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    2014 P85D Owners... hindsight? regrets?

    Early December delivery (my salesperson said I was #3). Got my performance seats in spring, so had to wait less than many others. In summation, no regrets, unless I find I need new sensors for autonomous driving that can't be retrofitted. I want as much autonomous driving as I can have, it will...
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    My car needs to go home to CA - How?

    Just a heads up on shipping. Not all shippers are the same. 10 years ago got my car delivered cross country, all tires were flat, the car was coated in mud, and the battery was dead.
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    My car needs to go home to CA - How?

    I've driven across country 10 times, but not recently. I floated the idea of going from Silicon Valley to Disney World and Miami, and my wife and daughter's vetoed, even though I've got a P85D and it's a fun car to drive. Like mentioned above, maybe you can persuade a buddy to go with you and...
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    Model S Buyers: What's Your Income?

    Would be interested to see the same poll for the P85D. I honestly love my car, but it's by far the most expensive car I've ever bought, and my purchase rationalization was stretching it.
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    I survived a "Launch"!

    The great thing about the P85D is you get to have fun at legal speed limits. Every red light, every stop sign become a launch point. I just got the 6.2.153 update, and car now does 0-60mph in 3.05, and top speed of 155 mph.
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    Your thoughts on who would win, P85 or Mustang 5.0?

    Yes, I've also gotten mine to 133 mph. That seems to be the current limit. I've got the P85D. Obviously it's one of the fastest 0-60, but I also haven't had a car yet that was faster 60-90 mph, but it may just have been inexperienced drivers. But the drop in torque is definitely noticeable...
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    P85D about to enter production - what have I done!

    After two months, the thrill still hasn't worn off for me. I volunteer to do small shopping trips and pick up and drop off the kids. Used to speed up for yellow lights, now I'd rather get the red light in pole position (or so my Walter Mitty side of my brain describes it).
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    Slacker Dumb question

    Huge Rush fan, how do I request a song in slacker?
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    Results for P85D round trip drive from Seattle WA to Silicon Valley, CA

    I was able to get some good watt-hours per mile numbers going up and coming back. Apologies but most are screenshots of my trip energy usage, will take some time to put into machine readable data. However, anecdotally I was able to glean some insights. I got the .140 firmware for the ride back...
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    I did not get TACC with 6.1, should I have?

    Software is not free to develop. However, many companies, Tesla included, build in the cost of continued software development and maintenance into the cost of hardware. You absolutely don't have a case. You didn't order the hardware, and as such, you don't get the software either.
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    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    Also staying on topic: I got the 3rd P85D at Fremont. Definitely no swag, lots of confusion, but couldn't be happier with the car. Answering question: Call the Santana Row store. They'll move the chains out of the way and let you charge any time. Oh, and Mercedes hasn't gotten the memo not to...
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    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    Yep, bought my P85D at Santana Row, and you'd look at me and say either homeless person, tenured science professor, or typical Silicon Valley developer. Looks do not matter out here.
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    Supercharger - Inyokern, CA (4 V2 stalls)

    I am beyond stoked for these supercharger sites. I travel at least twice yearly to death valley, to the white mountains and bristlecone pines, and up 395 and over either Tioga pass or 108.
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    I expected more from a P85D

    Yep, 3 weeks in now and I'm still giggling like a child each time I miss a yellow light and have to stop.
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    P85D: Audio system can interfere with driving efficiency

    Not chilly at all. Sunny California. Granted I've done at least 10 ridealongs in the last few days, which means, hey let's see what this thing can do. - - - Updated - - - I believe the remaining miles is different from the average usage.
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    P85D: Audio system can interfere with driving efficiency

    Really having a hard time keeping the efficiency close to anything reasonable.
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    Seeking info about SEMA J1772 chargers at Monterey Community Hospital

    Always had great service at MCH when my wife was doing her MIIS degree and I was doing my PhD in the 90s. Far better than my current Silicon Valley experiences :)
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    Superchargers At National Parks

    In California, if you've been to Yosemite Valley, Kings Canyon at the Copper Creek Trailhead, Bristlecone Pine or White Mountains, Whitney Portal, you'll find that many are termini, not thoroughfares. It's far better to get chargers at the intersections of the park entrances. However, if one...
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    Highway 1 fatality

    Yes, you can differentiate. Some easier than others, but if you do a full MRI you can find most hemorrhagic stroke evidence.
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    Video; P85D vs P85 all out....

    Straight line it's great, but you can get into serious trouble on corners. That's not the car's fault, it's just the laws of physics. OK, it's a bit the cars fault, one's perception of the speed is vastly underestimating. It's so quiet I do a double take when I glance down at the gauges, and...
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    Video; P85D vs P85 all out....

    Yep. Did it this afternoon. - - - Updated - - - Did anyone else notice 0-60 of 3.3, but also 0-100 of 8.1 seconds and peak g of 1.29 (shows on screen around 1:15 mark)?
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    Took my buddy on a test drive of P85D, it should be in next Gran Turismo video game

    Right now only the P85+ is in. To really experience launch, you should be a passenger. It slams you back into the seat. Loving the decision to buy it :)
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    P85D 2-3 day trip, anyone suggest a great birding/wildlife destination?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'm going to do a longer road trip and go the south-east part of Arizona. Will have to test out an RV hookup for the first time as there are no superchargers near Tucson.
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    Nomination no. 1 Tesla music

    "Battery" Lashing out the action, returning the reaction Weak are ripped and torn away Hypnotizing power, crushing all that cower Battery is here to stay Smashing through the boundaries Lunacy has found me Cannot stop the Battery Pounding out aggression Turns into obsession Cannot kill the...
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    Elon Musk tweets software upgrade will increase P85D range

    BTW, I drove from Silicon Valley to the foothills of the Sierras in the P85D. It was damn fun zipping past all the other performance cars, even if the range wasn't as high as the prior versions of the Model S.
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    P85D First long trip, range data, etc...

    Especially if one drives like a P85D can drive. Did a 230 mile round trip, 440 w/m average. It's so hard to keep it under 100 on newly paved rural roads...
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    Elon Musk tweets software upgrade will increase P85D range

    Software update to achieve max efficiency (going to full idle on 2nd motor) is not out yet. Range of P85D should then closely match P85+. 85D has higher range than 85 when using the same tires. Sport tires have better handling, but 3% to 5% range impact. Tradeoff is worth it :) First: Elon...
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    We have the same trim, and I agree, the black headliner does look nice with the grey interior. I'm going to do a random road trip this week, first to Sacramento and then probably to Arizona and back to do some birding/astrophotography. Will throw all my drones and equatorial mounts and tripods...
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    P85D Frunk with reference airplane carry-on bag inside

    I'd estimate 3 or maybe four, but I'll check later today to confirm.
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    P85D Frunk with reference airplane carry-on bag inside

    Just a pic for those trying to see if the frunk fits a carry-on legal suitcase (it does) or more (not much more).
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    P85D 2-3 day trip, anyone suggest a great birding/wildlife destination?

    Family is flying to Tokyo, I have commitments but I'm free 23rd-26th. Was thinking of driving up to Tule Lake area via supercharger network and stay at a KOA site near Klamath basin. I'm starting in Silicon Valley. Any other suggestions?
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    What's your average energy consumption?

    620 wH/mile for me. That should go down in the next few weeks.
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    If you believe that you'll be getting another electric vehicle, you definitely should upgrade. Even if you're getting the wall charger, may make sense. I'm getting a whole separate meter because California has a specific plan for EVs that allows for separate rates for the car and the rest of...
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    I agree with you if one uses the cash method of chart of accounts. However, I think if people are using the accrual method of accounting, it is consistent to equate placed in service with the time that no other party can claim use of the asset. I've had this come up with scientific equipment...
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    P85D: Normal high speed racing technique not as applicable as I had expected

    Not yet, but that's because I don't feel comfortable stringing together too much hard driving. I've definitely pegged the power over 500 on the gauge when driving (my average energy usage is an abysmal 620 wh/mile average for all driving).
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    P85D: Normal high speed racing technique not as applicable as I had expected

    Perhaps it's because I've never driven a 4WD performance car, or never driven a single geared car, I'm feeling like I've got a bigger learning curve than I had expected to push the car hard. The car is wonderful to drive, but I don't have the right feel yet, I'm not anticipating correctly. I'm...
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    First thoughts on P85D acceleration, day 1

    Took a P85+ person on a test ride today. I think I made another P85D sale.... I've now gotten adept at smashing that accelerator to maximize the performance. For the very first time, I felt a little slip and catch in one or two tires, it may have been the slightly wet road. I think the...
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    First thoughts on P85D acceleration, day 1

    Some have 19". I've only tried the 21" wheels, but my friend's P85D is due this week with 19" wheels. Some time in 2015 I should be able to report back.
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    First thoughts on P85D acceleration, day 1

    I tested Insane mode this evening at the metered lights on I-280. Waited an extra amount of time to get a clear path in front of me. You know how when you go into to the ocean, and your muscles fight the surf's rhythm of pushing and pulling, towards shore and away from the shore; that even an...
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Believe me, I dressed up for this...
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Yes, that's grey with grey 21" wheels, and grey interior, black headliner. Today is not a good day to do much testing, rainy and lots of traffic in Silicon Valley. Tomorrow looks like a break in the weather.
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Took delivery this morning. Tesla employee said I was the third P85D she had delivered so far, but many many more coming this week.
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    Have 2 GoPros. Take delivery P85D tomorrow. Test suggestions?

    Take delivery at factory tomorrow morning. Bay Area is pretty wet, but I'm happy to take videos to test performance.Fully loaded, 21" wheels, air suspension, tech package. Thinking one outside, one focused on dash.
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Pick up at Fremont factory 9AM Wednesday. Will swap out seats in January.
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    My p85d just switched from in production to beng prepped for delivery. vin 64190
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    Nevada Superchargers

    It's been a great week for Northern California. Manteca under construction, Lone Pine now entered construction, and now West Wendover, NV in permit!
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    Supercharger - Lone Pine, CA (LIVE 28 Jan 2015, expanded Dec 2019, 8 V3 stalls)

    Looks like Lone Pine went into construction today! At least supercharge.info shows it entering construction and permit for West Wendover, NV today.
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Congrats! Car really looks fantastic. Also, thanks so much for posting pictures and your impression. Really helps those of us in the queue.
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Been in production since 12/05, my expected delivery date has been pushed from December to Late December, VIN 64190. Given that it's 12/12, which was the original delivery target, that makes sense :)
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    Anyone getting less than 1.99% via Tesla?

    Financed 90% around 2.09% rate, 72 month term through Tesla/Wells Fargo. Just wired the down payment tonight.

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