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  1. Nomad

    Shame - Elon admits to part-taking in coup in Bolivia for Lithium

    One of these things is not like the other.. lol
  2. Nomad

    Buying a Standard Range Model 3 without Autopilot

    Do you know if there has been any successful upgrades from SR to SR+ in terms of software? If I recall correctly, they remove the ability to turn on heated seats in the back, the range is locked, and physically some speakers aren't installed. Can you get those heated seats and range back at a...
  3. Nomad

    Tesla Semi as mobile SuperCharger?

    After the trailer weight, capacity is generally 48,000 lbs, or roughly 21800 kg. At 167 Wh/g, they could fit about 3,640 kWh on the trailer. Enough to fully charge around 364 P100Ds. The cost would be a mere $364,000 at $100/kWh. There was a post a while back, either here or on Reddit, that...
  4. Nomad

    Tesla should make a Semi Trailer

    They really should. I think it's more likely when they have achieved Level 5 autonomy. They could do something similar to this: Dethleffs puts a new spin on towing with an electric camping trailer that nearly drives itself
  5. Nomad

    Bollinger truck prototype goes off-road, videos may cause seizures

    Bolinger just publicly inquired about using Tesla Superchargers. Might be worthy of a new thread. Bollinger Motors on Twitter
  6. Nomad

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    It's been a few weeks.. how are Model 3 deliveries in Indiana going? I have yet to spot one, but I've heard of some spottings in both Fort Wayne and Indianapolis.
  7. Nomad

    Lease option for Model 3? 35k Version ready in March?

    Oh, now that would be interesting. I would strongly prefer to lease for 2-3 years, and then buy a 3 or Y when the lease is up.
  8. Nomad

    Any other reservation in Houston area get this?

    Wonderful! I was bummed to be missing the Chicago display this weekend, but I happen to be flying to Houston on Saturday. Perfect timing.
  9. Nomad

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    I just popped in to ask the very same thing. I'm non-owner, and waited in line to reserve. Curious to see the first Indiana deliveries, or even configurations.
  10. Nomad

    Supercharger - Fort Wayne, IN

    Nice! Fair amount of progress since I was there Saturday evening.
  11. Nomad

    Supercharger - Fort Wayne, IN

    A few photos from Saturday evening. The permit listed specifically calls out electrical vehicles, which I hadn't seen in the thread before. You can view the rest of the photos here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/media/albums/fort-wayne-tesla-supercharger-at-meijer.877/ FW Supercharger 1 by...
  12. Nomad

    Business purchase and the $7500 FEDERAL tax credit

    Not so. Take a closer look at Line 6. It says that lines 7-10 only apply to 2-wheel vehicles. Line 11 then says to enter the amount from Line 6, which is the percentage of business use multiplied by $7500. So if the car is used 50% for business, you get the a $3750 credit for business use. But...
  13. Nomad

    Indiana HB1592 - to shut out direct sales after 1000 vehicles

    Thanks for the update. We need to remain vigilant on this. Do we have any documents from the study committee formed last year? Also, why is that bipartisan efforts so rarely focus on increasing freedoms but instead on restricting them?
  14. Nomad

    How are your Ultra White Seats looking?

    I wonder what raw denim would do to the white seats. It's something I'll need to consider when it comes time to configure my Model 3.
  15. Nomad

    Goodbye Federal $7,500 tax credit - no way it survives Trump/Senate/House

    This insider might be Peter Thiel. He donated over a million dollars to elect Trump, and was just named to the transition team. He's rumored to be Trump's tech adviser after being sworn in.
  16. Nomad

    EM on Twitter: 'I think we will probably stop at 100 kWh on battery size'

    Perhaps he meant they'll stick with 100kWh for the current cell architecture. They already had to redesign the pack to get 100kWh, so there's not much else they can do. Once the Gigafactory is fully operational, the kWh ceiling will change.
  17. Nomad

    SolarCity (SCTY)

    What happens to SCTY stock when the merger goes through? Does one get $25.37 of TSLA per share of SCTY with any remainders being converted to cash? ... or is it converted at the 0.110 value based on the rolling average at the time it goes through? Because if one simply gets $25.37 of TSLA, who...
  18. Nomad

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    I'd love to get a supercharger in Fort Wayne, but I reckon it'll be a while due to the Auburn location.
  19. Nomad

    Chart for Model 3 reservations — cumulative and hourly

    That's the plan. :) I'm on vacation, so bear with me on the delayed updates to the graph haha. EDIT: If reservations started at 3/30/2016 21:00 UTC, then Elon made the 24 hour announcement 32 hours after the zero hour. So should that data point reflect 24 or 32 hours after reservations opened...
  20. Nomad

    How many reservations will Elon report Wednesday?

    All datapoints will indeed be updated. At some point in the next month, I will probably split the data into two graphs: one for cumulative reservations to date and one for rate of reservations.
  21. Nomad

    How many reservations will Elon report Wednesday?

    I think it'll be 350,000 +/- 10,000
  22. Nomad

    How many miles a year will you drive your model ☰?

    I am currently on pace for 30,000 miles per year, mostly because I use my car for business trips so often. I expect that to fall back down to around 20,000 miles per year by the time I take delivery of the Model 3. Of course, my leisure miles may make up the gap. :D
  23. Nomad

    Chart for Model 3 reservations — cumulative and hourly

    Thoughts on what that means? Midnight Pacific Time?
  24. Nomad

    Chart for Model 3 reservations — cumulative and hourly

    Thanks for the source and UTC time—I think you're probably right. Hopefully Elon confirms it in his next update.
  25. Nomad

    Chart for Model 3 reservations — cumulative and hourly

    Adding markers isn't a bad idea. I toyed with it a bit in Google Docs but ultimately decided against it. I think your argument for them is fair. I'll likely add them in my next revision. I was thinking of adding shaded areas for important events—something along the lines of Federal Reserve...
  26. Nomad

    Chart for Model 3 reservations — cumulative and hourly

    There are 6 data points. The first is the 115,000 mentioned in the livestream. The Verge posted an update at 130,000 based on the live ticker at the event. The subsequent updates are tweets from Elon. The interactive version of the graph allows you to hover over for the exact data.
  27. Nomad

    Chart for Model 3 reservations — cumulative and hourly

    Was Australia the first store to offer a reservation? If so, perhaps the time at which it opened is the start time that Musk references in his tweets. I wasn't sure what Musk considers hour 0, so I defaulted to US Eastern. Once I have a firm answer I'll modify the graph.
  28. Nomad

    Chart for Model 3 reservations — cumulative and hourly

    I've based the zero hour on 10AM Eastern US time. If anyone has definitive proof of another zero hour that Elon implies in his tweets, I'll update the chart accordingly. I'd love to play around with all of the data Tesla has! :) The peak rate for reservations were immediately following the...
  29. Nomad

    Tesla sold 5,850 cars in the US in March

    Those numbers are estimates. Though they're usually not too far off. Tesla has yet to release Q1 deliveries.
  30. Nomad

    Hatch or Notch?

    Tim Stevens of CNET confirms on reddit that it's a traditional trunk, not a hatchback. link: I just got a ride in the Model 3 and was here for the launch. Happy to answer your questions. AMA. • /r/teslamotors
  31. Nomad

    Is it ugly? (Poll)

    When they first rolled out on stage, I was sitting at about a 6. I've been steadily moving up, now sitting at a high 7. There are few angles where I think the front end looks strange, but overall it looks beautiful. I certainly won't be cancelling my reservation. I'm excited to see what the...
  32. Nomad

    Hatch or Notch?

    Pic for reference
  33. Nomad

    Are you reserving at the reveal, at a store, or online?

    Some people have scheduled off of work, others might be retired. Some still have their own business or otherwise flexible work hours.
  34. Nomad

    Are you reserving at the reveal, at a store, or online?

    This sums up my thoughts. Hoping for some answers from Elon soon.
  35. Nomad

    Graphene Polymer Battery 497 Mile Range

    Is there a list of traits that a cell must have to compete with Panasonic and Tesla's cells? Specific Density (Wh/kg) Energy Density (Wh/m3) Voltage Charge Time Discharge Cycles What are the others? How many has Graphenano checked off? It's worth noting that they plan to have a prototype...
  36. Nomad

    Model 3 Reveal - How will TSLA do at the reveal, and next few days after?

    This got me thinking. Quite a few 90D owners have said that their range is dwindling faster than expected. Tesla reps have countered that it's a software issue that will be fixed soon. It's a long shot, but perhaps erroneous range is due to bungled software intended to hide the true 100 kWh...
  37. Nomad

    Proposed Model 3 Reservation Process Solutions

    I think time of production will be weighted by three factors. Delivery location, options chosen, and reservation time. I see those breaking down as follows: West coast > Rest of the USA > Overseas (Forex dependent) Highly optioned > Lesser optioned Reveal party > In store reservations (time...
  38. Nomad

    Indiana Tesla owners and future owners

    I'm not an owner, but the Service Center team in Indianapolis testified at the General Assembly. They rent out part of a local body shop to do their work, and they're among the highest rated Service Center by customer satisfaction ratings.
  39. Nomad

    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    cross posting
  40. Nomad

    Strategies to Support Tesla's Direct Auto Sales Model

    It's great to see so many members of the community are having the same thoughts. Bonnie has been rebutting specific GM talking points throughout the whole ordeal in Indiana with HB1254. DJ Frustration and Zarwin, I applaud you for thinking big about the existing and future threats to the direct...
  41. Nomad

    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    You beat me to creating a thread. :) I have a Google Doc created for the purpose of gathering facts to combat the narrative that GM and the dealership associations are pushing. I'm hoping to make it a community effort. I'll pop into that thread when I get back to a computer.
  42. Nomad

    Indianapolis Model 3 Reservation Information & Meetup

    So far, the word from this store and several others is that they begin taking reservations as soon as the store opens. Of course, that could change at any moment with a new tweet from Elon lol.
  43. Nomad

    Tesla Model 3 anticipated driving range (non-upgraded, base level battery)

    I think it will be around 240 miles EPA.
  44. Nomad

    Post Ludicrous Speed?

    I reckon Maximum Plaid is reserved for the 1,000 hp Model R P100Q coming out in 2020. :biggrin:
  45. Nomad

    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    Is there a video or transcript of this? If not, when did this hearing take place? It appears to be a common statement. I think Tesla should indeed be voluntarily supporting local little leagues and whatnot. I imagine Elon thinks that he's already doing the localities a great service by...
  46. Nomad

    Indianapolis Model 3 Reservation Information & Meetup

    With March 31st fast approaching, it's a good time consolidate information and to plan a Meetup for folks planning to reserve a Model 3 at Keystone Crossing Reservation Information Location: 8702 Keystone Crossing #111b, Indianapolis, IN 46240 Start time: March 31st, regular business hours...
  47. Nomad

    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    I wholeheartedly agree. I think a palmcard with sources would be ideal. It can be modified slightly depending on each state's history with the dealership model. In Indiana, GM and other manufactures voluntarily entered into dealership contracts, knowing that it would disqualify them from...
  48. Nomad

    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    Do you have a source for the GM experiment? I'd love to share it around. The committee meetings and interactions with legislators have made it clear to me that education is the primary fix to this issue. We'll never sway the likes of Mahan and Buck, but the others we have a real shot at.
  49. Nomad

    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    Tesla Battles GM Over Right to Sell Cars in Indiana - Bloomberg Business Thanks for that. I passed it along to a friendly in the General Asssembly.
  50. Nomad

    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    Quick summary? Any interesting talking points that can be repeated? Hoping to find a recording of the show later tonight.

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