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    Has anyone been behind the rocker panels?

    I managed to crush my rocker panel after turning too quickly out of a parking space and hitting the curb. At the Tesla certified body shop, in Malden, MA, I found out that this section is a one piece structural unit that requires extensive disassembly of that side of the vehicle and windshield...
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    Highway speed limit issue with 40.4 update

    I have found that while it actually reads a speed limit sign, as it shows up correctly in the UI, it doesn't change its speed limit until it sees a second identical speed limit sign a short way down the road. This only seems to happen in the instance when there are two same speed limit signs in...
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    12v info and charging hack

    FalconFour is right that a 12V lead acid battery that does not see elevated temperatures will self-discharge very very slowly. The problem is that Tesla will frequently charge it up to about 14.4V. This is great for ensuring that the battery is fully charged, but it is actually hard on the...
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    Using Battery Maintainer on 12V battery when in storage

    Sulfation of lead acid cells does not occur when fully charged. If, however a battery of cells (e.g. the 6 cells in a 12V battery) in a lead acid battery never sees a voltage above the ideal "float" voltage of about 13.4V, then there is a good chance one or more of the cells will eventually find...
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    Using Battery Maintainer on 12V battery when in storage

    When the car is plugged in, it maintains the 12V battery by waiting for current draws to bring the battery voltage down to around 12.75 V, then initiates a 14.4 V charge. What it doesn't do is maintain the battery at what is considered an ideal "float" voltage. Cycling a 12V battery like this...
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    Using Battery Maintainer on 12V battery when in storage

    When all of the TM3 electronics are fired up, they seem to suck about 300 watts. I surmise that the TM3 has a way to check 12 Volt battery voltage without fully powering on, since 300 watts takes about 13 amps from the 12 Volt battery. It looks like when the 12 Volt battery falls to about 12.75...
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    Dead 12v Questions

    Just an FYI - not every AGM battery is a deep cycle battery. If you don't replace the TM3 12V battery with a deep cycle battery, it will not last nearly as long. I don't know myself if the original Tesla 12V battery is a deep cycle battery, but I can't imagine that it isn't.
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    Voltage Logger data on TM3 12V battery

    No way I can see to estimate charging amps. There is a rule of thumb to stop an absorption charge on lead-acid batteries when the charging current (at 14.4 V here ) drops to 3% of the amp-hour capacity of the battery, but no idea how Tesla handles all this.
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    Voltage Logger data on TM3 12V battery

    Looks like the longest 14 Volt charge session was about 2.5 hours. Here is a zoomed view of part of the previous graph.
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    Voltage Logger data on TM3 12V battery

    My logger came with leads ending in alligator clips. I just attached directly to the 12V battery.
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    Voltage Logger data on TM3 12V battery

    I attached a Lascar EL-USB-3 Voltage Data Logger to my Sep 2019 TM3. Over a two week period, with average temperatures around 75F, voltage was logged at one minute intervals with the car in regular use. Minimum voltage seen was 12.50 volts, and maximum was 14.50 Volts, though those appear to be...
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    Why I'll Use the ICE Car For Vacation

    As an alternative, its 230 miles to the Muskogee, OK airport 16kW destination charger from the Little Rock SC. You could stop there for an hour or so of charging to get you the rest of the way. From there it is only 50 miles to the Catoosa, OK SC, or maybe your brother's house if closer. Check...
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    Tesla Model 3 Performance Review – At 2 Years and Counting! Are We Two Years into a Revolution?

    I'm not sure how you did your math, but at $0.28/kWh at the Supercharger, that $5000 translates to 71,000 miles by my calculations.
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    Ghost Braking Danger on Cruise Control

    I've made three 3600 mile round trips in my M3 since September of last year, 98% was on Interstate Highway between Maine and Texas. Phantom braking is a real PITA and always startles me and my passenger. No accidents, but I'm sure following vehicles wonder WTH. I would say it occurred about...
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    Wh/mi rate at startup -- calculation or consumption?

    I think a portion of that initial high consumption is related to cold tires and higher rolling resistance. As you drive, the rubber will get a bit warmer and more flexible, resulting in lower rolling resistance and contribute to a lower Wh/mile figure.
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    Mobile Charger Failure in High Ambient Temperature - Defect or Feature?

    My Gen2 mobile charger has worked well in "normal" outdoor temperatures, but now a problem. I'm visiting family in North Texas, where daytime temps have been above 90F. During the winter, I was able to charge at this location at 24A on a 30A circuit. Yesterday I could only set it for 12A, any...
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    Sleeping at super chargers?

    I've thought about doing this myself. Charge up at the SC, pull off into a non-charging parking spot where you think you won't be disturbed, put the climate on at a comfortable temperature, get some sleep, wake up and go back to the SC for a top-up, and you are on your way. Seems like a...
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    Tesla Model 3 Charges While Driving With $2,500 Solar Trailer

    Pretty lame. Not only is he annoying, he isn't doing anything especially interesting, i.e. he has a bunch of solar panels to slow charge his Tesla with 115V. Ok.
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    Supercharger - Denison, TX

    Both Denison, TX and Henryetta, OK show up as proposed for 2020. Either would be a big help for travel between NE Oklahoma and North Texas. But I agree, don't hold breaths - even absent pandemic associated roadblocks.
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    Track mode V2

    I can't imagine that wear on the AC compressor in track mode would be significant in any way compared to the compressor's normal use in typical driving on the road. Reliability of these devices is typically very high too - especially if it is a sealed compressor (and I don't know this) as...
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    Whatever you are most comfortable with. ABRP is probably doing a better job of estimating consumption based on the speed you wish to travel, temperature, etc. But without knowing the details, no one here can take an informed stab at answering your question.
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    Consumption Graph Discontinuity and Range Estimate Change

    My M3 has 18,000 miles. Range estimate had dropped from about 312 miles to 300 miles. I charged it up to 90% and let it sit there for several days to allow the car to perform a slow pack re-balance. Then I went on a 100 mile drive, and this is what the consumption graph showed me enroute. The...
  23. TeslaGlitch


    Discontinuity in trip battery consumption graph.
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    5-15 extension cord

    That explains your experience. An air compressor will behave differently than the Tesla charger. Because of the voltage drop along the smaller gauge extension cord, the compressor will probably draw more current to make up for it. So in that case, the breaker may trip with an inadequate...
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    5-15 extension cord

    A 12 AWG cord would not cause a breaker to trip where a 10 AWG cord wouldn't. Yes the 12 AWG cord would run a bit warmer, but the breaker cannot sense this. The breaker only sees 12 Amps passing through it while Tesla charging, regardless of the size of the extension cord conductors. However, if...
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    Charging Costs

    Very roughly you would spend about $250/year to charge the car at home. You would spend about 5 times that if supercharging only.
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    Is trickle charging the 12v battery necessary?

    Some people, with inquiring minds, like to understand how things function at a level of detail that most others don't. For them, this is something of a pleasure, and not a waste of money. Some people spend their free time watching cat videos on Youtube. Others are too busy working to worry about...
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    2 years free supercharging incentive

    I got it after multiple calls to delivery center and also to sales assistant. When I look at the Loot Box on the app, all I see is the remaining free supercharging miles I received from using a referral code. That expires at the end of June, but the miles haven't decremented since the 2 year...
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    Using a Tesla to power your freezer in a power outage.

    While this could work fine, and I would do it myself in a pinch, it makes a hell of a lot more sense to buy something like a Honda Eu2200i portable generator for about $1100 to run your freezer, refrigerators, and a few other minor loads like LED lighting. Obviously you could go a lot cheaper...
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    I've had a chance to play with the Dashcam/SentryCam viewer just a little bit now. Although my drive had some older dashcam video on it, when I first tried to pull up the viewer, the viewer would not even come up. I took the car out and and made some dashcam video, and the appropriate icon...
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    Keep it plugged in ?

    If it is going to be idle for a few days, and it isn’t cold, and you don’t have Sentry or Summon Standby activated, it will be fine left unplugged. I would definitely unplug it if thunderstorms were approaching.
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    Cross Country in Model 3?

    I have a 4runner and a Model3. I've made three round trips in the Model3 between Maine and Oklahoma (1765 miles each way) in the past 6 months, one trip back to Maine was with no stops except to Supercharge (and nap while doing so). Though it takes longer than the ICE car, it is so much more...
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    Manually warming the battery?

    A warm(er) battery will deliver its power more efficiently, i.e. its internal resistance will be lower. At a given current draw, there will be less voltage drop to the motor and less power dissipated within the battery if internal resistance is lower. Also, regen will be more efficient. How much...
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    Tire Life

    You did decrease the weight on the rear tires, but you increased the mass of the car and its resistance to acceleration. So, less weight, more mass, more tire slip on acceleration, more wear?
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    Tire Life

    While weight is a factor, I think a bigger one is the instant torque electric motors supply. While you may not feel like you are mashing the pedal, the sudden changes in torque at the wheel are much greater compared to a car with an automatic transmission and torque converter. The slip...
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    No more auto-dimming mirrors on Model 3?

    i don’t see loss of dimming on the exterior mirrors as a problem. They are there for your blind spot, not to see cars on the road behind. If properly adjusted to cover your blind spots best, you aren’t going to see cars directly behind you, and their headlights won’t be an issue.
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    What is more damaging to the battery?

    I doubt there is a big difference between your two scenarios, but Supercharging is always going to be harder by some hard to define degree than slow charging.
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    Good portable air compressor for the Model 3?

    I went for DEWALT DCC020IB 20V Max Inflator. While it does plug into a cigarette lighter port, is also will take the DeWalt 20V batteries, which I already have a number of. This unit was well rated by Consumer Reports.
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    240v Extension Cord Question

    Dryers are not typically 50 amp devices, so I would not bother trying to locate a 14-50 there. They are almost always 30 amp devices and are equipped with a 14-30 plug, which won't fit a 14-50 outlet anyway. Just run directly from the panel to the garage. Also consider installing a 6-50 in the...
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    NEMA 14-30 VS NEMA 14-50 charging speed for Model 3 Standard Range Plus

    So if the the EV is not using the neutral in a 10-30 as a current carrying wire, and the neutral is properly grounded at the load center, why would it be advantageous to replace that receptacle? I can understand if it is still being used by an appliance that needs 120V in addition to 240V - in...
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    NEMA 14-30 VS NEMA 14-50 charging speed for Model 3 Standard Range Plus

    You might also consider a 6-50 receptacle. It has the same current rating as a 14-50. A Tesla does not need the neutral that a 14-50 or 14-30 supplies.
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    Charge to 50% weekdays, 95% Friday & Saturday

    Come on guys, don't bring battery chemistry science into this. It might scare some people. Best just to drink the Kool Aid and assume that what Uncle Elon tweets is the Gospel, and you don't need to think any more. Reminds me of how some people take another famous tweeter. BTW, I do concede that...
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    Tesla App: "Waking Up"

    When my car is in the garage, it has no cellular coverage. It does have WiFi. The car will go to sleep, and I cannot wake it with the app, UNLESS I move to a point in the house where it makes a bluetooth connection. Then I can unlock the car, the car will wake up, and all the other features of...
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    Regenerative braking reduced message appeared while driving

    Well if you want to prevent that "reduced regenerative breaking" warning from popping up well after you've started your cold weather drive, you need to be stomping on that accelerator pedal and driving it like you stole it. That'll keep the battery warm!
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    240v Extension Cord Question

    OK, got it.Should not use that 10ga extension cord at 86 deg F for more than 3 hours at 30 amperes, although these codes are intended for branch circuit wiring and overcurrent devices. I don't think NEC addresses extension cords, but UL says 30 amperes via a 10ga extension cord is OK, though I...
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    Battery Management System - What I Learned At Tesla Service Center

    You are not able to monitor all 4000+ cells individually, are your? A certain number of cells are paralleled in each package, so can't be individually monitored for voltage. It would be possible for individual cells in each "package" to become out of balance unless steps are taken to mitigate that.
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    240v Extension Cord Question

    Please refer me to the relevant NEC language that states the standard NEC ampacity charts are for non-continuous loads. The NEC ampacity charts I have access to do not reference this limitation. In fact, by definition these charts appear to be for continuous current carrying capacity, as the...
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    Battery Management System - What I Learned At Tesla Service Center

    Actually the BMS always works. What your SC guy is saying is that the calculations for rated range are aided by a discharge from 90% to 10%. In addition, because cells age at different rates and internal resistances of cells vary from one another, some cells in a parallel group may be totally...
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    Easier on my electrical system, if I set my amp below max?

    You actually have to double those wire loss figures, because the electrons are coming in on one wire and leaving on another. Also, even if your run from load center to charger is only 5 feet, you also have to take into account losses from your high voltage transformer all the way to your...
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    240v Extension Cord Question

    Interesting. Can you supply some data on 30 amp rated wiring causing house fires when pulling 30 amps continuously, or is this just a supposition? 10ga is clearly suitable for carrying 30 amperes according to NEC ampacity charts although the wire can reach a warm, but safe for thermoplastic, 60...

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