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  1. stevepeck1

    Issues with streaming ABC News

    Did you ever solve this?
  2. stevepeck1

    Issues with streaming ABC News

    Anyone solve this?
  3. stevepeck1

    Curious noise

    I figure CV but now just keep it in low and it has stayed quiet.
  4. stevepeck1

    Alternative 12V Battery

    I've not been able to locate an alternative. I'm not near a service center either, so was hoping to find one.
  5. stevepeck1

    Curious noise

  6. stevepeck1

    Curious noise

    66K miles.
  7. stevepeck1

    Curious noise

    I own a 2013 P85+ (and a new X) and the car has developed an unusual (to me) sound. As it's out of warranty, I thought to ask here... At ride height settings above LOW, it has a sound similar to a pebble or nail in your tire... I'm thinking CV joint, because that seems the only thing that...
  8. stevepeck1

    Is there a "Problem List" maintained?

    My SC is a LOONG way away and I want to see about getting it all done when they have it. Obviously I can see what's wrong where I see what's wrong... BUT as I read the forums I find a number of things I didn't even think to look for. For example, I thought my acceleration rumble was normal...
  9. stevepeck1

    Updating steering column controls?

    I have made many updates to my 2013 P 85+, including parking sensors and folding mirrors. Has anyone updated the steering column controls? Having driven an X, the old controls same kind of misplaced.
  10. stevepeck1

    Blackvue 2-Ch Dashcam Install on Model X

    Constant 12V in the drivers side kickpanel. Nice fat pair of wires...
  11. stevepeck1

    Blackvue 2-Ch Dashcam Install on Model X

    Me too. Works fine where Sprint has good towers...
  12. stevepeck1

    AP2 AutoSteer swerviness...??

    New X has I think 2,500 miles on it by now. Long trip yesterday - About 8 highway auto-steer hours - lots of long straight stretches on nice roads. Car was constantly hunting (oscillating) for a perfectly-centered track and making ultra slight adjustments left to right to left - enough that...
  13. stevepeck1

    21" Grey Turbine Wheels and Tires - Like New

    I have the same set of wheels with OE tires (with half their tread at least) in Charleston SC for $2,200.
  14. stevepeck1

    Blackvue 2-Ch Dashcam Install on Model X

    HI - Still true about the 500MB free plan working for your use?
  15. stevepeck1

    RVL Wheels?

    TESLA MODEL X Owners Club - Facebook. Billy Chen. Looks AWESOME!
  16. stevepeck1

    Hi. Can you share info about your X dashcam?

    Hi. Can you share info about your X dashcam?
  17. stevepeck1

    Supercharger - Columbia, SC

    Are Ruby Tuesdays getting chargers soon or is that marketing talk? I may have missed that memo. I really don't care for the zigzag detour to Santee every time I go north from Charleston. The ranger service now only one way but it's still $600 for any service for us in Charleston. Got to take her...
  18. stevepeck1

    OK. Tire wear is past ridiculous. Photo attached

    Noise, price and wear rating. I'd rather use RunFlats but at a point the benefit exceeds the risk of a flat tire.
  19. stevepeck1

    OK. Tire wear is past ridiculous. Photo attached

    Thank you for all the thoughts. I ran staggered 21s. I often overinflated so that the tire will sit more of the center patch. Tesla yesterday and send me a copy of my most recent alignment. In the door and out the door. Out the door was In Spec but in the door was out. This suggests they think...
  20. stevepeck1

    OK. Tire wear is past ridiculous. Photo attached

    3 alignments over the same period. Never was off. Camber isn't adjustable. Other than the geometry problem that has camber on the edge of limits, I suspect the use of the pedal on the right puts the alignment off each time. It's a P 85+ so in theory it already has stiffer bushings.
  21. stevepeck1

    OK. Tire wear is past ridiculous. Photo attached

    21 inch Michelins. Very frustrating. Three alignments and 3-4 right rear tires in 25,000 miles and everybody at Tesla says it's normal! Right rear every 5-7,000 miles by stevepeck1 posted Jun 14, 2016 at 9:42 PM
  22. stevepeck1

    Parking sensor retrofit - $6000 ??

    I did it DIY. Front and rear harnesses, sensors, mounts and controller. Bought an 18.5MM quality hole saw for $7. Used the existing marks in the bumper for drill points. SC enabled it in software. Talk to your SC about parts. Wish I opted for the 12-sensor system as it, too was marked and...
  23. stevepeck1

    Front SIDE cargo nets

    Anyone found a US source for these: Side cargo nets.
  24. stevepeck1

    Cup Holder for Tesla on Amazon...anyone use this?

    Rubbermaid Mobile Vent Catch-All - Walmart.com I used these and just hang them on the door handles. $5. When the kids broke the plastic ring. a zip tie worked nicely. I cut off the Rubbermaid logo and it looks like it could be OEM.
  25. stevepeck1

    Is there access to the wires INSIDE the center console?

    I want to install rear-passenger-access usb plugs cleanly. Like the Evannex ones - just cleaner, factory-looking installation. Does anyone know how to safely open up the console to get to the back of the 12v socket power?
  26. stevepeck1

    Updated Windshield Washer Sprayers? Availability aftermarket?

    Tesla said they can update my dual-double sprayers to the fan spray type but I'd have to drive to a service center which in my case is 4 hours away and I think they said the part is $90-some. Anyone have better information? I really dislike these regular sprayers. Nothing gets clean and...
  27. stevepeck1

    Anyone have inside-bumper pictures? Bizarre, I know.

    Need to see the wire routing please, if anyone has pictures... Also need to know the exact diameter of the holes in the bumper for the parking sensors. I'm going to install factory parking sensors.
  28. stevepeck1

    Anyone know the LOCATION of the Parking Sensor ECU??

    I understand that some 2013 cars were both pre-wired for parking sensors and have the ECU installed. Just not the actual sensors. I'm looking into this to see if I can do as some others have, to add these on. FIRST need to see if the ECU is present. I found another thread where a member got the...
  29. stevepeck1

    Out of juice - battery issue, UI issue, or user mistake?

    is extremely enlightening. Upon entering the exact inputs, it says the car would use 156 Rated Miles, which bears out EXACTLY to the reality we experienced. A few miles short. Craptastic! :crying: It would be great if the in-car trip computer had this sort of accuracy.
  30. stevepeck1

    Out of juice - battery issue, UI issue, or user mistake?

    Appreciate all the comments and questions. We didn't bank on having miles when the meter showed 0. We simply watch the energy graph and trip computer which started with 70 miles more than we needed, leaving Charlotte. We used "range mode" and warm-side-of-comfortable AC temp. 40 MPH was all the...
  31. stevepeck1

    Out of juice - battery issue, UI issue, or user mistake?

    Respectfully, I'm not misinformed about sub-zero reserve. I can personally attest that there IS a 10-20 reserve since we had that happen before in FL in November. Here's a pic where we, too have driven at highway speeds for miles at sub-zero range on the gauge. You can see the SC stop on the...
  32. stevepeck1

    Out of juice - battery issue, UI issue, or user mistake?

    My Ellen took our 201 P85+ on a Charleston South Carolina to Charlotte round trip this weekend. Used Santee and Charlotte Superchargers and the latest software update trip planner both ways. Charlotte elevation 751. Santee Elevation 128. Basically flat the whole way home. No headwind. Clear...
  33. stevepeck1

    Outdoor EV charging - LEGAL direct plug-in options?

    GE makes one of these that they sell through Home Depot for under $500 delivered. The communities are not looking to install chargers themselves but instead, looking for options to lawfully provide outdoor receptacle outlets so that you can plug in your own portable cord. There seems to be no...
  34. stevepeck1

    Outdoor EV charging - LEGAL direct plug-in options?

    I'm a Model S owner. I also manage 100+ different communities (HOAs and condos) in the Charleston, SC region. We're seeing interest in EV charging at uncovered parking areas. I have a tech question that I need to find the definitive answer to. Sources online show that for true outdoor charging...
  35. stevepeck1

    Updates and Upgrades at service centers? I'd like your ideas please.

    Each time my 2013 S has gone to the shop, it has come back with something updated/upgraded. I gather that there are other things that they'll update if you ask... I wonder what those have been for you? ...and therefore what I might request when it goes back in for scheduled service in March...
  36. stevepeck1

    Wiring from frunk area to passenger compartment

    I have taken apart the front of my model S and can find no location to install a grommet to pass wires for a radar detector and accessories. Anyone have a suggestion?

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