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    WTB Gen1 HPWC Replacement Wand or Cable

    The wand on my Gen1 HPWC has worn out, and I would like to replace it rather than buy an entire charger assembly. I've contacted my local Service Center but they're saying this part is no longer available. Is anyone aware of somewhere that this can be purchased? (I've only found the Gen2...
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    Conundrum: Ontario's Electric vehicle charging incentive program

    I had mine installed the week before I took delivery. Submitted the rebate paperwork after I took delivery along with the rebate for the Car itself.
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    Ontario tries to allay auto sector fears over climate change plan

    While on the surface the program may look less attactive in 2016, the cost of the installations has reduced a similar percentage as the guaranteed contract rates.
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    When I was passing by on Saturday, I could see the chargers from the QEW, although not backing on to the highway they are visible.
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    Canadian Price Increase Imminent

    This shouldn't be factored in to your calculation, the consumer pays HST when they purchase, Tesla when they pay that 5% on import get that back as part if the Input Tax Credit's since they also collect HST, otherwise the consumer would be getting double taxed.
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    Anyone buy Klasse Apex 19s from Kal Tire?

    What size hub rings are required? There are lots of other sites where they can be ordered if they're a common size.
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    Charging in Niagara Falls (Ontario)?

    While they don't normally ask, they can ask you for your passport, and I believe not having it could be grounds for removal from the Nexus program.
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    Model X Design Studio - Canadian prices

    Check his math above, it was already there.
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    Model X Design Studio - Canadian prices

    What's unfortunate is that if everyone who had put a $5000 down-payment in February 2013 had instead bought $5k of TSLA stock, they'd now have ~$28,500 USD that they could apply against the Model X.
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    Ontario EV incentives upped to $14K... and decreased to $3k for Tesla

    Unfortunately, you ordered your car in November, the transaction only closes and will be dated upon pick-up. (Unless you paid in full in November, but I'm guessing you did not). I agree the retroactive move is BS, but overall the move isn't surprising from a political point of view. Many...
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    Charging at Disney in Florida?

    While I haven't used the charger at Sheraton Vistana Resort, I have stayed there several times, it's a nice resort, and it's very easy to get to Disney or other attractions from there.
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    Metro Vancouver the luxury car capital of North America

    I often stay at the Fairmont Waterfront and the Valet spots often has some pretty nice machinery parked right out front. I've seen two Tesla's out front plugged in and charging on more that one occasion as well.
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    Winter Tires and Rims - Canadian Availability

    Can you confirm if they're 25mm or 35mm offset? I looked on 1010tires.com and don't see a 35mm offset offered in that configuration.
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    Where is the EV plug at Chateau Frontenac ?

    While I haven't been to Chateau Frontenac, my experience with other Fairmont Hotel's is their EV Charges are normally right in front of the Hotel (across from the entry doors). I'm sure if you call the Hotel they can direct you.
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    Model S Insurance in Canada

    I've been told by more than one insurance company that the Hybrid discount is a marketing ploy and a "green" initiative rather than an underwriting strategy. I do work closely with insurance companies so I'm not just hearing this through brokers or agents. That's why I said it's obsurd to have a...
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    Ontario EV Charging Incentive Program

    I purchased my HPWC about 3 weeks before I took delivery of my car so that I could get it installed ahead of time. So both the install and unit purchase were before the delivery date of my EV, and I submitted both rebates on the same day, and received the rebate for both about 6 weeks later with...
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    Model S Insurance in Canada

    When I got the car back in March, i asked about an EV discount and I was told there wasn't one, I asked about Hybrid, it existed but as a pure EV it wouldn't apply to me, I explained the absurdity to the agent, doubt it made it anywhere, but will follow-up to see if it has changed.
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    GTA - Who needs winter tires?

    Nope, in Southern California you should be a on a proper summer tire and not making a sacrifice with a No Season.
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    Electricity Cost per Charge/Toronto

    That's how I interpreted this: https://www.miltonhydro.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/electric_rate_card_2015.pdf Even if I'm wrong, we're talking $0.136/kWh all in, off peak. Far from $0.21 being mentioned in this thread.
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    Electricity Cost per Charge/Toronto

    I came to a similar conclusion, not factoring in the clean energy benefit, my off peak all-in price (including HST) is $0.128/kwh. $0.08/kWh $0.0206/kWh Delivery(off peak), on peak has a $0.0079/kWH surcharge $0.0057/kWh $0.007/kWh Debt Retirement Customer Charge doesn't change based on usage...
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    Winter Tires and Rims - Canadian Availability

    I'm going with your option 2 myself, and putting my winter's on the OEM 19's and in the spring I'll upgrade to a 20" or 21" summer wheel. I do a lot of highway driving, and for much of the winter through the GTA roads will be clear so while I was originally going to go with the Nokian's they're...
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    Anyone in Canada have solar panels?

    The unglazed pvc works the same way in that if you run it at night it will cool the pool down, so as SmartElectric mention, there is a valve that opens when the collectors are hotter than the pool water, and that valve closes when the temp drop occurs (normally in the early evening). It is...
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    Anyone in Canada have solar panels?

    My solar pool system uses unglazed plastic. My father who has spent much of the last 15-20years doing solar research pointed me in this direction. The other nice thing is one of the best unglazed plastic panel manufacturers is a Quebec based company (Techno Solis). Here is a summary of the...
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    Battery degradation

    9000km on the clock, P85D, originally 368 rated km at 90%, now down to 366 rated km at 90%. I noticed both times I went away for 2 weeks and the car sat plugged in, I lost 1 km of rated charge. Might just be a coincidence, next time I go away for a week I'm not going to plug it in and see what...
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    Looking for rims and winter tire near Montreal

    Contact Carl at Perry Performance in Laval. He can set you up with rims and tires. Tell him Brian from ChumpCar sent you.
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    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    For the U.S. Zip code issue, take the 3 digits from your postal code and add two 00's. That's never failed me. (Ie. L5K 2N8 becomes 52800). Sorry, on Tapatalk and didn't see mknox's previous post to the same effect.
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    Recommendations we could really use on next update!

    The two recommendations above have been on my list of enhancements. Additionally, I'd love to see the ability to set dynamic speed warnings (right now you can a single relative warning), I'd like to have different relative speeds and warning levels. ie. 10km/h over <= 50km/h 15km/h over at...
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    Anyone had their Model S on track at Mosport or Calabogie?

    Glad you guys got that figured out! We're just leaving Laguna Seca for the 5000km back home. We managed to win on Friday and a 5th place today out of 50 teams that ran. Yesterday we were victims to a really dumbass move by a BMW driver. Laguna Crash - Chumpcar July 2015 - YouTube
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    Anyone had their Model S on track at Mosport or Calabogie?

    Nice to meet you as well Doug. Congratulations on finishing, I know in the early going those are the victories we all seek (our newer car is still on the hoist after blowing up at Mosport, hopefully we'll have both out at St-Eustache). If you guys have any questions, let us know. I know the...
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    DS tells me Lawrence location has 130 deliveries by June 30th

    After the introductory email, I found the only way I got updates was to call and ask. I called to schedule a pickup date, they said lets check to see where your car is, oh it's here, our next opening is.... They are overwhelmed.
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    So what happens when we have to start paying for our 3G data?

    I didn't think Telus had any 2G network to start with. Bell and Telus both made the transition to GSM from CDMA by rolling out entirely new infrastructure (together) and put in place an HSPA (3G) network as their base in the world of GSM. This is why you'll never see a Bell device go to anything...
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    Model S Insurance in Canada

    A good part of our premiums are for bodily injury and care-giving related expenses. So the safety record of the car has a lot to do with the rates. My insurance went from about $1200/yr (full coverage) on my 2010 Mazdaspeed 3, to $900/yr (full coverage) on my Model S.
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Where's the like button!!
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    DS tells me Lawrence location has 130 deliveries by June 30th

    June 30th is a quarter end, March was similar, there was a huge push for deliveries so they can book that revenue.
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    Canadian Keyboard - ".COM" dedicated button changed to ".CA"

    No worries, I stumbled up on that when they had that brief switch to .ca as default since iOS offers the same hold and get more options feature, and sure enough it worked.
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    Five months and still no $8500, nor $1000 for charger

    That's why I wanted to submit both together so that the charger rebate wouldn't get lost in a pile waiting for the car to be submitted.
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    Five months and still no $8500, nor $1000 for charger

    You can email in your rebate form and supporting documents, that's what I did. I wanted to submit everything together (car and charger), so I didn't have Tesla submit, and this way I know it was done correctly.
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    The BestBuy and Costco area has massive congestion issues, but definitely a lot of places one could visit while charging. I think QEW/Guelph Line isn't quite as bad from a congestion perspective.
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    Canadian Keyboard - ".COM" dedicated button changed to ".CA"

    Just hold down on on the .ca and other options appear. Not saying it shouldn't be customizable, but if this is the biggest issue with the car, then things aren't that bad.
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    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Selfishly, a Coburg service center would help enable me to get to my cottage or Calabogie without having to drive further east to Kingston on the 401 when I would normally head north on 37 via Tweed.
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    Need Help to Decide on Optiom's New Vehicle Replacement Insurance

    Good point about the cops... the insurance company may try to get you charged with Fraud.
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    Need Help to Decide on Optiom's New Vehicle Replacement Insurance

    If you drive your car in to a wall down the road, you're insurance rates will at that point go up significantly as you will have an at fault accident on your record. This accident will stay on your record for 7years and you will be paying through the roof for those 7 years if I'm not mistaken.
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    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    Depending on my route, I'm often 80-90km's one way to my client's offices (2-3 days/week). I don't tend to use the Nav in the MS because I don't find the traffic routing as strong as Waze. Hopefully since they use Google maps and Google bought Waze it will get there, but it's not there yet. Waze...
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    Model S sightings in Ontario

    Spotted @wolfpet on the 407 Eastbound this morning in Mississauga/Brampton... hard to miss the flat black plasti dip Tesla!
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    Next Gen Seats pending...

    Rears are no longer an option, there are some P85D owners who ordered their cars with the Next Gen seats before they were available so they are being retrofitted as they become available. Around the time the 70D was announced the option for Rear Next Gen seats was removed, it used to be an all...
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    Opticoat - Toronto, GTA, Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston area?

    I understand that the price for Opticoat has just recently gone up, minimums dictated by OptiCoat and those are in line with the new rate I heard. C-Quartz is shinier but doesn't have the same 5yr warranty as Opticoat.
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    Plates, Plate Holders, and Places to Charge

    Is it bad that I think that $99.10 sounds like a deal. I figured they'd charge full pop to replace personalized plates.
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    Opticoat - Toronto, GTA, Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston area?

    When I was picking up my Tesla from Kevin on May 11th he said he was booking for June 20th. Try email instead of phoning, he always got back to me in the evenings.
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    In production for 5 days only to go back to production que...what gives?

    This is exactly what happened to mine in early April, I contacted my DS and he assured me that it was in fact completed and awaiting transit. It should flip to a transit status in the next couple of days.
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    Model S Insurance in Canada

    That's bizarre, I know I'm on the outskirts, but still considered Milton which is GTA, and my cost on the Model S is around $1200/year with standard $300/$500 deductibles for comp and collision, that's through the Cooperators via Jason Legge Agency. Now the only added thing is my house and other...

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