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  1. Riguy

    Jingle Outside

    I enabled it but the speakers didn’t play anything.
  2. Riguy

    FSD Beta Button....Now No Updates

    Also got 36.5.1 yesterday. I resigned up for Beta and completed my 100 miles and a 100 score by Sunday evening. No emails or Beta download yet.
  3. Riguy

    Is everyone's glass this speckled?

    I had something similar to you. Severe spots, like million of little dots everywhere. What made mine obviously a glass defect was there was a delineation line on the lower 1/3 of the windshield where it was perfectly clear. Tesla replaced under warranty so I would echo what some other folks...
  4. Riguy

    FSD Beta Button....Now No Updates

    Still nothing. I wonder if I’m better off rejoining Beta. Has anyone else gotten an update recently?
  5. Riguy

    Model Y on 100% charge not showing the advertised range

    Hmm, now that you say that. What was the original difference between perf and long range in the 2020? 317 vs 289 or something? That makes my 256 seem a bit lower considering delta but not crazy bad.
  6. Riguy

    Model Y on 100% charge not showing the advertised range

    I’m concerned about mine. At 100% mine says 256 miles. I tired to do a reset last month but I think it only made to worse. I typically keep it plugged in and charge between 80-90%.
  7. Riguy

    FSD Beta Button....Now No Updates

    Same boat here too, opted out and no new updates. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.
  8. Riguy

    What's the latest on All-Seasons for 21"

    So far, on the little I’ve driven, I‘d say the ride is more compliant. A little more refined by a smidge. I also do notice a bit more noise, but given the tires don’t even have 10 miles on them yet, I expect that will change. Will know better after this weekend. And the other bonus is the...
  9. Riguy

    What's the latest on All-Seasons for 21"

    Just ordered the 265/35 and 275/35 AS setup for installation tomorrow. Will report back on any changes in ride, noise and or range.
  10. Riguy

    Suspension Clearances for Wider / Taller tires

    I came out of the gym tonight with a large screw in my tire. They were already worn but at this point I could only drive a mile to my house. Going to call around tomorrow to see what options I have vs what is in stock. Worst case I might need to contact Tesla to see if I can just get 2 more...
  11. Riguy

    How is your MYP 21" tires right now?

    Yup, performance model. Never rotated (Not possible). 9500 miles over 18 months. Hopefully with all-seasons I will get longer wear.
  12. Riguy

    How is your MYP 21" tires right now?

    I only have 9500 miles
  13. Riguy

    How is your MYP 21" tires right now?

    Both my rears are worn out but fronts are still 5/5. I’m going to swap to the all seasons, I think, soon. Thinking the 265/40 + 285/40 setup.
  14. Riguy

    Safety Score

    Same. I guess my 50 mile drive tonight is useless. Booze it is.
  15. Riguy

    What's the latest on All-Seasons for 21"

    Looking for some advice. While I love the idea of going slightly larger on these, especially for rim protection and ride, I’m wondering if All Seasons is right for me. I live in south FL where I can use summer tires all year, no problem. I grew up hearing All Seasons are a compromise tire and...
  16. Riguy

    Little specks in windshield

    I had a defective windshield. It had thousands of little pinpricks on the upper portion of the windshield, to the point it looked like a haze. Tesla ended up replacing it under warranty. Good luck!
  17. Riguy

    FSD button is here!

    I forced closed out of the app when this happened to me and when the app restarted I saw the safety section.
  18. Riguy

    FSD button is here!

    99! I don‘t know if I can keep that up for 7 days though. I feel like a grandmother.
  19. Riguy

    2020 MYP Retrofitting Pedestrian Warning Speaker Question

    I did mine several months ago as well. For me, more like a few hundred but worth it.
  20. Riguy

    Tesla installed PWS on 5/20 build, $214

    Sorry to tag onto this thread but I searched the forums and don’t really people mentioning this. I also bought the speaker since I have an early build and I do like the safety aspect (and I’m a geek and like spaceship noises). Is there any way to NOT have the driving sound play inside the car...
  21. Riguy

    Turn Signal stalk

    Yes, they replaced the whole stalk assembly that surrounds the steering wheel. Of course, once the mobile tech made the swap, they installed incorrectly. So once the car has been in the sun, even the slightest movement of the steering wheel will cause it to creak very loudly. So….my advice...
  22. Riguy


    My Y was one of the first 1000 made. No vision here!
  23. Riguy


    Yes just the enabling of the interior camera for the most part. Interesting! Will have to test it out.
  24. Riguy

    Taptes seat covers for Model Y

    I honestly don’t know. I just know visually the tesmanian version looks better to me as they appear to wrap around the back of the seat. Check out YouTube for the Taptes version. There’s several videos detailing the install so you can kind of get a sense of the cover.
  25. Riguy

    Taptes seat covers for Model Y

    Try Tesmanian. Looks like they just released some new ones and they really good. Considering them myself. Good luck!
  26. Riguy

    Model Y Suspension and Ride Comfort Options

    Thanks for that write up, could you share who you purchased the wheels from?
  27. Riguy

    MYP Tesla Replaced my CF spoiler 3 times already!

    Mine was just fixed for the second time. They used some type of special automotive adhesive, not what was mandated by Tesla. They kept it over night with tape on it. It seems very secure, no bounce at all. Fingers crossed!
  28. Riguy

    Vendor Model Y ELEGANT Series Floor Mats (and a sneak peak at something new)

    Thanks for the link, ordered!
  29. Riguy

    former BMW owners

    Have also owned several BMW’s throughout the years. I came out of a 7 prior to the Y. I miss the quality of the materials from the BMW. Nicer soft touch plastics, etc. Seat surfaces are real leather (subjective, I know). One of my pet peeves, since I’m out on the water a lot, is the seat...
  30. Riguy

    Vendor Model Y ELEGANT Series Floor Mats (and a sneak peak at something new)

    Interested In the mats. Here in FL I don’t need all-weather but I haven’t really seen anything that fits the bill. What are they going for?
  31. Riguy

    Model Y app help, please. My Tesla app works well, except it shows my address as the next door neighbor???

    Hi DD. I was the one who had originally posted that. What I did is enter the address that the car thought was my house and set it as a favorite then exclude favorites when at home. That doesn’t solve your problem though. My app still shows the wrong address. It’s the right location on the...
  32. Riguy

    I see so many model Y owners having issues. Would you buy again?

    Agree 100%. Had my car for 1 year and have had lots of fit/finish issues. Concept and tech are amazing though. I hope Austin plant can improve upon things. I’d be open to buying again in that case but this car will hopefully be around for a long time, so no rush!
  33. Riguy

    Interior Temperature?

    I know what you’re saying. My external sensor is always off. Usually about 10 degrees. It takes about 45 minutes for it to get to “normal” which is about 3-4 degrees above my other car.
  34. Riguy

    2021.4.6 Downloading now

  35. Riguy

    48.35.9 - downloading now

    I’m downloading 2021.4.2?
  36. Riguy

    Who uses automatic car washes?

    The place where I used to go, with an unlimited plan, doesn’t allow Tesla 3 or Y as they apparently had too many damage claims. I’ve had to go back to handwashing.
  37. Riguy

    2020.48.26 Did you get Boombox?

    Tried to make an appointment to get the speaker installed. I have a very early build. Tesla denied it: Hello from Tesla Mobile the Pedestrian Warning Speaker is not available for retrofit on vehicles where it was not built on originally
  38. Riguy


    I have this rattle as well. I tilt the mirror all the way down and then back into place and it usually takes care of it for a few days.
  39. Riguy

    PUP Tow - some suggestions

    I think mine was a 2” rise but worked great for the jet skis
  40. Riguy

    Santa Mode

    Checked mine in park today....same, just regular top view. I have full self driving.
  41. Riguy


    I had a similar noise, it was the adjustable seat belt anchor. Tesla replaced and sound went away.
  42. Riguy

    Santa Mode

    Dude.....don’t tell Tesla that! First Tequila and then customized Santas. It’s only a matter of time.
  43. Riguy

    Santa Mode

    I have a MAJOR problem. When I Ho Ho Ho, Santa mode becomes enabled but I just see falling snow. Isn’t the avatar for the car supposed to turn into a sleigh as well? Christmas is ruined!!!
  44. Riguy

    Spotify now requires login every time

    Confirmed the latest update seems to have fixed this issue for me.
  45. Riguy

    Spotify now requires login every time

    Having same issue. Just got an update about 20 mins ago so curious to see if it fixes it.
  46. Riguy

    Post your Travel trailer that you tow with your Y

    Where did you hear about the mount limit? Was it somewhere in the manual?

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