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    Charging equipment connection lost

    I tried it at a destination charger and received the same error message. Tried it at a supercharger and it worked fine. Only possible explanation is the onboard charger. Weird that it failed, then worked for a couple weeks, then failed again. At this point I can't trust it so I am just...
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    Charging equipment connection lost

    I was able to supercharge without problems, but still won't charge on my home charger or tesla destination charger. Guess I will just bite the bullet and get the onboard charger replaced, unless anyone has any better ideas
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    Charging equipment connection lost

    I have a 2013 model S 85 that I charge at home with a NEMA 14-50 outlet. No charging problems ever. A few weeks ago the car would not charge. When charging started the volts would ramp up to 240, then the amps would go up to 1 or 2, then go back down to zero, and an error message would pop up...
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    Tesla Covering Some MCU1 Issues for Some Owners

    I have a 2013 Model S with 90k miles. Center screen was working fine and then went completely black and dead last week. Took it to the Portland, OR service center. They fixed it and the invoice says "Replaced daughterboard. Part MSX MCU TEGRA DAUGHTERBOARD-PROV (64GB)" Sounds like I got the...
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Thanks for that info. Exactly where are the lower louvers? How can you tell if they are open?
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    That's what I figured. Just wanted to see if anyone had found any hardware issues that were causing slow charging.
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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    I'm assuming the above summary is reasonably correct. I have a 2013 S85 that has 87k miles. I would guess that <5% of my charging has been supercharging. My supercharging seems to be limited where even under ideal conditions I max out at 75kw and rapidly taper down to the 60s. A year ago I...
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    I feel like destination charging is not improving

    I live in Portland and travel to Walla walla, Pasco, Spokane, Yakima, Tacoma, Moses lake, Burlington, etc. I'm sure there are ways that people could help me out. But they aren't convenient like a hotel charger would be. Am I going to hang out at your house for an hour or two? I usually...
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    I feel like destination charging is not improving

    I live in the pacific NW and travel about once a month with my Tesla. The supercharger situation is good enough around here that I can get to and from most destinations. But sometimes there are destinations that require a lot of local driving. That that makes getting from the last...
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    The Seattle Area Needs More Superchargers

    Been about a year since I posted this. Centrailia -> Seattle -> full weekend of local driving plus vampire drain -> Centralia trip is still a major thorn in my side. Really wish they could get something done in the Olympia/Tacoma area.
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    WA Supercharging now $0.25/kWh

    Looks like Oregon jumped from 12 cents to 24 cents. Electricity prices are going up!
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    9 (Additional!) New Superchargers Locations in WA

    I think the ideal spot would be the Great American Casino 10117 S Tacoma Way, It is right off the highway at the intersection of I-5 and 512, and there is a lot of food options within 1-2 blocks. Casinos seem like the place with the most to gain by people driving 70K cars being stranded for...
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    The Seattle Area Needs More Superchargers

    That looks like an excellent location right near the I-5/I-205 junction. Really will improve things for those coming from Seattle and visiting Portland. Easily can get there from anywhere in Seattle, skipping centralia. Then a charge up to 50-70% should be plenty to get to Portland, do a...
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    The Seattle Area Needs More Superchargers

    Maybe we could take up a collection to steal away the midwest supercharger coordinator. 9 superchargers under construction and 1 in permit in michigan and wisconsin!
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    The Seattle Area Needs More Superchargers

    Well that might explain why the PNW has been a dead zone for new chargers the past 6 months. I've been jealously watching all the new chargers go up in other parts of the country. Hopefully our time will come.
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    The Seattle Area Needs More Superchargers

    Well, the new supercharger map certainly has a lot of "coming soon" chargers in the Seattle area! Although it is exciting to see all those future sites, I'd be a lot more impressed with one actual new site between Seattle and Portland. It's getting old having to do a very long charge in...
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    Supercharger - Centralia, WA

    That's a good thing. I was there on Sunday 9/3 around 6pm and 7 out of the 10 stalls were occupied! That's the busiest I have ever seen it.
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    Is car to car charging possible?

    I was just noticing an ICE driver giving another ICE driver a jump start. It got me thinking. Would it be possible to charge one model S from another model S? This would be a rare situation but if you were almost out of charge and needed a few extra miles to get to the nearest supercharger...
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    Destination chargers are mostly worthless

    Interesting. Did not know that. Where could I get one of these 5-20 adapters? How much are they? Edit - just answered my own question after 5 seconds of google. Available from Tesla for $45
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    Destination chargers are mostly worthless

    I hear what you are saying. But if I pull into a hotel at 9pm with 40 miles of charge, and I need 150 miles of charge to get back to the supercharger, it isn't a good situation if the L2 charger is not usable for any reason. First I have to talk to the front desk to figure out where an outlet...
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    Destination chargers are mostly worthless

    While I don't agree with the thread title that destination charging in general is worthless, I do agree that the current state of destination charging is too unreliable to be very useful. I am mostly talking about hotel destination charging here. If I am planning a trip and that trip requires...
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    Albany, NY to Boston, MA - How much battery usage?

    I don't know anything about that particular route but I can say that I my experience EVtripplanner has been very accurate IF I set the speed multiplier to 1.15 or 1.2. i find the estimates with the speed multiplier set to 1.0 to be a little optimistic. Also, is a 10 minute charging stop on a...
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    The Seattle Area Needs More Superchargers

    Quite a few new superchargers in the Seattle area since this thread was started. Although I'm always happy for more chargers, the one problem that actually affects me has not been improved. There still is only one SpC between Portland and Seattle. It's location makes a weekend trip to Seattle...
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    Future of Hotel Charging and How to Get There

    I was talking about the economics of putting in a string of 14-50 outlets. Is it really true that there is no cost to the hotel to install a Tesla destination charger? That seems like a very good deal. I would think that the larger hotel franchises would jump on that more quickly than they...
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    Future of Hotel Charging and How to Get There

    20% sounds like a pretty good success rate to me! Currently the number of long range ev drivers are so small that the economics don't really work out. It might require some government incentives to make it work.
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    Future of Hotel Charging and How to Get There

    I think all would agree that hotels are ideal spots for level 2 charging. Most people sleep at least 6-8 hours at a hotel, which is the right amount of time to get a full or nearly full charge even at 40 amps. Currently, I find hotel charging very stressful. Usually there are only 1-2...
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    Subwoofer with custom box installed in my Tesla Model S!

    I am in Portland Oregon and interested in getting the NVX sub upgrade. i don't have the premium sound so I assume I would need to get the package that includes the amp and connector. I have a 2013 rear motor Model S with rear facing seats. I want it to BUMP! I have zero skills and zero tools...
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    Tesla blog post - Charging Is Our Priority

    Is there any way to count the number of new locations planned? Just eyeballing, it looks like there are more "coming soon" than currently active. Tesla is known for making bold predictions that they don't always meet, but to say they are going to more than double the supercharger stations in 8...
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    Would a slower motor give more range?

    Not really a big deal but something I've always been curious about. If tesla offered a model S with nothing else changed except that the motor was less powerful, would that improve the range? For example if the motor was only powerful enough to push the car 0-60 in 7 seconds, would that be a...
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    Supercharger - Kennewick, WA

    I have been to the Kennewick supercharger 4 times in the past 2 months, and each time I feel my charging speed has been pretty slow. Two of the times my battery was at a fairly low state of charge where I would expect to get max speed, but I was still only getting about 200 mi/hr. My charging...
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    Kwh monitoring is turning me into a pussyfoot

    I had the same problem for a while. I got rid of the energy meter on the dash and changed the miles of battery remaining to % charge. Now I have no idea what my efficiency is and I can punch it whenever I feel like it with no guilt!
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    Slacker radio plays only one song and stops . . .

    I've had my 2013 tesla for about 3 months (cpo). Slacker worked perfectly until yesterday. My touchscreen was having a severe lag, so I reset it by holding both the thumb wheels on the steering wheel. After the reset I am having the same problem as you. Slacker will play one song and...
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    Rage at a Supercharger Station

    Although it is a lot of work to create new supercharger stations, I think it is a lot less work to add additional stalls to existing supercharger stations. I am hopeful that Tesla will be able to meet demand in overcrowded stations by adding stalls, at least as a short term solution...
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    Resale Value of Model s after Model 3

    I am expecting that model 3 production will start to trickle in early 2018, hit some sort of decent pace in mid 2018, and then really start cranking in 2019. If that is the case, then the only people getting a model 3 in the next 3 years will be those who signed up on the first day. Everyone...
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    Last CPO added 12/17 per ev-cpo

    I'm just curious where all of those 2012 and 2013 CPO cars are at physically. I guess it is possible they have been distributed to all the service centers as loaners. I prefer to imagine that there is some vast lot with 100s of Teslas hidden somewhere. I think the CPO process would be a lot...
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    What happened to the cpo inventory?

    I don't have any inside knowledge, but here is my speculation. Tesla figured out that warranty coverage of the 2012 and 2013 Model S was too expensive in the later years. When they CPO a 2012 car, they new warranty is covering years 4-8 (or 3-7 for a 2013). This would explain the removal of...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Inventory seems to be dropping! When I started looking in mid January it was at 520 or so. Now it is at 390. not sure what is driving the decrease. I placed my deposit for a car in San Francisco on 1/29. I am in Portland, OR. Still no firm word on when it might be delivered even though I...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I'm on a tighter budget than the average poster here so I ended up with a grey S85, 2013 with about 22K miles. Rear seats, leather, pano, and air suspension. Got it for 58,200. I don't think that it was the best deal ever, but it was exactly what I wanted so I pulled the trigger. I really...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    After complaining that there were no good deals, a car popped up today that was just what I was looking for so I pulled the trigger! Guess the squeaky wheel gets the greasin...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I agree that the deals have worsened over the past 2 weeks or so. I noticed the overall inventory has gone down from about 520 to 465, so it seems like the cars are getting bought faster than new ones are coming onto the market. Seems like simple supply and demand is driving up the prices. As...
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    CPO verse private sale

    Regarding #1, what exactly does the reconditioning involve? I never saw a detailed description. I thought I read somewhere that you get new tires and that they will buff any scratches out of the rims. I'm sure they give the car a good detailing. Anything else?
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    CPO verse private sale

    I found a private party 2013 model S locally that fits very nicely with what I am looking for. A little nervous about doing private party because I am uncertain on how much support I will get from Tesla. The current warranty on the car will expire in 10/2017 1. Has anyone confirmed whether I...
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I am seriously considering a used tesla and have some questions. First post here and I didn't read all 300 pages so I apologize if they have already been answered. 1) What does the "refurbishing" that CPO cars get actually consist of? 2) Has anyone been tracking the total inventory of CPO over...

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