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    What would be the resale value of the new Roadster within 6 months of its release?

    I think that anyone selling the new Roadster would not sell it for what he/she paid for it. It's price will be jacked up to at least $300,000 for the Founders version and $250,000 for the base version. This is due to the long waiting time of the new Roadster.
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    Ferrari F8 or Roadster + Corvette C8?

    For the price of a new Ferrari F8, would you get the Ferrari F8 or the Tesla Roadster and the Corvette V8? Moderator note: Fixed spelling of "Ferrari".
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    I wonder how many people have cancel their reservation at this point?

    Due to the Covid-19, the Tesla Roadster 2020 has definitely been pushed back. I could have invested my $50,000 in stock at the end of March this year and would have easily make $250,000. We'll 20/20 hind site right??? Anyway, Tesla still has my $50,000. This is what I get for wanting to be...
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    Corona virus delay 2020 Roadster even further?

    Since there will be parts in the 2020 Roadster that are made in China, will there be further delay in the car's production?
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    Anyone buying the new 2020 Corvette C8 before the Roadster 2020?

    Since the 2020 Roadster will probably be delayed would you want to buy the 2020 Corvette C8 in the mean time? I know it is an ICE car but I think it has good value and probably fun to drive. This is one way to bridge the gap before you get the Roadster 2020. It also is not too hard on your...
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    Will you wrap your new 2020 Roadster?

    I am planning to wrap my new 2020 Roadster. This will be my first car wrap. I want the best clear wrapping. Since I am new to wrapping, I have some question? 1. Will wrapping make it so the car will stay fairly shiny without doing a detail/wash job? 2. Will it decrease the damage from...
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    Your guess on the build quality of the 2020 Roadster

    Tesla has a bad build quality of their cars. For example, model X has misaligned side door handles, model S has uneven gaps, etc.... With such expensive price on the new Roadster, do you think it will have much better build quality? Given that this will be new design, I am afraid that we...
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    What color will you get?

    I am definitely getting my 2020 Roadster in red. I have always wanted a red sport car.
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    Why can't our Tesla cars be used as a large battery pack to power our home in case of a power outage

    Since Tesla cars have large battery pack, why can't we use it to power our house in case of an emergency? I have a Model S 90D and all I see is a 12V port. I wish there are some type of adapter that goes into the charging port to output its energy to provide electrical power for external...
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    Is sitting in the car while being supercharged dangerous?

    Not knowing where to post this topic or if it has been posted in the past or if this is a silly question, but here goes: Is sitting in the car while it is being supercharged dangerous for people sitting in the car? I know, stupid/silly question. But since I am sitting in the car being...
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    Currently on v9. 0 (2019.12.1.1), should I update?

    I just received my 2016 90D last Thursday (5/16/2019) and this morning I received a message that there is a software update to the vehicle. I have no idea what version it will update to and what new improvements it will bring. The question is, should I do the update?
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    Just received my used model S 90D today but there was a dent in the rear bumper

    I went to get my used model S 90D and found out that there is a small dent and scratch marks on the rear bumper. Everything else is in great shape though. The screen is flawless without bubbles or yellow markings. The car drives without any problems. On the used inventory from Tesla.com...
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    Would you put a front license plate on your 2020 Roadster even if required by law?

    I am in California and front license plate is required. However, I would rather pay fix it ticket fines than to put in on. I do not want to destroy the beauty of the front side of the car.
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    What should I look for or ask when I go pick up my used 90D Tesla model S?

    I will be picking up the used model S 90D It is a 2016 model with 9,378 miles, newer front end, clean record with no accident or repair for $63,200 I bought it because I think it is a fair deal considering low mileage and newer front end. Should I be concerned over anything? This will be...
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    What should I look for or ask when I go pick up my used 90D Tesla model S?

    I will be picking up the used model S 90D It is a 2016 model with 9,378 miles, newer front end, clean record with no accident or repair for $63,200 I bought it because I think it is a fair deal considering low mileage and newer front end. Should I be concerned over anything? This will be...
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    When did you order your 2020 Roadster ?

    Out of curiosity, when did you guys ordered your 2020 Roadster? I ordered mine at the end of April 2018 so I am far from the front of the line. I wonder who is the earliest person on this forum that ordered the 2020 Roadster. By the way, mine is the base version and not the Founders version.
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    Will you put a personalized license plate on your 2020 Roadster ?

    I have never had a personalized license plate before but I am now contemplating on getting one for this special car. Now the hard part is to pick a good one that has not been taken yet. Will you put a personalized license plate on your 2020 Roadster ?
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    Can you upgrade the base model to be equivalent to the Founders model?

    The base model is $200,000. The Founders model is $250,000. Once the base model goes into production in 2020, can we upgrade the base model with many options to be equivalent to the Founders model? The Founders model will probably have many upgrades such as nicer sound system, better wheels...
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    Is it mandatory for you to put that ugly sticker to your tesla to use the carpool lane?

    I do not have any electric vehicle so I do not know the rule. However, I often see a sticker on the back of the tesla vehicle because I heard that you need that to use the carpool lane. Why would you need to have that sticker? Would people already know that a Tesla is full electric and not a...
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    Is it better to buy a USED tesla 2020 roadster shortly after it is released ?

    There will certainly be people who will sell the tesla 2020 roadster a few months after it is released. So would it be better to buy a slightly used tesla 2020 roadster than to put in the deposit for $50,000 now (it is now April 27, 2018) ? The benefits of buying the slightly used one...
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    Quick acceleration can be dangerous when changing lanes on the freeway

    So many times I see close calls in which 2 cars try to change lane into a common middle lane in the freeway. Well, due to the slow acceleration of ICE cars, people have time to react to avoid major accident. For the 2020 roadster, the quick burst of acceleration may cause higher change of...
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    Is it possible to use the Tesla 2020 Roadster as a daily driver ?

    I pre-ordered the roadster, but what I really want to know is if I can use it as a daily driver. This future roadster, if the look of it will still be the same, does not look as fancy as other super/hyper car so it may not get that much attention. It is like a high end Porsche....people will...
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    Free supercharing for life ?

    I made a down payment of the 2020 Tesla Roadster but did not use any special referral code from anyone. I heard that you can get free supercharging if you use the referral code. Will I still get free supercharging if I buy the Roadster in 2020? With such an expensive car, I thought that they...
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    Buying a used Lamborghini/Ferrari/or other supercar Vs. new 2020 Roadster

    By 2020, a good used Lamborghini (Huracan or even Aventador) or Ferrari 488/458/other would be around $250,000 or even less. So why would a new 2020 Roadster be better than those other well known super cars? If I go to a fancy restaurant, the valet parking attendant usually park the well known...

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