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    set of 19" Replika 187 wheels + winter tires for sale

    I have 4 x Replika 19" R187 with Model S fitment. They have Farroad FRD79 winter tires. Looks like a new set of wheels is $800+tax. Asking $1000 for the set. Located in Waterloo.
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    FS: 2018 Model S 75D

    if this violates rules, please let me know and I can delete the thread. 2018 Model S 75D 290xx KMs All-Wheel Drive Red Multi-Coat 19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels Enhanced Autopilot Non-Performance Uncorked Acceleration Premium Upgrades Package Enhanced Autopilot Pay Per Use Supercharging...
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    Us to CAD vs Canadian Tesla vehicle prices

    Tesla is better than most vendors ... they make price changes mid year, Porsche is once a year. Give them some time to see if the dollar stays at this level and it will adjust.
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    amazingly good and bad service experience

    I have two Teslas - both Model S. If you have seen any of my posts over the years, these cars are like tanks and saved my three kids lives, so yeah, love them. Couple weeks ago, our first one (a 2015) died in my garage - Tesla support was great at getting a tow truck out to fish the car out...
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    Purchase/delivery experience for provinces without any physical locations?

    Out of curiosity, what do you guys do for service? Are there mobile techs in the general area?
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    Dispute Experience with Tesla Canada

    I've noticed the range adapts to your driving techniques. The more wh/km you use, on average, the less the rated range is over time. My car sat for awhile after an accident and the rated range changed, not the practical usable range.
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    Model X opportunity

    McFlurri - get a list of items replaced. Someone backed into my X, and the rear bumper cover had to be replaced - 3k!! I wouldnt be shocked if it was all cosmetic (bumper cover, sensors, rear light housing, etc). If it was the rear lift gate, then theres a bit more concern. But I agree - I would...
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    Buying used Tesla besides Tesla?

    I bought a car from Shift - great guys to work with.
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    Advice needed: Future-proofing my garage for home charging before finishing basement

    I would bring two 50A (4 AWG? Whatever the electrician recommends) to your garage but hookup one. The marginal cost is low, but thats how I would future proof.
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    Does Canada get all the features of 2019.40.50.1?

    I got an "upgrade failed". Bummer.
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    Wiper blade replacement in Canada

    I have a model S. For that, you take the item out of the box, you pop the bracket off and slide it onto the arm. It clicks. (You will see a notch). I dont know what the differences is for a Model 3, sorry.
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    Wiper blade replacement in Canada

    28OE and 18OE... Bosch Icon Wiper Blade | Canadian Tire
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    Wiper blade replacement in Canada

    So we bought the Bosch Icon ones from Canadian tire. Super easy to install! Seems to work really well.
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    Wiper blade replacement in Canada

    Bought some from Canadian Tire (brick and motor store). Ill try to install on the weekend.
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    Wiper blade replacement in Canada

    Hey guys, I did some searching in the forum and found a recommendation for new wiper blades, but they aren't available on amazon.ca. Does anyone have any alternative suggestions? https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/wiper-blades-recommendation-please.85778/
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    Trade-In Process in Canada

    +1 for Shift Motors. I was in the same boat last year. I wanted out of my Model X and wanted an S. I found a private buyer and Shift helped me broker the deal so that I could buy a "new" car and not get stuck paying full pop on the HST. Great team, very knowledgeable.
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    Toronto Pearson Parking

    I park at the airport very regularly. For short terms, I park at T1 self park (no charge) or valet so that my car is charged when I get home, especially in the winter as my drive is ~110km home. For longer terms (i just did a 3 week one), I use Park & Fly Valet. If you go online you can get...
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    New Service Center coming to Waterloo Region!

    I can't wait - I'm getting tired of driving both our cars back and forth to Mississauga. Not a reflection of their team, great service, but man, 2 hours each way, twice for each appointment is a pain.
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    Sell-through & New cars?

    Contact Shift Motors. They did it for me for a small fee.
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    Selling my 2017 MS 100D

    Great price - good luck with the sale!
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    Brand new S75D... what should 100% be?

    Hi - I just took delivery of a brand new S75D. It only had 28 km when I got it. I decided to charge it up (40 amps HWPC) to 100% for a trip and I only got 406 km showing on the battery, NOT the 416. Is that normal? My other Teslas in the past always got up to the "rated range".
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    WTB: Roof Rack for Model S

    Looking for one for a 2018
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    WTB: Roof Rack for Model S

    Model S Whispbar Roof Rack System Any one have a used roof rack they are looking of selling? Thanks
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    Sell-through & New cars?

    When you buy the "old" car back, you would have to pay HST on the 80k. Someone gets stuck with the tax bill for sure. It used to be that when you sold privately in Ontario they only paid GST... or PST - i forget. That was an advantage of buying private. Now its full HST, so that is why this...
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    Model X Winter Wheels on S?

    Thank you - very informative.
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    Model X Winter Wheels on S?

    Will these fit on a Model S? Wheel sizes seem fine, but the tire size is bigger than standard. Model X 19" Cyclone Wheel and Winter Tire Package
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    Sell-through & New cars?

    Weird - they JUST told me it was removed again. I tried Oakville and Lawerence - consistent messaging. do you person to chat with?
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    Sell-through & New cars?

    Seems like Tesla Canada won't allow you to do a sell through / convenience sale anymore. Their trade in values are pretty nasty - how have others dealt with it? Saving the tax on the trade in delta is really nice - anyone find a way to solve this? Thanks,
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    Canada - 2017 Model X 75D for sale

    Haha - yes, if anyone has advice on shipping companies and convenience sales and wants to help us, DM us!
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    Canada - 2017 Model X 75D for sale

    US 2015 Model S 70D vs Canadian 2017 Model x? Cheapest US, higher mileage X was 66k USD
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    Canada - 2017 Model X 75D for sale

    beware on CPO - you usually can't see it and the conditions of the cars can be rough. (i tried to look at one!)
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    Canada - 2017 Model X 75D for sale

    Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 2017 Tesla Model X Midnight Silver Black Vegan Leather Interior Seven Seat Upgrade (all seats can lie flat) Carbon Fiber Trim Enhanced Autopilot with AP2.5 hardware Free Supercharging v9 firmware (just upgraded!) It has ~ 14000 km on it. Bought it Sept...
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    MY2019 - any changes expected?

    Tried to do a search but haven't turned up anything good. As FY 2019 approaches, I'm curious if there are any rumors of any upcoming tweaks. Cheers alex
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    Thinking of selling my Model X

    X is bigger. Rated for 200wh/km (which is doable ,but with a black interior needs a lot of A/C to cool!) my S was rated at 177 - easy to stay at the rated number. somewhat related I got a trade in estimate from tesla. It was laughable.
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    Thinking of selling my Model X

    Yes - it does have way more space if you take your 3 car seats out ;) The trunk by itself is bigger, but the S is pretty good. Typically im getting 220-250 wh/km and so i only get 200-250km before i want to charge.
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    Thinking of selling my Model X

    If I could get 105-110, I would put a bow on it for the new owner :)
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    Thinking of selling my Model X

    - its big. very big. We tried to convince ourselves that with three little kids that the smart decision was to have an SUV. - S drives like a car... it feels so nimble when you switch between the two! - Space is not THAT much better than the S. Both have a ton of storage. - Can't...
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    Thinking of selling my Model X

    Hi - we're a two tesla family. We have an S that survived a nasty accident and now that it is repaid, my wife will never let go of it! We then bought a Model X, but after a year of ownership, I find myself preferring to drive the S instead. I was wondering if the community could help me figure...
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    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    Hey - I dug around on the ontario website but couldn't find a number to call in to check on the status of my rebate. Like many of you, I bought Sept 30th. Just want to make sure its still in the queue. All I found was [email protected]
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    Real World Range During Harsh Canadian Winters (-18C/0F)

    Not the best picture - it was still -20 and I had my toddlers in tow.
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    Real World Range During Harsh Canadian Winters (-18C/0F)

    For what its worth, I just did a trip from Ottawa to Waterloo with average outside temp of -20c. I had it on range mode (but had the battery warm before I left). My X75D was safe for 200km - not 360 like my charge said. I had to stop at Kingston, Port Hope, Vaughn (Saw a Model 3!) to make it...
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    Canadian range thread

    Just did a trip to toronto. Charged up full - 37x KM. Went 260 round trip and had 60km left when I got home. It said I averaged 215 wh/km. I was definitely going faster on the way home (I was done with TO traffic!)
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    Canadian range thread

    My model X is a bit awful in the winter. For short trips, I'm getting like 350 wh/km. Once the batteries and cabin warm up it drops to ~ 230-250 - higher than the rated 200. I haven't done any longer trips since it has gotten cold yet. I have a X 75D with 20" wheels.
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    GPS problem with Model X

    Sigh, same for me. I just got my car and in one week: - Charge port door not working properly - no Air condition :( - GPS not working and a few door gremlins.
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    Discount in MyTesla not showing up on my final invoice

    So they didn't honour it. It was a "glitch". The price should be the lesser of the two - time at order, priced new on delivery. Anyway, service department offered me some goodies to make it up for it.
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    Discount in MyTesla not showing up on my final invoice

    Hey guys, So I ordered my X in July. When I log into my Tesla account and do a view spec I have a decent discount in there (I'm Canadian FWIW). I'm supposed to pick the car up tomorrow and I finally got my "final" invoice, but the discount doesn't show up on that. It still shows up in the View...
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    BTX5 is the battery pack code. Some members in Europe (it seems) are getting BTX7/8 with larger packs. All very mysterious right now.
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    My car is in production as of today. vin 677xx with BTX5 and APH3. Would have loved an 80 or 85 battery, but I'm sure I'm going to be very happy!
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    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    9k CDN. I ordered via the website (self referral:)

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