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  1. Kwang0429

    Unplugged Performance Customer Service.

    I am one of the first 2000 model 3 owners and when I first got my ride, I knew that I want to lower the ride, soon after I found the moderate spring from unplugged performance and without any hesitation, I placed an order and soon had it installed. it has been a year on the new spring...
  2. Kwang0429

    BlackVue - Model 3 - 12 V Battery Direct Hook up - Service Center Error.

    So I went to the service center yesterday for some noises coming out from my car and left it there for a day, today they told me that my 12V battery kept on throwing error signals at them and needs to be replaced, long story short, since the only 12V is the battery itself, I had my blackvue...
  3. Kwang0429

    Can I please see some 20s on the model 3 ?

    Post your car with 20 inch wheels pls.
  4. Kwang0429

    Dead Screen.

    Hi all: So I guess I am the very first person that had a dead screen, guess what ? an installer tried to find 12v switch power and accidently zap the brain of the touchscreen, good news is , car is still drivable, bad news are. you can't turn on the A/C, you can't open the frunk, you can't...
  5. Kwang0429

    Has anyone found the switch 12v power source ?

    Has anyone found a 12v ignition power source for either valentineone or blackvue ? I have only seen video hook directly to the 12v battery itself . Just wondering if anyone who has any information that can share. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Kwang0429

    Dead touchscreen

    Hi all I have a quick question, I dropped my car off couple of days ago to get blackview installed, but somehow the installer tells me that for something they did they can’t power the touchscreen at all. And I am away on a business trip I noticed I can’t even talk to the car. Anyone has any...
  7. Kwang0429

    Lack of power trunk on Model 3

    Let's don't forget, there is not even power trunk........... if I paid 60k, at least give me power trunk with a button to close instead of having to hand pull it to close :(
  8. Kwang0429

    first day driving review.

    Initial model 3 review 1. Drives good! Love what's the most important to me. 2. Rearview 480p camera is way whacked and distorted and super contrasted in comparison to model x 3. Center console feels very cheap and flimsy. gets finger print on easily and have to close really soft for it to...
  9. Kwang0429

    Rear Blackvue location

    Anyone has blackvue installed on their 3 ? since rear windshield is quiet large, where do you stick the rear camera to ? top of bottom of the windshield?
  10. Kwang0429

    Does anyone have picture of powder coated or dipped Wheels for 19?

    Just wondering if anyone has dipped their wheels yet, Looking for a midnight gray dipped version to see how it looks :)
  11. Kwang0429

    Tire sensor broke off

    So I went to inflate my tire today, as I was removing the air, I realized something popped off and the air is not holding inside the tire, on the second look, the sensor stem broke off.... anyone else had the similar experience? I had to drive to the closest tire shop for help, they can only put...
  12. Kwang0429

    New car with small issues check in pls.

    Since new cars usually have little flaws, I am here just wondering what kind of little flaws you have had within the first couple of month of your MX delivery ? For us, we had a 12V battery swapped by a ranger, falcon wing door seal replaced due to leak, front driver side door hinge adjusted due...
  13. Kwang0429

    Charge your 60D to 100%?

    Question: I have a 60D, if I charge it to 100%, will it decrease battery performance? I know 60D has the same battery pack as 75D, and 60D can be upgraded to 75D via software, does this means I still have room for the battery even charge my 60D 100%?
  14. Kwang0429

    Damaged seat... what should I do...

    Hi all: So today while my wife was driving the car, a car ahead stopped suddenly in the middle of the road cause my wife to brake all of the sudden, this momentum made our stroller being shot forward inbetween 2 seats and cut open one of our rear seat..... have anyone know anything about...
  15. Kwang0429

    2 days after our model x delivery

    a chipped windshield and seat scratches...... I had much higher hope....
  16. Kwang0429

    What's the longest wait time for your delivery?

    Let's see who has the longest wait time !
  17. Kwang0429

    What's the difference between E-AP and full self driving?

    I still could not figure out the difference, 1 is $5000 and the other is $3000 to add to my current order, doesn't E-AP = self driving ?
  18. Kwang0429

    Is autopark and summon standard ?

    as title, please let me know if I need to buy any extra options to have those enabled. Thanks.
  19. Kwang0429

    Wall connector installation trouble, 3 red blinks.

    So the electrician came to my house and installed a 50amp breaker and the unit, he does not want to mess with the setting at all so when he left, he claimed that he hooked everything up properly, but I kept on getting those 3 blinking lights, would any of you please tell me what might have gone...

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