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  1. spehanich

    Please help!!! [should I return my car?]

    For what it is worth, I’ve had my M3SR+ since June. No range anxiety locally, of course. I installed a 220v plug and change at home overnight. Drove 750 miles one-way to visit my son. Stopped every two hours or so to charge. Got a cuppa coffee, went for a walk or had a meal. Made the drive very...
  2. spehanich

    Help! My wife wants my Model 3.

    Picked up our M3 in June and my wife, who does not normally like new technology, fell in love with it. She has been driving a 2015 Subaru Outback - very nice car, well-made and safe -- but now she thinks it is too big. During the pandemic, with both of us working from home, we usually take the...
  3. spehanich

    Availability of Superchargers

    We just drove from Sacramento to Seattle and back. We never had to wait for spot but the supercharge in Grant's Pass was almost full. No doubt, that's because it is the only one between Mt. Shasta and Springfield/Eugene, OR. A new SC is not yet online in Medford but it looks like it is under...
  4. spehanich

    Strategy on Long Drive

    I would never have considered 7 close enough but I am eager to try it now. Got a 780 mile trip ahead of me, so there will be plenty of opportunity. I just took delivery in June but have has an opportunity to take a 300 mile drive. I was amazed at the energy used to go 70+ on I5.
  5. spehanich

    Strategy on Long Drive

    I'm not going to really press for 10% or less. My wife gets really nervous about the charge just like she did in our ICE car when we started to get under a quarter of a tank. I worry about that drafting, even though I do it every once and a while, give the propensity for the M3 to collect...
  6. spehanich

    Strategy on Long Drive

    I'm going to be driving from Sacramento to Seattle in my M3SR+. I'm wondering what approach people take with their navigation system. I like keeping track of the entire trip so I am tempted to enter the trip from my front door to my destination. On the other hand, I've seen people like Out of...
  7. spehanich

    Model 3 with 5 bikes

    Very Impressive. Can you tell me whether you can open the truck without lowering the 1up? I've been considering the 1up since my son has one and now it turns out that it is one of the few racks available because of the pandemic-caused run on bike gear. Thanks in advance.
  8. spehanich

    U-Haul Hitch for M3

    Inquiring minds want to do if you got the U-haul hitch. My local hitch/bike rack shop is the only one in town and they wanted to charge me $1K in install a stealth hitch. Got to find an alternative that isn't gouging me.
  9. spehanich

    Haven’t heard anything from Tesla

    A couple of years ago, when I purchased a 2015 Subaru Outback. I received welcome letters from Subaru, a subscription to theIr magazine highlighting destinations , a nice pull over, a backpack and finally an offer to donate to a charity instead of receiving more gifts. When I picked up my 2020...
  10. spehanich

    North of New York City - really want to spend less on a Model 3...

    I am perfectly happy with my SR+. My commute, when I am not working at home because of the pandemic, is only 7 miles one way. The longest road trip I’ve taken so far was 300 miles and only had to stop at a supercharger twice for 15 minutes each. I dealt with early onset range anxiety by simply...
  11. spehanich

    Cannot reformat USB / Only records Sentry?

    I see a lot of people use the SD cards. Is there an advantage over USB drive? I may have some old SD cards from my camera I could use.
  12. spehanich

    Cannot reformat USB / Only records Sentry?

    Thank you for the clue about the boot record. That was the key for me. I am using a USB drive (128G). I tried many different ways of formatting with Disk Utility and one of them finally worked. I selected the "Master Boot Record" scheme option when erasing and reformatting the drive...
  13. spehanich

    Cannot reformat USB / Only records Sentry?

    Same issue. Tried formatting in the car and my Mac. The M3 says that there are too many partitions on the drive. The Mac says there are no partitions. Anybody have any clue?
  14. spehanich

    Advantages of Wall Connector vs Mobile Connector?

    Going through the same thought process with my new M3. My commute is short (14 miles round trip) but with the Pandemic and working from home I’m barely going 10 miles a day now. Here in Sacramento I’m getting quotes of $450 for 50 amp service and $300 for 30 amp. I wanted the faster charging...
  15. spehanich

    Sentry mode excluding home not working

    I am having the same issue - Sentry Mode is staying on while in my garage. My wife keeps telling me the car is winking at her whenever she passes by. For now, I am manually turning it off. Because I have never had a car with a security system, I am a little worried that I will forget to turn...
  16. spehanich

    Easter Egg Menu Does Not Appear

    There are known easter eggs - things we know about. There are unknown easter eggs - those we don't know about yet. There are known unknown easter eggs - those we know we don't know. And there are unknown unknown easter eggs - those that only Elon knows about.
  17. spehanich

    Easter Egg Menu Does Not Appear

  18. spehanich

    Easter Egg Menu Does Not Appear

    Just picked up my Model 3 SR+ today and have been playing around with various settings ever since. Plan to take it out for an outing this weekend but still have a lot to learn. I like to play around with the controls until I figure something out. If it takes more than an hour, then I ask for...
  19. spehanich

    Covid positive

    Take care of yourself and family so that you have many years to enjoy your new car!
  20. spehanich

    Tesla text messages

    I ordered my SR+ on Tuesday, 6/9, and received that very same message today (6/14). I did notice that on Tuesday, the Tesla website said delivery would be 2-3 weeks. Today is says 1-2 weeks. Have you accepted delivery yet? That might give me an indication about when I might expect delivery...

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