Carfax had...
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    Officially FOR SALE; 2016 Pearl White Facelift Model 75S Performance Upgraded in Northern VA/DC Area

    As a prospective buyer, I appreciate people's comments, especially from people who know Tesla more then anyone else. I hate to see people scared to post there opinion because they will be criticized. At the end of the day, I think the market you set your vehicle at will determine if it sells...
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    Model X 60D - 12k Miles - $73k

    Is it 5 or 6 seats?
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    Model X 60D - 12k Miles - $73k

    You can buy a 2017 Model X 75D with leather seats for $75.3 (including tax credit). Keep in mind that has Autopilot Hardware 2 and a better battery. I'd say $60k-$65k.
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    Lease Takeover: Facelift 2016 MS 75D Loaded

    I'm not interested but was curious, do they refund you for FSD for each month its not active on the lease?
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    Sold FOR SALE: 2016 MODEL X 90D 26,500 MILES

    If you click on audio settings it will show an option for dolby audio if you have premium audio. Additionally, if you click on seats under settings/controls it will have a heated steering wheel option if it has subzero. Having said that 2016 premium upgrade didn't include subzero or premium sound.
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    Matte or Gloss Black Wheels

    I had my stock wheels powder coated black semi gloss in Addison, IL for $300. They do matte black and high gloss as well. I think it also depends on the color of your vehicle.
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    Model X 90D Discounted inventory Cars - Great leases < $850 a month

    Model X 100D 5YJXCAE25HF060925 | Tesla Model X 100D 5YJXCAE21HF053471 | Tesla Good deals, definitely not the greatest though. If you need a referral for $1000 off and free supercharging, pm me.
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    Buying my first Tesla P100d! Is this a good deal?

    Completely agree.
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    Buying my first Tesla P100d! Is this a good deal?

    It might be worthwhile to have an attorney involved in the transaction. It will probably cost a few hundred but would hopefully make it iron clad.
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    New Inventory Teslas getting "frozen" starting tomorrow

    Yes he probably does, that is usually what people do for helping each other.
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    Tesla no longer accepts CarMax appraisals for trade-ins!

    Tesla won't match CarMax on Tesla vehicles. There are significant tax savings in some states when the vehicle is traded in as opposed to selling to CarMax.
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    How do these performance wheels work?

    They are good for Tesla's stock performance and that is about it. Look at powder coating your 20's, they look pretty nice and don't denude your range.
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    Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 for a model X in US

    I'd also recommend tiresbyweb.com. I couldn't get anywhere with my local tire dealers on the 265's. Nokian referred me to them as well and they will have these in stock next week. They are hard to come by, so would definitely recommend ordering soon.
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    2011 Roadster 2.5 Sport - Every Option + 3.0 (R80) Battery & 3 Year Warranty (9,950 Miles)

    Perhaps, but it was registered as a lease vehicle with a lien on it.
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    2011 Roadster 2.5 Sport - Every Option + 3.0 (R80) Battery & 3 Year Warranty (9,950 Miles)

    Carfax says two owners and that it has been titled. It was registered as a personal lease vehicle and then sold at auction in April. Again, not disputing anything your saying, just listing what Carfax says. You might want to contact them and get information corrected.
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    HomeLink stopped working - is this widespread?

    Just had this happen to me after upgrading to 38. Keeping the designated garage door button pressed for a few seconds seems to have fixed it. We will see if it lasts. After keeping it pushed for a few seconds and letting go, it gave off that wifi like transmission symbol and has worked...
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    Demo vehicle/Tread Depth

    Pretty much what I was told today, that it was part of the discount. Thanks for everyone's input. I wonder if the tire warranty offset's any of the cost of replacement. I know since it's staggered the warranty is cut in half.
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    Demo vehicle/Tread Depth

    Good to know, damn you already new tires.
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    Demo vehicle/Tread Depth

    It's the 20 inch silver, Continental CrossContact tires.
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    Demo vehicle/Tread Depth

    I purchased a Demo with 3500 miles on it. I had to get service for a few issues that I noticed immediately. During there courtesy check they noted the tread depths at 7. I know the spec is 10 and recommended change is at 4. Anyone have any experience with Tesla replacing tires under...
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    Steering Wheel / Rack Clicking

    Here is the jargon they used: "Installed shims in shield and torqued shield to specification"
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    Steering Wheel / Rack Clicking

    As an update, I took it to Tesla and they installed some shims at the wheels to take care of the issue.
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    Poll: Slacker Permium (did you subscribe?)

    From what I have read (on this forum) Tesla requests a song and bitrate from Slacker (regardless of what you have set on your phone app). I certainly noticed no difference in sound quality (in my Tesla) when I went to premium and bumped up the bitrate on my phone app.
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    Poll: Slacker Permium (did you subscribe?)

    I've been using it for the past week. It doesn't allow you to change the bitrate (I also have Premium sound on my Model X) and I can't even get it to play specific songs (logged in and out without success, and can play the specific song on slacker app on my iphone), so I don't really find it...
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    White Premium Seats hot and uncomfortable?

    You can buy a cheap IR thermometer from Amazon and measure your seat temp to be sure the heater isn't on. Also try checking it after sitting for 20 minutes and compare it to other cars, fabrics, colors, etc...
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    Brand New 22" Turbine Wheels & Tires (Set of 4) - For Sale

    I love the look of these, hate that it would make my 100D a 75D in terms of range though.
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    Radio silence after putting deposit for Inventory car

    Customer service after purchase has been horrible for me as well. I never thought I'd be longing for my BMW or Mercedes Service Advisor after buying a Tesla, but here we are.
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    Steering Wheel / Rack Clicking

    Has anyone else had this fixed, noticed it on my X today?
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    Dark black all the way.
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    Horrible Experience at Highland Park Model X

    If you need another electrician I can also send you one. I had a 120 foot run across the house and paid $1600 + $500 for HPWC, lowest quote from Tesla recommended installer was $3100.
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    Both but could do just wheels if need be, I have 20 Silver right now.

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