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  1. SemiS3XYR

    NJ - Model S rear facing seats with bumper reinforcement

    Mint set of rear facing seats that get installed in the trunk of the model S. For young kids. Like new with all mounting hardware and bumper reinforcement which is required to use this. There are directions to install online and I will provide that webpage link. They were amazing for my first...
  2. SemiS3XYR

    NJ - Model 3 chrome delete kit

    https://kenriko.com/products/tesla-model-3-chrome-delete-kit I have that kit in Satin Black for $100. Somerset, NJ I never got around to install it and wife likes the chrome instead after seeing the later Model 3 and Ys with the black trim.
  3. SemiS3XYR

    NJ - Model S chrome delete kit

    Selling the extra set of Nikola Pro chrome delete kit. Satin black for facelift Model S. Install tools are included as well but no heat gun. This is a great kit and very well designed. Parts: grill, turn signals, mirrors, bottom trim, rear emblem, fog light, window trim, door handles and...
  4. SemiS3XYR

    USB card reader rec

    I use a microSD and usb card reader on the model 3. Works great knock on wood. But the Difini brand card reader can't be found online anymore! Can anyone make any microSD card readers to use with our X? TIA!
  5. SemiS3XYR

    Model x 7 seater bench seat not sliding

    Calling all 7 seater with 2nd row bench seats! Does your bench seat slide automatically and easily like this video at 1:00 min mark? We just got a mid year 2017 MX and when I hit the 3rd row access button on the second row seats at the shoulders, they fold forward, I hear the unlatch...
  6. SemiS3XYR

    Wireless charging and sentry setup

    Hi. I like the Model 3 wireless charging setup with Jeda hub. Wireless charging works for two phones and sentry mode saves. is there something similar for the X? or a setup that has at least one wireless phone charge? what you rocking?
  7. SemiS3XYR

    Only Used Tesla site issues

    Does anyone else have difficulty using onlyusedtesla.com I had to reset my password, it kicks me to wordpress to reset it after I click on the email link. I jump back to the site to login and I can't but I can login at the wordpress site. Very confused and I've been trying to 3 days to login...
  8. SemiS3XYR

    Used Model X without EAP or FSD

    I'm looking at a 2018 X without EAP or FSD. Currently owner states that EAP is $3k and FSD is $10k. I would not get FSD but would buy EAP. I don't know what shenanigans Tesla will pull after ownership is transferred. Would EAP be more money after ownership transfer like $4k. Or should I...
  9. SemiS3XYR

    2018 Red Model 3 long range LR RWD with FSD

    -23,xxx miles and will still be driven -Multi coat red -Long range -Rear wheel drive -black interior -EAP -FSD -$47,500, open to conversation but come see the car first! (book value ranges from 46k to 51) -New Jersey- I travel between Somerset County, Ocean County, and Bergen County so I can be...
  10. SemiS3XYR

    Model 3 Nomad wireless charger

    -gen 1 version with the battery to boost the charging power to 7.5W -Some rub marks from the cover that covers it -Had this on a 2018 Model 3 that didn’t come with OEM wireless phone charger -USB-a connections -I think it works with Model Y $50 shipped to lower 48 Thanks!
  11. SemiS3XYR

    FS NJ - gray 21" turbines

    $1,400 I'll uploaded photos ASAP but I have a set of used 21" gray turbines, OEM tesla staggered set. They are in really good shape. Not curb rash but some minimal wear and tear marks and mounting marks. It will need tires soon. You could still use them as there not bald but at the wear...
  12. SemiS3XYR

    WTB model s roof rack NJ/NY/PA

    2015 Model S with Pano looking for roof rack Thanks!
  13. SemiS3XYR

    Model S P85DL+ extended warranty

    Hello! Priorities are shifting for the family and I’m considering selling my dream ride! Located Somerset Count NJ. I know I’ll get request for more photos. I’ll work on that! 58xxx miles $59,500 so here we go with the details... 2nd owner. Bought directly from 1st owner. Lien on car with...
  14. SemiS3XYR

    Help please HVAC stuck on black screen

    my car is locked up rebooting. I’ve tried rebooting again but HVAV is stuck on. It’s just running all the time. I’m afraid it will drain my battery to zero so I plugged it in. It won’t charge. What should I do on a Saturday? I’ve made an appt via app but it’s not for 2 weeks! And I...
  15. SemiS3XYR

    60 Minutes Deep Sea Nodules 11/17

    In case you missed it. Here is the transcript of the interview. This will probably have an effect on the ocean that we don't even see coming! It's literally a free for all minus US, for now. Why the U.S. is missing out on the race to mine trillions of dollars worth of metals from the ocean floor
  16. SemiS3XYR

    2001 BMW M3 manual convertible

    $17,500 very good condition and a lot of fun to be had 47,500 miles 6 speed manual Harmon / Kardon Cold weather package (heated seats and headlight washers) Partial front clear bra since new Cruise control Power and memory seats All windows tinited AC and heater all good Soft top is clean and no...
  17. SemiS3XYR

    2012 Nissan Leaf SL central NJ

    $7,500 59k miles and dailying Awesome and Great small family EV! Had a Fit EV before this. (that makes total 4 years with a hatchback EV and with 2 kids!) Just mounted semi new Pirelli P7 all seasons. So lots of tire tread for new owner. Private sale Title in hand Accident free Excellent...
  18. SemiS3XYR

    damaged rear Arachnid rim

    I have a damaged rim rear Tesla Arachnid rim for sale. Please see photos. $100 OBO
  19. SemiS3XYR

    help test drive roadster central NJ

    Hello! I'm looking to join the club but hesitant to give up my two great droptops for a Roadster. Anyone in the CNJ area kind enough to let me drive theirs before taking the next step. May be a long shot but doesn't hurt to ask :) Much appreciated TMC! thank you
  20. SemiS3XYR

    Model 3 Sub Trunk Wet Moisture

    I was detailing the car last week and my sub trunk carpet looks a bit wrinkley like it has gotten wet or moisture. I'll check later if it stops raining in NJ and I'll post a photo. I don't recall it looking like this at pickup. Had the car for 6+ months. Just checking if anyone is witnessing...
  21. SemiS3XYR

    Tesla OEM tire totes

    Hello! I have a set (4) tire totes for sale. No rips or damage just some light smudging. You know what they look like $60 shipped to lower 48 Thanks for your interest!
  22. SemiS3XYR

    Door latch alignment thunk

    I'm not sure if it's just me but my driver's door "thunk" when closing sounds different than the other doors. It sounds like the latches aren't lined up and there is an extra effort compared to the others. I've looked at the latches and don't see any scaring or anything. Do any of your doors...
  23. SemiS3XYR

    New but dinged Arachnid rims - part out

    $550 shipped each. $500 picked up. Choose your rim 1st front, 2nd front, 1st rear, 2nd rear. Rims only. New but scuffed and dinged up from storage. Detailed photos. PM me email if you want me to email the full size photo of a specific wheel so that you can review it closer. Thanks!
  24. SemiS3XYR

    Tesla oem gen 2 TPMS

    $120 shipped to lower 48 paypal friends and fam
  25. SemiS3XYR

    Model S 2012+ The Law License Plate Bracket

    $100 shipped lower 48 states no drill license plate bracket
  26. SemiS3XYR

    Model S arachnid silver set used

    used for about 3 months Aug 2018 to Nov 2018. So about 2,000 miles easy miles. USED each of the rears have one nail in each that needs to be plugged (damn construction nails) and one rear wheel has pothole rash :/ These are amazing look and feel! $2,750 pickup in CNJ Pictured on my s3xy...
  27. SemiS3XYR

    Model S rear facing seats

    Pickup in central NJ. PM me. $1,500 For sale is the rear facing seats in Model S for kids. Photos of actual seats for sale but they are already uninstalled. I have the main latch/side striker brackets and some bolts nuts for the install. You would need the bezel (see photo) that goes into the...
  28. SemiS3XYR

    Model S Weathertech front and rear mats

    Pickup in Central NJ. PM me. For sale $120 Shipping is fine if buyer pays exact shipping
  29. SemiS3XYR

    Seatbelt lap loop?

    Do other 3 owners have a loop in the middle of the of the lap part of the seatbelt? Why is this there? I never had any other cars with this interruption in the belt. I find this really annoying to see and feel.
  30. SemiS3XYR

    60k baking pan!

    Jump in the back of your 3 and lightly running in place (tap your feet) on the floor. Ummm we defintely overpaid for this baking pan! o_O Also, why is the driver footwell lower by the pedals. I bet its about battery fitment but i find it really odd.
  31. SemiS3XYR

    Wheel repair Central NJ

    I have a curbed silver arachnid And a curbed gray turbine. Any recommendations to get it repaired and painted/touch-up Thanks!
  32. SemiS3XYR

    Does EAP affect trade in?

    Thinking about following through with the MR Model 3 order I have configured but I am also intrigued by holding off for the Model Y. Does tesla value any model with or without EAP software the same for trade ins? I don’t want to spend $5k and then end up traded my MR if I don’t get any value...
  33. SemiS3XYR

    2013 Model S P85 loaded with rear facing seats

    99,000 miles $39k Battery and drive units warrantied till July 2021 2013 P85 470hp 0-60 in 4.2sec -Two annual services included and transferable ($1,200 value) -Lifetime supercharging -Rear facing seats -Panoramic roof -Air suspension -Tech package (Nav, fog, accent lights, power liftgate)...
  34. SemiS3XYR

    photo request: settings without EAP

    Hi. Can any owner WITHOUT EAP share what the settings screen says? What features or safety features you can turn on or off. Thank you
  35. SemiS3XYR

    Model S Weathertech front mats only

    $50 local for pickup in CNJ Buyer to pay exact shipping if needed Thank you
  36. SemiS3XYR

    Model S Gen 1 TPMS set

    $100 shipped paypal gift me please Thank you!
  37. SemiS3XYR

    Model S weather tech mats front only

    $50. Located central NJ
  38. SemiS3XYR

    Rial Lugano 19" Pirelli Tires low miles $1500 NJ

    photos of actual wheels for sale on and off the car Full set of Luganos with lugs, gen 1 TPMS, rial caps with red T logo 19x8.5 32mm offset Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires have about 5k on them. Really great all season tires. Used in rain and snow. Great performance and retail for $250 per tire...
  39. SemiS3XYR

    rocker panel in spec per SC

    So I have the ESA and Service center is telling me this is within spec and won't fix? What do you think? Pass side is worst than the driver side. I tried to get them to escalate it but still won't budge. Best path forward?
  40. SemiS3XYR

    WTB oem lug nuts

    my car came with aftermarket wheels I'm not digging. I'm looking for great condition Tesla OEM lug nuts to use with OEM wheels
  41. SemiS3XYR

    NJ Paramus or Springfield SC

    First time bringing in our new to us MS for annual service and some beloved Tesla issues. Which SC did you find better?Paramus or Springfield? Paramus is a little farther for me but hell if I get better service I am willing to travel a little father.
  42. SemiS3XYR

    Central NJ borrow grey OEM wheel

    Hi. I want to get my 19s powder coated. I want to match the grey OEM wheel color. If anyone has a spare that I can borrow to show to the shop, please let me know. Thank you very much!
  43. SemiS3XYR

    powdercoat wheels OEM grey

    I want to powdercoat the 19" split 5 spoke but I want the OEM grey Tesla uses. Does anyone know if there is a paint code I can find out my area's powdercoaters has or not. Or a shop that they know Tesla uses to refurb wheels that can get me the information. Thanks in advance!

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