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    J1772 maximum charge speed

    I read somewhere that L2 J1772 charging maximum theoretical speed is almost 20 kW, every time I've used one, it always maxes out at 6kw. Has anyone used a L2 that charges more than that? I get that you can't do the full 20kW because the on board charge maxes out at 12kW, but.... 6kW...
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    Tripling Supercharger Network: Any plan?

    So, gonna triple superchargers in the coming years, eh? Did Elon mention a plan or strategy? Is he going to try fill gaps (For god's sake build one in Branson, MO)? Is he going to build more urban superchargers for people in apartments? Is he going to fill in travel destinations so there's...
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    Boone County Fairground

    I was curious... has anyone charged at the Boone County Fairgrounds (Just south of Thomas Atkins Memorial Park and Cottonwoods RV park)? I took a drive through there today. Looks like it's set up for huge travel/RV-type events, but there were what looked like 100 RV-type electrical setups...
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    Which map layout do you prefer to use?

    I usually use North Up mode while driving, but I was playing around in navigation views and started using what I call Compass mode (arrow always up). It has a lot of advantages that North Up doesn't: the way the map tilts on Compass mode makes seeing distances on the map much easier at a...
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    Wired Internet at Superchargers?

    I think I read EM say that internet was coming to all superchargers. Is there a chance that the internet will be wired through the SC cable? Or is Tesla buying a bunch of Belkin routers for all the SCs? Do we know? :)
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    Bright truck headlights in my eyeballs

    This is really getting ridiculous. The Rams, Silverados, and Ford full size trucks have headlights that are so damn bright, I can't drive when them behind me. I was blinded in a parking lot when a Ram truck started up and his regular headlights burned my retinas. It's only these new truck...
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    Missouri tinting?

    Can anyone recommend a good tinting place in Missouri? or a nearby state? Thanks in advance!
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    Best way to view sentry mode videos outside of car....

    I found a 1 inch deep, to the metal, scratch on my hood. Definitely doesn't look accidental. I have all the Sentry video on my computer and I'm combing through all the 1 minute videos of the front cam. It's kind of a slog. Is there a better way to view them outside of the car? Is there a...
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    Charging at State Parks

    I love going to state parks and exploring. I know Plugshare is good, but is there a state park guide that includes EV charging? Or does anyone know any really good sites for parks and charging? I know that Shawnee Mission Park in KC is beautiful and has some charging spots for example. Can...
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    Hello from MidMissouri

    Hello there. I'm Christopher currently in middle Missouri. I'm a long time Tesla fan and after my friend let me drive hers, I was hooked and new that I had to have one. I just got my Model 3 LR with Boost in June and I love every minute of driving. I do miss rowing a shifter and some engine...
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    Battery preconditioning while navigating...

    I noticed that when I have a destination set that requiring a charging stop, my M3 does not (or at least doesn't say) that it's preconditioning the battery for faster charging. But, if I navigate directly to the charger, it will. Is this true for everyone else? Does it actually precondition...
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    Larger armrest?

    Hey M3 owners! I'm 6'4'' and the stock armrest is a bit low. I actually keep a pillow in the car to lean on. Are there aftermarket armrests available? Anyone else with that issue?
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    2-button reset VS Power Off

    I am curious: Are the 2-button reset and the Power Off option in the settings the same thing? If not what are the differences? I've read that you should not always use sentry mode and that sometimes it's best to let the car into deep sleep or whatever it's called. Is that similar to Power...
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    Bugs around software update time...

    I noticed on my MS Windows machine, if I don't update for a week or so... suddenly my wifi will stop working. That would cause me to restart and do the update. Then my wifi comes back. It's happened so many times in a row, I'm convinced that this is not a coincidence. My wifi literally...
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    Question about some strange issues with my model 3

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm having some glitches too with my M3. Most of the time, not all (and rarely, none) of my USB music appears, especially favorites. I have "roll up windows when lock" enabled. Walked away when supercharging, came back and my driver's window was fully...
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    Closed Superchargers

    I'm curious about the closed superchargers and why some are closing. I'm sure some are just replaced with V3's. Are there any infamous superchargers in bad or sketchy areas? Any businesses being butts and just not supporting them? Or any other reasons?

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