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  1. MrKool

    FS: 21'' uberturbine wheels, Tires and TPMS

    In Virginia and interested if the wheels are still available
  2. MrKool

    21" Uberturbines for sale Northern Virginia/DC

    Also interested in the answer.
  3. MrKool

    DMV: Model S Refresh 19" Rims and Tires for Sale

    What do they look like under the covers?
  4. MrKool

    Anyone with non refreshed Model S got the FSD beta?

    100 miles in one drive or over all? I am at 130 or so miles over all but not a single drive of over 100 miles
  5. MrKool

    Anyone with non refreshed Model S got the FSD beta?

    I have been in 99 safety score for 2 weeks now but still no option for FSD beta firmware. Also,it looks like if you enable beta option you do t get other normal updates is that other people experience as well?
  6. MrKool

    Advise on Selling

    you don’t mind me asking what is the price they are offering?
  7. MrKool

    DMV: For Sale: Model S sonic carbon 19 tires, wheels, tpms $1,000.

    I am interested and in DMV. DM me
  8. MrKool

    WTS: Tesla Gen 2 Mobile Connector

    Still available?
  9. MrKool

    Live Camera Stopped Working

    I got 2021.40 today but don’t see an option for live view.p is it only for refreshed cars? I am on iOS running the latest version available to me 4.2.3-427
  10. MrKool


    turned Off the FSD beta trial 2 days later just got 2021.32.30 I want .36.8 damnit
  11. MrKool


    so I guess it is only for Plaid? I even turned off the Autopilot request and it still won’t uodate.
  12. MrKool

    Stuck in 2021.32.22?

    And this will get me the beta FSD? I been on 92 safety score for a while but if this trick works that would be awesome.
  13. MrKool


    is This only rolling out to refresh models I got a 2020 MS LR sitting at .32.22
  14. MrKool

    Inflated values

    So if I sell my 2020 MS 8k miles, blue with FSD and life time free super charging how much should I get for it?
  15. MrKool

    Auto park feature question

    I have yet to use the Auto park feature how do you use it? When I am going forward on my other cars you press the find a spot button and it starts looking for a spot it can fit the car in where is that button Tesla? I normally turn on the camera app and press the cones but it never finds a spot...
  16. MrKool

    Safety Score - Probably Will Fail!

    I have not driven my car much since requesting drive like 10-20 miles yesterday but I don’t have any scores in my app. Does the score show up after certain number of miles? Also the Drag Times guy said the full SDB will be given after 7 days of driving the car is that true has anyone gotten FSD yet?
  17. MrKool

    2021.32.10 bug?

    Golden rule to Tesla is Always reboot your car by pressing the scroll wheels after every update.
  18. MrKool

    Software Updates Causing Issues

    Yes a reboot after each update is a must.
  19. MrKool


    I have the new look Tesla app so I guess it is only a 2021+ option
  20. MrKool


    What third party app?
  21. MrKool


    2020 MS LR here and only have vent even though I see the button tnat says close it gives and error that my car can not use this feature which sucks
  22. MrKool

    Damn death rattle is back and louder

    Well death rattle is a known issue so didn’t want to repeat what has been said before but it is under hard acceleration or from a dig u lunch and the front struts make a metal on metal clacking noise that is known as the death rattle. As Far as I know 2016 onwards all model S have the issue the...
  23. MrKool

    Damn death rattle is back and louder

    Didn’t drive the car much since Tesla “fixed” the death rattle back in January but yesterday when getting on highway I accelerated hard and the death rattle is back. anyone still having this issue after all these years or is it just me?
  24. MrKool

    Window not fully closed alerts

    Am I rolling the window down on auto or using the button to manually roll it down and up all the way? also I let go of the button after it is down and then press down for 10 Sec or continue to press the button down while it is going down and keep it pressed fir 10 extra seconds?
  25. MrKool

    USB drive thumb drive, USB SSD, Raspberry Pi with SD card? Which one is better for sentry?

    I currently have a raspberry pi 0 hooked up but it takes too long to boot up and get ready to start the recording. I got it initially as there was no way to view the videos in the car but now that is an option I want to have a dumb drive hooked up that jut records but I remember reading about...
  26. MrKool

    How slow will our Screen get once the OS 11 cokes out that was designed for the massive GPU in the new Tesla refresh?

    I saw the new interface in some online pictures and it looks much cleaner and sleek but I am just wondering that the fact it is not designed for our orientation screen and lower GPU performance what will it will feel like? I hate slow unresponsive controls and I just got this damn thing. any...
  27. MrKool

    False alerts with driver door has been left open

    Did u reboot?
  28. MrKool

    Anyone else having issues with Sentry turning on even at home?

    Yeah learnt the reboot after firmware trick as soon as I got the car where it rebooted during my drive home :) freaked me out
  29. MrKool

    Anyone else having issues with Sentry turning on even at home?

    So past few weeks I have been noticing that sentry is active all the time. I will some time get a warning that some windows are down so sentry is on and I go and check all windows are close I have to roll the windows down and than up and than the error message goes away from the app. If I don’t...
  30. MrKool

    2021 MS LR+ rattling sound upon hard acceleration

    F34D6D56-0D27-423E-8D03-2C573B2ED86A by MrKool posted Jan 25, 2021 at 4:54 PM Dropped it off earlier and 4 pm it is done.
  31. F34D6D56-0D27-423E-8D03-2C573B2ED86A


  32. MrKool

    2021 MS LR+ rattling sound upon hard acceleration

    It’s called the death shudder (sounds worst than it is). It if you search the forum there is a big thread on here about this. I have an appointment today for my 2020 LR today let’s see if they give me the fix or the BS answer of its Normal
  33. MrKool

    Any fix for the “death rattle” yet?

    I drove mine the other day when it was cold and heard the death rattle every single time. I know there was no fix for it about a year ago but is it fixed now? Should I make an appointment bec the last time people were being told that Tesla is still trying to fix the issue.
  34. MrKool

    Any Model S or X received the Holiday update yet? What about external speakers on s/X?

    Is this true for all model S? I have a 2020 with late 2019 build
  35. MrKool

    Should I buy a Plaid Model S or a Triple Motor CyberTruck?

    If you ever going to track that is not just a straight line I will go with the plaid. Also no numbers on mpw on the truck but I think they gonna suck
  36. MrKool

    Purchased new MS a few months ago (2020), 1st rain wiper issue.

    Quality control is a real issue I think you may have a burnt out motor just get an appointment.
  37. MrKool

    Software updates for longer range?

    I have not been driving much this year only got 4300 miles on her so that must be messing with my numbers but my max is 371 :( my average watt hours per mile is 247 for past 30 miles.
  38. MrKool

    Software updates for longer range?

    How is you app showing miles? Mine only shows %
  39. MrKool

    Anyone here got FSD beta? Or has driven/sat in one?

    Is there a timeline to get this beta to other folks or is it just all the youtubers?
  40. MrKool

    Software updates for longer range?

    I have a 2020 raven long range build is nov 2019 and the battery pack I have does not do the extra range so I am still at 375 fully charged. So there was hardware battery upgraded in early 2020 that gives u extra storage plus it charges faster
  41. MrKool

    Blog Model S is First EPA-Rated EV to Hit 400 Miles of Range

    for me when ever some one asks about range I make sure to mention that from 100-0 you would get 350ish but you are suppose to keep the car between 20-80% which means you are loosing about 40% on daily driving so technically my range is about 250miles before I recharge.
  42. MrKool

    Would You Buy a New Model S Today?

    I got the 2020 S LR and well a month later they came out with Bigger battery with a little more range and built in wireless charger for the S. Charger is no biggie but I missed the battery by a hair :( so they will always be adding new stuff to the car if you like how it is right now buy it I...
  43. MrKool

    In my car I can only see miles per hour charge rate how do I get the kw per hour?

    So when they say the model 3 charges at 250kwh vs model s is 200kw how do they see that? I have tried changing to percent and miles both say the same when charging
  44. MrKool

    In my car I can only see miles per hour charge rate how do I get the kw per hour?

    I wanted to see what speed my car charges at and I could only see miles per hour it went up to 496 miles per hour charge rate my SoC was 8%.
  45. MrKool

    Just getting 2020.20.5

  46. MrKool

    Just getting 2020.20.5

    Don’t see a thread on it so starting one. Anyone know what’s in it?
  47. MrKool


    Still no update for me and I tried the reboot and switch to advanced and normal trick.
  48. MrKool

    What did you name your car?

    KITT :)
  49. MrKool

    Death rattle fix estimate cost for a 2020 LR?

    I ended up not going because I couldn’t reproduce the rattle :( good to know there was no fix any way saves me a trip

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