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  1. caddieo

    FL to IL Round Trip Sans Gas

    FINALLY!!! With the completion of the Supercharger chain through eastern KY plus Cincy, it became possible for me to execute a round trip from Florida to Chicagoland for Thanksgiving week - the first one without the ICE minivan. Although range anxiety is an intellectual non-issue, the emotional...
  2. caddieo

    Hydrogen Fuel Station Problems

    I just read an online article on venturebeat.com/2015/07/25/california-fuel-cell-car... It seems that a lot of the early hydrogen fuel car drivers are having considerable difficulties refueling their cars as many stations are either malfunctioning, shut down, and sometimes low on fuel. The car...
  3. caddieo

    Chicagoland Car wash Advice, please.

    ​Thanks to the completed superchargers in TN, KY and Cincy, I am planning to use my MS for all my trips to Chicagoland starting 2 or 3 months hence. I am looking for recommendations for touchless or hand car washes in the north suburbs, especially in the Northbrook/Glenview/Winnetka triangle...
  4. caddieo

    Another Use for the iPhone App

    ​I stumbled upon another use for the iPhone app (and another example of great service) as my MS was undergoing its 2nd year service. Due to an unforeseen delay in the progress of the work, I got a call from the service concierge giving me an updated estimate on the time for completion, stating...
  5. caddieo

    Nose Cone Damage

    ​I searched the forum for information on this topic but could not find it, so I am throwing it out there for answers. Excuse me for posting this if it does exist. Has anybody out there suffered moderate gouges and/or scratches (not more than 1 mm. deep) of the nose cone? I am curious to find out...
  6. caddieo

    New Chicagoland Supercharger?

    The "Coming Soon" page of the TM Supercharger map shows a new red dot in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. It appears to be in the vicinity of the I-80/I-57 interchange. Have any of the locals noticed this and is anybody tracking it down? This could be the part of the northern end of the...
  7. caddieo

    Traction Control Disabled

    Three weeks ago, I got in the car for the first drive of the day and after pressing the brake, the dash display came on with the message "Traction Control Disabled". I called the Tampa SC and was told to reboot in the usual manner. The message did not go away when the screens came back on but I...
  8. caddieo

    Variation On A Theme by ElSupreme and tommyboy808

    ​As per the post title the idea is not original but I thought I'd rather do it this way. I decided to do both sides, not only for symmetry but to halve the weight load of each hook. I took 2 clear medium Command hooks and sawed off the tops with a carbide rod blade so that the entire hook would...
  9. caddieo

    Which Rated Range is Correct/Reliable?

    Excuse me if this has already been answered, but I have not yet been able to find it. Before I embark on a long trip, I would like to clarify which rated range number is reliable for trip planning - or more importantly - for trip management. I have noticed that the rated range in the dash...
  10. caddieo

    Rhetorical question re: donut tires

    I have OEM 19" tires. What would be the objection(s), caveats, risks, etc., to getting a 19" donut spare of another brand car, assuming it also has the same 5-bolt pattern? Any and all answers appreciated, both + and -.
  11. caddieo

    TPMS Sensitivity

    I haven't seen the answer to this anywhere so far, so I'm asking it here - and thanks in advance for any and all answers. How sensitive is the TPMS to drop in tire pressure - i.e. how many lbs./sq. inch does the pressure have to drop before a warning kicks in? I rechecked my tire pressures...
  12. caddieo

    From Dismay to Elation: my first MS problem

    After 3 weeks of consistent charging programmed to start at midnight, I was greeted Saturday morning by the red ring of death and the dashboard message: Unable to Charge. Reinsert plug and try again. Having more than enough range for the day's travels, I put it off and proceeded with the day's...
  13. caddieo

    No Console Insert/No Yacht Floor

    After agonizing as to whether or not I should get a console insert, and whether I am missing out on not having the yacht floor, I realized that after 2-1/2 weeks of ownership that I was doing pretty well and not missing anything. I gradually ended up with the set-up pictured here. This is...
  14. caddieo

    Cure for sagging UMC

    The owners manual is emphatic that the UMC should sit flush against the outlet box and includes pictures of correct and incorrect situations. I note however in my case that the weight of the UMC causes a slight (1 mm.) gap between the top of the plug and the outlet face. I therefore improvised a...
  15. caddieo

    Here At Last

    It's been a long haul but the ending is sweet. After wifey's repeated vetoes of a plan to get a new A8 throughout all of 2012, she and I stumbled upon the Old Orchard Tesla store north of Chicago. Boy did she change her tune. Deposit made December 2012, but multiple travels in the US and abroad...
  16. caddieo

    Deposit credit

    On reviewing the design page after the VIN was issued, I duly noted the different prices for options where applicable, and at the bottom, the total price of the vehicle. Nowhere do I see a mention of the credit for the initial 5K deposit. Is this just me or have others noted this with their...
  17. caddieo

    Florida registration, etc.

    Hello all, Finally got my delivery window notice (7/18 to 8/1) and the goose bumps are starting. I do have one question and I hope somebody out there has an answer. If I register the car in both our names (me and wife) do both of us have to be physically present to sign for the car on...
  18. caddieo

    Liquid Glass

    I have heard good words about Liquid Glass from non-Tesla folks but so far have not seen this mentioned in the posts. Anybody out there with experience using it? How does it compare with other polishes/sealants/protectants such as as Glare or Zaino? :confused:
  19. caddieo

    License plate mounting points

    Does the S have 2 or 4 mounting points for the rear license plate? The pictures I have noted so far show only 2 screws at the top edge. However, it could be that there are 2 lower mounting points which are simply disregarded or rendered unusable by a license plate frame with a solid bottom bar...
  20. caddieo

    General Forum Questions; I took the leap off the cliff!

    Hello all, I expect to become more active as ownership draws nearer. After placing a reservation last December, I finally gave the build order the other day. Now it is almost like being an expectant father during the last 6-8 weeks. :rolleyes: Anyway, this has to do with general forum...
  21. caddieo

    Wheel/Tire Comparisons

    I am having trouble deciding between 21 and 19 inch wheels. I get the impression that tire longevity is much shorter with the 21 inchers. In addition, 21 inch replacement tires appear to be a whole lot more expensive than 19-inchers especially if Z-rated. Anybody out there care to...
  22. caddieo

    Praise from the ICE Sector

    There's a very nice article about the Tesla S in the March 2013 issue of the "Roundel" - the magazine of the BMW car club. Considering the environment of certified car nuts to which it is presented, it is more that just complimentary. One may even consider it an endorsement although the article...

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