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  1. PianoAl

    Change Schedule Via App: Fail

    Today I switched from scheduled departure to scheduled charging via the app. When I checked in the car, it was still set to scheduled departure. Pretty sure I didn't make any mistakes, but I will experiment on another day.
  2. PianoAl

    Help Me Braintorm 2nd EV Ideas

    For a year and a half, we've had only one car. My wife and I are both retired, and that generally works okay, but there are a few times, perhaps once a month, when we'd both like to have the car at the same time. So, I'm considering buying a second EV. At most, this second car would only need to...
  3. PianoAl

    Poor Audiobook Support, Why?

    Since many people commute in their car and go on long trips, I'm surprised that there isn't better support for listening to audiobooks. Yes, I know I can use an app on my phone or listen to an audio file on a USB drive, but I would like to be able to 1. Choose an audiobook from the car's...
  4. PianoAl

    Any Actual Crashes with FSD?

    I've watched Youtube vids of cars being driven with FSD. Many have some close calls, but I'm wondering whether anyone has actually hit anything while driving with FSD on?
  5. PianoAl

    Sleep Indicator Light?

    My understanding is that when the car is sleeping, the USB ports are unpowered. If so, all I need to do to know if the car is sleeping, is plug something in that lights up when powered, like this hub, and place it where I can see it from outside the car. What do you think?
  6. PianoAl

    No Noise = Car is Asleep?

    In this video: the guy says that if the car is making no noise at all, it is asleep. True? I don't have an iphone, so no widget to check sleep status. Also, I guess tapping "Power Off" doesn't do the same thing as letting the car sleep. I'm trying to get my car to sleep to potentially fix...
  7. PianoAl

    Rear Camera Failure. Latest Fix Info? Sleep Length?

    Well, the rear camera failure (black screen) has now happened to me, and the fixes I've tried so far haven't worked. Apparently none of the cameras as working and autopilot is unavailable (and maybe GPS). My searching suggests the best fix is: 1. Remove USBs 2. Reset with both scroll wheels...
  8. PianoAl

    Car Thinks I'm My Wife

    Even though I've set me phone to be dominant (I usually drive), sometimes the car adjusts the seat, etc. based on my wife's settings. I've figured that it's because she got into the car first. But today, I was 100 miles away from home, and when I pressed the brake, it thought she was driving...
  9. PianoAl

    Make the Car Respect Restrictions on Incoming Calls?

    To avoid junk/telemarketing calls, I set Do Not Disturb on my phone, and tell it to only let through calls from people on my contact list. That works fine for the phone. However, when driving, the junk calls ring in the car's interface. On the few times I've answered, there's no one there. Is...
  10. PianoAl

    Make Front Console Insert for Clip-ons?

    It works well to keep my clip-ons here (I don't need to put my phone there): But my wife wants to do the same with her clip-ons. I'll probably make a replacement for the rubberish pad that's there, with a second "shelf" for her clip-ons. Before I begin: Anyone do or buy something like that...
  11. PianoAl

    Any Tricks to Adjusting Audio Position (Scrubbing)?

    Are there any shortcuts or tricks for scrubbing audio (adjusting position)? This is a safety issue when dealing with audiobooks or podcasts. For example, you miss a word in an audiobook and want to go back ten seconds. You put your fat finger on the progress bar, and it displays the time left...
  12. PianoAl

    Twenty-five Hour Trip in Two Days?

    We tried making this twenty-five hour trip in two days: We could have done it, but some snafus slowed us down. We drove 14.5 hours the first day and made it to Elko, Nevada. We learned that for max efficiency, you shouldn't go to lunch, for example, during charging. You always end up charging...
  13. PianoAl

    Please Explain This Charging Mystery

    As usual, I had the charging (to about 240 miles) set for Scheduled Departure, departing at 8:00 AM. At 6:00 I see it isn't charging, it's at 217 miles. Granted it probably only needed another hour, so that made sense, but a look at the notifications shows "2:00 Charging started at 2:00 am with...
  14. PianoAl

    Can't Unlock Front Door with Keycard If Trunk Is Open (Rationale?)

    Just curious about this: I've found that if the trunk is open but the car is locked, I can't unlock the front door using the keycard (get three beeps) until I close the trunk. I can't think of any rationale for that. You're going to ask how it gets into the doors locked/trunk open state. I...
  15. PianoAl

    Scheduled Charging Mystery Solved (Starts Charging Immediately)

    Okay, I've finally solved a mystery that I and others have reported, namely, you set up scheduled charging, and the car starts charging immediately. Some have said this happens because the car does some charging to figure out how long it will take, but I think the problem is a misunderstanding...
  16. PianoAl

    What the HECK is Going On Here (Video)? [with scheduled charging]

    I've had the car set for scheduled departure at 7:30 AM for weeks. It worked fine. Today, I changed it for departure at 6:30 AM, and it immediately started charging (during the 44 kWh period). I couldn't get it to stop. Other problems came up. Please take a look at the video and let me know...
  17. PianoAl

    Bluetooth Tip

    Here's a simple tip for you if you occasionally (or frequently) have trouble connecting with the car and have to switch Bluetooth off then on: Get an app that toggle Bluetooth with a single tap. Additionally, put it on the lockscreen. I have this one (no affiliation). Now, what I wanted but...
  18. PianoAl

    Tire Tread Life vs. Your Driving Style

    I'm seeing there's a big range of reports of tire tread life. Speaking only of the original tires on the M3s, I see ranges of tires wearing out from 16K to 40K. I like to punch my acceleration at every opportunity (it never gets old), and I am now replacing my tires after 23K miles. Please...
  19. PianoAl

    I'm a Convert to Departure Time Scheduling

    I believe that most of us overestimate the dangers of having the car sit for a while with a high charge level. I'd even go further to predict that by the time our batteries degrade significantly, cars will have such improvements (range > 1,000 miles??) that we'll want a new car anyway. Having...
  20. PianoAl

    Spare Trunk Ceiling Mount: Easy! Tips Here.

    Today I mounted my Modern Spare onto the ceiling of the trunk. No drilling required. For 1.5 years, I've had the tire on the floor of the trunk, which is inconvenient. Especially when sliding some big suitcases into it. This is what that looks like: The key is to remove a panel in the trunk...
  21. PianoAl

    Tips for Suspending Spare Tire in Trunk

    We've had the Modern Spare for over a year now, and it doesn't take up too much space in the trunk, at least in terms of cubic inches. (and yes, the bicycle pump works as a backup to the electrical inflator). However, having it take up a so much floor space is inconvenient. For example, you...
  22. PianoAl

    Tire Purchasing (Nationwide Shortage)

    The Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack (235/45R-18) have been recommended here because they are so quiet. When I tried to get them at Costco (and at Les Schwab) I was told that they are backordered. I looked at Tirerack.com, and was told in a chat that "You need an Extra load rated tire for that...
  23. PianoAl

    Is There a Way to Kickstart Connectivity?

    I've asked this a year ago, but I want to see if anyone has solved it ... In my area, there are a lot of dead zones that have no cell coverage. There are also areas with good coverage. The problem is that often, when going from a no-coverage to a good-coverage area, the car doesn't check, and...
  24. PianoAl

    Alternatives to Applying Slight Torque to the Steering Wheel [that are not steering wheel weight hacks]

    I'm sure many of you know this, but there are some nice alternatives to applying slight torque to the steering wheel to confirm that you are paying attention: Flick either scroll wheel up or down Tap the gear shift stalk down I like these because you don't have to think about torquing the...
  25. PianoAl

    My Car, In the Ocean!

    I was wondering why walk-away locking engaged in my driveway even though it's disabled when at home. Then I saw this: It was about a mile off, but corrected itself soon after.
  26. PianoAl

    Strange: Red Instead Blue, Strange Sounds

    The other day, the pulsing blue color on the display was instead red when asking me to apply torque to the wheel. Also, the normal sounds of turning on and off autopilot were different. Echoey and doubled. It corrected itself after a mile or two. Anyone else see that?
  27. PianoAl

    Different Phone for Better Connectivity

    About 30% of the time, my car has trouble recognizing my phone (won't unlock or won't let me drive). I sometimes have to turn airplane mode on then off. Other times I just wait a minute or so. It's the same for my wife. We both have el cheapo Tracfone Samsung Galaxy J7 Skypros, which work fine...
  28. PianoAl

    License Plate Message

    It will be interesting to see if anyone will notice this: When Martha Stewart was in prison, I had a frame that said "Made by Martha Stewart," and occasionally cars would pass and give me a laughing thumbs up.
  29. PianoAl

    Can't Get Microfiber Cloths Clean

    Many of the cloths I use for cleaning the car (with Optimum No Rinse), don't get totally clean: Any ideas for getting the grime out without destroying the microfibers? Should I just use these anyway? Thanks.
  30. PianoAl

    What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

    I'm impressed with the car's ability to understand spoken commands, but the failures can be pretty funny. Our two favorites: Wife said, "Unfold mirrors," and the car said it didn't understand the command, "Unsolved murders." I said "Play the Goldberg variations," and the car tried to play "the...
  31. PianoAl

    Noises While Not In Car—What is It Doing?

    Very often, I'll go into the garage long after I've driven and not when the car is charging, and hear some fan or other noises. I'd like to know what it's doing and assure myself it's not running the climate control. Here's another example: Today I pull the car out of the garage to wash it. In...
  32. PianoAl

    Closing Charge Port Door Manually?

    Whenever I wash the car, while hosing it off, the charge port door opens. Not crazy about that, but here's my question: I can closing it manually, by pushing it down. It registers that and closes on its own, but it doesn't feel right. That is, it feels as if I might break it. Should I instead...
  33. PianoAl

    No Notifications for Scheduled Departure?

    I always use scheduled charging, but for today I set up scheduled departure (for 6:30 AM). It was at 80% and I wanted it to be at 95% when fully charged. With scheduled charging, I always see one notification on the phone for when charging started and another for when it completed. However...
  34. PianoAl

    Considering This License Plate Frame

    Considering how the car can sometimes change lanes when someone is coming up fast from a distance, I'm thinking of getting a frame like this:
  35. PianoAl

    Neatening Up Cables in Center Console

    I want to make the cables and hub neater in the center console. I'm thinking I'll stick Velcro onto my hub and under the flap, as shown below. Anyone have better ideas?
  36. PianoAl

    Beware These Supercharger Parking Signs

    Beware these signs (this from a supercharger in Wells, NV). They are so close to the curb that you may hit one if you back in the usual amount. Luckily, I just nudged one—no damage. Is there a place to report issues at superchargers?
  37. PianoAl

    Funny Dual Locking Puzzles Solved

    I went on a trip from California to Denver recently, and the walkaway locking wasn't working. While we were there visiting, it worked okay. Then, on the way home, it stopped working again. I decided to ignore the problem until I got home. But at a hotel, my wife comes in and says "I didn't...
  38. PianoAl

    Changing Lanes to Minimize Curvature?

    I was driving on a four-lane with significant curves. There were no other cars around, but NOA changed lanes, and I noticed a brief message about curves. Does the car change lanes to minimize the amount of turning needed (e.g. curving to the left, changes to left lane then back to the right lane)?
  39. PianoAl

    Service Appointment Happening?

    I made this appointment last week to have the top glass replaced. Two days to go and I still see the screen below. I've twice left phone messages for the service center. The place is over 200 miles away, so I need to make sure it's happening. Is this usually how it happens? Suggestions?
  40. PianoAl

    Someone Opened the Door Manually

    I gave a friend a ride in our M3 and she opened the passenger door with the physical handle despite the bright open-door buttons I'd applied. I'm guessing no significant damage from that one occurence? I'll have to remember to warn passengers ahead of time.
  41. PianoAl

    Streaming News Headlines (ABC Changed?)

    In the past, every time I selected ABC News streaming, it started with the top news headlines. Now, it just plays a series of individual news articles. Is there any way to go back to the earlier paradigm? If not, what streaming news (e.g. via TuneIn) works that way? IOW, I don't want a live...
  42. PianoAl

    Search for Hotels with Destination Chargers?

    I haven't found a way to have Google Maps show me all the hotels that have destination chargers. I can find destination chargers, but Ii have to work out whether they are at a hotel, etc. Is there a way? Thanks.
  43. PianoAl

    TIP: Dog Mode Better Than Climate On

    Often, while getting ready for a trip, I'll turn on the climate to heat up the cabin. The problem with this is that if I open a door or even the trunk, the climate will turn off. I've found a better solution is to turn on Dog Mode. That way, if I'm loading stuff into the car, it won't shut down...
  44. PianoAl

    Is the Slow-Wake-Up Problem Fixable?

    I was at the beach when the county's tsunami warning system was tested. It made me picture sitting in my M3, turning airplane mode off and on and running the Tesla app, trying to wake up the car, while a deadly wave roared in from the ocean (yeah, I could use my card, but still). So, I'm...
  45. PianoAl

    Timestamps Wrong on Clips?

    Today I noticed that the timestamp for some of the dashcam video folders was way off. Anyone know what's up with that (note the second to last one):
  46. PianoAl

    Bug in the Tesla App (re: Messages)

    In curmudgeon mode today ... This is what happens when I try to message Tesla service with the app: Is there a way to see what you're typing while typing? If not, how can I report this problem to Tesla. Thanks.
  47. PianoAl

    Can't Charge Via Nissan EVSE (With Adapter)?

    We'll be visiting our daughter soon. She has a Leaf and a Nissan EVSE. I thought I could charge through that (with the J1772 adapter), but she said that that didn't work with another friend's Tesla. Anyone know why not? Thanks, Al
  48. PianoAl

    Better Way to Contact Service?

    Contacting service isn't working because of the limited options in the app. Before my insurance company will pay for the replacement of the roof (due to a crack), they need "a complete detailed estimate including part numbers, part pricing, and labor broken down." I can't find a way to message...
  49. PianoAl

    Why Isn't the SERVICE option visible here?

    I know I've seen and used the SERVICE option on my tablet before, but right now, it isn't there. Anyone know why?
  50. PianoAl

    Crack in Roof—Options?

    Today I noticed a crack in the glass on the roof. No idea what caused it. It's not near the roof rack supports. What are my options? Thanks.

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