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  1. Bumper

    Battery cycle ranges and degredation over the cars lifetime (90-20%?)(95-5%)

    Eeek, given your destination, getting a charger installed is not an easy ask. Also, parking outside will consume range
  2. Bumper

    Battery cycle ranges and degredation over the cars lifetime (90-20%?)(95-5%)

    I grew up in ND and don't like those odds. Any given day it would be fine. But keep in mind the winds that are prevelent. Model S is a sleek vehicle but -40 temps and 30kt headwind will cut heavily into range. Plus, that is not the day you want to be stuck on the side of the road with a dead...
  3. Bumper

    The MCU2 upgrade is now $1500

    Prices change, that's just life. I happily paid $2,500 for my upgrade and have been enjoying it for months. On the flip side, I only paid $4,260 for FSD and now the price is $10k. If I'm that they won't refund $1,000 from 6 months ago, Tesla could be ticked that I have not paid them the extra...
  4. Bumper

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I believe mine is a July 2017. It was built right when they announced "uncorked" so I got in on that but just missed the air suspension becoming standard. 75 RWD,
  5. Bumper

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    All done and it is fantastic! All done and it is fantastic! Tyson's Corner SC in Virginia finished my upgrade yesterday. Charged my card on file when I picked it up and I was on my way. The trim and everything install related is perfect. My firmware was downgraded to 2020.12.x but upgraded...
  6. Bumper

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I'm nervous about the trim too. About a year ago they replaced my screen due to the yellow band. The trim wasn't put back on right, the screen was tilted, and they cut the leather on my steering wheel. I rejected the repair so they kept it a few more days to do it right including replacing the...
  7. Bumper

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    My ‘17 S went in to Tyson’s in VA yesterday morning for the MCU1/AP2.0 swap out. I called at 4pm and the hardware was all in and working but the download had not finished. If it got done by 5pm they would roll it out and I could pick it up. Unfortunately my app notified me it finished about 7pm...
  8. Bumper

    "Voltage supply too low" error

    I had this on a rental X in January. It subsequently stranded me and they had to come tow the vehicle. The 12v battery needed replacing.
  9. Bumper

    How LONG must I wait for my MCU2 UPGRADE???

    Tesla change the "Infotainment Update" web site to say AP 2.0 vehicles are "Scheduling Now" about the same time as Elon announced the Fremont factory was going to reopen Friday. But then Alemada county shut down their attempt to re-open. I wonder if that will have an effect on the upgrades that...
  10. Bumper

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    true enough on the hardware. My point was more that it’s what’s in the current shipping vehicle. I’m glad you had a good experience with others in the past. My Experience with Ford upgrades was pretty poor.
  11. Bumper

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    they have been updating the web site as the date slips. But the directions remain the same. Wait for an email that your vehicle is eligible. The fact that this is happening at all reassured me that I bought the right brand. Try asking any other auto manufacturer to put a 2020 touchscreen and...
  12. Bumper

    How LONG must I wait for my MCU2 UPGRADE???

    The information you are asking for is on Tesla’s web site. It has been updated at least twice as the date is pushed out. I have the same hardware as you so late May, unless they push again. You will get an email when you are eligible. Tesla has furloughed thousands of employees, and have been...
  13. Bumper

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Sorry for my soapbox moment but I can no longer help it. I am one of the MCU1, AP2.0 folks. I fully intend to buy the Infotainment upgrade when my email arrives. Yes, I am discouraged that we slipped from March to April to May (so far). Yes I am frustrated that Tesla's banked my FSD money for 2+...
  14. Bumper

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I have only read about appointments getting canceled for folks that scheduled an upgrade appointment without getting any notice from Tesla that their VIN is eligible. I'm just as excited as the next guy, but repeatedly making appointments before it's their turn only seems to waste the time of...
  15. Bumper

    Have there been studies on possible health effects of ev's?

    Just wear your tin foil underwear and you should be fine.
  16. Bumper

    Error: “Climate keeper unavailable due to system fault”

    I got this error trying to enable Dog mode this weekend. That whole slider bar was dimmed and unavailable. I submitted the error as a service request right away. Tesla texted back a response that after reviewing my logs, it is a known error in my firmware (2020.4.1). They canceled my service...
  17. Bumper


    2020.4.1 started downloading on my 2017 S, but got stuck at 48%. I called support and they “fixed it” by pushing 2019.42.2.1 back on. Now they won’t try again with 2020.4.2.1. They of course claim that it isn’t released to my type of vehicle yet. So frustrating.
  18. Bumper


    Mine has been stuck at 48% for about 90 min. I rebooted but no help. Full WiFi signal
  19. Bumper

    How many of you Smart Summon the car?

    I’m really disappointed in this feature. The few times I have tried it were total failures. Small parking lots with nobody else moving around. It would back our part way then pull back in before trying again. Once it backed out only part way and headed toward the car I was next to. ABORT! One...
  20. Bumper

    Model S HW 2.0 to HW 3.0 Upgrades? (Not HW2.5 or Model 3 upgrades to HW3)

    FSD purchase follows the car, not the buyer. So selling the car just transfers the expectation to the next owner, it doesn’t make it go way.
  21. Bumper

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    So MCU1 folks with a fair amount of warranty left should keep Sentry mode on at all times. Get it to fail and be replaced under warranty. Maybe enough MCU1 failures will trigger Tesla to make the upgrade a reality. EIther by drying up the MCU1 replacement supply or some other reason.
  22. Bumper

    V10 on MCU1

    Ya I had the same excitement, except I went from 32.2.1 to 32.2.2. Dang it!
  23. Bumper

    Looks like V10 infotainment features not supported by MCU1 (video)

    That doesn't make the problem go away, it just moves it so someone else. If I trade my 2017 MS in for a 2019, someone is going to buy my used 2017 and want the features to work. I didn't mind this on my Ford when they came out with new software on the next model year because it was never...
  24. Bumper

    Should Tesla be worried about the Taycan?

    Additional high end EV cars is a good thing. It supports Tesla's vision that there is a demand for electric cars and further moves them in to the mainstream, not a gadget. That will lead to a variety of improvements for all of us. Off the top of my head. more charging infrastructure, better laws...
  25. Bumper

    Summon stopped working after firmware update

    I have been having the issue where my phone connects the car and I can initiate a summon, but it barely moves at all and then stops. I just tried it while still inside the car and noticed that my car is connected to WiFi at the beginning, but as soon as it shifts into reverse, the wifi drops...
  26. Bumper

    FSD Upgrade Install Date

    I believe his disclaimer was that the hardware upgrades will start AFTER the software has progressed to where there are FSD features available that AP 2.x hardware can't handle. There is no point upgrading now since the software won't take advantage of it. We know new cars are shipping with AP...
  27. Bumper

    Perpetual Romance Mode

    You called it. I don’t know what I did or said but perpetual romance mode is over. I would have liked a day or so of perpetual sad songs or some show of emotional loss, but it’s just business as usual. So cold.
  28. Bumper

    Perpetual Romance Mode

    I have an odd issue since getting 24.4. A few days ago I was showing a friend the Fireplace feature. Part of that mode is it changes the Slacker station to "Romance". Since then, each time I get in the car to drive Slacker switches from whatever category I was on back to Romance. I tried a...
  29. Bumper

    125kW on a 75D

    I have always wondered about the bottom right of that picture that shows current session and "no recent supercharging". Does this ever contain something useful?
  30. Bumper

    Buffalo Supercharger Updates

    3B working today but it wouldn’t open my door either. I opened it manually and it was able to charge.
  31. Bumper

    Software Update 2019.20.x

    Manual homelink always worked for me but auto-open stopped working when I got 20.2.1. I recently got 20.4.2 and after a full reboot, I reset homelink location, turned off/on auto, and changed the distance slider to a tish farther away. Auto-open now works but I don't know what made it work.
  32. Bumper

    Arcade Mode On Mcu1?

    It’s a great model as you buy. I got “uncorked” and some other features after I bought but before it was built. But it stinks when you miss the following upgrade. I missed AP2.5 by weeks. But so it goes with Tech. Ever bought a TV or phone only to have the replacement ship 2 months later with...
  33. Bumper

    FSD purchasers: When might HW3.0 become available?

    We know HW3 is being designed to be able to retrofit HW2.0 and HW2.5 vehicles. I don't remember where I saw the pictures, but it looked to have extra plugs depending on what was needed for a given retrofit. It is possible the future HW4 is not intended as an upgrade and will just be in whatever...
  34. Bumper

    FSD purchasers: When might HW3.0 become available?

    I know the disclaimer is that the HW3 upgrades will start when the software needs it. Those of us on AP2 hardware can argue that Sentry mode and Dash Cam features don't work for us and the hardware is the limitation. While those are not FSD features, I think it is highly likely the AP2.0 folks...
  35. Bumper

    Arcade Mode On Mcu1?

    I agree that the 2011 hardware has way more power than available in 1980’s. But it is also multitasking with many other things like downloading traffic in the background. Could Tesla rewrite the Arcade so it suspends all that and devotes the resources to the games? Of course. But it is an effort...
  36. Bumper

    Software Update 2019.20.x

    I don’t consider a short lived blog post that was removed a “promise” either. That could be an overzealous social media intern’s mistake. If it isn’t in your purchase order, it isn’t promised.
  37. Bumper

    Software Update 2019.20.x

    “Promised”? That’s a very strong word that I’m not sure can be applied to an Elon Musk tweet.
  38. Bumper

    Sentry Mode for AP2.0 released!

    What exactly is dangerous about AP2.0 not writing to USB?
  39. Bumper

    2016 Model S - no sentry update

    That is why it is helpful to put in your post what version you are taking about instead of just saying “latest update”. Given they can be pushing 3+ different versions out at the same time, latest is not helpful.
  40. Bumper

    AP vs. FSD -confusing or deceptive advertising?

    True, but the forums are full of screen shots of former versions of the AP site, and former tweets. I'll bet you could even use google's "cached pages" feature to bring up the EAP page. The point is, what was, is no more. Folks have to stop using what other people purchased last year to justify...
  41. Bumper

    Tesla autopilot HW3

    I have zero interest in letting my MS drive itself around and pickup passengers for a small profit. Some days I cringe when my daughter gets in the car with sticky fingers and who knows what stuck to her shoes! If the redundancy additions between AP2.0 and AP2.5 are for regulatory approval for...
  42. Bumper

    AP vs. FSD -confusing or deceptive advertising?

    Here is link to TeslaTap which shows a pretty good chart of the CURRENT situation. So if you are reading this post after April 24, 2019 there is a chance it is no longer correct. :). I believe EAP is no longer available to purchase so if you are buying new, it comes with AP or you can buy...
  43. Bumper

    My theory why the S/X will never get sentry mode

    I would be happy with black and white video if that was all they could offer post HW3 upgrade from HW2.0. It was never promised so I won't be too upset if it never comes but B&W is better than nothing at all.
  44. Bumper

    Steering Wheel Swap

    When a SC replaced my MCU screen, they severely scratched my steering wheel. I went back a few days later and they swapped out the wheel. It feels different but not sure if that was just natural leather differences.
  45. Bumper

    Just got in a heated discussion with New York Gov Offical about chargeing net work

    Are you sure Elon "gave in" in Europe? As I understand it, the Model 3's going to Europe are getting CCS ports, and the super chargers are being outfitted with additional CCS cables. But this is more so the cars only need 1 type of charge port for SuperCharger and other networks. I don't believe...
  46. Bumper

    Software Update 2019.12.x

    Do you have a USB joystick to see if MCU1 supports that now?
  47. Bumper

    My theory why the S/X will never get sentry mode

    HW 1 is based on camera and technology from Mobileye. Tesla consumed that as a feed. There is drama and a falling out but basically Elon wanted more control over the technology so he decided to build his own. The first version was HW 2.0 that has the side cameras too. So it really is a...
  48. Bumper

    What are we missing?

    Then it must be true! We should have it later today.
  49. Bumper

    Software update 2019.9.x

    I visited my service center today to have the Bio defense mode installed. My hope was they could get me something newer than 2018.50.6, but they say no way. They enabled the button and sent me on my way.
  50. Bumper

    FSD Update: This is terrible!

    I'm pretty glad they didn't help you. If you really are involved in canned responses all day, then why bring your question via chat when that is format they come in. You were rude to someone who was not empowered to make the changes you were asking for. They gave you the info on how to make your...

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