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  1. Robwoodruff

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Today I had two good drives with Full self driving. I turned off Automatic emergency breaking, Obstacle-aware Acceleration, Forward Collision Warning and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance and the car no longer did any Phantom breaking or strange swerving off the road. It seems like Full self...
  2. Robwoodruff

    Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.3 Coming This Friday 10-22-2021

    I was at 99% for 3 days in my 2020 model X, downloaded 10.3 at 4 am, went for my first drive at 5. It drives like a 14 year old you are teaching, can do some unexpected moves. You have to keep you foot on the accelerator to keep the phantom breaking under control and hold the wheel to prevent...
  3. Robwoodruff

    Expanding FSD Beta.

    I just downloaded 2020.48.12.1 and went for a test drive, no FSD beta yet.
  4. Robwoodruff

    2020.12.6 update...????

    On secondary roads, you can use the pedal to make the car go 5 mph over the limit and it will still auto steer. It is a good idea to always have your foot hovering over the accelerator pedal anyway, just so you are ready to take over if the car slows for no reason or if you need to stop...
  5. Robwoodruff

    2020.12.6 update...????

    I updated to 2020.12.6 and did a test drive. It won't go 5 over while on autopilot, just the speed limit. It notifies you 500 feet from a red light that it is slowing then stops very comfortably. When the light turns green, it doesn't start on it's own, but goes when you touch the accelerator or...
  6. Robwoodruff

    Vendor DRIVE Electric for Tesla, an app for Samsung watches (Tizen)

    I installed this on my Galaxy watch. No problems logging in. Controls almost everything that I could control with my phone except summon. Very convenient.
  7. Robwoodruff

    Less regen after new software

    I have two model S's and a new X. The new X and the 2017 S both on 2020.4.1 have this problem with almost no regen. The 2015 model S still has normal regen, but it is still on 2019.40.2.3. I would rather have the regen back, I think it is safer to drive with one petal than to have to go back to...
  8. Robwoodruff

    My first flat tire - UI fail...

    I haven't used a jack yet. I got a plug kit from Walmart. Pliers are a good idea and a razor blade or scissors to cut the extra plug that is sticking out. You need a blanket or plastic to kneel on so you don't get dirty. A rain jacket with a hood is a good idea because it is always raining when...
  9. Robwoodruff

    Rear View mirror question

    I installed the camera under the model X spoiler which keeps it dry when it rains or snows and it stays cleaner than the license plate area because it is farther off the ground. I drove home in the rain tonight and the Tesla camera picture was blocked by water drops, this camera was dry. All...
  10. Robwoodruff

    My first flat tire - UI fail...

    After I got a flat tire in my first Tesla, a passerby with a plug kit and a 12 volt inflator fixed my tire and got me going. As soon as I got home, I bought plug kits and inflators for all my cars and taught my wife and kids how to use them. I've now had three more flats in different cars and...
  11. Robwoodruff

    How to open both Falcon Wing doors at the same time from the key?

    I just plan ahead and open one, then open the other 2 seconds later. As far as I know, there is no way to "open all" at once.
  12. Robwoodruff

    Rear View mirror question

    I found the same problem with my new Raven model X. I couldn't see well from the rear view mirror. I think it is because the center seat headrest is in the way and the back window is too small. I bought a rear view camera/mirror dash cam which goes over the rear view mirror. I put the rear...
  13. Robwoodruff

    Seat Height Model 3 vs Model X

    Model X is much higher off the ground than model 3. You definitely feel like you are driving in a truck. Model 3 feels like a sports car.
  14. Robwoodruff

    Trailer towing shank for Model X ?

    The specs Tesla gives is for a 5000 pound trailer. If your trailer is lighter and well balanced, that hitch is fine.
  15. Robwoodruff

    2020 Model X ventilated seats

    I have always had ventilated seats in all my cars, I had them in my 2017 model S and I loved them, I had them on any time the weather was not cold. My wife hated the ventilated seats, she kept the seat heater on all summer, I guess everybody is different. I just got a new Raven Model X and am...
  16. Robwoodruff

    Do I have the shudder of death? 2020 Raven LR

    I have a new Raven 2020 model X and I noticed the rattle sound coming from the front of the car on hard acceleration. I had the car suspension set to "freeway" so it would lower when you go fast. I remembered reading on one of these threads someone said it was the air suspension lowering from...
  17. Robwoodruff

    Canceled my Model X order . . . .

    I ordered my new Raven Model X end of November 2019 and it came Dec 15, no problems. The delivery center was super busy so I had to wait about 30 minutes to pick it up so I talked to all the other people who were picking up new cars while I waited. I didn't find it to be a bad delivery...
  18. Robwoodruff

    Used Model X vs. a Y

    I was in the same boat, I wanted a Model Y, but needed a truck now and the new Model Y won't be available for at least a year if you haven't reserved it yet. I went ahead and bought a model X. I love it. The massive glass windshield is amazing, the falcon wing doors are impressive, the speed is...
  19. Robwoodruff

    2020 Model X center console

    I got this Black Center Console Organizer tray from Amazon which worked great for both a 2017 model S and 2020 Raven Model X. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078XV6NH2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  20. Robwoodruff

    side-view mirrors freezing folded in...

    I never have my mirrors fold when I park so I never have to worry about them freezing in the folded position. Unless there is a good reason to have them fold, I would just leave them out.
  21. Robwoodruff

    Unexplained Reduced Regen Braking...

    When it's less than 50 degrees, regen doesn't work well. If it's less than 30 degrees, it doesn't work at all on the new Tesla's. I have a 2015 model S and the regen works fine at lower temperatures, but my new 2020 model X has almost no regen at low temperatures. I don't know what they changed...
  22. Robwoodruff

    Possible wind noise around drivers side mirror Model X Raven

    I haven't taken it in yet. I made an appointment but will probably cancel since it is a long drive and only during my work hours and they won't send a ranger for this. There is no wind noise now so I can wait until I have some other reason to take the car in.
  23. Robwoodruff

    Possible wind noise around drivers side mirror Model X Raven

    They must have forgotten to put a seal on the inside between the mirror arm and housing because I can't see anything wrong on the outside and the right side mirror has the same gap but does not make any wind noise. I haven't taken it apart yet to see what is missing since the noise is now gone...
  24. Robwoodruff

    2019.40.50.6 Installing Now

    I got the 50.6 update overnight in my model X, same release notes, third update in the past week.
  25. Robwoodruff

    Possible wind noise around drivers side mirror Model X Raven

    Here are some pictures of the space on the left mirror where the wind blows through and makes the whistling noise. With the tape in place there is no whistling noise at all. So far it has not prevented the mirror from folding and unfolding. With the mirror in the normal position you can...
  26. Robwoodruff

    Possible wind noise around drivers side mirror Model X Raven

    I picked up a new Raven model X 12/14/2019, on the way home I noticed a whistle near the drivers mirror. The trim looks fine, the noise happens between 20 and 50 mph. I have two model S that do not have the same noise. Over all the X is very quiet and the wind sound is a faint whistle and...
  27. Robwoodruff

    Raven wind noise?

    I figured out that the wind noise I was hearing was from the left side mirror. I could hear the noise when the window was open, so I knew it wasn't the window seal. I took apart the frunk to made sure the left A pillar didn't have any space for air to blow, that didn't seem to be the problem. I...
  28. Robwoodruff

    Raven wind noise?

    I just picked up a new Raven model X yesterday, on the way home I noticed a slight whistle near the drivers mirror also. The trim looks fine, the noise happens about 40 mph. I have two model S that do not have the same noise. Over all the X is very quiet and the wind sound is just a faint...
  29. Robwoodruff

    I can now hear and reply to text messages in my Model 3

    I set up Readittome on my phone and got it working in my model S. It wasn't easy but once I figured out all the settings, it does read your texts to you through the car's speakers like a phone call. You have to enable it for your car's bluetooth and set it up in the app to "BT Mono for older...
  30. Robwoodruff

    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    This is the dashcam video of my first attempt at using the new Tesla Advanced Summon with Autopilot Version 10 (2019.32.11). I have a January 2017 Model S, AP2, FSD. First time I tried advanced summon, it wouldn't back out of the parking spot so I moved to a different parking lot and tried...
  31. Robwoodruff

    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    I just got version 10 (2019.32.11) and did some test drives. I have a January 2017 Model S, AP2, paid for FSD. Summon is truly amazing. First time I tried it, it wouldn't back out of the parking spot. I moved to a different parking lot and tried again. I didn't think it would do anything, so I...
  32. Robwoodruff

    Version 10 Videos

    I just got version 10 (2019.32.11) and did some test drives. I have a January 2017 Model S, AP2, paid for FSD. Summon is truly amazing. First time I tried it, it wouldn't back out of the parking spot. I moved to a different parking lot and tried again. I didn't think it would do anything, so I...
  33. Robwoodruff

    Auto Pilot Not working

    I had a similar thing happen today going home from work an hour ago. Autopilot and cruise unavailable. I was thinking about doing a scroll wheel reset but after 5-6 minutes, it came on by itself, worked fine the rest of the way home.
  34. Robwoodruff

    Version 9 on AP1

    Yes, it works well on android. You search on Google maps. At the bottom, instead of choosing navigate, you choose share. You pick the Tesla app to share to and get a message that it went to your car.
  35. Robwoodruff

    Software Update 2018.39.6 8377b4d

    When I updated this morning, my USB drive was no longer recognized. I reformatted it in my computer and put songs on and the car recognizes it now.
  36. Robwoodruff

    Software Update 2018.39.6 8377b4d

    I did a test drive on both my AP2 and AP1 cars. AP1 does not have the 360 degree view like the AP2 car does. I don't see any option for dash cam on either car even though I think I have AP2.5, hard to tell. Both cars will change lanes on regular 4 lane road now, not just limited access roads.
  37. Robwoodruff

    Version 9 on AP1

    Both my MS 85D AP1 and MS 90D AP2 updated last night to 2018.39.6 Didn't have to get 36 first, went straight from 32 to 39.
  38. Robwoodruff

    Software Update 2018.39 4a3910f (plus other v9.0 early access builds)

    Looks like everyone that has gotten 2018.39 had to have 2018.36.2 first.
  39. Robwoodruff

    long distance, coast to coast drive - tips, preparation

    We find driving the Tesla long distance is much nicer than our old ICE car. We tend to stop every 2-3 hours and super charge for 20 minutes. We keep the battery between 20 and 80% unless we stop for dinner and charge to 100 or stay at a hotel with a destination charger and charge to 100%. The...
  40. Robwoodruff

    Is my "home delivery specialist" legit?

    Did you find any paint or trim problems with your model 3 on delivery? I'm from Las Cruces so your post caught my eye.
  41. Robwoodruff

    Is there an "Extra" Parking Brake Step or Not? Weird.....

    The only problem with stopping this way is when you drive your other car, you will come to a stop, open the door, get out and the car will slowly roll away. Happened to me several times when I forgot I wasn't in my Tesla.
  42. Robwoodruff

    Software Update 2018.26.3 be4b11e

    On both my model S's, I got 2018.26 3bbd9fd. It is not 2018.26.3 No difference in how it drives or the release notes.
  43. Robwoodruff

    What do you do with your right foot?

    I hover over the accelerator pedal so when "phantom braking" occurs, I can keep it going immediately. If I don't, my wife yells at me and tells me to stop using autopilot.
  44. Robwoodruff

    Really feels like AP2 > AP1 to me

    AP2 definitely better than AP1 now in most cases. The things AP1 still does better: 1) slows and excellerates more smoothly 2) allows lane changes on local roads. 3) recognizes and draws trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians, not just cars
  45. Robwoodruff

    Home Charging Model X 75D

    Using the 14-50 at 40A is plenty fast enough, (the new home chargers are 32A). I have never felt the need to charge at 48 or 72A. The Tesla battery is plenty big enough to use all day and charge at night. My cars rarely charge for more than 4 or 5 hours and are full. The only reason to buy a...
  46. Robwoodruff

    Enhanced autopilot - worth it?

    Autopilot is definitely worth the money. That is what make a Tesla better than all other cars right now. I use autopilot 99% of the time I drive. It makes the drive more fun, more relaxing, more exciting, more cool and fun. It's not perfect but improves with every update and watching the...
  47. Robwoodruff

    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    I'm still on 2018.12 with no new updates and no new maps yet but yesterday my 2017 model S started recognizing the speed limits correctly. It doesn't seem to need a speed limit sign because I drive a road with no speed limit signs visible but finally the Tesla is showing the correct speed...
  48. Robwoodruff


    Definitely buy it. You will like it way better than the mercedes. Driving a Tesla is much more fun than driving any other car I have ever owned.
  49. Robwoodruff

    Firmware Update 2018.12

    Someone said the map on the instrument cluster was different with this update, I just stated that I didn't notice any difference yet. Maybe it will change in a few days when the new maps are downloaded but so far, no difference.
  50. Robwoodruff

    Firmware Update 2018.12

    I don't notice any difference yet in either map screen with the new update.

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