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  1. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger - Rochester, N.H. (permit approved)

    Spotted this: Project would add Tesla chargers at Rochester Hannaford 8-spot supercharger coming to a Hannaford store.
  2. ThisIsTrue

    Alexandria MN permit issued

    Electric car owners to power up in Alexandria At Target, as seems to be the trend.
  3. ThisIsTrue

    L.L. Bean installed its own superchargers (reporter says)

    It really is a nice story, even if the Portland (Maine) Press Herald reporter is totally clueless: Bill Yeo can’t wait to use the new electric car charging station at L.L. Bean "When we called Bill Yeo to talk about the electronic car charging station his employer, L.L. Bean, had just...
  4. ThisIsTrue

    Ashton Kutcher hits teen with his Tesla, teen declares it "really cool."

    Time magazine: Ashton Kutcher Hit a Teen in His Tesla But Everyone's Happy
  5. ThisIsTrue

    I love seeing Teslas heading to customers (I40 Eastbound Texas)

    Seems like every time I travel I-40, I see at least one truckload of cars heading east. Today it was W of Amarillo (I'm charging there now, heading to Houston). Several someones are gonna be happy very soon. Didn't see any M3s, just S and X.
  6. ThisIsTrue

    Yes, a MS will skid: Panic Stop

    My wife and I have a deal: whoever is driving, if the other says "STOP!" you slam on the brakes without question. I had to merge into a really weird intersection: we came in at an angle to go over the LEFT side of a bridge. I couldn't really see to the right due to the angle. I had a green...
  7. ThisIsTrue

    Pre-warming the Cabin: What'd I do wrong?!

    It was well below freezing this morning, and the app showed my garaged MS had an interior temperature of 50F. Thought it would be nice to be warmer when I left for an early appointment, so I turned on climate, setting it for 65 -- a 15-degree increase would be plenty. Yet when I got to the...
  8. ThisIsTrue

    Is Tesla "Most American"? (Plus: "Angry" Tesla nose)

    In my LinkedIn news feed this morning, they featured an article asking whether Tesla is "the Most American Car Company? (Pretty Much)". It's kind of a simplistic analysis, and clearly part of some sort of publicity blitz for (apparently) a web site (yawn), but if you're interested I'll give the...
  9. ThisIsTrue

    Lovelock NV: 3 of 4 Available ...for foreseeable future

    A little surprise on my recent trip (2,760 miles, ended yesterday): Supercharger post vs (probably) truck -- Truck wins. I thought the "Wet Floor" pylon was a nice touch. Didn't seem to have any effect on the other units.
  10. ThisIsTrue

    Supercharger - Rochester, MN

    Searched and didn't find this otherwise mentioned: Hy-Vee has submitted plans to the city for the addition of an eight-stall Tesla electric charging station in the parking lot of its Crossroads store at 500 Crossroads Drive SW. Heard on the Street: Hy-Vee charges ahead with plans for Tesla station
  11. ThisIsTrue

    Tesla Model S back at the top at Consumer Reports (AEB issue)

    Tesla Model S back at the top at Consumer Reports
  12. ThisIsTrue

    Can Model S drive with trunk open?

    My wife wants to be able to take her kayak to the local reservoir. I haven't tried it yet to see how far it would go in (with the back seats down, of course), but it definitely wouldn't go all the way in so the trunk hatch could be closed. Then the question is, would the car drive with the trunk...
  13. ThisIsTrue

    Passenger in seat, Screens off. Normal?

    When the wife is driving, and I'm sitting in the passenger seat and the wife gets out for a restroom break, the car goes "off" -- screens off. HVAC off. Navigation off. WTH? I have my key in my pocket, and I'd really like the AC on and see what the state of charge is so I can say "Come back --...
  14. ThisIsTrue

    Several of you in New Mexico (or East) About to Get Happy

    I'm on a road trip to Texas and Oklahoma (from Western Colorado), and yesterday on I-40 on the way to the Tucamcari supercharger a car carrier pulled in front of me to pass someone slower. It dawned on me that I was seeing the front end of a Model S -- the carrier was full of Teslas! Looked like...
  15. ThisIsTrue

    First look with pictures at Tesla’s new mobile app

    Frankly, it doesn't look all that different, functionally. Just a facelift (if you will). First look with pictures at Tesla’s new mobile app with new UI, touch ID, and widgets (Though I look forward to seeing what the widgets can do.)
  16. ThisIsTrue

    Nice Fan-made Tesla Commercial

    Worth one minute of your time.
  17. ThisIsTrue

    23 Days: 4400 miles

    Picked up my Model S in Denver as the last car of the day on December 20, and drove it home the next morning -- 350 miles to Southwest Colorado, over the Rockies. Spent the next week packing up, and 2 days after Christmas hit the road ...to Seattle, Portland, the SF Bay Area (with a side trip...
  18. ThisIsTrue

    Giving a Tesla Moment to my 92-year-old father-in-law

    I had the privilege of taking my nearly 93-year-old father-in-law -- and his buddy from high school(!!) -- on a ride in my Model S. We drove through their college campus, and by their high school. I casually mentioned that the car has quite a bit of "pick-up," and the reply was "Oh?" ...so I...
  19. ThisIsTrue

    What's the Number for 911?!

    Driving a rural but high-traffic highway (US 6 from Price to SLC), I saw someone going the other direction flash their high beams. It took me a second to parse, so I looked in my mirror -- "Was that another red Tesla?" But as soon as I got around the curve, I saw what the problem was: debris all...
  20. ThisIsTrue

    Car didn't "see" large trailer I passed

    Driving at night with AP1.0 engaged, I noticed as I approached a pickup with a large, very boxy, trailer, that my high beams didn't dim. I glanced at my instrument display and noticed that there was no indication of another vehicle in front of me, and the car did not slow down (I was running...
  21. ThisIsTrue

    I'm Now an Owner

    My wife and I picked up our new Model S in Denver today: 75D facelift in MC red, SAS, Premium package, subzero. Many thanks to my TMC buddy @evp for his help (and referral code), question-answering, and more. The absolute hilarious part of this? A good buddy picked up HIS Model S in Seattle...
  22. ThisIsTrue

    Michigan Slams EVs again with new fees

    Michigan vehicle registration will soon go up by 20 percent (Detroit Free Press) More of Michigan's anti-EV bias. Pathetic. "Electric vehicles, or cars that are not capable of using gasoline and other traditional fuels, will be subject to an annual $100 surcharge, in addition to a $35 gasoline...
  23. ThisIsTrue

    Have Any of You Put a 2M Ham Radio in Your Car?

    I've pretty much always had a ham radio in my car -- makes travel really fun, and it's a good way to communicate with the wife. Since I don't have a car yet, I'm unclear on a couple of things.... Since I don't want to drill a hole in the body for the antenna, I'm thinking of a Larsen...

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