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    Anyone autocross the Model Y?

    I regularly track mine. Do an autocross monthly as well as occasional track days. Make sure make sure make sure you bring something to cool your brakes. They heat up and fade super quickly. I'm planning on some upgrades there first of all (better pads and brake lines/fluid). The car is fun...
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    Track days + FSD beta safety score

    That's what I suspected. I will wait until FSD is out of beta then (which is likely 12 years from now so I'll save the money until then haha)
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    Track days + FSD beta safety score

    Did some searching, apologies if this has been discussed but couldn't find anything. I actively track my MYP (at least one autocross/month, considering bigger track days quarterly). I'm guessing there's no way for the safety score to parse what's a track day and what's not? I was considering...
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    Trade two 21 uberturbines for two of yours for square setup?

    I'm 100% up for this. I actually just had an accident (hit in the side, not my fault, sucks but it will get repaired) so I'm going to have at least one brand new rear soon. If there was a thread of people who were up for this it would be great. I'm actually good with the rears on a square setup...
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    Model Y Performance 21"- Pirelli or Michelin?

    They're a staggered setup on the MYP. You can't rotate them.
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    Supercharger - Sun Valley, CA (24 V3 Superchargers, ePlan filed)

    Went by yesterday, no construction progress whatsoever, nothing on site unfortunately
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    New parents with a Model Y - Baby transportation?

    Two kids here, one 2,5 years and the other a newborn. Our MYP has an UPPABABY Mesa and a large Graco forward facing seat with enough room in the back row for my wife to jump back there with the kids in case of meltdowns. We keep a Vista stroller with multiple attachments in the hatch (sub trunks...
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    Socal drag strips open?

    Fontana is actively being used for autocross (another this weekend, come on by) but no idea about a drag strip
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    Track mode Model Y performance

    Exactly. And it's almost like major companies can work on multiple features at once! Also, re: the wheel size, I kind of agree, but I think with a suspension that will naturally lower me about .5" further with a little beefier rubber will end up looking nice. I've seen some setups like this...
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    Track mode Model Y performance

    Oh I'm 100% swapping the wheels and tires that's a given and I'm fully aware of how unsprung mass weight savings help performance. :) The daily set (even unstaggered with nice summer performance tires) still isn't enough performance for what I'm talking about. That's a decent upgrade on the...
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    Track mode Model Y performance

    Bumping an old thread rather than make a new one, hope that's ok. Assuming there's been no more info on this, but does anyone have any other methods for either accessing more neutral handling (the staggered setup pushes a lot since I can't control power/traction, so new wheels will help but...
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    265 or 255 width tires for aftermarket wheels, MYP

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Pretty set on a non-staggered 265 or 275 setup for more neutral handling and a bit more grip.
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    265 or 255 width tires for aftermarket wheels, MYP

    I'm starting to actively track my MYP, and one of the things on my list like a lot of people is to switch out my Uberturbines with an aftermarket set of wheels/tires (if anyone wants a set w/ 3k miles in SoCal let me know! only two are curb rashed haha). I'm pretty settled on a set of 19's that...
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    Has anyone replaced door windows? How much did it run you?

    My front driver side window was $360 from Tesla. They had it done within an hour
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    Model Y LR Appearance Mods

    Can you link to the lights you got? Having trouble finding some of them. I'm doing the same thing but in purple. Have good front footwell and center console lights, but looking for good puddle lights and rear footwell ones (the USB-C rear ones have already been destroyed by my toddler)
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    Tint group buy in Los Angeles?

    Just to close out the thread, I got mine done at Sunshield today (I'll post some pics tomorrow). They did great work. Got 20% on the fronts, 70% on the rear/rear windshield/front windshield XPEL. Quick work and great people there
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    WTB - Used CHAdeMO adaptor

    Wow glad I checked the thread. I signed up to be alerted when it was back in stock and didn't get an email. Saw the post and ordered one lol. Thanks!
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    Tint group buy in Los Angeles?

    Hey! I ended up just calling around for some shops and have an appointment with Sunshield tomorrow, so I'm probably out of the group buy
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    California Timeline: Car Purchase, License & Registation, HOV Stickers, and FasTrak CAV Toll-Tag

    Just sent in my tags and registration application today, so I'm really interested to see how long it all takes.
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    New Iphone 12 Pro Max In Case Not Charging On Wireless Tesla Pad

    Yeah the Apple leather case works for me as well. Just had mine delivered last night and it charged on both pretty easily. It wakes up when you hit the accelerator pretty hard but apart from that works fine. Seemed to make my phone run a lot hotter when charging in the car than my charger at...
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    CA Waiting Room

    Car was dropped off today at 9:00 pm. Already installed interior lights, mud flaps, front license bracket, and a few other minor things lol. Took it out for a drive, everything was perfect. Was too late to do a perfect inspection of the body, but I'll do that tomorrow. At first glance nothing is...
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    CA Waiting Room

    Just got told they're bringing it to my apartment tonight instead of Friday! What a fun surprise haha MSM MYP, ordered 5/28
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    CA Waiting Room

    Just got my payment options, insurance purchase, and delivery appointment. Was supposed to pick up at Burbank initially, now they're doing a home delivery to my apartment on 6/25. Soon. :)
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    CA Waiting Room

    Just got my VIN. No email or text, just a random refresh of my account page at 10:30 and I got the blue button. Says 1-10 weeks for delivery now but I’m sure that will change as soon as my SA reaches out to schedule delivery. MSM MYP, no tow, autopilot, black interior ordered 5/28
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    20 inch Uberturbine wheels on Model Y + optional thicker 45 profile sidewall.

    Friend you're coming off as real aggressive in this thread. Weight on the wheels/tires does not equal weight on the car. I can't lose 10 pounds of fat on my body and claim 2.5 pounds of unsprung weight loss to each wheel, that's not how cars or physics work. I am buying a MYP (with a child seat...
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    CA Waiting Room

    MSM MYP no FSD ordered 5/28, still no VIN. Just the creeping dates (now at June 23-30).
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    Tint group buy in Los Angeles?

    Hey I'm pretty new to the LA area car detailing/tint scene so I'm not sure if there are any shops that would do this, but I'd love to see if there's interest in a tint group buy. It's the 1 thing I'm guaranteed to do when my MYP shows up and would love to secure a decent rate for a group at a...
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    CA Waiting Room

    Back to 6/20-6/30 from 1-10 weeks. MYP MSM in LA
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    CA Waiting Room

    Ordered 5/28 in SoCal, delivery was June 14-30 for a long time, then 13-26, then 14-30 again, then 16-30, and now today to 1-10 weeks. Hope I was just caught up in the weirdness with the delivery timelines right now. MSM MYP, no other options for those curious

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