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    Superchargers might max out at 200kW

    So I guess charge time isn't changing significantly until batteries move to solid state? What is a solid-state battery? The benefits explained | WIRED UK I keep waiting for the casual announcement that charge times are 8 min starting on new models as of X date on twitter to smack down Porsche...
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    2017 Free Supercharging vs 2018 HW change (potential)

    For me the big hardware change of major consequence will be charging speed. My gut says it will be a mike drop kind of Tesla event where all cars coming off the line can charge in 8 min or whatever starting 2 days ago. That's the main way to crush all the up and coming EV posers.
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    Acceleration Shudder

    Class action? Will that prompt a fix? What will prompt a recall? I don't want to hurt the Tesla corp I love, but I can't every time I bring this up to my service folks they either tell me it is tires (yet when I replace tires by their recommendation, it only "helps" but does not eliminate...
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    Passenger Visor Broken, now no radio or sat reception, Model X

    It also took out the tire pressure monitoring system - it flashes an error.
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    Passenger Visor Broken, now no radio or sat reception, Model X

    My son managed to take the passenger sun visor and somehow snap it (moved it the wrong way). Now the FM and sat radios have no reception. LTE and therefore internet radio both working fine. Looking at the wires, all I see is the wires to power the vanity mirror, but does anyone know how these...
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    Tesla Model X Moments

    My parents were getting a new granite counter top at their house. I come by in my 3 day old blue Model X and one of the fairly burley craftsmen freezes in his tracks and says "that's a Tesla!". Not many of these in Kentucky at this point. Both installers stop what they are doing of course and...
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    Drop-in phone charger with a case?

    1+ for the toothpick jammed under the lightning connector cord suggestion. The small bumper case doesn't interfere with charging now on the iPhone 6. Took a min to figure out you have to semi-close the cover so you can push the connector's plastic piece forward to free it from the whole console.
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    v7.1 (2.15.50)

    This update seemed to have messed up my autopresenting door. Worked fine before exactly as it was designed to do. Now is slowly opening about 20 degrees (even when approaching from rear of vehicle) and is stuck, hard to move, then will eventually release to manual control so I can fully open...
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    Anyone else have door rattles in their Model X?

    Yep, got a rattle. Very mild but there.
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    How many people got a "problem-free" Model X?

    Vin 3XX so far so great! 5 days in. May need new tires soon though from all the Ludicrous launching of future Tesla converts. "Who makes a Tesla?" is my most common question so far. Life in Kentucky.
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    03/21 - Poor Model X Factory Pickup Experience

    Had my delivery cancelled today 4 hrs prior to me picking up the car. The delivery specialist called and said they couldn't deliver because of "trim issues" they identified at the SC. I've been moping around all afternoon having to wait another week to get it, but I guess I should be glad they...
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    Is it tacky to cover seatbacks with Glad Press 'N' Seal until Xpel?

    I'm going for it then. Pics to follow...
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    Is it tacky to cover seatbacks with Glad Press 'N' Seal until Xpel?

    I just know these shiny black seatbacks are going to be scratched like crazy in a week with my kids. I'd like to get the thing wrapped but I can't get it done for a little bit. Anybody got anything classier than Press 'N' Seal to put on the backs temporarily? I have pickup in Nashville on...
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    New Model X Arrivals!

    Doh, delivery specialist says not mine, but they're expecting early next week. Fingers crossed.
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    New Model X Arrivals!

    Holy crap!! I'm hoping the blue baby on the back is mine! Woot woot!!!! I'm a P90DL with a vin 003xx. Could it be?? Not sure I can sleep tonight. The MyTesla page still says I'm still in production queue though.
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    Production (Non-Sig) Model X Vin #'s now being issued

    Modern Tesla time: living quarter to quarter. As long as production deliveries are going by March 31 for the Q1 investor call all is well, even if it doesn't really match up with the spirit of "ramping up deliveries at the beginning of the year." I don't expect to touch the car until last 2...
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    Working on Autopilot v2 hardware suite - Confirmation by Elon

    Tesla time people. It warps space time to slow everything down. Your 3 to 4 months translates to few years from now. 2 years from now means about 3 to 4. You can have your model X with no regrets. Even if full autonomy is ready, your local legal system isn't ready.
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    Full Towing Video & Range examination

    Referring to accelerating the model X with a 5000 lb boat. "Like it's not even there. . . but it is!" Love it.
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    Model X : Rear entertainment options

    Doesn't mean we can't try and "enhance" the touchscreen anyway. Legal schmegal, am I right?:-D
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    Production (Non-Sig) Model X Vin #'s now being issued

    Production Res: 65XX Confirmed order 12/19. P90D Model X Vin in early/mid 300s. Too freaking excited!!!! Logging in ModelXtracker next.
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    Model X : Rear entertainment options

    I posted a similar concern about no rear seat entertainment a few months ago. Don't feel alone. Didn't keep me from ordering, but it will create work for me once I get the car to figure out some solution. Will the dash screen allow some type of 3rd party app for video/hdmi input/chromecast?
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    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    Production Res #6535 Invited to configure today!!
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    X reservation is in. Volvo out. What can I do for salesperson and forum?

    Commission Ditto to commission. I was in line at Model X event with guy who used to sell Teslas. At first there was no commission, but at the end of his run they introduced commissions but only for full time employees. Since he was a part-timer his commission went to a full time employee...
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    How Many Miles On The Vehicle Your Model X Will Replace

    2006 Prius (replaced the battery last year) with 160,000 miles. I'd rather dump my ICE (2012 Enclave) but the supercharger desolation of Kentucky means I can't make it from Western KY to my mother in law's house in Northern KY without running out of juice or stopping for an hour to give me an...
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    Model X Launch Event: Plus One Requests / Plus One Offers

    I'm trying to respond to individual requests but my forum status allows just one message per hour - can somebody adjust the wiki - I have a guest (took first request) for the event now. Wish I could bring everybody :-(
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    Model X Launch Event: Plus One Requests / Plus One Offers

    I'm not able to edit the wiki, but I have am flying in solo so have a 1+ to offer. Flying into SF airport at 5pm Tuesday, was going to rent a car or uber or taxi to event. If someone wants to 1+ with me with airport transportation to event, even better! Model X Production model #6535 X
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    Model X Launch Event: Plus One Requests / Plus One Offers

    Same here! Flight booked, Nashville to SanFran, back the next morn. Woot!
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    Factory dvd option in the model X?

    Since the model X is a soccer mom replacement, I was expecting a DVD player to be a factory option. The signature configuration doesn't mention anything about it. Any thoughts? Are the kids just supposed to stream from tablets or something instead? HoptownT Model X res #6535

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