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  1. fawu

    Vacation Rentals with Tesla chargers

    Hotels.com has a filter for "Electric Vehicle Charging Points". It works reasonably well - this is where I usually start my search for lodging on a road trip. But I then often validate on Plugshare that the charger is actually working/accessible/free of charge... Hotels.com is mostly for...
  2. fawu

    I-5 Grants Pass, OR to Springfield, OR ABRP says not a valid route

    I have done this stretch both ways many times with my MX75D and MS60. As PLUS EV says, as long as it's not very cold and there is no snow/wind you'll be fine. With my old MS60 I'll often go slow initially (or draft behind a truck) until I build up a sufficient reserve. For additional peace...
  3. fawu

    Supercharger - Spokane, WA

    Thank a lot for taking the initiative @khorton. The permit linked further upthread also has the contact info for the contractor (striperite) if case you want to pursue this further.
  4. fawu

    Supercharger - Spokane, WA

    That is just so weird - and really stinks if you have a bike rack. The signage seems identical with the prior one...are these intended to protect the pedestals (the posts seem to be filled with concrete going by another plugshare photo)? Or did Stripe Rite, Inc just get the Posts Wrong?
  5. fawu

    Supercharger - Yakima, WA

    Yay! Make my trips to Bend quite a bit easier. Did anybody ever doubt Tesla's Q1 opening date? :cool:
  6. fawu

    Supercharger - Eureka (8 V2 stalls)

    I checked this out yesterday. Turns out these are Tesla Powerpacks that are now installed next to the Electrify America chargers, a bit to the south of the Superchargers.
  7. fawu

    Supercharger - Yreka, CA (LIVE 25 May 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

    Yes, Myrtle Creek near Roseburg will fill that gap (hopefully) in Q1/21
  8. fawu

    Supercharger - Williams, CA (LIVE 18 Dec 2019, 12 V3 stalls)

    Williams has gotten an upgrade in the last 3 weeks: 4 more V3 stalls have been added on the north side of the existing charger - so it has now 12 V3 stalls. Great to see this expansion only 1 year after opening this charger (the site was prepared for an expansion as part of the initial...
  9. fawu

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    Note that the online display of capacity and occupancy currently still seems highly volatile and unreliable. On Saturday, it first showed 3 out of 4 stalls occupied, later 4 out of 6, and when I got there 6 out of 8 were occupied, while online was showing 0 out of 4 occupied. All 8 stalls...
  10. fawu

    Supercharger - North Bend, WA

    What a difference a day (night) makes. All but 2 pedestals are without their top covers now, and one even has no cover on the back (lying broken a little further to the north). It was quite windy here in the last 24 hrs, and I am guessing the pedestal covers weren't fully assembled yet...
  11. fawu

    Supercharger - Auburn, WA

    Congrats PWlakewood. A Supercharger at the (former) Supermall !
  12. fawu

    Supercharger - Rohnert Park, CA (LIVE 9 May 2019, 12 V2 stalls)

    As the perfect entertainment for your Supercharger break I recommend taking a spin with (EV-)slotcars at Fundemonium in the same mall. (next to Petsmart, 20 mins @ $9 IIRC) :)
  13. fawu

    Supercharger - Rohnert Park, CA (LIVE 9 May 2019, 12 V2 stalls)

    The transformer is in now, but not powered up yet.
  14. fawu

    how important are winter tires in Chicago with AWD?

    Check out this comparison of AWD w/ summer tires vs. RWD w/ winter tires:
  15. fawu

    Touchless car wash near Redmond/Bellevue?

    Yep, Twin Star. They put in all new hardware a few months ago (and increased prices). Do I recommend it? It's by far not perfect, but the car is coming out cleaner than going in. And it's touchless. That works for me... +1 on Caadxi Oaxaca.
  16. fawu

    Touchless car wash near Redmond/Bellevue?

    There is one in Snoqualmie that has recently been upgraded/refreshed.
  17. fawu

    Supercharger - Leavenworth, WA

    Congrats Librae!!!
  18. fawu

    Supercharger - Issaquah, WA (LIVE 10/8/2018)

    Back to this SuC.... Earlier last year - before construction in Issaquah had started - the Mayor of Snoqualmie had indicated that a SuC would go in at the Safeway parking lot in Snoqualmie. Maybe that's what now will happen. Will start to look for permits...
  19. fawu

    Supercharger - Ellensburg, WA

    Still the same 5x layout, and still limited to 120 kw max. I think I read somewhere here that an expansion is planned at a different location close by (but that might be a rumor only).
  20. fawu

    Supercharger - Ellensburg, WA

    Since it hasn't been reported here yet, Ellensburg got all new pedestals in the last two weeks (just as Burlington).
  21. fawu

    Supercharger - Issaquah, WA (LIVE 10/8/2018)

    More of nothing new to report as of today...
  22. fawu

    Supercharger - Issaquah, WA (LIVE 10/8/2018)

    Saturday, 12/2/17 - no changes
  23. fawu

    Supercharger - Issaquah, WA (LIVE 10/8/2018)

    I stopped by last night. No progress or changes vs. the picture from TreborThickweb on Wednesday. All the hardware incl. the Tesla cabinets has disappeared. Possibly they are now in the 2 shipping containers that are still on site (if they fit). I wonder what's going on here.
  24. fawu

    Supercharger - Issaquah, WA (LIVE 10/8/2018)

    Looks like Issaquah will have 8 stalls:
  25. fawu

    Squamish, BC - Supercharger

    Looks like construction for the expansion has started now. The construction fence it up (right across from the current stalls), and Alta Lake Electric's trailer is there.
  26. fawu

    Model X September Deliveries

    Same here - 75D 6-seater reserved in 2014, ordered in January with VIN 113xx. Just starting production now.... Still, very happy :)
  27. fawu

    New Bellevue Service Center location?

    I have a service appointment scheduled for next week. Received a note from Tesla today that as of Monday (7/18) they will be in the new location. It says the new location will have a showroom and "space for our delivery team" - so sounds like they will start doing deliveries in Bellevue again...
  28. fawu

    Cancelled my X....1.1% ROI

    Well, it's your card issuing bank who is the other winner here. Tesla of course had to pay the 2-4% interchange fee on your initial payment.
  29. fawu

    New SC in Seattle

    There are a few threads on this topic, e.g., Why is Tesla putting a supercharger in Seattle?
  30. fawu

    Model S and Glacier National Park, MT - Help with how to approach

    I'd recommend you make a reservation at the KOA - when I was there in August it was fully booked. Not sure if the cabins have 14-50ies, you might have to ask one of the RV spots if you can use theirs. The going to the sun road is spectacular, particularly in a Tesla with the Pano roof open :)...
  31. fawu

    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    #10,6xx - invite received today...
  32. fawu

    Snoqualmie plus blewett pass seattle to Wenatchee?

    I haven't done it from Seattle. Should be pretty safe, but the good thing is there are several Chademo's along the way (North Bend, Snoqualmie Pass, Cle Elum, Leavenworth, Wenatchee) - so should you ever run low in heavy snow/rain/wind there's always an option for a fast recharge. The Chademo...
  33. fawu

    Random Model X sightings

    adjustable headrests...nice!
  34. fawu

    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Based on the pictures from Tuesday I don't see any chance that you will be able to charge here today or tomorrow. I've never read or heard that a single individual stall would be live before the entire SC is tested and activated by Tesla (not done by ADK). If you are concerned about making it...
  35. fawu

    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    Fantastic news. How did the permit scouts miss that one :wink:. The permit has been issued on 6/24 already, even in Tesla's name: Permit "CONSTRUCTION OF A SUPERCHARGING STATION FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES: REPLACE 8 PARKING STALLS WITH 10 PARKING STALLS (8 WITH CHARGING POSTS, 2 WITHOUT) AND...
  36. fawu

    Track Solar Paneled Superchargers

    Køge, Denmark Nanjing, China (not sure which one of the 3 in Nanjing)
  37. fawu

    Are Superchargers Renewably Powered Where Available?

    It depends. In Germany for example the 39 Superchargers are powered by renewable energy through the utility that Tesla selected as their electricity provider.
  38. fawu

    North Bend, WA Outlet Mall - CHAdeMO and J1772 Public Charging

    I tried one of the CHAdeMOs and one of the L2s this past Sunday and could get neither to work with my eVgo card. The L2 (the one further to the right) didn't seem to register the card at all, while the L3 next to it did recognize the card but wouldn't synch with my MS (I have had no issues...
  39. fawu

    Day trip from Seattle through Olympic to La Push coast area. Suggestions?

    Your proposed itinerary should work well range-wise - but that's certainly a lot of driving for one day. You might also want to consider going to Neah Bay instead. The distance is about the same as La Push, and the drive in total is a bit nicer I think (more coast, less forest - but you'll...
  40. fawu

    Iced Ellensburg Supercharger

    We have a thread with 60 posts on this topic here: Completely ICEd at Ellensburg Superchargers! Grrr Skyhawk summarized in Dec 2014: I just re-read the entire thread because I don't think this is much of a problem. It appears there was only one case on July 21 when someone was completely...
  41. fawu

    Pacific NW - Superchargers

    There is a new eVgo CHAdeMO charger currently under construction at the North Bend Outlet Mall, just a few steps away from the future hotel (see plugshare for details). So if you have the adapter this should help quite a bit for the Centralia - Ellensburg via SR18 trip, particularly in the...
  42. fawu

    Join WA Gov. Inslee at opening of Nissan Fast Charging Depot in Bellevue

    I checked these out tonight. Good news is that charging is currently free, and you don't need any card at this time - just push the Start button. What's not to like about that? Just not sure if it will stay that way. Connecting these eVgo chargers - with button, handle and handle lock - to...
  43. fawu

    Join WA Gov. Inslee at opening of Nissan Fast Charging Depot in Bellevue

    Here's the Nissan press release. Not too surprisingly, Tesla Superchargers apparently don't seem to exist - oh well... Gov. Inslee, Bellevue Nissan Open New EV Fast-Charging Depot | Business Wire
  44. fawu

    Missoula to Glacier National Park: How Do You Do It?

    My wife and I traveled around in Glacier NP in my MS60 for about a week last summer, relying exclusively on RV parks for charging. We stayed most nights at a hotel in Kalispell while the car slept at a local RV park. We had the Hotel Shuttle drop us off and pick us up there. Entirely doable...
  45. fawu

    Crystal Mountain

    Thanks Merrill - this is excellent. Maybe a few more folks can reach out to them too and nudge them to make the fairly small investment (e.g., some NEMA 14-50s and some signage). My initial contact was through their website "contact us" form and they responded quickly (but responses were...
  46. fawu

    SAE ports in Seattle Area

    FWIW - just came across this "announced" SAE combo charger at Wholefoods in Bellevue on plugshare: COMING SOON SAE COMBO/CHAdemo Whole Foods Market | Bellevue, WA | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare No idea how real this is. You might want to check out the company behind this to find...
  47. fawu

    Broken windshield wipers?

    The same happened to me (or better, I did the same to me) while on a ski vacation in the middle of the Rockies far far away from any Service Center. I removed the wiper arm and tried to get the spring back on - which was hopeless...the spring is way too strong. I put some stronger rubber band...
  48. fawu

    Crystal Mountain

    They do have 24 RV hookups (110V and TT-30s) on the B parking lot which can help to keep car & battery warm as long as they are available. I've emailed them a couple of times this year through their website and suggested to install "real" EV chargers ("...Stevens & Snoqualmie Pass have them...
  49. fawu

    Supercharger - Superior, MT

    Superior shows as open now on the navigation map. Not yet on teslamotors.com though.

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