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    Wall connector handle issue with exposed internal cables

    My almost 4 years old Wall Connector’ handle is starting to separate from the cable, exposing the internal cables (see photo). I tried to push it back in but it doesn’t stay there. Any ideas/suggestions how to fix? Is this repairable?
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    Sentry mode mechanics

    Hello, I had multiple (23) sentry false positive events last night. There was no alert on the phone. A neighbor informed me that the car lights were flashing multiple times last night. Looking at the footage, the recorded events were between 2.00a and 5.00a but I didn’t see anything suspicious...
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    Automated wash service and Aero wheels

    Any good, quick automated wash services in the Natick, Wellesley, Framingham area for the Model 3? Personally, I don’t really worry about touch vs touch-less systems for the paint etc. My biggest worry is the rails of these systems damaging the Aero caps. I don’t want to be in the business of...
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    Driving position, steering wheel adjustment for tall people

    Got delivery of a Model 3 four days ago. This car replaced my Model S 75D. One thing I noticed (that I probably missed during test drive) is how limited the movement of the steering wheel is when is adjusted. I am 6’ 2” tall and in general I have to move the driver seat almost all the way back...
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    MA - EV license plates

    I got delivery of a new leased Model 3 yesterday at the Dedham store and I just realized the registration/license plates they gave me are not EV plates. Did they stop giving EV plates or this is a mistake? Should I call and fight this or there is really no benefit of having EV this plates...
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    What is a Pre-Prodution car and why my VIN is older?

    I am bit confused so I am hoping for some help here. 4 days ago my Tesla advisor sent me a link to a Model 3 Performance stealth. The car had a VIN serial in the 602xxx range and for location it was saying "Pre-Production". I posted the $100 and ordered it. My assumption was that the car is not...
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    What is the max $ amount you can pay Tesla with a Credit Card?

    Either for a lease down payment or a loan down payment what is the maximum amount I can put on a credit card to pay the amount due on delivery to Tesla? This is about convenience, as in my case I always pay the full balance of the Credit Card at the end of every month so there is no hit with...
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    Leasing Model 3 in the US outside Tesla

    Anyone leasing a Model 3 using a different company than Tesla in the US? What good options (based on company/financial institution/terms) are out there? Any good experiences? How was the process? (Note: this is not a debate about if lease is a good option or not)
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    Comfort and noice levels on LR AWD vs Performance

    Can someone that test-drove (or maybe owns ? ) both, comment on the difference in comfort and noise levels on the two cars? I understand that Performance has lowered suspension and 20" wheels but how much of a difference does it fell during normal driving? And is there any difference on...
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    Is it possible to order Model 3 Standard Range with AWD and Premium Interior ?

    I know it is not an option on the website but I am wondering if you can order it through a sales advisor. (apologies if this was answered before)
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    Tesla FSD videos ?

    I can not find any videos from a demo FSD drive from today’s event. According to the webcast, people attending would have to ability to experience the new hardware and software. Any NDAs involved? Any links/videos ?
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    Tesla lease buyout - crazy penalty or error?

    Hello. Need some help understanding some lease buyout numbers from the experts. My 3 year lease of my 2016 Model S 75D with 21500 miles, ends at the end of this year (in 7 months). Lease is through Tesla Finance. My monthly payment (including taxes etc) is at $1200. With Model 3 leasing...
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    Fed Tax is cutting in half. What is Tesla’s strategy?

    So, end of the year. 4 people I know already bought or waiting delivery of a Tesla to take advantage of the $7500 Fed tax credit. These are great cars but $7500 off helps a lot. Should be an excellent quarter for Tesla. But, what will happen after that? Fed tax credit goes down (half). I doubt...
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    What should I expect from a MCU replacement?

    A couple of times in the last few weeks I got message: "Systems are powering up..." and nothing else was happening. Reboot (sometimes multiple reboots), fixed the issue but after a few days it came back. Service Center says that my Dec 2016 S 75D needs MCU replacement and they will do it (under...
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    Tesla loaner says Supercharging Unavailable and no way to activate it

    My S 75D will stay a few days at the service center. They gave me a loner, a 2017 S 60D through Enterprise Rental Car (an Enterprise Rental Car representative was at the service center and he was processing loaners for Tesla). I didn't pay much attention at first as I was in a hurry but there...
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    I am becoming a dangerous driver

    With AutoPilot, and especially with Navigate on AutoPilot, I find my self looking more and more on the dashboard and the center screen than on the road: 1) With Navigate on Autopilot, I find my self looking a lot on the dashboard screen and waiting for a signal to confirm lane change. As far as...
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    With version 9, how many years ahead is Tesla now?

    When I got my car in 2016, a S75D, I thought Tesla was at least two years ahead of competition in multiple fronts: battery, autopilot, technology (with over the air updates), even driving (I didn’t think Tesla was ahead in terms comfort or quality for a 82K car, but that is another story)...
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    Is Robocar's autonomous "racing" technology ahead of Tesla's Autopilot ?

    I was watching this video today. It is the first autonomous racing car completing a racetrack. This happened yesterday I believe. According to Robocar people, this is all AI (not some rule-based system) A lot of thoughts come to mind in relation to Tesla's autopilot. On how it looks, there...
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    Inconsistent "Vehicle Hold" display indicator. What is going on?

    I am getting inconsistent "vehicle hold" display indicators when the car is stopped and I press the brake pedal further to activate vehicle hold. Some background: In the past, when I pressed the brake pedal to activate vehicle hold, I was getting the ((H)) indicator. If the car was in a slope...
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    Rt 3 to Cape Cod - HW2 Autopilot speed limit?

    With the latest update 8.1 (17.11.3) that removes the 55mph on highways, anybody knows if Rt 3 is one of the roads that the limit is removed? Thanks
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    Where is the front radar on HW2 cars located?

    Today I was trying to enable autopilot on my HW2 car (17.9.3) and I was getting on and off error "Reduced front radar visibility". We had a bit of snow in the area but not much. I looked in front of the car but I couldn't exactly locate where the front radar is. Are there any pictures showing...
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    My car is learning a lot but.... what? and how?

    I am reading all over the place that Tesla cars "learn" as more miles driven, that with AI the learning process is faster, that with shadow mode Tesla validates the software etc etc. Can someone with knowledge on the subject please explain what exactly "learning" means and how it happens (or...
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    What is the proper way to install a Software Update on a Tesla?

    I am wondering what are some helpful tips for a successful Software Update. --- Unplug the car before starting the update or leave it plugged in? --- Schedule the update (even for a few mins later) or "Install Now"? --- Be out of the car and lock the car during installation or it doesn't...
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    Mobile app update is coming but I am not impressed with the rumored features

    Tesla is about to release its biggest app update yet: Touch ID login, widget integration, and more - Electrek https://apple.news/AbHUVq3rjS8Go-Hh8KpYHvQ What do you guys think? I, personally, am not impressed with that list. TouchId is nice but how often do you have to login on the phone...
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    Keyfob and driver profile with auto unlock after 2.52.120 update

    I am pretty sure when Tesla enabled the functionality to connect a keyfob to a driver's profile, it was working with the auto unlock feature as well. You could just walk close to the car with the keyfob with you, the car would unlock and auto present the handles and when you opened the door, the...
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    How do you calculate Supercharging for roundtrips when destination has no charging option?

    How do you guys calculate Supercharging for roundtrips? I can put the destination on the Navigation and the system does a good job of showing how much I should Supercharge in order to make it to my destination. But I need to also to go back and the destination has no charging options. What are...
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    Message to Elon Musk: Stay focused

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is dating Johnny Depp's ex - The Economic Times No idea if this is true but if it is, I don't like it. Elon, stay focused on Tesla and SpaceX. There are a lot at stake. This is not the time personal relationships etc. Just stay focused.
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    Scary moment after software update 2.52.120 on HW2 model. Car would not charge

    Got the notification today for the 2.52.120 update. Ran outside and started the update. About 20 mins later I got a new notification that the update was done. Went out to the car and I noticed a clicking sound (relay on/off) on the HPWC. Then I looked at the charging port and the light was...
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    HVAC fan always running at level 6 even if target temperature is reached. Normal?

    New owner (2 weeks), AP2 hardware. When I set (reset) the hvac settings to auto, the fan goes to speed level 6 and stays there even if the interior temperature is reached (I check the interior temperature using the mobile app). As a result the temperature continues to go up. I would expect...
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    Is it possible I got the wrong windshield on my Tesla S?

    Is it possible I got the wrong windshield on my MS? Took delivery of a EAP HW2 with Sub Zero package Model S two weeks ago. This weekend I noticed that the windshield does not have the wipers defrost lines, similar to what shows up here: Did Tesla removed that from the Sub Zero package? Or...
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    Any Black Friday deals coming up ?

    I am in the market for a HPWC so it would be nice if Tesla offered some discounts on parts or accessories... :D It would be even better if it offered some discounts on the cars or options... Obviously I am dreaming... Tesla is different from other car manufacturers but not that much...
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    NEMA 14-50 on a 60 amps breaker?

    I am planning for charging for the new car. I will charge outside (no garage). I will install the HPWC, instead of NEMA 14-50, due to its long cable (24ft) and it will be exposed to rain and snow. I am also trying to plan for the future in case Tesla is not my preferred brand. So I would like...
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    Do cars come out from the factory in order based on their VIN?

    So the question is: will car with VIN xxx170002 produce right after car with VIN xxx170001? Probably not, but maybe someone knows for sure.
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    Any experience with third party for leasing?

    Tesla sales rep recommended Xcelerate. Anyone here has done any work with them? I cannot find any info / reviews. If yes, how was the experience?
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    After what serial # you get the latest and greatest hardware?

    Hello, first post here as I am starting my research with the end goal being to join the Model S Owner's Club I am looking at Tesla Model S inventory and I see a few options. However, nothing indicates if the model is build with the new facelift, or if it has the latest AP sensors or maybe the...

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