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    Permaban please.

    Time for me to move on to healthier pursuits than giving Elon and Tesla so much of my time and energy. thanks in advance.
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    Tesla.com - "Transitioning to Tesla Vision"

    https://www.tesla.com/support/transitioning-tesla-vision Transitioning to Tesla Vision We are continuing the transition to Tesla Vision, our camera-based Autopilot system. Beginning with deliveries in May 2021, Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built for the North American market will no longer be...
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    3 months since PTO: Pleasantly surprised by system output vs initial expectations. Pointless nerd stuff inside.

    TL;DR: Solar rules. Get on it. Background: Got my 8.1kw system installed a few months ago (very smooth process, only took a few weeks if you ignore the times where *I* was the holdup), with PTO in early December. I put on as big of a system as I could reasonably fit, with the goal of...
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    SCE folks with Tesla systems, anything you wish you'd known first?

    The other half's parents are curious about solar and I'm thinking I'll help guide 'em through as much as I can since they're not tech savvy. With them on the other side of the state down in the Inland Empire I figured I'd do some recon and see what I can find out first just in case there's any...
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    Okie dokie. Installed, inspected, PTO, and turned on. Now, to make the neighbor's house shorter…

    (Kiddddding… mostly). Got PTO for my 8.1/8.6kW system today and managed to get in about an hour of production before the sun fell behind my neighbour's house. Happened to glance at the documents and realized that the paperwork with PG&E says they used 355w panels instead of 340w like were...
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    N. California/PG&E NEM 2.0 usage optimization without PW

    Found a thread about this topic with powerwalls, time to discuss without 'em! My freshly-installed solar system is being inspected tomorrow, so hopefully I should have PTO by end of December ( :rolleyes: ), and I'm trying to wrap my head around how to make sure that I give as little money as...
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    Solar panels connected to subpanel - How does this work to power things on the main panel?

    Hey team, My Tesla solar panels were supposed to be installed earlier this month but were delayed a few weeks so I can get a small roof repair done. I just had a thought regarding how they were/are going to install that I realized I don't quite understand how part of it works, and wanted to...
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    Layout thoughts - Any reason not to propose this back to Tesla?

    Had a look at the layout they sent over and got to thinking about it a bit more after the fact. With western/southwestern facing panels getting more intense sun, any reason not to move the panels outlined in red to the locations outlined in green? I feel like this would be more beneficial...
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    I guess it's up to me to fix these seats, then! (Input appreciated)

    The problem: Tesla's seats have a squab (base) that is too short (in front-to-back length, not height) to properly support the thighs of some above-average-height drivers, depending on how they're proportioned. This problem exists in many cars, but some of them allow a range of adjustment to...
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    A post nobody asked for: How I'd handle the FSD problem (features, HW upgrades) for early adopters

    There's been an uptick in posts from people (like me) who are unhappy with the FSD situation and how Tesla has been handling it to date, and most of us are just sort of venting, but the real question is: what can Tesla to do fix it? If Tesla said "Ok fine, you get to pick a solution that has to...
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    Front seatbelt rattle remediation how-to?

    I hate to be the guy making a thread looking for another thread, but I know someone posted pics or video of where to apply felt in the seatbelt height adjuster (and how to get there) to put a permanent stop to the rattles… but I'll be damned if I can find the thread! Anyone happen to have that...
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    Have any of you been updated from 2019.7.11 to something newer?

    Asking for a friend ;) Seems like this one is an odd purgatory until V3 supercharger access goes wider, but it's such a small pool that I can't be sure.
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    FS: (SF Bay) 4x Michelin Primacy MXM4 from Model 3, approx 6,000mi.

    Short notice and looking for a fast turnaround as a result. I'll take depth measurements tonight, but just realized I don't have space for the tires after I install my snows tonight. Would rather give someone here a good deal than let the tire shop resell them or whatever. If the depth...
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    Cheap source for rear seat belt male-side connectors?

    Hey friends, Looking to get a set of rear seat insertable buckles to disable the seat belt warning when carrying heavy stuff in the back of the car. Anyone done this before and found a cheap source?
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    WTB: Black front seat (single or pair) - SF Bay or SoCal

    Looking to get my hands on at least one Gen 2 or Gen 3 (or Model 3) front seat in black leather/fakeleather. Don't care which side it is if there's only one, as long as it's in good condition. Bay Area preferred but I'll be in SoCal in the middle of next month so I could conceptually pick up...
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    Location of cellular radio & SIM card?

    In the hopefully unlikely event that Tesla is ever forced to disable Autopilot via an OTA update (e.g., NTSB mandate after a crash or similar), I would like to be prepared to disable the internet connectivity of the car to keep the feature, hopefully by just pulling the SIM. I realize this is...
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    Be *very* careful with your tow eye cover

    Mine cracked within 24 hours of delivery for unknown reasons and was replaced under warranty. The service center attempted to grab one from a car to compare and it snapped coming off. The shop that did my tint and ceramic coating said they've had a very high rate of breakage when removing as...
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    Cabin noise comparison: 12/2017 Model S vs 1/2018 Model 3

    Decided to get measurements with the service loaner Model S vs my Model 3, for those who care. The Model S had a whopping 108 miles more than my 3 when I turned it back in compared to when I got home. All measurements taken using "Decibel X" version 6.1.0 on iPhone X running iOS 11.2.5...
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    [tip] Long-press the left scroll wheel to the side to cycle between favorites

    Discovered this one by accident, doesn't seem to be documented.
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    [Crosspost on S/X/3 Forums] [tip] Accessing custom Slacker stations on the car

    Thought this might be useful for y'all as well: [Tip] How to access your custom Slacker stations on the car
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    [Crosspost on S/X/3 Forums] [tip] Accessing custom Slacker stations on the car

    Hopefully useful for you people (YOU PEOPLE!) as well: [Tip] How to access your custom Slacker stations on the car
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    [Tip] How to access your custom Slacker stations on the car

    I upgraded my Slacker account to Plus last night specifically to be able to listen to the custom stations that I spent a lot of time getting dialed in, and was mortified upon logging in to the account from the car to learn that the car doesn't see the custom stations, and there's no officially...
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    Already on 50.11 but just got an update notification.

    Can’t find anyone talking about this, but just started the install. Will report back in “approximately 45 minutes”
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    HVAC blows cold/cool when defroster set to hot?

    50.11 firmware, picked up today and seems like the windshield defrost set to hot was actually not letting it get hot. Will re-test more but curious if others have seen this. If I set it not to defrost it seemed to get hot just fine.
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    Owners: Diameter of UMC cable?

    Installing cable ramps through my gf's parking spot and need to make sure I order one that accommodate the UMC until my HPWC arrives, can someone who has their car measure the diameter of the UMC cable? I really appreciate it.
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    Those who have taken delivery: Phone cable choices?

    Were you given a choice of which phone cables were included, or is it a case of "you get these two and if you don't like it, buy the ones you need"?
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    Grumpiness and off topic discussion from the configuration thread

    It's because the invites that went out are only so they can say without it being a COMPLETE lie that they started non-insider customer deliveries in 2017. It's a PR/wall street gambit, nothing more.
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    Diameter of current-generation wall connector cable (24 foot model)?

    Pardon the crosspost with reddit, but: I'd like to run the wall connector cable across where my girlfriend parks but want to protect the cable for what should be obvious reasons, so I'm going to run it through a cable ramp that she can safely drive over. That said, I want to make sure I order...
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    WTB: Model 3 Aero wheels (including tires if new)

    I know somebody out there is planning to take the stock wheels off as soon as he gets the car, and I'm going to want a second set so I'm getting in early. . I'm in the SF Bay Area and would prefer to keep things local-ish, though I'm often in SoCal as well.
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    Any 3/31 reservation holders or owners who won't order until you can lease?

    I've heard a lot of people with rather strong feelings about wanting to lease, curious to hear if anyone out there will actually wait to get the car if they can't lease? Personally I'm not really into the leasing thing, but find it interesting how many people are so dedicated to it.

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